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Old December 8th, 2012 (10:11 PM).
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'Hayo! =D
So since I am into graphics and all that cool stuff, I figured that I should show some of my older stuff to you guys.

I'd like to add some more recent things sometime soon, but I want you to see how I started out for now.

Hope you enjoy. ^-^


1) Dreamy Dean - Made this one just for fun. ANIMATED!
2) Confused Dean - Also just for fun and simplistic
3) B/W Dean - This picture was originally black and white. So I colored it and added some text over it. Love this one a lot.
4) McWinch - I made that one for my friend McG. He wanted an ava with snow somehow and him and me on it.
5) LP Quote - This one is ooooold, but I used to have loads of Linkin Park avas with quotes and paintings of Mike Shinoda, as well as some effects like the feathers here. Still have them all. =)
6) Dean "aggressive" - This is one Hell of a big work. I was planning to make like 150+ avatars, one for each mood and all with a matching picture of Dean. It was supposed to be for my blog and stuff. But who knows when I'll finish those. Takes loads of time to pick "the perfect picture" and fonts. So I won't be done with that soooo soon.
7) Venus Candy - I used that on my old graphic page. Love that pixel-stuff.


1) Christmas-Badge - Made that for one of my forums as badge. Dig it =)

2 - 4) Mood Tabs -
Those too were made for said forum as well. I made 137 of those in different colors, each with an individual, fitting smilie. Took me a few hours, but it was totally worth it. People were very satisfied, and so was I. I dig those a lot.

Banners / Sigs

1) Dean Sig - I love to do those. Cool banner and then some lyric-pieces. Got quite a few of them.

Smilies / Pixel

1) Smilie Made a whole set of those. Was fun and I used them for one of my earlier forums. I had about 35 or so.
2) Danny Fenton Char-Sheet This was for a Danny Phantom Project I was involved some years back. It's suposed to be Danny Fenton. I also did Sam, Tucker, Lancer and Jaz.

3D-Modeling (in PS)

I made a clothes-line for an acquaintance's SL shop. And so I had to make 3D clothes. Worked quite well. Never done that before but it looks decent. And yeah, of course I also made that poster.

3D Modeling (not PS)

This is an external prog I have to check how my 3D work in Photoshop is going. And if I find random holes in the clothes or whatever, I fix them and recheck again. You get the idea.


1 + 2) Strawberry Magick - These are some drafts from a platformer-game I was making for / about my friend McG. The graphics are from Maple, and I made the whole game and other stuff. The screens are from very early, as you see. The levels were FAR from done here.


1 - 3) The Supernatural RPG - I made most of the tilesets (or edited / altered them AT LEAST); as well as the chars and whatnot. This is a whole finished map of a motel. As the name says it is an RPG and kinda made like those old "Point-and-Click-RPGs", only that you don't use the mouse. It's pretty complex, since I also made a few custom scripts.
The manip on pic 2 was made by me entirely. I love to do that stuff.


1) Dean Stats - Yeah that's pretty much how the Stat-screens look in my SN RPG. Still need to fix the area with the equips, but other then that, I like it a lot.
2) Game-Hall Machine - This is a machine I made for a Game-Hall in the game. I made the whole thing from scratch with shapes, shadows and stuffens, so it would look like a real gambling-machine and very computery. I am still quite proud of that one. <3


1) Manipulation of a diary made completely from scratch by me. Looks even 3D =D
2) This is one of the many examples of my manip-skills. It is nothing major, but I made this for a buddy some years back. He gave me the pic on the right and wanted me to remove the back, which you see on the left. As a bonus I also fixed the dress of the chick, which turned out quite well back then for my first try.


That's one of my old websites. I designed / programmed the whole thing from scratch. Nothing more to add. =3


1 + 2) Yep, those are ooold (few years) but I still dig them. It was stationery to print out and use. Some of the ones I made even had a matching envelope.


1) LP Fan-Desk - That was for a contest I participated in. It is not just a simple photo of a desk, it is actually a collage. I took single merch-items and put them on a desk to make it look real; adding shadows and whatnot. And the diary as well as the polaroids I did from scratch completely. I still like this one a LOT.

2) Strawberry Magick - I made this for my friend McG out of single pieces. I made the water-reflection and stuff myself even. I like it much.


1) Omamori - Those are protective amulets one can buy in Japanese shrines. And seeing I wanted one but couldn't find them anywhere to buy, I made them myself. I did different colors and made them have different functions. Like them a lot.
2) Crochet Bag - That was a Christmas gift for my half-sis. She loved it a lot, even more because I added a whole bunch of Hello Kitty stuff inside. I also attached a selfmade Poly-Clay charm to the bag. She was allover it.
I am not even sure how long it took me to make this. Can't remember anymore. O.o


Now, I am not super-skilled, just because I never had time to develop my eyes more. But I took a photography-course during High School where we would develop the pics by hand with acids and basically do EVERYTHING ourselves. And darn, did I have fun with that. I wanna go back to that again somewhen.
However, this is one of my favorite shots.
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Old December 14th, 2012 (10:17 AM).
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Your badges are adorable! I feel like the dotted borders give them more personality and would love to see more of them. :D Your banners are nice too, though I can't help but feel like the typography and colors you went with don't match too well in your Dean signature. The font and stroke you went with seems to stick out too much when put together with the stock, plus the pinks/blues seem a little out of place, methinks.

You're such a diverse artist though, so glad to see so much art from you! Rarely do we get threads here with so many different kinds of art, so keep it up, yes? <3
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Old December 14th, 2012 (10:55 AM).
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i love all your art it's so diverse. like Cirno said, a lot of the colors don't go together. try planning a color scheme before starting. a lot of the things seem unfinished to me or not sharpened or something.
the crocheting is amazing. i've always wanted to learn that! teach me :D
anyways, good job and can't wait to see more!

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