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Advance Generation The hallmark of sprite-based Pokémon gaming, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald set you off on an adventure in the watery Hoenn region with tons of diverse Pokémon to discover. Fans of Kanto can reexplore their favorite region in FireRed and LeafGreen. Here you'll find other fans who enjoy talking about the Pokémon, strategy, and techniques to master this generation.

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Old April 8th, 2013, 01:57 PM
Rai's Avatar
Misao <3
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Another World
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nature: Impish
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The first shiny I ever came across was a shiny Swablu in Ruby. I wanted it so bad but when I tried to weaken it, my pokemon used a critical move and wiped it out in one shot ><

However, in LeafGreen I found a shiny Venemoth that I caught :>
Old April 9th, 2013, 05:18 AM
Unhatched Egg
Join Date: Apr 2013
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
1st and only non-legendary shiny was ponyta on fire red, quite happy when I caught a ponyta with blue flames.
Old April 10th, 2013, 01:45 AM
JoeSchneider's Avatar
Unhatched Egg
Join Date: Mar 2013
Gender: Male
my first saw was goldeen in safari zone in Emerald... when I was a kid. my stupidity didnt know what shiny is back then, i just saw a shining powder thingy, and i run. same i did to shiny wingull
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Old April 10th, 2013, 09:28 AM
Ksiazek Bartlomiej's Avatar
Ksiazek Bartlomiej
Rejishan awake...
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Takoabe Town (Region Thonsu)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nature: Hardy
I can said than I chosen one... My First Shiny is Shiny Regice. Yes... I found that in Pokemon Ruby. I was suprised that my first shiny been legendary Pokemon.
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Pokemon Ruby Renev Trailer 2 (My greatest hack ever)
Old April 11th, 2013, 09:12 AM
Sephirothxx's Avatar
Pre-ordered Omega Ruby <3 I'll finally be up to date with Pokemon.
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: The world.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed
I still don't have any shinies in gen 3. The only shiny I've ever had is the shiny pichu I hatched in crystal last summer.
Old April 11th, 2013, 09:51 PM
Vaati Fulbuster's Avatar
Vaati Fulbuster
High level pokemon trainer
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Hilversum
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Mine was a shiny Oddish caught before i reacher fortree.

Kyogre vs Groundon. ~Pokemon Emerald.
Old April 12th, 2013, 04:35 AM
Unhatched Egg
Join Date: Apr 2013
Gender: Male
Shiny Tangela at Route 21 in FireRed, while I was traveling from Cinnabar Island to Pallet Town after defeating 7th gym. It was actually my first encounter of Pokémon on this route - and it was shiny . I had good Pokémons, and I didn't wanted to risk fainting because of critical hit (I hate critical hits when catching wild Pokémons), so I simply poisoned it, and threw Ultra Balls. The second throw catched it. Too bad it was in ROM version, not on my actual cartridge, but still.
Old April 13th, 2013, 09:53 AM
bookishangel's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Kentucky
Gender: Female
Nature: Gentle
My first shiny was a poocheyena. At the time I didn't know what a shiny was so I knocked it out.
Old April 14th, 2013, 05:40 AM
Arceus_17's Avatar
Unhatched Egg
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Lisbon
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
In the 3rd gen my first shiny was a red Zigzagoon <:

Last edited by Arceus_17; April 14th, 2013 at 10:25 AM.
Old April 14th, 2013, 09:29 AM
AppleMan's Avatar
Master Drawer
Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Bradford, U.K
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed
Shiny Spinda in Pokémon Ruby but I couldn't catch it cause I wasteted all my PokeBalls on a Skarmory I didn't even use
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Old April 15th, 2013, 04:17 AM
Aurora's Avatar
dead until the 29th
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Sydney, Australia
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nature: Sassy
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The first Shiny Pokemon I saw was an Oddish. Unfortunately, because I was at the tender age of five at the time, I didn't realise that it was so rare, and so I fainted it, just like I would have any other Pokemon. It was only three years later, when I worked out what the hell Shiny Pokemon were, that I realised what I had done...
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Old April 15th, 2013, 07:58 AM
Radiantsunset's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Nottingham
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Natu on Emerald! I was so amazed that I caught it I instantly trained it up and put it on my team haha...
Old April 15th, 2013, 05:42 PM
BroskiRage's Avatar
Current Gym Leader in my Hacks
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: where i want to live
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nature: Serious
I caught a shiny seedot in ruby

