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Emulation & ROM Hacking The center for the community emulation scene. Come and discuss all things emulation and develop your own hacks!

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Old August 31st, 2013, 12:59 PM
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The Generation III overworld Poké Ball looks terrible in my opinion, so I made a Generation IV Poké Ball that uses the same palette as the normal one. The image is indexed and ready to inserted over index 54 with Overworld Editor Rebirth Edition straight after it is downloaded. Oh yeah, here it is.

Check out my hacks by clicking on the userbar!

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Old September 2nd, 2013, 07:51 AM
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MrDollSteak's Decap. and Attack Rombase (Version 1.4a)


This is a rombase for Fire Red.

I was inspired after being involved with the '4th&5th Gen. Move Resources' thread to finally make a patch that includes all these moves for new hackers who aren't comfortable with hex editing yet, or for those who just haven't yet been bothered to expand all the tables, and even people who are capable of doing so, but don't want to do it all again for a new hack. When repointing the relevant tables and adding all the new move information I also decided to put all of them in lower case to match the Gen 5 games. As such I decided to decapitalise the whole rom.

Overview of Features:

- Decapitalisation
The game is now almost entirely decapitalised, this includes oft-overlooked menu buttons and header instructions.
The few exceptions are actual graphics that act as buttons eg. the Pokemon types that show up.
A few more ones I may not have noticed may also been in there so please point those out.

- Pokedex Fixes
A few new Pokedex features, including Hackmew's pokedex glitch fix, and general changes to dex entries.
I've replaced a few of the ridiculous ones (Raichu, Gastly I'm looking at you) and the just plain odd ones (Kadabra).

- Physical/Special/Status Split
Credits to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for his patch.

- Physical/Special/Status Split Icons
Credits to Darthatron for his original routine, and Jambo51 for its improvement.

- 121 New Gen 4 and 5 moves, with space for 36 custom moves
All these moves have relevant animations, effects and descriptions.
Credits to Jambo51 for his research into adding new moves, Itman for his tutorial, Chaos Rush for his thread on creating new animations and researching into how to expand the animation background table, which Tajaros later converted into a tutorial.
Credits to the thread '4th&5th Gen. Move Resources' and all its contributors. Kurapika also made a few effects that are used, and also safely repointed the Soundproof table to allow for custom moves to be blocked by the ability.

- Updated Movesets for Pokemon
All 386 Pokemon have updated movesets to match their Black 2 and White 2 ones as closely as possible.

- Sound Moves hit through Substitute
As of 1.3b, just like in Pokemon X and Y, Sound moves hit through substitutes.

- Expanded Ability Name and Ability Description Tables in addition to quite a few new abilities!
Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for pointing me in the direction of how to create the new abilities he made for YAFRH.
I would also like to thank him for getting me started on making new abilities, hopefully the next update will include a few more.
Also as of 1.2, thanks to Kurapika who was kind enough to share a few of his routines with me.
This has allowed for the abilities 'Super Luck', 'Sniper', 'Regenerator' and 'Prankster'!
As of 1.3, thanks to Karatekid552 and Jambo51 for releasing some ability routines, and giving me permission to use them.
This has allowed for tons of new abilities including 'Iron Fist', 'Snow Warning' and many more.
As of 1.3a based upon Doesn't's implementation of Motor Drive, I created Sap Sipper, and fixed a bug with Dry Skin. Poison Heal now works 100% Perfectly, Thanks Karatekid!!
As of 1.3b I've created Magic Guard, Overcoat, Bulletproof, Infiltrator and Gale Wings, from editing a few of the existing abilities supplied by Jambo51, Karatekid552 and Kurapika!

- New Items
New to 1.4 is the addition of a few new items, namely the Choice Specs, Choice Scarf and Assault Vest.
I'd like to thank Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for explaining item checks to me, and giving me his Choice Specs implementation which I expanded to include the Choice Scarf.

- The Fairy Type!
New to 1.1 is the Fairy Type! Unlike other hacks, the Fairy type does not replace the ??? type, meaning struggle still works perfectly.
Currently all Pokemon have been correctly retconned (including Mr. Mime) and the same can be said for moves.
The Fairy-type moves from XY have also been included although due to XY's increased name slots, they've been given different names.
Another feature is the inclusion of the Fairy-type into the in-game Type Matchup List in the Help System.
While the Help System is often neglected it can be a good reminder of what is effective against Fairies.
As of 1.3 the 'Type Mode' aspect of the Pokedex has been fixed so that Fairy Pokemon have their own sections!
Should you not want the Fairy-type in your hack, I have included a patch to remove it.


- Examples of Decapitalisation

- New Moves

- PSS Icons and Move Descriptions

- Fairy Type

Things to note:

The game leaves all Firered Scripts untouched, so the game itself can be played should you just want Fire Red with decapitalisation, the PSS and Gen 4 and 5 moves and abilities.

I will often be updating this Rombase with new moves, effects, animations and abilities, once I make them. As such if you want to make custom moves; start from the back of the list, so future patches don't conflict. I will likely leave space for at least 30 new moves, so bear that in mind.

