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Old December 30th, 2013 (11:37 PM).
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So I've just about read every single one of your posts, and I was so afraid of critiscm at first but y'know, that doesn't even exist here so yeah.

1: I'm really gay er.. like lesbian, but maybe not. I don't know but you know what, I really love women.
I loooove them. I've been like this for god knows how long and I'm never ever changing me
If I were to pick between the man I love or the woman I love, I'd easily go for the woman.
People usually don't see me like that or when they see a picture of me they're like "Whuut you like girls?" or "You date girls?!" Yes, infact I do.
Just because I love wearing really girly clothes and wear makeup, doesn't mean I don't want to sleep with women.
It does not mean I don't want to eat the kitty

2: Same as Seki, I also stalk a lot. Usually my crushes facebook and things.
I stalk her and I save her pictures on my phone.
Then I go through every single one of their friends and see if they have pictures of her.
Then I cry myself to sleep looking at her beautiful beautiful face... Just anything!
but then I end up ignoring the smiles she sends my way when I'm at school.. and now she thinks I'm rude.. maybe, I don't talk to her.

3: I'm a homebuddy, I absolutely freaking hate going out.
It takes a lot of time for people to convince me to get out of the house.
I just want to drink beer and stay at home and sleep, in short, I'm a lazy ****.

4: I'm a book geek. I literally love books.
People disappoint and books are eternal! and so is food!
I could probably live without internet if I had ****loads of books with me.
Whenever I go to the beach or in really "grand" places (like things worth looking at), I usually just sit at the corner and read my book.


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Old December 31st, 2013 (7:41 AM).
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1) I really like cute stuff. Like, unbelievably so. I wish I could have a room painted pink with stuffed toys lining the shelves and my bed. And cute decorations and etc etc. One day.. it will happen. (though I honestly should give my room a makeover now!)

2) I'm very hard to anger or annoy. I never take things personally and am really mellow 99% of the time unless I'm just having an awful day. It would take quite a lot of work to make me dislike someone, especially over the internet.

3) I'm obsessed with small video game systems. My 3DS and PS Vita are my babies.

4) I'm awful at small talk and initiating conversations. It is also ridiculously hard for me to talk to people I've just met. Takes time, guys!

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Old December 31st, 2013 (6:47 PM).
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1. I am very vicious... around adorable things. I absolutely 'smoosh' as I say it when adorable comes into view and jellify in a total asdfghjkl way, of which I giggle like an idiot and squish my hands into my face or start hugging myself awkwardly because it's too cute for my silliness to handle. It's a very bad habit, yes, but things are so hnnng my insides decide I want to hug it violently and crush it's sweetness in my arms; nothing would be spared of the poor thing if it wasn't for myself giving room for my hands and arms to flail and un-hnnng. >u<

2. Expect bizarre topics in talking and get used to it. I like to be able to talk about random things without people looking at me funny in a serious manner, like exploding waffles erupting into more sub waffles and potatoes and how people would react to the streets being filled with chickens to the point where no one can drive because there's so many that we don't want to hurt them and we can't see the road. Everyone has accepted this in my school year (not even kidding) and so can you.

3. I don't like cheating, as in people cheating on each other. I don't mind listening if you've been affected and are deeply upset about your partner cheating on you or your family members cheating or whatever, since we're there to look out for each other and comfort and stuff. But anything else, even if it's merely TV shows or gossip about someone in school, I will fly into an enraged state and start annihilating cities raving and ranting about everything wrong with cheating and how I'd hospitalize a guy if it happened to me and break into tiny pieces or something.
TL;DR - Cheating on people's not nice, and I don't want to hear about it; it's a very big beef of mine.

4. I hide a lot of my interests, usually to try and not offend if I'm unsure of how you feel on it or know that you don't like it. I enjoy many things, most things usually, so if there's something you like I'm either already rolling around in it or am willing to try it out.
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Old January 3rd, 2014 (11:55 AM).
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1.) I like Girls
2.) I'm a very random person with a short attention span
3.) I work at McDonalds like 30 hours a week
4.) I like ketchup with my rice!!

