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Old March 2nd, 2013 (04:35 PM).
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I am kinda bringing back a memory from a hit 2011 (or was it 2012) major discussion...

it was discussed that Pokémon were a lot stronger than humans. even a topic talking what a human's stat total would be (around 20).

besides that Pokémon have attacks, let's not focus on that...

Why are Pokémon a lot stronger than humans?

I don't think a 'why' was ever discussed.
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Old March 2nd, 2013 (05:18 PM).
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Because they are fictional characters that live in a fictional world where anything can happen.
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Old March 2nd, 2013 (06:21 PM).
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Just because nature intended for them to be, just like how some animals are stronger than humans in our world. Plus Pokemon exist purely for competition. That's why they can evolve when they become strong enough - so they can compete against stronger opponents.
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Old March 2nd, 2013 (07:55 PM).
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Related and possibly more interesting questions: why are humans tough enough to withstand the majority of Pokémon attacks? Why are humans the dominant species in this world?

I totally subscribe to the theory that says since humans are animals, and Pokémon are that world's animals, then humans are a type of Pokémon. Like, legitimately a "human type Pokémon". They've got no particular type advantages or disadvantages, they don't evolve, most are born with crazy defence stats. But since most don't battle regularly, their stats don't improve or stay improved with each fight. Only humans who often spar with Pokémon keep up their abilities- Alder and Chuck come to mind there. Some humans are also born knowing moves (anime-style Psychic; Sabrina) or having abilities (Ash/Sir Aaron; aura sensitivity) but those obvious manifestations are rare. Thus why humans don't seem to realize any of this about themselves.
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Old March 3rd, 2013 (07:24 AM).
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I was gonna answer the question with a question, saying "why are animals stronger than humans", but someone beat me to it.

We're just weak. Think about it. Here we are sitting in front of a computer typing about stuff that won't have any kind of significant affect in the universe now or in the future. All it's doing is making us weaker.

A lion, along with being build as a predator, does a lot of running and hunting and what not, which I'm sure builds its muscles and senses up. If humans didn't have the ingenuity to use tools, we'd all be stuck in a cave somewhere or dead, I dunno. The only reason most humans can even defeat a lion is because they'll shoot it with a rifle or stab it enough times in a weak spot. Very few of us, especially in this era, could do it with our hands, the ones that do are the exception and not the rule.

I'm not trying to be morbid or anything. I'm just saying that if Pokemon are based on animals anyway, it shouldn't come off as suprising that humans are weaker. In fact, you already have your answer if you consider real life first. Then just add on top of that the supernatural abilities and the fact that these monsters are usually larger than the animals they are visually related to and there you go.

Also, I don't think Pokemon exist for competition only, that's a pretty human centered way of viewing their usefulness in the world ("Horses were meant to be ridden!" Were they?), especially based on the "monster trainer" games. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and the Hey You Pikachu games say otherwise, and even wild Pokemon in the "monster trainer" games are probably minding their own business.

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Old March 3rd, 2013 (04:04 PM).
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I mean... They shoot out fire, release lightning bolts, etc.. If humans can do that, be amazing.
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Old March 3rd, 2013 (04:52 PM).
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well thats because humans evolved into lazy weaklings

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Old March 3rd, 2013 (07:17 PM).
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Because Pokemon are magical creatures and humans are not.
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Old March 3rd, 2013 (07:38 PM).
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In the Pokemon universe, Pokemon are stronger than humans because the concept wouldn't work at all if they weren't.

If Pokemon existed in our universe, they'd be about as strong as their muscle/mass ratio would allow.
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Old March 3rd, 2013 (08:07 PM).
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Pokemon are stronger than humans as, well, look at their body sizes as compared to that of humans. As Pokemon evolve to their final evolutionary forms, a lot of them take on a whole load of muscle mass, weight, width, breadth and height whereas a fully grown human only would be about mostly 7 feet tall or less. Combined with all their abilities and moves, it is no wonder that Pokemon are much, much stronger than the soft, flimsy, weak forms of humans, even compared to those that have trained hard in body and mind. Also, ever noticed that Pokemon almost never die? Humans die everyday and all the time. If Pokemon were weaker than humans, we would be seeing a lot of Pokemon die rather than merely faint in battle. Imagine a human getting hit by a full blast Hyper Beam or a Giga Impact. Now imagine the same scenario with Pokemon. Most Pokemon would be able to withstand that hit and be back up for more, whereas humans would most certainly go down within a single hit. That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

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Old March 5th, 2013 (07:21 PM).
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Because humans weren't meant to shoot fire and other elements from their mouths
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