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Old January 10th, 2013 (4:10 PM).
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I havnet posted in this section for a while. I just got into TCG again so i thought i'd post the deck i just made. Some of it isn't tornment legal.

Taurous 98/126 Platinum x1 - For Move Show off. No energy cost search your deck for an energy.

Aipom 34/115 EX Unseen Forces x1 - For Pokepower snappy move. If aipom is on your bench discard cards attached to aipom and put aipom in the botto of your desk. Then draw a card. It's a "If you really need some luck from your horrible deck" card.

Snorlax 33/111 Rising Rivals x1 - For its move pick and collect. No energy cost. Search your discard pile for four energy cards.

Chinchou 48/95 Unleashed x2 - To evolve into Lanturn Prime.

Klink 74/114 Black & White x2 - To evolve into Klang

Klang 75/98 Emerging powers x1 - To evolve into Klinklang

Klinklang 76/114 Black & White x2 - For it's pokepower Shift gear to transfer the steel energys if neccesary. Also for a little attack muscle.

Cleffa 24/95 Call of legends x1 -For It's attack no energy. Shuffle your hand into your deck and draw 6 cards.

Scyther 36/90 Undaunted x3 - To evolve into Scizor

Zorua 70/114 Black & White x1 - To evolve into Zoroark

Zoroark 71/114 Black & White x1 - If I'm taking to many hits and I'm not quite set up yet I'll use his move Foul play. It takes two colorless energy ad i pick one of the opponuts moves and they can't use it for one turn.

Scizor (Prime) 84/90 Undaunted x2 This is the main pokemon of my deck. I use it for it's move Metal Scissors which takes one steel and one colorless energy. Does 30 damage and 20+ for every steel energy.

Lanturn (Prime) 86/95 Unleashed x2 This will be the powerhouse of my decks strategy. I use his move Powerful spark which takes 2 electric energys and one colorless. It does 40 demage +10 more for every energy attatched to all of my pokemon. Now imagine my perfect set up. I have 5 energys on Scizor for 130 damege that will be 90 so far then i have three on klinklang for his move then it goes up to 120 damege. Then add the three on Lanturn it gets up too 150. And remember theres still the 130 on scizor if if lanturn manages to get knocked out and klinklang move which does 80x the number of heads (Coin flipped twice).

Rare Candy x2 - To evolve Klink to Klinklang

Professor Oak's new Theory x4 - Shuffle your hand into your deck and draw 6 cards. For bad hands.

Super Rod x1 - SHuffle Three pokemon and energy cards from your discard pile and shuffle them in your deck. When i need pokemon and energys.

Junk Arm x1

N x2 - Each player shuffles their hand into their deck and draws a card for each prize card they have.

Cheren x2 - Draw three cards.

Pokemon Communication x3

Pokemon Catcher x2

Twins x2

Pokemon Collector x2

Switch x2

Double Colorless Energy x2

Special Metal energy x4

Metal energy x8 (Could have sworn i had more O_o)

Electric Energy x3

I explained how iuse my deck at lanturn~ Please gimmie some deck ideas and such.
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Old January 10th, 2013 (4:40 PM).
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Start with a deck which is BW on wards and then go from there. This deck just seems like a bunch of cards just thrown together. I can understand the concept of energies being moved, but Hydregion does it a lot better in the current meta-game.
Big EX Pokemon are usually the attackers in most decks due to their High HP poole and low attack costs for maximum damage.
Kling-Klang engine could be used in another type of deck since it is similar to Hydregion.
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Old January 10th, 2013 (10:18 PM).
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I've not read the entirety of your post yet, but I've noticed something very wrong in how you play Zoroark's Foul Play. Foul Play does not prevent your opponent from using an attack. What it allows you to do is to use one of your opponent's attacks as if it were Zoroark's own attack for that turn.
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Old January 11th, 2013 (8:20 AM).
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Oh your right i completely miss read that. -i also re read and saw all my typos- The Zoroark Will still be good if i come across a tank of a pokemon like an EX.
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