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Old June 14th, 2013 (4:07 PM).
lemanu99 lemanu99 is offline
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Pokemon Annihilation
( Using: RPG Maker XP )

I've always wanted to make my very own pokemon game. I just didn't have the crew or the time. This time I will get a crew and summer gives me all the time I need to succeed.

The story begins when you wake up in a lab. You have no memory of yourself or anyone. You are greeted by a man who explains your objective for life. You are confused about what he is saying.
Suddenly, a explosion occurs in the building. Everyone in the building fleas. You remain in the lab not knowing what is happening. A group of people enter the lab. They tell you to come with them. Having no other option, you follow them. You get into there Jeep. They explain that they are in a group called Neo. While they are driving, they ask you questions about what the people in the lab said to you. You tell them that your objective was to work for Team Temporal. The group was shocked. The group explained to you that you were an experiment that was created for Team Temporal.

Experiment 365:
The main protagonist, created as an experiment for Team Temporal. He has no memory of anything, his goal is to find out who he is.

He is the one of the members of Neo. He is also the one who gives you your first pokemon. He is also the leader of Neo.
Trish is your info lady. She gives you information about Temporal and pokemon. She also gives you information about each town once you arrive there.
- More futuristic society
- Evolutions of old pokemon
- A new region, Amega
- More features coming soon

Help and Recruitment
I will need help with this game.
Spriter: Someone to make sprites.
Graphics Person: Someone to make tiles and etc.
Scripter: I am really bad at scripting and I mean REALLY bad, so I will need a lot of help for this.
and whatever else I missed. If you every made a game, please help me out.

Reply about your thoughts on the game. :D
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