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Old June 2nd, 2013 (01:19 PM).
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Welcome to Pokemon of the Week, where we pit three random Pokemon up against either other for the amazing prize of decorating PGC's forum splash for a week! This week's contenders are:

Dewgong, the Sea Lion Pokemon

Scrafty, the Hoodlum Pokemon

And Slowking, the Royal Pokemon

Unlike the previous week, I want everyone to post this time and discuss why you chose the Pokemon you voted for. :) Let's get to it!
Old June 2nd, 2013 (01:46 PM).
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I've never been a fan of Scrafty myself, so it's immediately written off. It seems like a very capable fighter to me, but I found its design to look rather ugly. The head looks so bulbous and the eyes so awkwardly positioned that it makes me struggle to take it seriously.

But between the other two? It's a tough decision. Slowking is closely related to Slowbro, which is one of my favourite Pokémon, but I've also been very fond of Dewgong. They've both been a big help in dragging me through some of the Pokémon games, so I have some history with them both.

I do prefer Dewgong's elegant design, mind you. Slowking has a certain goofy charm to him and it's a very close call, but the graceful Dewgong gets my vote.
Old June 2nd, 2013 (01:58 PM).
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I've sadly never really liked Dewgong. I just don't find it strong enough to effectively use.
As much as I like Slowking, it's not my type of Pokemon. It's a good Pokemon, but not my kind.

Scrafty's typing is perfect. Dark/Fighting means it doesn't get hurt by Psychic, so it loses one weakness. Also, Scrafty's defenses are pretty good, meaning it can take a few hits.

So my vote will be Scrafty. Sorry Slowking and Dewgong.
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Old June 2nd, 2013 (01:59 PM).
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Awh, someone should do something like this over in Pokémon General!

I vote for Dewgong, because for a splash banner you'd want a pokémon that looks cool or nice and give a good feel to the forum goers. Scrafty looks like he wants to steal the members' post counts or something. Slowking is pretty good, and popular and well known I guess? But Dewgong is elegant and I think it would make the section feel welcoming.

Love the Ludicolo btw. That's welcoming :>
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Old June 2nd, 2013 (02:07 PM).
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Dewgong is a pretty basic Pokemon to me, though I do think it's quite majestic. Scrafty was a fun Pokemon to use, and I actually do like it's design, which I originally hated. We have come a long way, Scrafty. But not as long a way as Slowking and I have. I love Slowking and I'm using on in SoulSilver now and I'm so excited and it can use Flamethrower and "I could use pants!" and just why would I NOT vote for Slowking?! Haha.

Awh, someone should do something like this over in Pokémon General!
No mod in there right now, but Nick is watching over it. I can pitch him an idea though. :) 4th Generation Gaming has a PotW as well, btw! Check it out. :D And Ludicolo is a welcoming Pokemon for PGC, I agree haha.
Old June 2nd, 2013 (02:21 PM).
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I decided to pick Scrafty because I used one in Black 2 and she managed to take a lot of foes down thanks to her awesome Moxie ability and solid bulkiness. About time a 5th Gen Pokemon got the limelight here lol.
Old June 2nd, 2013 (03:02 PM).
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Quote originally posted by Sydian:
I love Slowking and I'm using on in SoulSilver now and I'm so excited and it can use Flamethrower and "I could use pants!" and just why would I NOT vote for Slowking?! Haha.
In my mind, that's always been one of the best lines to come out of any of the Pokemon movies, and Pokemon 2000 in general cemented Slowking as one of my favorite Pokemon.

I do like Dewgong, especially the one that you got in Yellow nicknamed Cezanne. It was one of the most useful in-game trades I can remember, but I haven't really used Dewgong since then. As for Scrafty, I don't mind it, but still don't feel as I've warmed up to it as much as I have for most of the other 5th gen Pokemon.

And in case my vote wasn't obvious, I'm going with Slowking.
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Old June 2nd, 2013 (03:24 PM).
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My vote goes to Dewgong, for the cuteness factor. Look at it flip around with it's waggy fin and open mouth. Just makes you go DAWWWWW ^.^ I'd rather PGC be cute. Scrafty would do better in the Battle section or somewhere that discusses baggy pants. Slowking is ok but too pink for my liking, it's as if he's forgotten to put sun screen on whilst laying on the beach absent mindedly staring at the sky. If he does that for a week? He'll be burnt to a crisp! You can't do that to Slowking :'( vote Dewgong people! She's cool
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Old June 2nd, 2013 (03:25 PM).
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Voted for Scrafty. Mainly because out of the three it's the only one I ever considered using on one of my main teams. I almost used a Scrafty for my first Pokemon White run but it didn't make the cut.

It's the one I'm most interested in using at a later point.

Slowking and Dewgong are both nice, but Scrafty beats them both.
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Old June 2nd, 2013 (05:31 PM).
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Scrafty! I love my Scrafty; it's Shed Skin, Defense and Special Defense.
Old June 2nd, 2013 (05:48 PM).
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I personally have always loved Slowking. Even though I've never used one I've always found it to be so cool. It's design to me is really impressive and it just has a good typing in my opinion. I got it once in a Random Battle in Pokémon Showdown and swept so that might have something to do with it haha
Old June 2nd, 2013 (06:09 PM).
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Even though it's probably modeled after some weird amalgamation of American urban stereotypes, I voted for Scrafty because it looks like it doesn't mess around, haha.
Old June 3rd, 2013 (09:16 PM).
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My vote goest to Scrafty, because i like Scrafty type Dark/Fighting and ability
Old June 5th, 2013 (03:37 AM).
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Aww...man this one is tough! Dewgong is out of the running because although it looks nice, it's not necessarily that great [although a Hydration Dewgong would team up great with my Rain Dance Ludicolo :) ]

Slowking's a bit slow, but has a cool design, evolves via King's Rock just like Politoed, which automatically makes it awesome...and also, Slowpoke have their own well! Plus I do like seeing Slowking following me around in HeartGold.
Scrafty on the other hand is really tough, pretty sweet design, one of the ones in Black that I genuinely do like, rather than looking for similarities with previous pokémon. The Dark / Fighting combo is pretty good too...nothing beats going out against a similar-levelled Scrafty and both using Hi Jump Kick :)
Overall I'm probably going to go Slowking just because it looks like it'll get less votes, despite it being no less cool than Scrafty.
Old June 5th, 2013 (03:56 AM).
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I don't like any of the Slowpoke line and I'm not really that familiar with Scrafty, Dewgong on the other hand is a great Pokemon who has been around since the first generation!
Old June 7th, 2013 (03:28 AM).
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It seems like no Trainers in the games use Slowking, so that's why I gave it a vote. It's also the king of the Slowmons! Not only that, Slowking can also talk!
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