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Old August 21st, 2012 (4:38 AM).
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# * Hall of Fame - by FL (Credits will be apreciated)
# This script is for Pokémon Essentials. It makes a recordable Hall of Fame
# like the Gen 3 games.
# To this scripts works, put it above main, put a 512x384 picture in
# hallbars and a 8x24 background picture in hallbg. To call this script use
# 'pbHallOfFameEntry'. After you recorder the first entry, you can access the
# hall teams using a PC. You can also check the player Hall of Fame last
# number using '$PokemonGlobal.hallOfFameLastNumber'.

class HallOfFameScene

# When true, all pokémon will be in one line # When false, all pokémon will be in two lines SINGLEROW=false # Make the pokémon movement ON in hall entry ANIMATION=true # Speed in pokémon movement in hall entry. Don't use less than 2! ANIMATIONSPEED=32 # Entry wait time between each pokémon (and trainer) is show ENTRYWAITTIME=128 # Maximum number limit of simultaneous hall entries saved. # 0 = Doesn't save any hall. -1 = no limit # Prefer to use larger numbers (like 500 and 1000) than don't put a limit # If a player exceed this limit, the first one will be removed HALLLIMIT=50 # The entry music name. Put "" to doesn't play anything ENTRYMUSIC="Hall of Fame" # Allow eggs to be show and saved in hall ALLOWEGGS=true # Remove the hallbars when the trainer sprite appears REMOVEBARS=true # The final fade speed on entry FINALFADESPEED=16 # Sprites opacity value when them aren't selected OPACITY=64

def pbUpdate pbUpdateSpriteHash(@sprites) end

def pbUpdateAnimation if(@battlerIndex<[email protected]) if(@xmovement[@battlerIndex]!=0 || @ymovement[@battlerIndex]!=0) spriteIndex=(@battlerIndex<@hallEntry.size) ? @battlerIndex : -1 moveSprite(spriteIndex) else @battlerIndex+=1 if(@battlerIndex<[email protected]) # If it is a pokémon, write the pokémon text, wait the # ENTRYWAITTIME and goes to the next battler pbPlayCry(@hallEntry[@battlerIndex-1]) writePokemonData(@hallEntry[@battlerIndex-1]) pbWait(ENTRYWAITTIME) if(@battlerIndex<@hallEntry.size) # Preparates the next battler setPokemonSpritesOpacity(@battlerIndex,OPACITY) @sprites["overlay"].bitmap.clear else # Show the welcome message and preparates the trainer setPokemonSpritesOpacity(-1) writeWelcome pbWait(ENTRYWAITTIME*2) setPokemonSpritesOpacity(-1,OPACITY) if !SINGLEROW createTrainerBattler end end end elsif(@battlerIndex>@hallEntry.size) # Write the trainer data and fade writeTrainerData pbWait(ENTRYWAITTIME) fadeSpeed=((Math.log(2**12)-Math.log(FINALFADESPEED))/Math.log(2)).floor pbBGMFade((2**fadeSpeed).to_f/20) if @useMusic slowFadeOut(@sprites,fadeSpeed){ pbUpdate } @alreadyFadedInEnd=true @battlerIndex+=1 end end

def pbUpdatePC # Change the team if @battlerIndex>[email protected] @hallIndex-=1 return false if @hallIndex==-1 @hallEntry=$PokemonGlobal.hallOfFame[@hallIndex] @battlerIndex=0 createBattlers(false) elsif @battlerIndex<0 @hallIndex+=1 return false if @hallIndex>=$PokemonGlobal.hallOfFame.size @hallEntry=$PokemonGlobal.hallOfFame[@hallIndex] @[email protected] createBattlers(false) end # Change the pokemon pbPlayCry(@hallEntry[@battlerIndex]) setPokemonSpritesOpacity(@battlerIndex,OPACITY) hallNumber=($PokemonGlobal.hallOfFameLastNumber+@hallIndex- $PokemonGlobal.hallOfFame.size+1) writePokemonData(@hallEntry[@battlerIndex],hallNumber) return true end

def slowFadeOut(sprites,exponent) # 2 exponent # To handle values above 8 extraWaitExponent=exponent-9 exponent=8 if 8<exponent

max=2**exponent speed=(2**8)/max for j in 0..max pbWait(2**extraWaitExponent) if extraWaitExponent>-1 pbSetSpritesToColor(sprites,Color.new(0,0,0,j*speed)) block_given? ? yield : pbUpdateSpriteHash(sprites) end end