Also please send me a PM if you make any Gen 4 or 5 move animations or effects that you want included here. I'll judge them, and if I like them i'll add them in and add you to the credits.

This base IS compatible with Jpan's Hacked Engine. Though you will need to apply this rombase FIRST, otherwise the decapitalised scripts will overwrite the free space and various tables in there.

This base IS NOT compatible with hacks that are in progress.

This base IS NOT compatible with YAPE, if you want to edit moves or Pokemon, you will have to use G3HS or Pokemon Game Editor.

On the note of G3HS, READ THE DOCUMENTATION that will explain how to get the patch to work.
Do not ask Karatekid552 or myself how to do it unless you've READ THE DOCUMENTATION and it simply isn't working.

- Weather Abilities cause the game to freeze when they are switched in
- Regenerator does some odd things in certain situations
- Toxic Spikes can set 3 layers (though the third layer does nothing)
- Attack raising moves and items such as Swords Dance and X Attack don't do anything
- A few moves do not have their correct effects
- Flash Cannon's animation causes the game to freeze on hardware and GBA4IOS

G3HS - Karatekid552 (Such a fantastic tool for editing Pokemon!)
Pokemon Game Editor - Gamer2020 (This is the only decent tool for editing moves at the moment)
Decapitalisation - MrDollSteak
Pokedex Glitch Fix - Hackmew
Physical/Special/Status Split - Doesntknowhowtoplay
PSS Icons - Darthatron, Jambo51
Extended Move Table - Jambo51, Itman
Extended Move Effect Table - Jambo51, Itman
Extended Move Background Table - Chaos Rush, Tajaros
Extended Soundproof Table - Kurapika
New Moves - Contributors to '4th&5th Gen. Move Resources', MrDollSteak, Pawell6, Jambo51, Kurapika, Chaos Rush... (to name a few)
Extended Ability Table - MrDollSteak
New Movesets - MrDollSteak
New Abilities - Doesn'tknowhowtoplay, Kurapika, Karatekid552, Jambo51 and MrDollsteak
New Items - Doesn'tknowhowtoplay, MrDollSteak
Fairy-Type - MrDollSteak
Bug Finding - Chrunch, Noossab Blue, The Shiny Ho-Oh, Projectwolfie, Doesn'tknowhowtoplay

Download Link:
Version 1.4a(Mediafire)

PGE ini (roms)
Remove Fairy Patch.ips

If you have already applied Version 1.4 use the .ips patch located in the folder "1.4 Update".
If you have already applied the Remove Fairy Patch from 1.4, and want to add the Fairy type back, you'll have to patch it to a blank Fire Red rom.

Version 1.5
- Added Gen V and VI style Egg moves!
- The patch should now work better with G3HS
- Fixed a bug with attack boosts (Thanks to aidane154 for reporting it)
- Fixed bugs with Victory Star
- Improved a few move animations (Play Rough, Drain Kiss, etc.)

Version 1.4a
- Fixed bugs with Sheer Force, Sand Force, Solar Power, Dry Skin and Sniper (Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for finding so many of these issues)
- Added Mega Launcher, Tough Claws, Strong Jaw and Victory Star (Thanks Jambo51 for Victory Star)
- Fixed a bug with Poison damage
- Blizzard now has 100% accuracy in Hail, and Hurricane has 100% accuracy in Rain
- Fixed a bug with Miracle Eye
- Charmander now has its normal Speed stat again (the slow speed was for testing porpoises)
- Extensive miscellaneous decapitalisation

Version 1.4
- Fixed Game breaking glitch with Bait in the Safari Zone
- Added Aftermath, Cursed Body, Gooey and Iron Barbs (Thanks to Jambo51 for giving me help)
- Added Sand Rush and Analytic (Thanks to Jambo51 and Karatekid552)
- Added No Guard (Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay)
- Fixed text bugs with Motor Drive, Sap Sipper and Snow Warning
- Fixed bugs with Speed Boost and Poison Heal (Thanks to Noossab Blue for reporting them to me)
- Sand Force now correctly protects you from Sand Damage
- Added Incinerate, Worry Seed, Gastro Acid and Boomburst
- Fixed a few movesets to incorporate the extra moves
- Fixed a bug with Sucker Punch
- Knock Off now matches its Gen VI Buff
- Miracle Eye now works exactly as intended
- New Move Animations for Stone Edge, Moon Blast
- Fixed a bug with Lunar Dance's Animation
- Decapitalised a lot of miscellaneous things
- New Items! So far the Choice Specs, Choice Scarf and Assault Vest (Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay for explaining item checks to me)
- Fixed a bug with Quick Claw

Version 1.3b
- Fixed Game breaking glitch with Shinies
- Added Magic Guard, Overcoat, Infiltrator, Gale Wings, Bulletproof
- Sound moves now pass through Substitutes
- Decapitalised a few more things in the battle system
- Improved the Howtosetupfairytype.txt file to include the offsets of the current Fairy types for removal

