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Pokémon Voting Polls Express your opinion in straightforward polls and questions about Pokémon that would otherwise fit in Pokémon General if they weren't so, well, straightforward. Vote away!

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Old December 18th, 2013, 07:26 AM
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I've always liked pokémon who are able to learn both Razor Leaf and Vine Whip for some reason. Bulbasaur, Victreebel and Snivy for example. And Chikorita in the anime learned Vine Whip, but not in the games O.o

So what is your favorite pokémon from the Grass type, and why?

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Old December 18th, 2013, 10:31 AM
LusoTrainer's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2013
Gender: Male

Ivysaur, Oddish, and Bayleef. Mostly for their designs.

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Old December 18th, 2013, 11:23 AM
classiccartoonsftw's Avatar
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Gender: Male
My favourite Grass types are Venusaur, Sceptile, Serperior, Roserade, and Ferrothorn. Not only do they look really cool, but they're also good in battles.
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Old December 18th, 2013, 06:28 PM
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THIS, is my favorite grass-type Pokemon. <3 Like, I'm a huuuge Meganium fan and everytime someone asks me what's my favorite grass-type or favorite Pokemon, I'll say Meganium all the time. I'm a fan of the Chikorita line, so I gotta have at least a Chikorita on my team or my battles won't be the same. Meganium looks perfect in my team.

I grew up using Meganium in the games, and watching a few episodes in the anime. Heck, my previous username here was Meganium90. xD

I would also like to mention Leavanny as well, as it is my favorite grass-type too. Leavanny is a dual grass-bug type but its grass-type moves can really pack a punch, especially Leaf Storm. ;3
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Old December 19th, 2013, 08:42 AM
Doctor's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: 瑞典
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Nature: Naive
I like Leavanny too! It's like a cuter version of Scyther, plus grass type. One of the cutest pokémon from gen V.

Bulbasaur and Chikorita are two pokémon that I really like but I don't like their evolutions as much. Ivysaur are okay but the others have too weird designs for me somehow, haha. Bulbasaur and Chikorita were just adorable in the anime and overall always.


trust me, I am the Doctor !
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Old December 19th, 2013, 08:55 AM
Rothometapratis's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2012
Gender: Male
Bulbasaur, because I really like its design.
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Old December 19th, 2013, 09:20 AM
Sylphiel's Avatar
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I've always been rather partial to the bulbasaur line (especially ivysaur), and the chikorita line (any of them, really). I'm betting a lot of that might have to do with my nostalgia with the older games, though, although I do like their looks.

Aside from them...shaymin. The land forme, anyway. So. adorable. :D I think I even might have squealed over it slightly when it first came out just because it was so cute ah ha.
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Old December 19th, 2013, 09:24 AM
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Sunflora because it's a based on a sunflower I also like Chikorita because it's cute.
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Old December 19th, 2013, 11:59 PM
Peitharchia's Avatar
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Whimsicott. That thing is just simply adorable. Whenever I look at it, I always feel like giving it a great, big hug... but unfortunately though, Whimsicott does not exist in real life. ): In terms of battling, this Pokémon isn't so bad either. It has the Prankster ability, and with a bit of help from it, it should always be the first to strike hits when using non-damaging moves. Sweet, right? Other than that, Celebi would also have to be my favorite, as well as Grovyle, Treecko, Chesnaught, Venusaur, and Shaymin.
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Old December 20th, 2013, 01:16 AM
TheRestlessSoul's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2013
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Definitely Bulbasaur, i love that pokemon's design Also Snover, i think it looks really cool, it's typing is different and for some reason, it's cry just sounds awesome
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Old December 21st, 2013, 12:36 AM
Jamais's Avatar
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To be perfectly honest, I'm not a big fan of Grass type Pokemon. I don't mond some of the starters' earlier evolutions (Bulbasaur, Treecko, Snivy, Chespin), but Sceptile's the only final evolution starter that I actually like. I guess I don't mind Vileplume, Tropius, Celebi and Breloom, but if I had to pick one favorite, I guess it'd be Sceptile.

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Old December 23rd, 2013, 05:00 AM
PlatinumDude's Avatar
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I'd say Ferrothorn because of its good defenses. I also like Trevenant because of its good staying power; its design is also an interesting take on the haunted trees in Western scary stories.

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Old December 28th, 2013, 08:14 PM
she's singing to me
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Chlorophyll Venasaur was my baby until sun teams got nerfed. =(
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Old December 29th, 2013, 09:14 AM
Heartouch's Avatar
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If Legendaries are counted, my favorite Grass Pokemon is Shaymin because it's cute, and I like how it's linked with gratitude. And I'd like to use Serperior because of its regal design, and it looks great in battle too.
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Old December 29th, 2013, 09:35 AM
Hikamaru's Avatar
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Grass is one of those types where I have loads of fave Pokemon but my notable mentions go to these three:

Pansage is my fave Grass-type Pokemon ever, because it's a monkey and I adore Cilan's Pansage in the anime. No wonder I chose it as my Pokemon in a PC supporters' theme collab earlier in the year.

