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there is some kind of massive victory for the human race that has just happened. everyone is crying they are so happy. they are hugging each other with joy telling each other about their life , honestly , not exaggerating any details or anything , and trying to understand and forgive each other. afterwards , everyone feels really close and a piano nocturne by chopin begins to play in the background. it is on one of those old gramophones , a beautiful and pure crackly sound. everyone begins to dance and sway in time with the melody and they realize how rediculous it is to be sad. suddenly the music stops. everyone looks around confused , asking each other waht is happening. then a familiar voice comes on the loudspeaker. it is kanye west. " screw this crap , let's get this party started !" all of a sudden an insane dubstep beat drops. everyone is jumping up and down and they are crying and laughing. their tears fall all over their clothes and sparkle like a million beautiful diamonds. five... four... three... two... one... happy new year ! everyone shouts. they all find someone to kiss , except for me. i stand by myself , alone like always , but i am happy for them. sudenly i feel someone tapping my shoulder. it is soyou from the kpop group sistar. "oh my gosh hi i really like your music" i say. "hi i was watching you , i think youre really cute, "she seems really shy. i notice her hands are missing and i realize that they had been photoshopped in in all of their music videos. "oh these ... i fell down the stairs when i was little and had to have them amputated ," she looked really shameful. i felt like i needed to protect her and i wrapped my arms around her like i saw people do and kissed her. my first kiss. i held her tight and to my amazement i felt her hold me with her hands , they had grown back. "i cant believe it " she said. she was crying and kissed me again. her body was warm and soft. we pushed our faces as close as we could to each other as if trying to meld together with our souls and even thouhg everyone around us was dancing and laughing and crazy dubstep songs were playing in the background i didnt notice anyone but her.

flash forward a few months , she is my date for prom. everyone is amazed that a celebrity is going to prom. "holy crap is that soyou from sistar ?" everyone is whispering around us , but we just smile and ignore them. "come on what is everyone waiting for" i say and jump onto the empty dancefloor and start breakdancing. all the other guys are wearing normal suits except for me , i am wearing a velvet tuxedo with a rose pinned to my lapel and a black cloak. as i breakdance the cloak swirls around me. everyone begins clapping to the beat . a couple guys try to breakdance alongside me to impress their friends but i am too much for them , they fall back exhausted. finally the song stops and evryone applauds wildly. i brush myself off casually and walk off and look for soyou . where is she ? i look through the crowd but she is nowhere to be found. there is a fire escape door that seems to be open. oh she just went to buy some food , i realize. the door leadds to an intermediate room and which is joined up to another building. the intereior of this building is compeltely different , very elegant and ornamental , with beautiful carpets and red walls like an old classy hotel. i call out her name everywhere. there are sounds of people groaning behind the doors. i try shouting her name at the doors but hthere is no response. i try to stop a girl with red and black hair running past me and ask her if she saw her. she tries to help me but suddenly a man comes behind her and she giggles and screams. i realize they were playing a game and she was chasing her. he ushers her off giggling because she lost and she takes one laast look at me really sorry but she has to go. from the direction where he came from there i notice a big crowd of men around an open door , they are all old and bald. have you seen her ? i ask them but they shove me back. wait your turn ! suddenly i notice they are all naked. i try screaming her name through the open doorway and pushing through but every time i am knocked back. i scream and scream but it is useless , no one can barely hear each other over the sound of the dubstep beat.

i feel someone touching my shoulder. it is the girl from before with the red and black hair. "come , i know where she is, " she says. as we walk together she explains the girl in the room before is just a secret agent who looks like her that is trying to put down her name. i feel happy and relieved . she takes me up many stairs to the roof. im starting to feel suspicious. "where is soyou ?" i say. she tries to kiss me but i push her back. she tries again and i push her back harder. then she bursts out crying and puts her face in my lap. i feel really awkward that her face is so close to my private parts but i dont move. she apologizes , her voice is still muffled in my lap and i can feel her tears soak into my skin. when i look down again she has found a small basin and is washing my feet. after she finishes she uses my feet as a pillow for her head and falls asleep. i dont want to wake her up so i sit still for hours , not moving my feet. finally she wakes up but she still doesnt get off the ground. instead she snuggles closer to my feet as if it were a teddy bear and kisses it and closes her eyes again. can i really live the rest of my life with a girl like this ? i ask myself. i watch her for a while. suddenly she jumps up and says she's late for class. i beg her not to leave me and she just laughs as if everything before was just a game and casually says that i can come with her to her school.

i notice her school is many times larger than mine. we walk through the hiallways and they are large and grand but they are all empty except for us. some of the hallways adjoining ours are dark or have flickering lights like a horror movie. i realize that the building is so large most of it isnt even used. it is eerily silent. as we walk , i notice that there are marble columns holding up the roof since the building is so old , even alongside posters for school events and display cases containing art projects. she takes me up a stairwell. there is beautiful blue light here streaming from large windows. when we get to the top , the flight of stairs ends suddenly. it isn't broken or anything , it just ends , leading nowhere by design. about a meter or two from where it ends there is a ledge that you can get to by jumping. she explains that her class is in the attic of the school. its really inconvenient but you get used to it. she steps on the railing and jumps and tells me to follow. i try to balance myself on the railing. the ground is so far down i cant even see it. between the gap all there are are flights and flights of starirs extending farther and farrther below. she jumps to and back a few times to show me. i try to gather uip my courage. suddenly a group of kids come bustling through. they are all loud and good looking and they easily jump over. some even pretend to slip and catch hold of the opposite ledge at the last moment to the amusement of their friends. they go through the door and i catch a glimpse inside. it is full of warm light and energy and sound and filled with people unlike the desolate hallways in the rest of the school. everyone is cheering and seem happy. then the door closes again and the stairwell is silent . there is blue light everywhere from the windows and the girl is gone , she must have gone in with the kids thinking i was with them.i try many times , putting my feet on the railings and preparing to jump but every time i hesitate out of fear and step back down.i try to imagine how the other kids did it. it was so easy. finally , my feet again balanced on the railings , i slip off and fall to my death without having ever tried to jump.
thanks for reading my post
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