Version 1.3a
- Fixed bug with Dry Skin
- Fixed bug with Poison Heal (Thanks Karatekid you awesome mod you)
- Fixed bug with Sucker Punch and Brine
- Added Sap Sipper!
- Decapitalised a few things in the Marts that I had missed
- Fixed a bug with Camouflage's move effect
- Sadly, I've removed Diego's Font Patch from the Rombase, as there were a few complaints about alignment
- Renamed the patch 'MrDollSteak's Decap. and Attack Rombase' to reflect my name change

Version 1.3
- Correctly changed retconned Hoenn Pokemon to the Fairy Type
- Fixed the Type Mode section of the Pokedex so that Fairies are in the proper areas
- Added new movesets for Hoenn Pokemon
- Added a lot of new abilities! (Huge, Huge thanks to Jambo51 and Karatekid552)
- Added Stealth Rock and Toxic Spikes! (Huge, Huge thanks to Jambo51 and Karatekid552)
- Added Healing Wish and Lunar Dance! (Huge, Huge thanks to Jambo51 and Karatekid552)
- Fixed a few improperly capitalised words in the battle system
- Fixed the give multiple item string so it no longer has a capital S at the end

Version 1.2
- Fixed some more Glitches with the Fairy type, namely move text and type effectiveness
- Added the Fairy type to the Type Matchup List in the Help System
- Fixed the Type Matchup List in terms of entries and ordering, they are now ordered by hex number
- Correctly change retconned Kanto and Johto Pokemon to the Fairy type
- Reintroduced the 'Remove Fairy Patch'
- Added new abilities (Big thanks to Kurapika!)
- Added new movesets for Johto Pokemon
- Added new particles and animations for some moves, like Water Gun and Hydro Pump
- Added a few new moves such as 'Copycat', 'Sucker Punch' (Thanks Kurapika!), and a bunch of Fairy moves
- Decapitalised a few more things in the Help system

Version 1.1a:
- Fixed a glitch relating to the Fairy type
- Fixed a glitch with Camouflage
- Added proper move descriptions to Bug Bite and Pluck
- Fixed a few capitalised words
- Removed 'Remove Fairy Patch.ips' as it would be more appropriate for the next update, and ultimately means less patches in a file

Version 1.1:
- Updated movesets for Kanto Pokemon based upon BW2 movesets
- A few new moves such as 'Wood Hammer', 'Flash Cannon' and 'Shell Smash'
- New abilities! 'Technician', 'Motor Drive' and 'Multiscale' (Thanks to Doesn'tknowhowtoplay!)
- Decapitalised things that I missed, primarily in scripts, items and battle scripts
- Fixed a bug in which HM moves wouldn't show up in the Pokemon menus
- PSS Icons and Routine moved from the C00100 to the 95F800 range for efficiency
- Extended Particle table from 960000 to 9619FF
- Fairy Type! (A patch will be included to remove it, should you not want it)

Last edited by MrDollSteak; 3 Weeks Ago at 07:02 PM. Reason: Updated to 1.4a
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Old September 3rd, 2013, 09:16 AM
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Merging this thread with the Resources sticky (found here).
Impressive patch- just doesn't quite fit the criteria of the Sideshow Showcase. :)

Last edited by giradialkia; September 4th, 2013 at 01:38 AM. Reason: This post doesn't fall under the 'Not a resource' rule, before anyone gets any bright ideas..
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Old September 21st, 2013, 01:35 PM
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Here is a little python magical script that I conjured.

Input: drag & drop images onto script

This will take all the colors in your image, make them GBA compatible ( ie - multiples of 8 ), then it will further reduce the number of used colors to sixteen. Currently, this method takes a summary of colors that are used, takes the top sixteen used colors and then finds the closest match for the remaining colors and swaps them. This creates some problems, but who knows.

What you need to run it:
  • pygame
  • numpy

I tested this with python 3.3 and it worked great, and I can't think of any immediate reasons why it would not work with 2.7 if you add future imports to the first line.
( from __future_ import print_function ). Also, on line 60 I intentionally swapped red and green values. If your output image is in weird colors, change line 60 to be this:

return (r[0],r[1],r[2])

I don't know why, but pygame seemed to be swapping my red and green channels when I went to output the image. This may or may not be local to my machine.

Primarily, I would see this as a utility for inserting tiles with Advance Map. Modify your palette inside Advance Map into something you'd like to use, export your tileset, bring in your new tiles ( the colors should be roughly similar ), and then run your modified tileset through this script, import the -processed image, and kablam, your tiles have been inserted. I may consider making another script to remove redundant tiles at an 8x8 block level ( as well as report the changes so that you can easily repair your blockset in advance map ).


Here's an updated version. :D

★ full metal.

I like to push it,
and push it,
until my luck is over.

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Old September 27th, 2013, 01:56 PM
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Gen. V sprites of the Hoenn Leaders and Steven, indexed and ready to insert:

And a preview of what they all look like in-game:

95% of all Pokémon hacks are of the 3rd Generation, majority of them being FireRed.
If you believe that the 2nd generation should be hacked more often,
copy and paste this into your signature

<--- Level these up!

<--- Join us!
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Old October 2nd, 2013, 05:02 AM
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This post is made up of pure awesomeness.