Tbh, I don't know. There's a lot about me I guess.
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Old January 10th, 2014 (10:18 AM).
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1. I have self confidence issues....
2. I easily get hurt emotionally, especially when I feel like I failed at something.
3. If I'm not dping something I like I'm usually sad or mad l. Very messed up kid.
4. I emotionally do not do well and end up losing any friends I male if ever......
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Old January 10th, 2014 (10:36 AM).
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I've been a member of the community for a long, long time and I have not even posted here [I think].

1] I am a Christian believer [siggy says it], I love all people and will not be hostile towards anyone. I am very gentle, however; while I tolerate most things, if someone directly attacks me physically, socially, or verbally. I will stand my ground, not in proving them wrong, but in showing my personal value and worth.

2] I am Pro-Military. To have a secure and safe country, one must have a good sized, well-trained and well-upkept military with confident leaders to back it up. I am a avid folk researcher of WWII and its technology, its military strengths and how it effects us today. I study all sides of the table, the American Allies, the British Commonwealth, the German Nazis, the Soviet Armed Forces, and even the Japanese Imperial Army.

3] I love technology of all types, knowing how to fix, repair and debug most hardware and software from computers, games and even smart devices. I am very amazed by learning about the ins and outs of these devices. I also draw freehand and digital freehand when I have to spare time.

4] I am open to chat with, discussion and debate, only if it stays on peaceful terms. Remember, you have an opinion, I have an opinion, the person at the table has an opinion. It is okay to not agree or accept their view, but don't push the envelope and say they have to 'change' their opinion because you feel it is 'wrong', because in truth no opinion is right, and no opinion is wrong.

5 - BONUS: I never have had need for a cell phone or dated ever in my life.

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Old January 10th, 2014 (4:29 PM).
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I'm a complicated person.

1. Most importantly: I have Social Anxiety... so uhh..... I might just shy away from you when you try to talk to me. If I don't shy away, I'll probably stutter like a seal trapped in ice (I don't get it either), sweat like I'm stuck in a fire, and blush like I painted my face red.

2. I take everything literally, even if I know it was a joke. I get pretty defensive about myself, and will fight back and cause a huge scene if you piss me off.

3. I have a horrible memory. If I don't remember our conversation the next day, then you now know why.

4. Finally, I have a very strange sense of humor. It's not normal. You may say little witty jokes, but I say these long complicated stories that require a working brain to even comprehend. I might crack myself up, but you'd sit there and not understand a word I said, while those beside you who have known me and understand my sense of humor, will be laughing along with me.

5. (Just because, I feel it's important) I'm a little clingy. I don't have many people who enjoy my presence, but when someone gives me a chance and learns who I am, a try to be around them, because I don't really have anyone else to talk to.

"Eventually, my blades will find their way into your heart."
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Old January 12th, 2014 (4:35 PM).
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I wish I could send this to everyone who's trying to be/is my friend.

1.) I get attached RIDICULOUSLY easy if you're fun to be around, and I am extremely, extremely clingy and protective, to the point where it almost seems like I'm stark-raving mad.

2.) I am so socially awkward that it's a form of bad luck, meaning I will always say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Do not be discouraged.

3.) I expect you to pick up on when I'm sad and ask me why I am so I can explain and then receive advice, regardless of how many times I say, "It's nothing," or "Don't worry about it."

4.) Tell me if I'm making you uncomfortable, because it's super embarrassing to me and I will stop whatever is making you feel uncomfortable if you vocalize it.

There are like 300 more things I'd like to add but these are the most important please abide by them at all costs
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Old January 16th, 2014 (4:12 PM).
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1: i am quiet, in my classroom i am always a background person, in new classes some classmates dont even know me. I am shy and cant handle more than 10 people look at me, so school is difficult.
When everyone is looking at me i am unable to talk or move, once it was an awkward situation where i shouldve done a presentation
However in text chat i am talking non stop
No one talks more than me

2: i am gullible

3: i get scared quite easily
People saying boo behind me but also stories
Ive always been scared of 2012 and other things
The same with info id like to stay anonymous

4: i am alone
I have one friend who i almost never see
I have no girlfriend or ever got requests or ever felt love with strangers
I dont mind relationships
I do mind having no friends

So thats all
Hi you can find my info below

Musiccomposer for games, as hobby, not professional
Let's player but starting :
Future Developer of Games

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Old January 16th, 2014 (7:28 PM).
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1. I'm a Classical Liberal (aka Libertarian). What that means is I advocate limited government, individual liberties including freedom of religion, press, assembly, and association, voluntaryism, and free market. As a result, I get very easily irritated with comments that promote fascism, socialism, statism, communism, and totalitarianism. I believe more in freedom than I do equality; equality is all well and good, but equality brought about by free will is far better than equality brought about by force and coercion.

