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Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

View Poll Results: Which villainous team do you like better?
Team Rocket 9 42.86%
Team Galactic 12 57.14%
Why would I like any of them? 0 0%
Voters: 21. You may not vote on this poll

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Old March 23rd, 2013 (05:22 PM).
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So in Generation IV, we saw two evil teams arise. One had already had the experience of being villains while the others were brand new to a brand new region. We have Team Rocket and Team Galactic, both who have endless dreams of domination and abducting Pokemon. Team Rocket has stuck around longer, since the very beginning and their plot is to steal Pokemon off the innocent.

Team Galactic's plot however is far deeper. They wanted more than power, they wanted much more. Cyrus wanted the unthinkable. He wanted to destroy the Pokemon universe, by using the help of Giratina. He wanted to erase the universe, not dominate it but erase it from existence completely.

Battle-wise, they both had a fair appearance of the same Pokemon. Team Rocket used Pokemon such as Rattatas and Zubats along with Koffings while Galactic had common appearances of Glameows, Puruglys and Stunkys. Who did you think was a harder challenge to face, whether it be the grunts or the big cheeses? (the commanders.)

Lastly my question to you is which evil team of the Fourth Generation did you like better? Design wise? Try and explain your post rather than just give a short answer, reasons are always good! So yeah discuss away and also vote while you're at it. :3
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Old March 23rd, 2013 (07:28 PM).
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I'm going to have to go with Galactic. Now I could say that Rocket was in the good old days or something, but their ambitions are just sad in comparison to that of Galactic. Design wise, I like Galactic again, mainly due to the spacey feel they give. They all look like astronauts without the helmets.

One last thing though, Galactic had better reasons for their ambitions. Cyrus wanted to have a perfect world, team Rocket just wanted more Pokemon to themselves. At least from what I remember in Diamond, anyway. They did a better job at it too...
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Old March 24th, 2013 (10:00 PM).
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I like both teams! While I think Team Galactic's goal was way larger and more destructive, I actually think Team Rocket's intentions were much more sinister. So based on that fact alone (shallow I know), I'm going to go with Team Rocket.
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Old March 24th, 2013 (10:13 PM).
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I loved Team Galactic's design and scheme much better, probably due to my bias towards Sinnoh. I loved the whole time/space theme of D/P/Pt and Team Galactic showed it off even further.

So yeah, I'm siding with Team Galactic!
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Old March 25th, 2013 (05:29 AM).
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Since Galactic did more that just stealing pokemon for themselves.
I am going to go for Galatic for this one. I still like Rocket though
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Old March 25th, 2013 (10:35 PM).
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Well, I voted Team Galactic because they are funnier and look cooler for some reason. XD
You can already tell I like Team Galactic by my username!
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Old March 26th, 2013 (10:44 AM).
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Even though I like HG/SS better I am gonna go with team Galactic as the better evil organization.
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Old March 31st, 2013 (01:09 AM).
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Galactic. The story line alone wins it.

I think Galactic are the more difficult team to face. Skunkys are a tough Pokémon with a difficult typing in Poison/Dark. Not easily taken down and always seem to Poison too. They get my vote.

Rocket seems sad in comparison.
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Old April 4th, 2013 (09:53 AM).
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i'd say galactic. i didn't even understand what team rocket was up to i just fought them just because of their sinister clothes and mainly out of self-defense however team galactic actually did something significant by summoning legendary pokemon and their plot was much deeper. galactic was also harder to face due to stronger pokemons in general. design-wise i'd say team rocket since they seemed more... normal whereas team galactic had some kind of bizarre robotic clothes. in the end i'd choose team galactic
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Old April 4th, 2013 (04:49 PM).
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Team Rocket are my favourite. I prefer their outfits. They really suit an evil organisation tbh. Some of their members are classic clowns as well, which makes them even more likable for me. Top marks.
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Old April 4th, 2013 (08:13 PM).
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I'm going to go with Team Galactic. Their spacey design made me like them and also the fact that their objective was deeper than Team Rocket's. I also think that Team Rocket had done their time. Introducing a new team was good.
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Old April 6th, 2013 (05:13 PM).
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Personally I prefer Team Rocket. They were just so bent on world domination for the hell of it, not for the sake of some misguided good intention or another. Team Rocket was really the only One True Evil that ever existed in Pokemon.

The rest of the Teams were simply just Good Intentions Gone Wrong, which I believe weakens the threat that they stood for massively. It also makes the members of other teams just appear downright unintelligent and mindless, as if they never thought to question the intentions and reasons why their leaders were calling for such action.

Although I did find the new teams refreshing, as Team Rocket had served their time, I still enjoyed Team Rocket. They had no other reason to do and act the way they did other than the fact that they were just all greedy. That's something I can find believable.

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Old April 6th, 2013 (06:09 PM).
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In my opinion, probably Team Galactic.
Their plot is far more elaborate compared to TR's (destroying the entire universe over stealing a new trainer's Bulbasaur). Cyrus is quite the villain, and is my 2nd favourite team leader (Ghetsis gets #1 for trying to kill you).

The Commanders of Galactic are tough too, remember your first battle against Mars and her Purugly at the Valley Windworks? Hell for me, my Prinplup and my Staravia :/

...and Cyrus? Don't get me started on him. I hate his team, from his Houndoom, to his Gyarados, they wrecked my team in Platinum.
While I do like Team Rocket, it's like comparing North Korea to Brazil, with Galactic being NK. They have the upper hand.
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Old April 21st, 2013 (03:39 PM).
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Whoops voted wrong ;;

Anyways, going with Galactic because I think their work were way more serious than Team Rockets.

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Old April 21st, 2013 (08:10 PM).
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Team Galactic. Cyrus was a OK character. I'm not really sure otherwise.
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