Okay, so I was planning this hack, but then our team discontinued it 'cause… it's too time-consuming.
Anyway, for those who might wanna recycle the idea, here's what it's all about:

We wanted to create a FireRed re-remake (whut) with full HGSS graphics, like tiles, sprites, overworlds, and all of those things. We also wanted to implement 11bayerf1's expanded attack pool and gogojjtech's HGSS music patch. The hack would also have included all legendaries up until the third generation, with other cool guys like the special Pichus and all forms of Deoxys. OH MAN, it would have had KANTO'S BATTLE FRONTIER (not like Emerald's, ofc; more like seven gym-like facilities with puzzles and stuff). It would also have had an epilogue feature, where you can have a battle with, oh, I don't know, Ethan?

Sadly, it's too much of a burden. If anyone now wants to make a similar hack because of reading this text, and then manages to pull through, a nice little credit to Team Gigabyyyte (lol) would be nice. It would make our dreams etched forever in the stars (what am I saying)~

Okay, since I'm awesome, I uploaded what we've worked on and made them available for everyone to use.

First up, fully recolored (for FireRed) overworlds of Professor Oak and Blue. Note: these are 32x32. You'll have to resize the normal overworlds of 16 x 32 in NSE for them to be inserted. Credit me, bro (or sis haha).

Next, we have Wichu's HGSS sprite pack, but numbered according to ROM index number, and not National Pokédex number. These are ready to be inserted via his Advanced Series Sprite Editor. Credits go, of course, to Wichu. Tag me in for organizing them up.

Haha. Here are some overworlds for Kanto's Battle Frontier Brains, rendered HGSS-style. (: Credits go to Kyledove from deviantART for the pixel art, and me for cropping 'em up. THESE HAVE NOT BEEN RECOLORED. And guys, these aren't complete like, as in, per frame.

Finally, here are battle sprites for said Brains. Credits go to xMachaku of deviantART for the art, and me for indexing them. (;

HAHAHA! Sorry for being a credit hog. It's just that… this project has a special place in my heart, and… this is getting cheesy. Okay guys, enjoy your stuff. =))

Giga out.

Hey, I'm on NLSC! Yup, right heeere:
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Old October 6th, 2013, 11:44 AM
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armored mewtwo by me

back sprite by

Angry Dragonite ( larger wingspan )

Gible line without horns thingy

Gible :
Gabite :
Garchomp :

haxorus x hydreigon

Sharpedo with tail

tail used from : http://pkmnoriginsproject.deviantart...Tail-345165040

Credits : Chaos Rush for base sprites

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Old October 28th, 2013, 08:34 AM
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I'm not trying to necropost or anything, because I do have a quick resource to add.

I've successfullly added the Fairy-type into Pokémon Emerald! It replaces the ???-type, and it also has the strengths/weaknesses/resistances of the Fairy-type in X and Y. Pokémon like Clefairy and Togepi are pure Fairy-types nows and Mawile and Jigglypuff are secondary Fairy-types. Plus, moves like Charm and Sweet Kiss are Fairy now.

The only thing I didn't do is change the ???-type pic into a Fairy-type pic. But, other than that, the ??? now functions like the Fairy-type. Download is in the attachment. I will update this soon, with all of the 3rd gen roms having the Fairy-type added to them.

NOTE: This patch overwrites any data between E3D000 and E3D167.

Enjoy! :D
Attached Files
File Type: ips Pokemon Emerald Fairy Type Addition.ips‎ (600 Bytes, 112 views)
"The greatest obstacle in life is Yourself. Overcome it, and you will achieve the greatest accomplishment of all." -Art Beins, 1982

Fairy-type in Pokémon Emerald:

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Old November 9th, 2013, 12:58 PM
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You can find many of my romhacking-resources at my website:
I hope its ok to link my website, as I'm too lazy to copy everyting
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Old November 20th, 2013, 08:06 AM
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Here are lance overworlds ready to be inserted into a fire red rom using palette 6. They may look a bit weird due to me editing them.No credits needed.Edit all frames completed. Here they are
Attached Images
File Type: png lanceex.png‎ (357 Bytes, 1858 views)
File Type: png lanceex3.png‎ (309 Bytes, 1850 views)
File Type: png lanceex4.png‎ (339 Bytes, 1853 views)
File Type: png lanceex5.png‎ (377 Bytes, 1848 views)
File Type: png lanceex6.png‎ (377 Bytes, 1839 views)

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Old November 30th, 2013, 10:18 PM
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Shouldn't celebrate these fake eeveelutions with my own hack so feel free to use them. I own these images, though they were created for me by commission.

I'm doing a method of eeveelutions to eeveelutions sort of like mega evolutions but its simply just a third stage of evolution for it all.

Here are the images:

Need help inserting tiles into AdvanceMap to have customized tiles for your hack?
Check out my tutorial, Inserting Tiles Into AdvanceMap For Dummies
Check out the Ruby rombase sound list I contributed by clicking HERE
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Old December 4th, 2013, 01:26 AM
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Hi! I've decided to share the mugshots I've used and ripped by Nick Alert! These are INDEXED.
This mugshots can be used on hacking rom and stuff. I do take request, but please do that on pm.
If to be used, please add credits to me and Nick Alert for the mugshots.
Also, thanks to kaedearagaki's indexing tut on Youtube.
I've fixed some of the sprite to fit on 64x64.






