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Old November 3rd, 2013 (12:34 PM). Edited November 14th, 2013 by Lord Scalgon.
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First off, I'm Lord Scalgon, an on-and-off Pokémon RNG abuser who is also a former top 200 in the world in 2v2 arranged in StarCraft II and a competitive Yu-Gi-Oh player. From time to time, I also work on games whenever I have the free time. That's all I'll post for this part.

Apparently, this isn't truly the real thing for my real game (Extreme Perplexity), but is a mandatory add-on as a mini-game for it. I've decided to take my time off of working on the real thing simply for the purpose of brainstorming future ideas. As for this mini-game, I intend to create 100 rounds of dodging, but as of the time I posted (or edited) this thread, I only made a total of 30 rounds. Even then, it still may be challenging for others.

There will be four difficulties for this game, and I'll simply describe the changes for these difficulties:
  • Easy - You begin with 250 life, with life regeneration (lasts throughout the entire game except for intermissions and boss rounds). However, there are no bonus multiplier powerups.
  • Normal - You begin with 200 life. Only 2x bonus multiplier powerups will exist in this difficulty.
  • Hard - You begin with 150 life. Only 2x and 3x bonus multiplier powerups will exist in this difficulty.
  • Lunatic - You begin with 100 life. 2x, 3x, and 4x bonus multiplier powerups will exist in this difficulty.
  • Hardcore - You begin with only 1 life, and you can only gain life after clearing every round. (This feature has not been implemented yet.)
[NOTE: Anti-camp flames exist on Hard/Lunatic only.]


  • 30 rounds of dodging
  • Boss round in every 10th round
  • Scoring system (though the high score has yet to be implemented despite the HUD display)
Not available. This was intended to be a mini-game, nothing else. As said, the real thing is not available......yet.



Video 1 (only video so far)

Beta version v1.02.

  • Fixed a bug in which Round 4 on Hard mode is endless.

  • Missing obstacles render later rounds too easy, even on Hard/Lunatic.
  • Bonus Round 2 homing flames fixed.

  • Random obstacles do not randomly disappear.
  • Anti-camp flame does not reappear in certain rounds.
  • Other obstacles fail to appear in later rounds.

Expect other random bugs to occur (and I'm aware of the possible lag as well). You'll likely need a decent computer to run this. These will be hopefully fixed in the next version.

If you wish to submit any possible ideas for a round or puzzle, feel free to post here. If you wish to become a beta tester, you are always welcome to. As of the time I first posted this, I was simply all-out solo for this project. Maybe in the future I'll upload YouTube videos of sample runs.
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YouTube (mostly uploads of bullet hell shmups)
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