Roserade has been a popular choice of Grass-type for me to use in Pokemon games, particularly since 4th Gen. I've had it as a main team member in Platinum, Black 2 and now X. I always adored it because roses are so beautiful and it has high special attack to boot.

And of course, there's Chespin. Probably my fave Grass-type starter as of this latest generation, it reminds me of Oshawott in terms of design plus it's really cute!
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Old December 30th, 2013, 02:30 PM
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Now this is my kind of thread! Hooray for grass types! :D

I really like all grass types, but if I had to narrow it down, it would have to be Serperior for nostalgia reasons and Breloom for competitive reasons.

Serperior was my first pokemon ever, so it has to be my favorite. I also used it competitively for a while. It did good, but I had to eventually replace it as it wasn't doing its job as well as some other grass types could have.

Breloom is my partner pokemon when it comes to my grass team. Not a single pokemon I have ever used has come through for me as often as this guy. It took a hit this generation in usefulness, but I changed around its moveset and EV's, and it's just as strong as ever. :D

Other notable grass types include Tangrowth, Ferrothorn, Jumpluff, and just about every pokemon on my grass team right now.If you click the link in my signature that says "Grass Team", it will take you to my favorite battle. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist advertising it...
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Old December 30th, 2013, 03:04 PM
Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer's Avatar
Gardevoir the Dragon Slayer
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Wimscott I guess, looks adorable.
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Old December 31st, 2013, 07:28 PM
Stygian's Avatar
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Sceptile, hands down. During my days in Pokemon Emerald, I was amazed on how cool its design was and that it has helped me in numerous battles. Sceptile became one of the most useful and the most powerful members on my poorly planned team. Now, whenever I play a game with the Hoenn starters, there's a 90% chance I'm picking Treecko.
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Old December 31st, 2013, 08:05 PM
DynalMaestro's Avatar
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It has to be Torterra as it was my first pokemon in 3 years.
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Old December 31st, 2013, 08:10 PM
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I have a few faves.

Venusaur: just an all around awesome 'mon. Cool looking, cool design, and killer stats.

Bellossom: So adorable! Bellossom is the first time I kept a Pokemon in my main party simply because of it's cute factor.

Shaymin: Again with the cute. Her attitude in the movie kinda turned me off for a while, but she grew on me again after she became my traveling buddy in HeartGold
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Old December 31st, 2013, 08:49 PM
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Ivysaur, Torterra, Serperior, and the Trevenant line.

Ivysaur: I always have one when I recreate my Kanto team in any generation. It has a cool design and I like the typing.

Torterra: Had a decent typing, love the design, and awesome to have on a team.

Serperior: My favorite starter of the generation 5 starters. I like the serpent design and was great for me in my play throughs.

Phantump and Trevenant: When I saw phantump I knew I had to have one on my team. It was cute and had a cool typing. When I evolved my phantump to Trevenant, it became a great part of my team as an attacker/supporter. And it has a cool shiny form.
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Old December 31st, 2013, 09:25 PM
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Celebi is my favourite Grass-type, that is if you count legendaries. I always liked its design and honestly, I've always been the Celebi fan since I first saw it. They've made Celebi look pretty cute and following the fairy-thing-with-big-head-cute-face-all-basestats-at-hundred thing I suppose all of them look adorable. But Celebi gets a special mention because of Voice of the Forest.

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Old December 31st, 2013, 09:49 PM
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Breloom is number one for me. I really like the design and idea of it. A fighting mushroom with access to status-inducing moves, the bread and butter of most Grass types. It packs a serious punch, a 130 base Attack that is the highest out of any Grass Pokemon including Arceus!!!

Give it Spore, Seed Bomb and some powerful Fighting attacks. It's a very viable and unique Pokemon with a lot of options. The Grass type does not have a lot of Pokemon that erform well competitively, but have some cool designs.

Shiftry and Venusaur are my second and third favorites. Those designs are very different and I'm a fan of them.
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Old January 2nd, 2014, 11:15 PM
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Grass type is my favorite!

So, I have several favorites. This probably the only type that I struggle to make a top ten list since I love just about every grass type. Also, these are based purely on aesthetics. Also, I can't decide which legendary I prefer given my that Celebi, Shaymin, and Virizion are appealing for different but equally good reasons.

My top 10:


Retrodex Sprites
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Old January 4th, 2014, 04:26 AM
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I would say Tangrowth. He is incredibly underrated and looks pretty cool, unlike what other people might think. With a set of Power Whip / HP Fire / Sleep Powder / Leech Seed and the Regenerator ability he can kick butt.
Escavalier literally is 2HKOed by Stoutland Fire Fang, Metang was undoubtedly the much better choice.
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