None yet, still adding..

As you can see, they're not cut, they are fixed. Credits needed if to be used.
I'll be adding more soon. I've made this for GBA rom hacking!
Original thread here.

Last edited by V.V; December 4th, 2013 at 02:00 PM. Reason: Added more.
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Old December 4th, 2013, 11:48 AM
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I have use the Spritzee and Aromatisse for your GBA Pokemon Games, and use Wichu's Advanced Pokemon Sprite Editor!

The sprites came from either Smogon or the Pokemon Showdown sites.
Once again, Lucario is back in Super Smash Bros 4! Thanks to... Nintendo!


My Nintendo 3DS Info
3DS Name: Sis
3DS Friend Code: 5112-3860-4328

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Old December 8th, 2013, 02:44 AM
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Spherical Ice
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So I made a really specific calculator yesterday that finds out the offset of a Pokémon's data (where its type is determined, etc.) in a FireRed ROM.

I doubt anyone will need it, but I found it useful because once I implemented the Fairy-type to my hack, many tools were incompatible, so giving Pokémon the Fairy-type could only be done via hex editing, and this calculator just sped that process up.

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Old December 12th, 2013, 02:58 AM
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I've added the mugshots: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Mugshot 64x64
Link to the thread here.

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Old December 14th, 2013, 01:55 PM
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Not the Script Help Thread
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Yet another gender choice skip patch, but this one for Emerald:

As with the one for FireRed, the patch will not conflict with anything.

I feel really odd about double posting, but I made another patch today:
The Pokémon Emerald Intro Enhancement Patch

Have you ever wanted to remove the truck animation from the start of Pokémon Emerald without any adverse effects? Or maybe you wanted to edit the positions of the player on their starting map instead of them always starting out in the middle? Well then, this is the patch for you!

To edit the starting map, X position, and Y position, go into a hex editor at these offsets:
0x84458 for the map bank
0x8445A for the map number
0x8445C for the starting X position
0x84454 for the starting Y position

As per usual, this patch does not conflict with anything.

My other resources:
My Website
diegoisawesome's MEGA-HUGE XSE Scripting Tutorial
diegoisawesome's Miscellaneous Finds
The Ruins of Alph Puzzles

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Old December 26th, 2013, 12:48 PM
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Just posted this in tajaros tutorial for XSE... decided I contribute a sound list since he only did a sound list for FR.
Just use "sound 0x##" in your script and replace the hashtags with whatever you want to play. Sounds can really shake things up in a hack and make it feel more awesome! Enjoy Ruby hackers!

