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Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

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Old June 29th, 2013 (1:30 AM). Edited June 29th, 2013 by WishCookie.
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Well I've seen one of these threads for a while so lets remake one shall we? Which one out of these games did you like or was your favorite? Mine must have been Diamond since I like its features better and I've never played Platinum before.

Edit: I forgot to make this post into a poll.
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Old June 29th, 2013 (1:50 AM).
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Platinum easily. It was an amazing game, fixing up the errors Diamond and Pearl seemed to make. There was a much more versatile amount of Pokemon showing up, speeding up of features such as the surfing speed (D/P's was ridiculous to be honest), more of a challenge with high-levelled Pokemon and the beginning didn't seem to drag on as long. All in all, Platinum was a fantastic game and what you'd expect of a third game- it improved on the mistakes of the original two and had a ton of better features. Not to mention, Flint got a more sensible team to fit his theme, rather than last time. :x
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Old June 29th, 2013 (2:32 AM).
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Platinum, basically for the same reasons Narnia said. The games aren't slow like Diamond and Pearl, have a more balanced Pokedex, and Flint finally gets a sensible team. Platinum basically fixed everything Diamond and Pearl had and made it better.
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Old June 29th, 2013 (2:47 AM).
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Platinum, because of many speedups of walking, surfing, framerates, anything. Besides, Distortion World of Giratina is also the factor that makes Platinum the best.

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Old June 29th, 2013 (3:07 AM).
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Platinum would be my choice as well for the said reasons the above posters stated. In Diamond and Pearl I only have 4 Pokemon in my main team, there wasn't a large variety of Pokemon to choose from... In Platinum though I already have 5 main Pokemon team members before Hearthome city!

Also I've played Diamond and Pearl recently, finished them back to back, I'm currently playing Platinum now, it is so much smoother. The speed does make a huge difference.
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Old June 29th, 2013 (3:35 AM).
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My favourite game of the three is Platinum. It not only fixed the flaws of Diamond and Pearl but expanded on them. Platinum felt like a more complete game. Albeit, I've only played it in dribs and drabs, whereas I own a copy of Diamond myself and have completed the game more than once.
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Old June 30th, 2013 (10:37 PM).
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Yeah Platinum all the way because it provides the combination of both the old versions as well some pretty new areas to explore
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Old July 1st, 2013 (12:55 PM).
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Mine was Pearl, simply because I really like Palkia the most. I would say Platinum however I am not a fan of Distortion World
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Old July 1st, 2013 (1:23 PM).
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I feel bad for Diamond and Pearl right now. None likes them so far.
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Old July 1st, 2013 (5:07 PM).
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I like Platinum best out of the three Gen IV games because of its expanded storyline.

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Old July 1st, 2013 (5:13 PM).
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I like Diamond! It's the first game I played.
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Old July 1st, 2013 (8:11 PM).
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Platinum. Do I really need to explain myself?
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Old July 2nd, 2013 (12:26 PM). Edited July 2nd, 2013 by PekoponTAS.
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For me this is a tough question because both games have their ups and downs.

In favour of Diamond/Pearl

  • People like to whine about how slow the game is, but that's one of my favourite aspects about it. It feels more like a journey where there isn't crazy stuff happening all the time. While people say the opening drags, it certainly is structured way better than platinum and makes way more sense. It feels more like an actual story is being told, rather than just going through the motions. It's not dragging, it's having a plot that takes a bit of time setting things up. Platinum is horribly paced in comparison where you're constantly being interrupted by wacky characters, and since the gyms were switched around so Fantina is the third gym that you MUST fight before progressing, it ruins a lot of the slow paced, laid back nature of D/P where you could almost cover the entire map before fighting the third gym. D/P makes me think of Kiki's Delivery Service with its pacing. Platinum makes me think of a Disney renaissance movie where you're constantly having stuff shoved in your face.
  • Speaking of gyms, all the gym redesigns in Platinum were terrible, and were more tedious than anything.
  • There's no distortion world in D/P, and since Palkia/Dialga have really high catch rates, it isn't as big of a chore that you have to encounter it before the elite four if you plan on catching it.
  • The Team Galactic stuff was no where near as long, which in this case is a positive since it isn't particularly interesting in any of the Sinnoh games.
  • The slow surfing really isn't that big of an issue since you hardly ever need to surf in fourth gen. It's a moot point that everyone brings up for some reason.
In favour of Platinum.

  • Move tutors make certain Pokemon better.
  • Everything is a lot more polished, from Pokemon animations to in-battle menus and especially the important battle trainer sprite animations.
  • A lot of things were less idiotic, such as the encounter rate of honey tree Pokemon, and a few other things.
  • The selection of Pokemon is way better.
  • The opening title sequence is WAY better. (minor improvement in the long run)
  • And the key deciding factor for me, the elite four is WAY cooler in Platinum. Every Pokemon game is really just building up to the Elite Four which is the best part of every Pokemon game, and this is where the decision between D/P and Platinum is difficult for me. I love the pacing of D/P, but the elite four is laughable. I HATE the pacing of Platinum, but the elite four in Platinum is easily the best elite four ever.
For me I have to go by the reasoning of which game do I have more time enjoying, and for me that's easily D/P. Platinum has a way better ending, and yes the selection of Pokemon is a heck of a lot better, but the rest of the game is really annoying compared to the laid back nature of D/P. It's why I'm always frustrated when I hear people say D/P had bad pacing because it was slow. That was the GOOD thing about it. The slow paced, easygoing majority of the game made the end game that much more exciting, even if it overall wasn't as difficult as Platinum.

If you just want to raise your Pokemon and have a big epic battle at the end, then go for Platinum. If you have a longer attention span than most, and can appreciate all the elements of what makes a good game while forgiving a few minor flaws, then go for Diamond or Pearl.

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