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Technology & Internet Need help on your technology problems, whether your computer is malfunctioning, or you need help removing a virus? Perhaps you also want to chill and talk about the internet as a whole, too! Looks like you've come to the right place then!

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Old July 19th, 2013, 03:34 PM
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This is a thread about emoticons, or smilies.

It's a way to express how we're feeling through text messages, chat, and email. We have text emoticons, and we also have these emoticons PC had provided us.

Do you use emoticons to express your feelings through messages? How often do you use them? Do you prefer text emoticons, or animated/picture emoticons? What is your favorite emoticon/smiley, if you have one?
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Last edited by Minerva; July 19th, 2013 at 03:37 PM. Reason: i have smilies disabled. dang.
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Old July 19th, 2013, 03:38 PM
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Slash Beast ∞
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Oh man, you're just asking for the residents of (This thread to come in and talk about how much they hate Emotes.

I use them a LOT when I feel like typing without using punctuation, but otherwise, it depends. I usually just hotlink pictures and reactionary gifs if possible, if anything, but I can't help the ocassional "xD" and "<3" time and time again.

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Old July 19th, 2013, 03:49 PM
dʒɹʌmpfʼt̚'s Avatar
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To me, they're a form of punctuation.

. - period. statements.
! - excitement!
? - huh?
:P - just joking :P
:p - being playful :p
:\ or :/ - I don't know about this :\
:] - awkward happiness :]
:[ - oh :[

and so on.

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Old July 19th, 2013, 03:54 PM
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I use emotes all the time.

Unless I'm being completely serious. -w-

Normally.. umm, if I can think of all my common ones.

>w> or >u>
o u o


- also Drew.

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Old July 19th, 2013, 05:54 PM
Cordelia's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
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I randomly use emoticons in my post. :3 I don't know why, I just think they're fun so I use them usually at least once per post. <.< Sometimes more.
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Old July 19th, 2013, 05:55 PM
Terabyte's Avatar
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Yeah those are amongst many of the emoticons I use, and I use emoticons in most of the posts I make here on PC as well

Last edited by Terabyte; July 19th, 2013 at 06:22 PM.
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Old July 19th, 2013, 06:01 PM
curiousnathan's Avatar
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Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Australia
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I use emoticons here and there; they're fun little things. I try not to use them, mainly because I want to challenge myself in developing my ability to communicate tone and feelings through just words (which is pretty hard to do on the internet!!)


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Old July 19th, 2013, 06:26 PM
Miss Doronjo's Avatar
Miss Doronjo
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Toronto, Ontario
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Nature: Quirky
I use emoticons all the time, haha. My normal ones are:


etc, etc. :3

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Old July 19th, 2013, 06:40 PM
Sheep's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2011
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nature: Timid
I love emotes. I use them all the time since they're adorable and pretty fun at conveying my emotions. My most used ones are: n~n, :D, :), :3, >_>, and <3. Not a wide variety but yeah. o/

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Old July 20th, 2013, 11:59 AM
AirSabin Bubblun's Avatar
AirSabin Bubblun
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I use quite a few emoticons on the internet, but some can be used a lot. Here's ones that I do use:




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Old July 20th, 2013, 03:41 PM
Wobbu's Avatar
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I only use emotes here, on PC. My texts, emails, etc. are all emote-free.
:D D:
:P :p
:) :(
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Last edited by Wobbu; July 20th, 2013 at 03:42 PM. Reason: Disabled smilies
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Old July 20th, 2013, 04:39 PM
Purple Materia's Avatar
Purple Materia
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Use them all the time, but only in casual situations.



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Old July 20th, 2013, 09:42 PM
R.F.'s Avatar
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Join Date: Feb 2013
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Nature: Calm
I don't use many of them and even if I use them it's not too often; my favourites would be:

^^ (which gets translated on PC into for whatever stupid reason)
:D (which for whatever reason doesn't get translated into anything on PC)

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Old July 20th, 2013, 11:37 PM
New Eden's Avatar
New Eden
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I generally do in IM and VMs. I'll do them in forum posts, but it's actually pretty rare for that.
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Old August 4th, 2013, 08:32 PM
Heartouch's Avatar
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I usually used emoticons in chat and sometimes in forums, and my fave smileys are:

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Old August 4th, 2013, 09:14 PM
Join Date: Jul 2013
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I use emoticons very sparingly on normal posts, maybe even when talking with friends, though with more intimate ones I tend to cave in. When I do use emoticons it's usually lesser known ones like: OTL
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Old August 4th, 2013, 09:27 PM
Miss Fortune's Avatar
Miss Fortune
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I tend to use emoticons all of the time. You will rarely see me VM or IM someone without an emoticon because I feel they make your post seem more friendly.

Common ones I use are :] :[ ;] :'( :p :D D: .-. >_< and many more XD

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Old August 12th, 2013, 08:12 AM
SinfulGuroRose's Avatar
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Though I try really hard to limit my emoticon use, as I know there are people who tend to think you're a weabo if you do that, but I find it difficult. U wU I often put emoticons at the end of my sentences to convey a better feel of how I'd be talking if this wasn't the internet. P:

Except I actually really dislike image emoticons, so I tend to actually go out of my way to avoid them. > u> Such as using P: as opposed to :P

I also really like kaomoji. O uO They're just so cute. My favorite one is (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Old August 12th, 2013, 09:12 AM
Join Date: Nov 2012
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Gender: Female
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Well, I tend to over-use this: :D, really, it annoys me more then you could know. xD

I always use smilies, without them, PC would just be another one of the forums which are harsh and uncaring. This may not count, but if I REALLY like the person, I use the standard love heart: <3

Yup, Ima weirdo. :U
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Old August 12th, 2013, 02:04 PM
Andrew's Avatar
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Location: Michigan, USA
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I'm pretty fond of emoticons. I guess I just feel like they add a bit of "friendliness" to your post. My more common ones are:

:D (Extreme Happiness)
:) Regular Happiness)
:3 (In between :) and :D)
:p (Jokes)
=/ (Sorry)
O.o (What...?)
>.> (Really? Seriously?)


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Old August 13th, 2013, 04:05 PM
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I love emoticons! I'm going to ditto everyone else and say that they're a great way to express your emotions. My favorite emoticons are the ones that are text-based. The image-based ones are a little... weird. xD My most common smilies are the following:


Not a lot, but that's still better than nothing. Haha.
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Old August 13th, 2013, 04:14 PM
Hikamaru's Avatar
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I use emoticons a lot, mostly ones that display a happy face or even acting cute. It's a sign of showing my feelings when I'm posting or sending a VM here.

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Old August 13th, 2013, 05:39 PM
Jin Of The Gale's Avatar
Jin Of The Gale
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I don't use them much and at times people tend to think that I'm serious all the time due the lack of emoticons in my texts.

I use the following emoticons now:


And very rarely, these:


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Old August 13th, 2013, 08:32 PM
WarPaint's Avatar
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Age: 18
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i use a heck of a lot of emoticons and my friends at the battle server would agree lol

i use many tbh <_< :3 v_V u_u n_n :/
some of the many i use o.o;
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Old August 19th, 2013, 10:04 AM
Renpuu's Avatar
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I've got into a habit of using them often during online conversations and posts
My favourite ones are:

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