0x0 - Blank Noise (Stops BGM, not other S.E.)
0x1 - Use Item
0x2 - Log onto PC
0x3 - Turn off PC
0x4 - Turn on PC
0x5 - Click Noise
0x6 - Open Menu
0x7 - Wall Bump
0x8 - Door Open
0x9 - Exit Room
0xA - Jump
0xB - Bike Bell
0xC - Loud Crash (Like dropping of a heavy object)
0xD - Loud Crash (Higher pitch, and with echo)
0xE - Loud Crash (3 in rapid sucession, with long echo)
0xF - Low Pitch Pokeball Open
0x10 - Pokeball Close
0x11 - Flee S.E.
0x12 - PokeCenter Door Open
0x13 - long water sound then electricity at the end
0x14 - Low Pitch crash
0x15 - Super high pitched beep (used with [!] or [?] movement usually)
0x16 - Error / False sound
0x17 - boop beat used when the pokeballs are being placed on heal table in pokecenter
0x18 - two beat low pitch sound with two beat dun dun and echo on top of it (like you gained something)
0x19 - deep voice ghost thing saying "Aahhh"
0x1A - low horn sound with quick echo
0x1B - low horn sound with quick echo 2
0x1C - medium horn sound with quick echo
0x1D - louder medium horn sound with quick echo
0x1E - medium horn sound with quick echo 2
0x1F - high pitch beep
0x20 - low pitch buzz sound with echo
0x21 - experience being gained sound (the xp bar going up)
0x22 - boop beat, one of the beats used in healing a pokemon
0x23 - two quick glitch sounding high pitch beats
0x24 - two beats, high pitch, crackle
0x25 - two beats, low pitch not-so-quick
0x26 - two quick low pitch beats
0x27 - five succession low pitch beats (drowning in sand warp)
0x28 - metal high pitch thud
0x29 - medium high pitch screech sound with glass breaking
0x2A - two loud quick high pitch crackle beeps
0x2B - medium swoosh sound when you land from falling through a hole (associated with drown in sand)
0x2C - low pitch heavy object landing with echo (again just sounds like static)
0x2D - four beats, high pitch, echo at end (teleport to)
0x2E - four beats, high pitch, echo at end (teleport from)
0x2F - medium zap or taser sound
0x30 - two beats, high pitch, mini-game sound
0x31 - truck engine running in beginning scene (continuous until changed)
0x32 - truck braking in beginning scene
0x33 - crackle then spray sound (lets be honest a lot of these sound like static)
0x34 - not so loud smack with quick echo
0x35 - alarm sound with wind in the background (continuous until changed)
0x36 - loud crackle followed by low pitch shut down
0x37 - gain sound like raising PP limit or something
0x38 - one beat, sounds like pokeball bouncing on ground
0x39 - one beat, sounds like pokeball bouncing on ground
0x3A - one beat, sounds like pokeball bouncing on ground
0x3B - one beat, sounds like pokeball bouncing on ground 2
0x3C - one beat, high pitch with fade off
0x3D - air sound when you throw the pokeball in a pokebattle
0x3E - two beat, high pitch computer sound
0x3F - two beat, medium pitch computer sound
0x40 - two beat, high pitch ghostly sound
0x41 - two beat, high pitch ghostly sound 2
0x42 - two beat, high pitch ghostly sound 3
0x43 - two beat, high pitch ghostly sound 4
0x44 - two beat, high pitch ghostly sound 5
0x45 - two beat, high pitch ghostly sound 6
0x46 - one beat, water blup sound
0x47 - two beat, low pitch, with echo thudding sound
0x48 - two beat, high pitch sound that is played when you buy something from pokemart
0x49 - two beat, high pitch (sounds like when you open a door at a store and theres a beeping sound)
0x4A - one beat, low pitch with water splash sound
0x4B - one beat, medium pitch with water splash sound
0x4C - one beat, high pitch with water splash sound
0x4D - smacking sound (like a door falling to the ground)
0x4E - one beat, low pitch (sounds like cutting down tree)
0x4F - three medium beats (like a warp animation sound)
0x50 - high pitch version of car engine (medium)
0x51 - rain sound (continuous until changed)
0x52 - rain associated short sound
0x53 - rain sound (continuous until changed) 2
0x54 - rain associated short sound 2
0x55 - rain sound (continuous until changed) 3
0x56 - rain associated short sound 3
0x57 - lightning sound from weather effect
0x58 - thunder sound from weather effect
0x59 - long low pitch buzz sound (sounds like when you use hair clippers)
0x5A - two beat, high pitch ambulance sound (continuous until changed)
0x5B - one beat, high pitch, computer sound, possibly for a minigame
0x5C - long medium pitch engine running
0x5D - low pitch engine shutting off
0x5E - two beat, medium pitch whopping sound (continuous until changed)
0x5F - two beat, high pitch computer sound, used for Bill's PC
0x60 - one beat, sounds like beep from beginning of evolution scene
0x61 - short robotic low pitch sound
0x62 - short robotic low pitch sound 2
0x63 - short medium pitch smack sound
0x64 - short smack sound
0x65 - two beats, high pitch, sounds like for a minigame
0x66 - three beats, high pitch, sounds ghostly
0x67 - explosion in cutscene between torchic mudkip sharkpedo? and dusktops ?
0x68 - zapping sound with echo (medium)
0x69 - long medium pitch engine
0x6A - two beats, wood hitting floor
0x6B - long rocket lift off sound (used with red screen effect before groudon/kyogre fight)
0x6C - computer sound one beat deep pitch
0x6D - computer sounding three beat sound going from low pitch to a high pitch
0x6E - computer sounding three beat sound going from low pitch to a high pitch (deeper version)
0x6F - "ba-da-boo" sound at beginning of evolution scene
0x70 - phone call VS SEEKER ?
0x71 - pokeball opening sound ?
0x72 - paper ripping sound (like backing out of a menu)
0x73 - pokeball sound (beginning of trainer battle)
0x74 - boop beep sound
0x75 - pokemon fury slash
0x76 - louder slash attack
0x77 - zap sound (medium)
0x78 - berry blender sound when you get a correct hit (sword sound)
0x79 - low pitch shut down sound with scifi noises (long)
0x7A - zap zoom beat with fade and shuffle sound at end
0x7B - crash sound
0x7C - bubble sound
0x7D - low sounding medium pitch with a shuffle sound to end it
0x7E - more bubbles bubble sound
0x7F - long water sound with subtle fade at end
0x80 - Air Cutter flying type move sound effect
0x81 - wind or flying type attack sound
0x82 - a couple succession low pitch boom beats for some sort of move
0x83 - a couple succession low pitch boom beats for some sort of move 2
0x84 - whirlwind sound (continuous until changed)
0x85 - ending whirlwind sound
0x86 - two quick smack attacks with short echo
0x87 - air sound when you throw the pokeball in a pokebattle 2
0x88 - slash attack
0x89 - two ice beats
0x8A - slash or cut attack
0x8B - thump sound
0x8C - high pitch charging sound
0x8D - deep thump sound
0x8E - bubble beats
0x8F - windy attack or air sound when you throw the pokeball in a pokebattle 3
0x90 - deep drawn out thump
0x91 - loud low pitch fire attack maybe?
0x92 - long fire sounding attack
0x93 - distorted thump followed by fire attack sound
0x94 - bubble sounds, maybe for a bubble attack
0x95 - quick fire sounding thump
0x96 - slightly higher pitched quick fire sounding thump
0x97 - deeper thump sound
0x98 - three succession air sounding attack
0x99 - loud to less loud air sound (continuous until changed)