# Dispose the sprite if the sprite exists and make it null def restartSpritePosition(sprites,spritename) sprites[spritename].dispose if ( sprites.include?(spritename) && sprites[spritename]) sprites[spritename]=nil end

# Change the pokémon sprites opacity except the index one def setPokemonSpritesOpacity(index,opacity=255) for n in 0...@hallEntry.size @sprites["pokemon#{n}"].opacity = (n==index ) ? 255 : opacity if @sprites["pokemon#{n}"] end end

#placement for pokemon icons def pbStartScene @sprites={} @viewport=Viewport.new(0,0,Graphics.width, Graphics.height) @viewport.z=99999 # Comment the below line to doesn't use a background addBackgroundPlane(@sprites,"bg","hallbg",@viewport) @sprites["hallbars"]=IconSprite.new(@viewport) @sprites["hallbars"].setBitmap("Graphics/Pictures/hallbars") @sprites["overlay"]=BitmapSprite.new( Graphics.width,Graphics.height,@viewport) @sprites["overlay"].z=10 pbSetSystemFont(@sprites["overlay"].bitmap) @alreadyFadedInEnd=false @useMusic=false @battlerIndex=0 @hallEntry=[] end

def pbStartSceneEntry pbStartScene @useMusic=(ENTRYMUSIC && ENTRYMUSIC!="") pbBGMPlay(ENTRYMUSIC) if @useMusic saveHallEntry @xmovement=[] @ymovement=[] createBattlers pbFadeInAndShow(@sprites) { pbUpdate } end

def pbStartScenePC pbStartScene @hallIndex=$PokemonGlobal.hallOfFame.size-1 @hallEntry=$PokemonGlobal.hallOfFame[-1] createBattlers(false) pbFadeInAndShow(@sprites) { pbUpdate } pbUpdatePC end

def saveHallEntry for i in 0...$Trainer.party.length # Clones every pokémon object @hallEntry.push($Trainer.party[i].clone) if ( !$Trainer.party[i].egg?||ALLOWEGGS) end # Update the global variables $PokemonGlobal.hallOfFame.push(@hallEntry) $PokemonGlobal.hallOfFameLastNumber+=1 $PokemonGlobal.hallOfFame.delete_at(0) if( HALLLIMIT>-1 && $PokemonGlobal.hallOfFame.size>HALLLIMIT) end

# Return the x/y point position in screen for battler index number # Don't use odd numbers! def xpointformula(battlernumber) ret=0 if !SINGLEROW ret=32+160*xpositionformula(battlernumber) else ret=(60*(battlernumber/2)+48)*(xpositionformula(battlernumber)-1) ret+=Graphics.width/2-56 end return ret end

def ypointformula(battlernumber) ret=0 if !SINGLEROW ret=32+128*ypositionformula(battlernumber)/2 else ret=96-8*(battlernumber/2) end return ret end

# Returns 0, 1 or 2 as the x/y column value def xpositionformula(battlernumber) ret=0 if !SINGLEROW ret=(battlernumber/3%2==0) ? (19-battlernumber)%3 : (19+battlernumber)%3 else ret=battlernumber%2*2 end return ret end

def ypositionformula(battlernumber) ret=0 if !SINGLEROW ret=(battlernumber/3)%2*2 else ret=1 end return ret end

def createBattlers(hide=true) # Movement in animation for i in 0...6 # Clear all 6 pokémon sprites and dispose the ones that exists every time # that this method is call restartSpritePosition(@sprites,"pokemon#{i}") next if i>[email protected] xpoint=xpointformula(i) ypoint=ypointformula(i) [email protected][i] @sprites["pokemon#{i}"]=PokemonSprite.new(@viewport) @sprites["pokemon#{i}"].setPokemonBitmap(pok) # This method doesn't put the exact coordinates pbPositionPokemonSprite(@sprites["pokemon#{i}"],xpoint,ypoint) @sprites["pokemon#{i}"].z=7-i if SINGLEROW next if !hide # Animation distance calculation horizontal=1-xpositionformula(i) vertical=1-ypositionformula(i) xdistance=(horizontal==-1) ? [email protected]["pokemon#{i}"].bitmap.width : ( Graphics.width) ydistance=(vertical==-1) ? [email protected]["pokemon#{i}"].bitmap.height : ( Graphics.height) xdistance=(([email protected]["pokemon#{i}"].x)/ANIMATIONSPEED).abs+1 ydistance=(([email protected]["pokemon#{i}"].y)/ANIMATIONSPEED).abs+1 biggerdistance=(xdistance>ydistance) ? xdistance : ydistance @xmovement[i]=biggerdistance @xmovement[i]*=-1 if horizontal==-1 @xmovement[i]=0 if horizontal== 0 @ymovement[i]=biggerdistance @ymovement[i]*=-1 if vertical==-1 @ymovement[i]=0 if vertical== 0 # Hide the battlers @sprites["pokemon#{i}"].[email protected][i]*ANIMATIONSPEED @sprites["pokemon#{i}"].[email protected][i]*ANIMATIONSPEED end end

