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Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

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Old December 30th, 2012, 07:18 PM
curiousnathan's Avatar
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If you could live anywhere in the Sinnoh region (based on what you've seen in the games), where would you stay? Sandgem Town? Snowpoint City? Why?
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Old December 30th, 2012, 08:47 PM
Rainbow Arcanine
now known as narnia
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Australia
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Wooow, if I could live somewhere in the Sinnoh Region? I'd probably say Floaroma Town actually. It might not be like a huge bustling city, filled with department stores, all sorts of people, gyms and things you wouldn't usually find in a small rural town ;__;. But honestly, I would love living there, as the air's fresh no cars or trucks, bikes honking and making all sorts of noises, just nature surrounding me :3. Beautiful :D. It might be a bit hard finding food other than berries, but the beauty of all the scenery around me would definitely make up for it.

I don't know I just love quiet, smaller places and I'm a huge lover of nature, so for me Floaroma Town would definitely be my choice :3.
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Old December 30th, 2012, 09:43 PM
Dying Light's Avatar
Dying Light
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I agree with Rainbow Arcanine. Floaroma Town is also where I can get the Gracidea Flower for my favorite Pokémon.

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Old December 30th, 2012, 09:58 PM
pikakitten's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
Wooow, if I could live somewhere in the Sinnoh Region? I'd probably say Floaroma Town actually. It might not be like a huge bustling city, filled with department stores, all sorts of people, gyms and things you wouldn't usually find in a small rural town ;__;. But honestly, I would love living there, as the air's fresh no cars or trucks, bikes honking and making all sorts of noises, just nature surrounding me :3. Beautiful :D. It might be a bit hard finding food other than berries, but the beauty of all the scenery around me would definitely make up for it.

I don't know I just love quiet, smaller places and I'm a huge lover of nature, so for me Floaroma Town would definitely be my choice :3.
I'd have to agree with Rainbow Arcanine too as it wouldn't be so big as to get lost, great scenery, maybe even eat a poffin (I can't recall if they're human-edible xD) also I bet Shaymin would probably visit every now and then since legendaries aren't as rare in the anime as they should be.
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Old December 31st, 2012, 03:07 AM
Hikamaru's Avatar
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Australia
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nature: Quirky
I'd live in beautiful Hearthome City.

Come on, who doesn't love the Super Contests and Amity Square? Lots of cute things in there!

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Old December 31st, 2012, 03:11 AM
Starry Windy's Avatar
Starry Windy
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Hoenn Region
Gender: Male
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I agreed with Hikari10, I'd like to be in Hearthome City to see Pokémon Contest, and having a nice stroll in Amity Square.
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Old December 31st, 2012, 11:02 AM
Cariad's Avatar
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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Wales, UK
Gender: Female
Nature: Naive
I'm obsessed with snow, though I've only seen it four times in my lifetime. That makes Snowpoint City a definite for me, as I'd get to see snow everyday.
Old December 31st, 2012, 12:03 PM
Pharetra's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2011
Age: 18
Gender: Male
I think I'd live in either Canalave City or Sunyshore City.
Old December 31st, 2012, 09:01 PM
Brendino's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Colombie-Britannique
Age: 22
Nature: Quiet
I would probably want to live in Hearthome City, as well. It's almost in the center of the region which would provide convenience if I wanted to visit elsewhere, plus it has the Contest Hall and Amity Square, which I would probably find myself spending a lot of time in.

Second place, though, is easily Snowpoint City. I absolutely love snow, and honestly wouldn't mind if it was white out 12 months of the year.

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Old January 1st, 2013, 11:49 PM
Elite Overlord LeSabre™'s Avatar
Elite Overlord LeSabre™
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Hearthome City, because it's the largest with the most things to do, ranging from strolling with my Pokemon to participating in contests to chatting up Fantina from time to time.

