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Old March 3rd, 2013 (06:11 PM). Edited March 3rd, 2013 by Moltres Rider.
Moltres Rider
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if Pokémon were real, people battled with them or kept them as pets or whatever... would the cost, the brand, the type, etc of Pokémon food affect their stats and ability to battle?

would a name brand vs a cheap generic Pokémon food have any difference? wet food vs dry food? what's in the food? how would this affect the Pokémon you fed it to irl.
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Old March 3rd, 2013 (07:16 PM).
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The Weather Pokemon
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I would only feed my Pokemon the best available food because I would want them to be happy and healthy! And I think it would affect the way they battle :]
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Old March 4th, 2013 (04:07 AM).
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Of course. I think that "you are what you eat" would apply to Pokemon, as well.

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Old March 4th, 2013 (10:45 AM).
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I'd do it, but only for the stats that benefit them (Carbos makes them faster, Protein makes them physically stronger, etc.)

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Old March 4th, 2013 (03:08 PM).
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I'm sure it would affect them, just like eating food affects us depending on the makeup of it. I doubt it would be the same as in the games, where one food item raises one particular stat and that's it, though.

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Old March 4th, 2013 (03:59 PM).
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Sweets Witch
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I'd imagine that it'd be a general thing like with every other living thing - eating healthy makes you healthy and whatnot - but it'd be a bit difficult to actually pinpoint what foods make which stats grow. Measuring Special Defense would be kind of difficult, and it wouldn't be such a sudden process that you'd immediately see results.
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