def moveSprite(i) spritename=(i>-1) ? "pokemon#{i}" : "trainer" speed = (i>-1) ? ANIMATIONSPEED : 2 if(!ANIMATION) # Skips animation @sprites[spritename].[email protected][i] @xmovement[i]=0 @sprites[spritename].[email protected][i] @ymovement[i]=0 end if(@xmovement[i]!=0) direction = (@xmovement[i]>0) ? -1 : 1 @sprites[spritename].x+=speed*direction @xmovement[i]+=direction end if(@ymovement[i]!=0) direction = (@ymovement[i]>0) ? -1 : 1 @sprites[spritename].y+=speed*direction @ymovement[i]+=direction end end

def createTrainerBattler @sprites["trainer"]=IconSprite.new(@viewport) @sprites["trainer"].setBitmap( sprintf("Graphics/Characters/trainer%03d",$Trainer.trainertype)) if !SINGLEROW @sprites["trainer"].x=Graphics.width-96 @sprites["trainer"].y=160 else @sprites["trainer"].x=Graphics.width/2 @sprites["trainer"].y=178 end @sprites["trainer"].z=9 @sprites["trainer"].[email protected]["trainer"].bitmap.width/2 @sprites["trainer"].[email protected]["trainer"].bitmap.height/2 if REMOVEBARS @sprites["overlay"].bitmap.clear @sprites["hallbars"].visible=false end @xmovement[@battlerIndex]=0 @ymovement[@battlerIndex]=0 if(ANIMATION && !SINGLEROW) # Trainer Animation startpoint=Graphics.width/2 # 2 is the trainer speed @xmovement[@battlerIndex]=([email protected]["trainer"].x)/2 @sprites["trainer"].x=startpoint else pbWait(ENTRYWAITTIME) end end

def writeTrainerData totalsec = Graphics.frame_count / Graphics.frame_rate hour = totalsec / 60 / 60 min = totalsec / 60 % 60 pubid=sprintf("%05d",$Trainer.publicID($Trainer.id)) lefttext= _INTL("Name<r>{1}<br>",$Trainer.name) lefttext+=_INTL("IDNo.<r>{1}<br>",pubid) lefttext+=_ISPRINTF("Time<r>{1:02d}:{2:02d}<br>",hour,min) lefttext+=_INTL("Pokédex<r>{1}/{2}<br>", $Trainer.pokedexOwned,$Trainer.pokedexSeen) @sprites["messagebox"]=Window_AdvancedTextPokemon.new(lefttext) @sprites["messagebox"].[email protected] @sprites["messagebox"].width=192 if @sprites["messagebox"].width<192 @sprites["msgwindow"]=Kernel.pbCreateMessageWindow(@viewport) Kernel.pbMessageDisplay(@sprites["msgwindow"], _INTL("League champion!\nCongratulations!\\^")) end

BASECOLOR=Color.new(248,248,248) SHADOWCOLOR=Color.new(0,0,0)

def writePokemonData(pokemon,hallNumber=-1) [email protected]["overlay"].bitmap overlay.clear

pokename=pokemon.name speciesname=PBSpecies.getName(pokemon.species) speciesname=speciesname[0..-2] if ( speciesname.split('').last=="♂" || speciesname.split('').last=="♀") if pokemon.gender==0 speciesname+="♂" elsif pokemon.gender==1 speciesname+="♀" end pokename+="/"+speciesname pokename=_INTL("Egg")+"/"+_INTL("Egg") if pokemon.egg? idno=(pokemon.ot=="" || pokemon.egg?) ? _INTL("?????") : _ISPRINTF("{1:05d}",pokemon.publicID) dexnumber=pokemon.egg? ? _INTL("No. ???") : _ISPRINTF("No. {1:03d}",pokemon.species)

