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Art & Design For digital, traditional, design, photography and mixed media art, Pokémon-related or not. Showcase or discuss anything related to the visual arts here.

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Art & Design Rulebook

your guide to a colorful A&D experience

General Pokécommunity rules apply

Community wide rules apply. That means no porn or graphic images, no advertising and no linking to illegal/suspicious content. Common sense should guide your actions. If you need a refresher course, please read the global rules here.

Three Examples mandatory for Shops / Galleries

• To make a gallery or shop here, you must have at least 3 examples in one medium. Meaning you must have 3 examples of Photography, Traditional or Digital art, from there you may add any number of examples from any medium.

Pixel Art

• Pixel art is more than welcome in A&D! If you have less than three recolors or fusions, please direct your work to The Official Recolors & Fusions Thread. As always, sprite galleries must include, at minimum, three pieces of pixel art.
• You are allowed and encouraged to use the Official Request Thread. Please adhere to all rules mentioned in the thread.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated

• No plagiarism. A person who does it is no better than a thief and we don't take too kindly to thieves. You'll be punished to the fullest extent PC offers if you're found guilty of stealing other artists' works. We, as artists, take pride in our work. Plagiarism is a serious offense against the Pokecommunity, the artist, and above all, yourself. You're expected to understand that. If you suspect someone has committed plagiarism, please contact either Alexial or any member of high staff immediately so we may handle it.
• This is not limited to traditional or graphic art. If you are caught stealing pixel art, you will face disciplinary action. Do not test me. I do random gallery checks and I will catch you if you're plagiarizing. I don't care if you adjusted one pixel. If it was originally owned by another artist and you edited it for your own purposes; you must credit the original artist. Otherwise, you have a content theft infraction. You have been warned.

Artistic Nudity or Violence is allowed

• Mild nudity is allowed. Artistic nudity, such as anatomical studies and general sketches, is fine so long as it remains tasteful. Though you're advised to enclose it in a spoiler and post a warning along with it. This applies for mild violence as well (as in, it may include blood). But take care not to post content that is too explicit in nature. The bottom line is, we can't always define it but we know it when we see it. We reserve the right to delete any or all drawings/pictures that defy this rule. While you may not face any infractions on the first offense, if questionable images continue to be posted, you will be punished. This is a PG13 website, after all.

Revival Rule - two months

• You may not post in threads that are over two months old.
Yes, you heard it right, 2 months and not 1.

Thread owners can double post

• If you finished a new piece of work and like to post it, yet no one has commented in your thread since your last post; you are allowed to double/triple/quadruple post! However, please be tactful about it. If your last post is less than 24 hours ago, please edit the prior post. This rule only applies to Galleries and Shops.

Gallery & Shop owners may revive their threads

• You may revive threads if you're the thread owner. Doesn't matter if it has been dead for half or even a whole year - you're free to bump it up as long as you have updates with you. There is no time limit for creativity, after all.
• However, if you own a shop but are no longer active, and people are continually bumping it, I reserve the right to close the shop. There is no need for people to expect their requests to be completed if you, as the shop owner, are no longer around. If possible, try to contact a Alexial ahead of time.

You have to post your works here

• Although already somewhat covered under the rule against advertising, I'll state it again just to be clear - whenever you post a gallery to showcase your work, be sure to post your works in the thread itself. You are not to link it to an external site like Deviantart or your tumblr. That's basically advertisement and that's not allowed.

Art Oriented threads only

• The only threads that you're allowed to make in Art & Design are ones that come under one of the following types - Galleries, Shops, Tutorials, Resources, Competitions and Discussions related to art.
Art Competitions & Events: These are exactly what they sound like. Different events for different artistic mediums. Competitions can consist of more than one person pitted against another to determine who is the superior tradition/graphical/pixel artist, or the whole community participating. Contests can be anything you want them to be! Contests of fakemon, signatures, avatars, doodles. It's up to you.
This brings me to my next point. Members are allowed to post their own events. Want to run a Signature of the Week (SOTW)? Contact the moderator of A&D. We'll get you set up to run the event.
Request threads aren't allowed: Threads requesting artwork/sprites aren't allowed in A&D. You can look for traditional/digital art shops and request there. It doesn't matter how eloquently you purpose it, if a request is asked, it will be locked. Please redirect all sprite requests to the request thread.
I'm only saying this once. You are completely within your rights to go to an artist and ask him/her personally via PM/VM to draw something or make a signature for you. I can't stop that. However, if I do find out that you are harassing artists who have denied your request, I will seek disciplinary action. Do not ever VM/PM someone to the point of complaint. I will know about it and I will infract you for it.

If you feel that you are being bothered by someone who is too insistent about a drawing or tag; come to me. I will take your case and handle the issue.

Gallery Content

• Small biographies and examples of writing are allowed so long as 'the writing enhances the art', not 'the art enhances the writing'. if you believe your work is more literature oriented and more about the story you're telling though your art, I encourage you to post it along with your writing in the Fan Fiction & Writing section. Better yet, PM the moderators. We'll help you find the right place for you.

• You may post youtube videos for feedback/reviews in your gallery. AMVs, MMVs, Speed Painting/Sketching are forms of art, after all. However, posting a youtube video is something that should be done sparingly. Galleries consisting of nothing but Youtube videos, regardless of whether or not they adhere to A&D's rule of three, will be closed. Take care not to ask people to like/subscribe/comment on your youtube page. That's basically advertisement of your youtube channel. And advertisement is not allowed at PC. But, if you've made something nice and would like to post it in your existing gallery, or in the Art Critique & Showcase Thread, you're welcome to.