He... is Wilson the Human God of Lightning!
Old April 15th, 2013, 07:31 PM
Shadowraze's Avatar
Love and Peace
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Philippines
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
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My very first shiny on FireRed was a shiny Caterpie caught in Viridian Forest. In leafgreen I did not managed to capture a shiny geodude because I only have 1 pokeball left T_T

While I managed to capture a shiny zubat in Ruby and a shiny tentacool in Emerald.
Old April 16th, 2013, 04:45 PM
blue manny's Avatar
blue manny
Unhatched Egg
Join Date: Apr 2013
Gender: Male
My first Shiny was a Shiny Regirock, I was in so much shock, and was able to capture it.
This was in Pokemon Emerald by the way.
Old April 16th, 2013, 05:54 PM
rliberto2's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2013
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Black Rayquaza emerald, took 5 hours of soft resetting
Old April 17th, 2013, 07:07 AM
Melody's Avatar
Singing Nature's Melody
Community Supporter
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Cuddling those close to me
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Nature: Gentle
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My first ever true shiny that I didn't hack, receive from storyline or otherwise even look for occurred in Generation 3. It was a Shiny Spinda in Emerald, and I named her "Emerald" :3
Crystal Supporter Melody

"It loves to bask in the sunlight. It uses the leaf on its head to seek out warm places."

Old April 20th, 2013, 09:15 PM
Captain Falcon's Avatar
Captain Falcon
Gotta go fast
Join Date: Apr 2013
Gender: Male
Nature: Lax

I bought him from the slot machine place.
Old April 20th, 2013, 09:17 PM
Champloo's Avatar
RNG Expert
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Florida
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
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My first shiny was on my Sapphire game. It was an awesome looking Electrike, at first I was like wait he's not blue? Lol I then realized what had happened and was ecstatic

RNG, the skill for the well informed
Old April 20th, 2013, 09:42 PM
Navy Blue's Avatar
Navy Blue
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Texas, USA
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nature: Modest
I have never found a shiny that I can remember.

Good day.
Old April 20th, 2013, 09:57 PM
lmcde22's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Queensland, Australia
Gender: Male
First was a shiny Lotad that i evolved into Ludicolo
Then a Shroomish => Breloom
Oddish => Vileplume
Gulpin => Swalot
and my newest is Beldum => Metagross (the only one i still have)
To be the best you have to beat the best.
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Old April 25th, 2013, 03:36 AM
Unhatched Egg
Join Date: Apr 2013
Gender: Male
My first in gen 3 was cacnea i didn't figue out what it was. 2nd was wurmple and 3rd was swellow. just luckly i guess.
also got buizel and victreebell in diamond.

Old April 25th, 2013, 12:10 PM
Mochi's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Michigan
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Nature: Sassy
I think it was my Spinda in Sapphire Version. That or Oddish, I'm not sure. I caught like over half a dozen shinies in Gen III though so it was a lucky gen for me :p
Old April 30th, 2013, 09:42 AM
Recluse's Avatar
The Harbinger of Solitude
Community Supporter
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: P(r)oland
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Leaf Green, Primeape, Victory Road.
Old May 1st, 2013, 06:29 PM
Emfg's Avatar
Join Date: May 2013
Gender: Male
Never caught a shiny. Only seen one ever, which was on my friends Fire Red. A shiny marrowak. He actually made me believe you had to have played more than 400 hours. I passed the 450 hours played on Leaf Green without ever seeing a shiny.


There was once a time I saw a shiny in my own game. I had started a new Leaf Green save game for teh lulz (without saving ofc), got to the point where you meet the old man who teaches you how to catch a pokémon and I kid you not, the weedle was a shiny weedle... Or at least it seemed shiny o_o
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