0x9A - air attack sound
0x9B - quick crack sound
0x9C - boom sound
0x9D - two whop beats attack
0x9E - two whop beats attack with echo
0x9F - swish smack sound
0xA0 - quick swish attack sound
0xA1 - deep bubble sound with some static
0xA2 - two whop sounds attack
0xA3 - water swish sound then fade out
0xA4 - longer water swish sound then fade out
0xA5 - stormy sounding water swish sound then fade out
0xA6 - whipping sound
0xA7 - two beats, high pitch sounds like "wip wipt"
0xA8 - sounds like sand being moved
0xA9 - one beat low pitch quick shuffling sound
0xAA - two beat, medium pitch robotic croak sound
0xAB - six successive deep fire sounds going from low volume to high volume
0xAC - sounds like an unown song? four beats, long, deep pitch, high pitch, less high pitch, back to deep pitch
0xAD - sounds like an unown song? 2 ... two long drawn out beats going from low volume to high volume
0xAE - two high pitch beats, like metal klinking
0xAF - loud shuffle thump with quick echo
0xB0 - tweety bird sound when your pokemon becomes confused
0xB1 - high pitch slam with shuffle echo
0xB2 - shuffle thump and echo fade out
0xB3 - Moonblast move sound effect or chiming sound, kind of like the twinkle sound in the beginning of firered
0xB4 - quick low volume squish sound
0xB5 - low to high volume quick computer ring
0xB6 - several rapid successions of medium pitch beats like a house phone call
0xB7 - high pitch robotic computer purr sound, three beats
0xB8 - low to high pitch and low to high volume ringing
0xB9 - quick robotic shut down sound
0xBA - quick duck-sounding fart (seriously)
0xBB - two quick high pitch hollow knocks with short echo
0xBC - two beats, duck sounding like a drawn out duck call
0xBD - low to high volume buzzing sound
0xBE - medium robotic sounding fart
0xBF - high pitch glass striking sound followed by three high pitch whirlwind-like sounds probably a move
0xC0 - four shuffle beats high pitch going from high volume to fading low volume
0xC1 - quick whoop deep pitch sound
0xC2 - two beat high pitch, computer sound quick for a move but i forgot which
0xC3 - two beat high pitch, computer sound quick 2
0xC4 - three beats, fading on medium pitch and fading off with echo
0xC5 - robotic distorted beat followed by a thud
0xC6 - glass breaking subtle
0xC7 - deep bubble sound with sandy sound at end
0xC8 - hypnotic sort of sound deep three beats, fading off echo
0xC9 - explosion sound, with a skip to beginning in the middle of the explosion
0xCA - chimes sound a couple in succession high pitch then fades off
0xCB - bubbly deep beats going from deep pitch to high pitch with echo
0xCC - bubbly deep beats going from deep pitch to deeper pitch with echo
0xCD - quick high pitched computer sound with echo
0xCE - tweety bird sounds, like when pokemon becomes confused but used as a move like shooting stars or something
0xCF - tweety bird sounds 2 but more rapid and little bit longer
0xD0 - deeper tweety bird sounds rapid succession
0xD1 - two medium computer rings with echo
0xD2 - two or three quick low volume low pitch scratching sounds
0xD3 - two "ting tong" sounds very high pitch, unown song sounding, heavy echo and repeats twice
0xD4 - high pitched medium going from low volume to high volume, like a pkmn cry
0xD5 - medium pitch hissing and maracas-sounding sound
0xD6 - deep gunshot sound
0xD7 - two beats, cracking sound, goes from deep pitch to high pitch with echo
0xD8 - three air sounds ending in a fade, like
0xD9 - high pitch beats going from low pitch to high pitch, like something is growing or being gained
0xDA - couple of deep pitch bubble sounds with high pitch bubble sounds on top of it like an attack
0xDB - maracas-sounding, or engine-like going from low volume to higher volume repeating, long length
0xDC - medium pitched thump
0xDD - medium length lightning strike
0xDE - popping sound, like a quite gun
0xDF - like an engine sound, air distorted sound, fades off at end high pitched
0xE0 - loud high pitched sheathing sound, followed by a low to high volume high pitched gaining, maybe for minigame
0xE1 - three pewpewpew beats like shooting stars at sounding, most likely a move
0xE2 - chimes or twinkling, going from low volume to high volume, low pitch with high pitch on top then fading
0xE3 - two beats repeating twice, drawn out like UFO-like sounds, high pitch to medium pitch, kind of creepy
0xE4 - chimes or twinkling, two sets on top of each other and fades at end
0xE5 - medium pitch smack
0xE6 - windy sound, with shuffling clicks on top
0xE7 - high pitch song, 4 drawn out beats, starts at one note, drops two notes, and rises back up
0xE8 - medium pitch thump under a high pitch thump
0xE9 - deep pitched thump followed by sandy attack
0xEA - a lot of succession deep pitch shots, like a mini gun or rocket going off
0xEB - long windy sound
0xEC - long windy sound with a weird high pitched moaning sound also
0xED - sounds like an elephant call
0xEF - gaining sound, medium pitch to high pitch, almost chime-like
0xF0 - sounds like its windy in the background with fire burning something on top
0xF1 - high pitched shuffling sound
0xF2 - three glass-like beats
0xF3 - chimes or twinkling, long high pitched and fades off slowly
0xF4 - five successive medium and high pitched beats, computer sounds
0xF5 - chiming sound when your pokemon's stats are reduced by like a growl or something
0xF6 - hypnotic-like sound low pitched buzzing with shuffle clicks in the background (cuts off at end)
0xF7 - low pitch shuffle thump with high pitched shuffle sound
0xF8 - "eh?" being said in low pitch sound
0xF9 - "eh?" being said in low pitch sound (continuous until changed)
0xFA - "eh." being said in low pitch sound
0xFB - "a" being said in medium pitch sound
0xFC - "a" being said in medium pitch sound (continuous until changed)
0xFD - "a" being said in a lower pitch, almost sounds cool
0xFE - "awp" being said in medium pitch sound
0xFF - "awp" being said in medium pitch sound (continuous until changed)
0x100 - deep voice "Aahh" sound with echo
0x101 - medium pitch "Eehh?" sound with echo
0x102 - medium pitch "Eehh?" sound with echo (continuous until changed)
0x102 to 0x117 - assumed to be voice-related words (not worth research)
0x118 - "oy!" medium pitch sound with echo
0x119 to 0x11C - assumed to be voice-related words (not worth research)
0x11D - "ooh" medium pitch sound (continous until changed)
0x11E to 0x123 - assumed to be voice-related words (not worth research)
0x124 - "ah" medium pitch sound
0x124 to 0x12C - somewhere in here, sound list stops and doesnt pick up again until 15E which is music
Need help inserting tiles into AdvanceMap to have customized tiles for your hack?
Check out my tutorial, Inserting Tiles Into AdvanceMap For Dummies
Check out the Ruby rombase sound list I contributed by clicking HERE
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Old December 27th, 2013, 05:13 AM
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Hi, I've come to share the Shadow Legendary Pokemon that I've recolored.
Here's the screenshot of it and it's final appearance.

