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Old July 8th, 2013 (01:37 PM).
Moltres Rider
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as in real life with large beasts some people would run for their lives and others just try to get a closer view or even grab a camera and take a picture. if you saw a strong Legendary Pokémon, would you be one of those people that would run away or would you be like "I gotta get my camera!!!" and come in for a closer view knowing that if you don't bother it it won't bother you???

I am a photo freak, got to have my picture with EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE so I'd probably get as close as I can while still a safe distance use my front facing camera and snap...
Old July 8th, 2013 (01:45 PM).
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This is more of a Pokémon Voting Polls thread, so I'll move it over there.

I would of course stop and look :D And take a picture and put it on fb, haha. To prove that I really saw it. I would probably be very scared though, if it's a dangerous one. Or one acting dangerous, I mean.
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Old July 8th, 2013 (04:51 PM).
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I like nature, and many animals. So I would stay and take a closer look.
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Old July 8th, 2013 (05:55 PM).
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Purple Materia
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If I knew I'm not in any danger, then heck yeah I'm taking a closer look.

If I wasn't sure, I'd probably get out of there. I'm a bit of a coward.

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Old July 8th, 2013 (06:28 PM).
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Human nature seeing a huge beast and you don't know your safety most people would naturally react by running away as fast as they can. However given the fact that if it was a legendary pokemon I would take that opportunity to inch closer for a few awesome snapshots. Maybe get close enough to possibly interact with it providing it doesn't attack or run away.
Old July 8th, 2013 (06:47 PM).
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strong legendary Pokemon doesn't necessarily means that it's dangerous. Mew is strong and it's a legendary but it's so cute and cuddly xD

It depends on how dangerous the Pokemon is. If it's a Genesect, I would take a picture and gtfo, but if it's a Celebi, I would go close to it for it to know I'm not it's enemy and cuddle with it :D (Maybe even adopt it)
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Old July 9th, 2013 (12:17 AM).
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Who is afraid of any legendary.. Not at least me. Well I will also stop and will take Photos of it. i will even try to go after it to learn about it more
Old July 9th, 2013 (01:04 AM).
Talli's Avatar
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of course I would stare at it then take a picture of it,
I mean who would not ?
it would a once in a lifetime thing so not taking a photo would be silly.
Old July 13th, 2013 (01:41 PM).
Sheep's Avatar
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I'd take a few seconds to look but would probably be overcome with fright really quickly, haha. :( But if I could somehow conceal myself and know I'd be safe.. then I'd stick around.
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Old July 13th, 2013 (05:38 PM).
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Take a picture, then just stare at it.
Possibly approach it, depending on what it is.
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Old July 13th, 2013 (07:13 PM).
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I wouldn't run unless it was a Groudon walking in my direction and getting close to crushing me. Probably take a few pics then photoshop them to make it seem like me and the legendary are best buddies! I'm sure at that point the ARNG would be called out to take it down....And since I'm apart of it I can't really go anywhere even if I wanted too...
Old July 14th, 2013 (01:43 AM).
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If it was a small and friendly-looking legendary like Mew, Celebi or Jirachi, I'll stop and peep at them from behind a bush or something. I'll try not to make any sudden or drastic movements that might scare them off or provoke them to use their attacks against me. I'll also try to stealthily follow them around. If I had a camera with me, I'll definitely snap a few pictures for safekeeping and memories.

On the other hand, if it was a huge, dangerous-looking legendary that looks like it's about to go on a rampage or let loose a blast of Hyper Beam at anything that moves, I'll take one quick picture and get the heck outta there!! D:

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Old July 14th, 2013 (11:20 AM).
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Definitely stop and take a look haha. Even if I was scared I would be so amazed I wouldn't be able to move! I'd take tons of pics and show everyone I know!
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Old July 17th, 2013 (04:08 PM).
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I'd throw spheres at it until one of them miraculously opened up and trapped him inside. Either that, or I'd call the army because having a legendary Pokémon running around with control over time/space/etc would easily mean the end of the world. Kill it before it gets loose y/y?
Old July 17th, 2013 (04:42 PM).
François's Avatar
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I would ask for its hand in marriage, obviously.

Old July 17th, 2013 (04:57 PM).
Moltres Rider
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Quote originally posted by François:
I would ask for its hand in marriage, obviously.
you're like me... I'd ask Reshiram for it's hand in marriage
Old July 17th, 2013 (05:08 PM).
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Old July 17th, 2013 (10:05 PM).
Green Stache's Avatar
Green Stache
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If it's Mewtwo, one the most powerful and dangerous pokemon in the world... I'd do an Ash Ketchum and run up and punch it.

Nah depending on the Pokemon, and if I wanted it, I would walk up to it, try and befriend it, make it mine, and we will go on an adventure and I will become the Pokemon Champion. Heh. :3
Old July 25th, 2013 (06:30 AM).
nitemate's Avatar
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I'll take a closer look, make a video and post it on YouTube
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Old July 26th, 2013 (10:58 PM).
Brendino's Avatar
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I don't think I'd have any choice but to try and take a picture if I saw a legendary Pokemon, otherwise no one would believe me if I said I saw one. That being said, I'd try to get as close as I could, but still be far away enough that it doesn't notice me.
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Old July 27th, 2013 (08:35 PM).
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I would definitely try and get a closer look. But then, I'm one of those people who tries to make zoo-going a regular activity so I can see all the large beasts there too. :3 The last time I went I was rewarded by getting to watch lion cubs playing

I think I'd be even more intrigued with a Pokemon though than I am with real life animals.
Old August 20th, 2013 (04:52 PM).
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I wouldn't take their photo. I'm not the type of person who enjoys phototaking in general, nor do I own a device that can take worthwhile photos. Nor do I enjoy sharing pictures with people.

And why should I do it, when there's probably already a hundred of them already published in pictures? It's not like I'd want to show off to my friends about coming across a legendary.
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Old September 1st, 2013 (01:37 AM).
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If I had a phone or a camera with me, then yes, I would definitely take a picture. I would try to get closer to it if it's friendly, then I would pet it and try to become friends with it. Haha. If it seems kind of upset, though, then I would just stay where I am for a while to admire its beauty.
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