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Old February 21st, 2013 (02:52 PM).
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Well, while the rest of the Internet (or at least those of us who care about videogames) fanboyed/fangirled over the now-revealed PlayStation 4 yesterday, I was doing grueling, time-consuming homework...


T_T LOL; I got reminded about this big announcement earlier, and then when IGN was down/not working properly for a while yesterday, I was like, "Orite; that PlayStation thing is today...", which I'm guessing could've been a factor.

I anticipate what the cost will be; you'd think it would be more than what the original-model PlayStation 3 retailed for...but I guess Sony seems to be a bit more knowledgeable about the consumer crunch nowadays...

I'm glad that the "blocks used games" feature stayed a rumor, because I'm pretty sure such a lock-out would've been disastrous for Sony, seeing how many people depend on used games to engage in the videogame industry (I would definitely have been disappointed, as most of my first games ever were used). Time will tell what Microsoft will do for their next console, be it "XBox 720" or something else entirely...

The DualShock 4 controller for PS4 looks a little weird to me... I hope it's as ergonomic as the DualShock 3; even I have to admit that the DualShock 3 feels wonderful as a gaming controller. :3

It totally sucks that PS4 isn't natively compatible with PS3...at least emulation and cloud services are options, but it doesn't feel right coming off the heels of what happened with PS3 and backwards compatibility... Yeah, they're moving to new technology with PS4, but no backwards compatibility is still a shame... I'm grateful that Nintendo has an excellent track record in that department regarding most of their consoles..

Quote originally posted by NatureKeeper:

...Good Job Sony. *facepalm*
:cer_laugh: That picture had me laughing so much...

Quote originally posted by Bloodex:
Oh god, wait, did they say you can play PS4 games on the Vita? That's gonna boost Vita sales triple fold if it's true.
That would be quite the intriguing feature... :o
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Old February 26th, 2013 (05:04 PM).
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I'm honestly not too keen on the PS4 from what we saw of it at the announcement. The whole social aspect doesn't appeal to me at all - I want a certain amount of privacy with my online gaming, and I don't want all my offline friends knowing every move I make when playing games either. And it's pretty clear that Vita has been relegated to PS4 accessory/Wii U knockoff...which is sad, since I love my Vita and wish Sony would give it some love. It has so much potential.

Other than that, the graphics only look marginally better than the PS3, and it looks like next gen is going to just be the same old crap from this gen - by-the-numbers sequels and 90% generic shooters.

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Old February 26th, 2013 (06:03 PM).
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Basically everything Morkula said.

I really don't understand the appeal of the social aspect. I like waking up early on a Saturday, turning on a game, and just zoning out. Why do I need to announce that to the world. ...ignoring that I just did.
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Old February 26th, 2013 (09:11 PM).
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Still looking forward to more details on the console itself, but a lot of the games that were showcased at the conference look really interesting, haha.

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Old February 27th, 2013 (12:55 AM).
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Going back and looking at some of the features that were revealed, I'm still excited about the live streaming of gameplay and being able to play games as their still downloading, but am disappointed at the lack of backwards compatibility, and like a few others have said, the whole social gaming aspect does seem a bit excessive. If the rumors are true that we have to be connected to the internet all the time when we play games, I think there'll be a lot of unhappy people (myself included). I'm also not quite sure how I feel about the touchpad on the controller, as I found it a little distracting when I accidentally pressed it when I tried the Vita.

All in all, I'll wait until we hear more info about the console (and actually see it), but I doubt it'll be something I pick up on day one. I have a feeling that it will slightly outperform the new XBox spec-wise, but I'd still rather wait until they're both out for a few months before I jump on either bandwagon.
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