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Old January 2nd, 2013, 12:10 AM
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I would love to live near Mt. Coronet, really love the views of mountains, and love playing on the snow - if not then I'll move to Snowpoint City.
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Old January 2nd, 2013, 12:36 AM
Deceit's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: Pastoria Great Marsh
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So many cities that I like in this region... Well, to start, I would say Hearthome city, as other users have mentioned, has Amity Square and a place for contests. Sunyshore is awesome too, with the beach, and visits from Jasmine from time to time. And I'd also have to say Pastoria City, with access to the Great Marsh, and it's also near a beachy area on one side of the city, and a rainy side on the other, which is another thing I love.
Old January 2nd, 2013, 11:01 AM
Doppelgänger's Avatar
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: New Jersey
Age: 21
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I always liked Sunyshore City, so I guess I would live there. I like how its next to the ocean. Also, Jasmine visits and I love her.
Old January 2nd, 2013, 12:09 PM
Talli's Avatar
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Location: Dragontopia island
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nature: Naughty
I would live in the haunted manision to play with Rotom all night.
Old January 2nd, 2013, 12:47 PM
Schwan's Avatar
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Join Date: Jan 2013
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Age: 21
Gender: Male
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I love Sunyshore city so it's definitely there.
Old January 14th, 2013, 04:00 PM
kj3400's Avatar
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Either Canalave, just outside Snowpoint, or on the shores of any of the lakes. Why you may ask? Well mostly the background music ... but also, because they all seemed peaceful.
Old January 14th, 2013, 04:32 PM
waveguidebuizel's Avatar
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I almost forgot about Floaroma Town, until I saw some of the posts here. I'd probably choose Floaroma for the serenity and because lots of my favorite pokémon live nearby at the Valley Windworks (buizel, electrike, drifloon).
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Old January 14th, 2013, 05:37 PM
Miss Anne Thrope's Avatar
Miss Anne Thrope
Join Date: Jan 2013
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Snowpoint City. I like snow and winter, and it seems to always be snowy in Snowpoint. If I decided to just barely wander off from Snowpoint city, I could run into an array of pretty cool Pokemon, and I could evolve an Eevee into a Glaceon.
All of the cities in Sinnoh were pretty routine, nothing stood out too much. Snowpoint is the only one that's quite unique where it snows constantly (unless you count Floaroma town's flower lust.)
Old January 26th, 2013, 03:07 PM
Eeveelution Co-ordinator's Avatar
Eeveelution Co-ordinator
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definetly Hearthome, POKEMON SUPER CONTESTS!!!

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Old January 26th, 2013, 03:12 PM
Venitardus's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2013
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I would live in Snowpoint city or Sandgem town
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Old January 26th, 2013, 03:45 PM
Lunar Crescent's Avatar
Lunar Crescent
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Definitely in Floaroma, quiet town and you get to known to know everyone as its small and you remember the faces, also clean air <3
Old January 28th, 2013, 09:53 PM
Join Date: Oct 2008
If I had to choose a place to live it would be Sunnyshore City. Love how it's got a beach, a lighthouse, and it's got those cool looking electric stairs. Plus it's very similar to Olivine City and that was my favorite city in Johto.
Old January 29th, 2013, 12:30 AM
Ace.'s Avatar
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If I could live in the Sinnoh Region I would live in Hearthome. I really like the feel of that City. It looks really nice and has a lot of nice things. Like the Contest Hall, A Church and that place thingy where you can take your Pokemon for a walk.
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Old February 13th, 2013, 11:53 PM
Shayminlover123's Avatar
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Sunnyshore because well I like the name and its seems like a cool place to go to (solar panels on the bridges!).
Old February 14th, 2013, 05:14 AM
Canen's Avatar
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Location: Manchester, UK.
Age: 28
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I'd live in Celestic town, to be honest. Small, quiet, out of the way of Team Galactic and connected with the mythology of Sinnoh very heavily, as well as with Cynthia's family.
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