textPositions=[ [dexnumber,32,Graphics.height-80,0,BASECOLOR,SHADOWCOLOR], [pokename,Graphics.width-192,Graphics.height-80,2,BASECOLOR,SHADOWCOLOR], [_INTL("Lv. {1}",pokemon.egg? ? _INTL("?") : pokemon.level), 64,Graphics.height-48,0,BASECOLOR,SHADOWCOLOR], [_INTL("IDNo.{1}",pokemon.egg? ? _INTL("?????") : idno), Graphics.width-192,Graphics.height-48,2,BASECOLOR,SHADOWCOLOR] ] if (hallNumber>-1) textPositions.push([_INTL("Hall of Fame No."), Graphics.width/2-104,0,0,BASECOLOR,SHADOWCOLOR]) textPositions.push([hallNumber.to_s, Graphics.width/2+104,0,1,BASECOLOR,SHADOWCOLOR]) end pbDrawTextPositions(overlay,textPositions) end

def writeWelcome [email protected]["overlay"].bitmap overlay.clear pbDrawTextPositions(overlay,[[_INTL("Welcome to the Hall of Fame!"), Graphics.width/2,Graphics.height-80,2,BASECOLOR,SHADOWCOLOR]]) end

def pbEndScene $game_map.autoplay if @useMusic Kernel.pbDisposeMessageWindow(@sprites["msgwindow"]) if ( @sprites.include?("msgwindow")) pbFadeOutAndHide(@sprites) { pbUpdate } if [email protected] pbDisposeSpriteHash(@sprites) @viewport.dispose end

def pbPCSelection loop do Graphics.update Input.update pbUpdate continueScene=true if Input.trigger?(Input::B) # Exits break end if Input.trigger?(Input::C) # Moves the selection one entry backward @battlerIndex+=10 continueScene=pbUpdatePC end if Input.trigger?(Input::LEFT) # Moves the selection one pokémon forward @battlerIndex-=1 continueScene=pbUpdatePC end if Input.trigger?(Input::RIGHT) # Moves the selection one pokémon backward @battlerIndex+=1 continueScene=pbUpdatePC end break if !continueScene end end

def pbAnimationLoop loop do Graphics.update Input.update pbUpdate pbUpdateAnimation break if @battlerIndex==(@hallEntry.size+2) end end


class HallOfFameScreen def initialize(scene) @scene = scene end def pbStartScreenEntry @scene.pbStartSceneEntry @scene.pbAnimationLoop @scene.pbEndScene end def pbStartScreenPC @scene.pbStartScenePC @scene.pbPCSelection @scene.pbEndScene end end

class HallOfFamePC def shouldShow? return $PokemonGlobal.hallOfFameLastNumber>0 end def name return _INTL("Hall of Fame") end def access Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("\\se[accesspc]Accessed the Hall of Fame.")) pbHallOfFamePC end end


class PokemonGlobalMetadata attr_accessor :hallOfFame # Number necessary if hallOfFame array reach in its size limit attr_accessor :hallOfFameLastNumber

def hallOfFame @hallOfFame=[] if [email protected] return @hallOfFame end

def hallOfFameLastNumber @hallOfFameLastNumber=0 if [email protected] return @hallOfFameLastNumber end end

def pbHallOfFameEntry scene=HallOfFameScene.new screen=HallOfFameScreen.new(scene) screen.pbStartScreenEntry end

def pbHallOfFamePC scene=HallOfFameScene.new screen=HallOfFameScreen.new(scene) screen.pbStartScreenPC end

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Old August 21st, 2012 (4:42 AM).
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WOw man great script :O I love it, i will use it, Thanks.

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Old March 29th, 2013 (1:00 PM).
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Does it matter what the script bank (like Poke_Battle) is called?


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Old March 30th, 2013 (4:40 PM).
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This script is included in the Essentials v10.

Quote originally posted by BenGames,Films, and More!:
Does it matter what the script bank (like Poke_Battle) is called?
I didn't understand you post. I aren't sure, but this script doesn't call the Poke_Battle, but you can call if you know what you are doing.

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Old March 31st, 2013 (7:13 AM). Edited April 4th, 2013 by Maruno.
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BenGames, you're talking about the name of a script section. No, it doesn't matter what it's called.

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