Download below. Use it and give me Proper credits of course.
NOTE: Only mew is indexed. Also, this will be updated. Not all Legendary Pokemon are there.
Download link:

Mega Evolutions (Note: it's not resized; not 64x64)


Last edited by V.V; January 17th, 2014 at 04:28 AM.
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Old January 16th, 2014, 10:43 PM
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Just a simple patch I made that includes Jambo51's trainer facing fix ASM routine. Unlike other Pokemon games, in FR/LG the player does not face the trainer when they get spotted. This patch fixes that small annoyance:

It uses free space from offsets A00000 - A000B9 so provided you haven't used any space there it should be fully compatible with already started hacks. :D Of course all credit should go to Jambo51 for writing the ASM needed.
Attached Files
File Type: ips Trainer Facing Fix.ips‎ (215 Bytes, 47 views)
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Old January 17th, 2014, 04:30 AM
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A little update on Shadow Pokemon since I got no time to work on it.
Mega Charizard added, not resized. Feel free to do it on your own since I suck at that.
Link to post.

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Old February 5th, 2014, 06:29 AM
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Lowercase Pokémon Text (Emerald)
This replaces all instances of POKéMON with Pokémon. This is only for Emerald. For those who want to do it in other games:
In a hex editor (I use HxD), replace all instances of CA C9 C5 1B C7 C9 C8 with CA E3 DF 1B E1 E3 E2.
I'd do it for the other games but I can't be bothered to go download all the roms right now.
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Old February 10th, 2014, 12:41 PM
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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Prototype
Tileset it took me 10 hours to rip and edit
the complete tileset.i ripped serveral unused textures with SDSME and ripped
a few tiles from pre-realease screenshots!
you must give credit to me(_Nex_)when you use it
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Old February 19th, 2014, 07:10 AM
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Spherical Ice
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Just some custom FireRed-styled tiles I've made. You don't need to ask for permission, but please credit me if you do use these.


Hoenn badges in the style of HG/SS's badges.

edit 2

Added another house tile. It would probably be for a Move Tutor or Name Rater or something.

edit 3

Added yet another house tile. This one would probably be a seaside house tile.

Last edited by Spherical Ice; February 22nd, 2014 at 04:17 AM.
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Old February 23rd, 2014, 07:48 PM
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Hey guys I made a FM ROMbase tiles are very colorful and beautiful.
ROMbase name: OldFm
Here is a test map:

Credits: FM & Rafa_cac
Crediting me is not needed but is wanted
Paired With LuxrayHacker

Last edited by Syneon; February 23rd, 2014 at 08:02 PM. Reason: I forgot the download LOL!
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Old February 24th, 2014, 12:09 PM
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I added a few more graphics to this post:
~Current Project:

~Completed Projects:

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