Rule against Generic Posts

• Generic posts aren't allowed. Posts that do not contribute to the thread will be, more often than not, deleted. Nobody likes SPAM, right? If your post can by copied and pasted into another artist's gallery without being changed, regardless of it's length, the post will be deleted. Be specific!
How to avoid generic posts
  • Engage the artist. Ask questions like, "How long did it take to finish?", "What was your inspiration?", or "What illustration software did you use?"
  • Mention why you like a specific piece or the art in the gallery. Is it because they used your favorite color? Does it remind you of a song you like? Did they use your favorite Pokemon?
  • Tell the artist how their drawing makes you feel.
  • Try linking to a specific piece. You don't need to critique a whole gallery, just pick one drawing and focus on that.

Image Advisement

• You may post any number of pictures in your galley. There is no image limit. Though, if you do post tons of images, you are advised to enclose them in spoiler tags.

• Enclose huge pics in spoiler tags. Images that exceed 1500 X 1500 pixels in resolutions have to be enclosed in spoiler tags. Mandatory.

No negativity, guys

this is a happy place
• Critiques and comments are encouraged. However, any sort of disrespect, flaming, or general tomfoolery will not be tolerated. All artists in A&D want to improve and are asking for your opinion on how to do that by posting a gallery here. Please keep critiques (and all comments for that matter, negative or otherwise) tasteful, or you're risking punishment.

Commenting, Criticizing and Requesting

If you want to just comment on a gallery without having to go in depth about their work, just give examples of what you like and possible add why. Comments such as "Your stuff is cool" just wont cut it I'm afraid, you'll need to be somewhat constructive. You may comment on shops if you wish to but only if the member doesn't already have a gallery in which their work is showcased or if you need to ask them a question about their shop or work. Please read the above section on "how to avoid generic posts".

When you are criticizing someone's work, be constructive, detailed and make sure you know what you're talking about. If you don't know a lot about A&D you can still criticize but be sure you know what you're looking at and what you like and dislike. Do not flame anyone's work or bash/insult it in any way. This is art, it is meant to be appreciated no matter how abstract or different the artist may be. Try to be polite in how you say things also, some members can take harsh critiques better than others so try not to come off as rude. Same goes for those taking criticisms, be patient and know how to take it.

When requesting in a thread [Shop], be sure you follow the OP's rules and that you are not "demanding" anything. Remember that the shop owner is doing this out of their own free time and are asking for nothing but credit in return. If there are additional requirements in which you do not meet when requesting, you won't be permitted to use the graphics the OP made for you. Be patient and don't keep bugging them about when it is done. Though if you feel you were skipped politely post inquiring why that might have been if the shop owner did not state the reasons.

A brief explanation of prefixes

  • Galleries are the crux of A&D, allowing other members to know what kind of art you do and what you're looking for out of A&D. This prefix should be used exclusively when posting a gallery; as in, don't open a [Gallery] and offer your art. You can have, and are encouraged to have, both a [Gallery] and a [Shop].
  • This prefix should be used when you're expressly wanting to offer your work to other people. This can be traditional, digital, photography, sprites, icons, or signatures. And everything in between. However, when you prefix your thread with [Shop], this is going to limit the kind of reponses you get. People are now expecting something from you, so don't feel dismayed when you don't get the critiques and comments you're looking for.
  • Discussions are just that, threads started with the intention of promoting conversation between artists or about art. While it's true that only art-oriented threads are allowed here, the [Discussion] prefix can be used to discuss things outside of the scope of art. This can encompass literally anything about art, so long as you're not posting your own art and looking for comments.
  • The resource prefix is a touch more complicated. A resource can be something or anything you've found or created on the internet that will aid others artistically. However, take care that your resource doesn't tell people how to do things, as that is a tutorial. But, if you've found/created a program that simulates lighting and shadows, that would be a resource. If you've compiled sprites for all of FR/LG, that would be a resource. If you're not sure whether or not your thread is best suited for the [Resource] or [Tutorial] prefix, contact a moderator.
  • A tutorial is defined as a period of instruction given by a professional to an individual or very small group. This means that the [Tutorial] prefix should be used exclusively when trying to explain how to do something in your thread. So, if you've created a thread about how to make brush patterns on Photoshop CS6, you use the [Tutorial] prefix. If deemed a high enough quality, the moderator will include your tutorial into the A&D Resource Thread.
  • A competition is anything in which an artist, or group of artists, is pitted against one another. Simple as that. If there's any thread posted where the poster (and or participants) do anything that requires judging upon its conclusion, prefix it with [Competition].
  • Now, the [Comic] prefix has a certain special condition attached to it. A thread that uses the [Comic] prefix, and I trust I don't need to define what a comic is, is the only image-based thread that isn't required to post the actual work. Yes, it would be nice if you did. But if you have a comic that spans many, many chapters, grouping these chapters and linking to them individually is more resourceful and economic than overloading the reader with a mass of images. This is the only case where linking to an outside page is allowed.

Thanks for reading! Please contact hstaff or Fairy for further assistance.
Credit to Derozio for thread help

staff usernames are subject to change; current name: Fairy
pixel jointmalgalleryfriend codedream address
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