2. I'm a big fan of video games and card games, and recently Dungeons and Dragons. Planescape is my favorite campaign setting.

3. I identify as athiest. My reasoning is that I find myself skeptical that there is an existence of a higher power, then I simply don't believe there is a higher power, therefore I must be atheist. You are free to worship whatever, just don't expect me to get in on the action and especially don't expect me to stand by and watch you encroach on other's liberties using your religion as an excuse for it.

4. I have Asperger's Syndrome. As a result, I don't talk much or express myself very well. I tend to be quiet most of the time. I find myself far more interested in hearing people talk than listening to myself talk.
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Old January 16th, 2014 (9:02 PM).
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I like cats more than dogs
I like my coffee like I like my women, made with 18% cream.
I like TV, especially cartoons.
I like adventuring deep into the wilderness.

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Old January 17th, 2014 (1:03 AM).
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Well this is going to be the most awkward thing ever so here we go:

1.) I am probably the most "internet" person you can define, and I don't just mean normal internet,
I literally mean everything, even the dark internet, even when I talk, dress up, and sometimes act
as if I was on the internet.

2.) I am both the nicest person that probably ever lived and at the same time the most demented
morbid psychopath that could possibly exist in the entire universe, not to mention I have serious
D.I.D. (dissociative identity disorder), it doesn't seem to really affect me when I am online, probably
because on the internet I literally feel like one person.

3.) I don't seem to be interested that much when it comes to serious commitment, like getting married,
in a relationship the furthest you can go with me is at, uhh, girlfriend/boyfriend? But I am pretty sure
there is that one true person out there that I hope will be the one I get married with, if I knew who it
was of course.

4.) I hate people this is a joke I'm hilarious, I am probably a comedian reincarnated, again that
was a joke but almost all the time I seem to be able to make people laugh, and as weird as I can get, I can
still be pretty serious.

There should be a signature here somewhere.
I wonder where it's gone.
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Old January 17th, 2014 (7:11 PM).
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1.) I like to tell the truth even if it hurts but there are rare occasions when i will lie to keep a friend safe.
2.) If you ask me if I believe in god(christianity) then i will straight up tell you that i don't and the conversation ends there.
3.) If i don't like you i will tell you
4.) I trust animals way more than people because most people are untrustworthy
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Old January 17th, 2014 (7:23 PM).
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1)I'm going to make every attempt to keep conversation rolling, so if you want me to shut up, pick up a book or tell me to shut up. I'll happily oblige.
2)If I end up insulting you and I smile, or something like that, it means that I'm extremely comfortable being around you. Hell, it means I trust you. So don't take it to heart. I'd be really cold (which is rare) if I really do wanna be insulting.
3)I'm extremely spontaneous, so if something sounds like a good idea, I'll probably go with it.
4)I like taking risks, even dumb ones. So expect a few "wtf are you doing Dipu" moments around me.
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Old January 17th, 2014 (7:27 PM).
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Well here we go...
  1. It isn't easy to get on my nerves, unless you know how, in which case it's VERY easy
  2. I will, under any circumstance, tell the truth, I won't lie to protect people. THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT IN THE END!!!
  3. In contrast to the person above me, I'm very religious, but I won't force my beliefs on you. I also like discussing peoples beliefs
  4. I love video games. I am a hardcore gamer and have a fairly large collection of games. I don't like playing with other people as much though.

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Old January 17th, 2014 (7:41 PM).
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Hmmm okay i think i got some :D

1. I can be incredibly relaxed or extremely pissy depending on my mood or who you are

2. I can be clingy and hate to be left out of stuff

3. I tend to take jokes too far and might hurt you

4. If you insult Breaking Bad I will rip out your throat and shove it up your butt
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Old February 7th, 2014 (9:35 PM).
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1. I can be the nicest person ever until you cross the line, but I'm generally forgiving.
2. I am quite blunt and straightforward at times so if you are expecting someone to lie to your face and tell you everything's okay, probably best not to talk to me.
3. I can be friendly and socially awkward at the same time; please excuse my random inappropriate comments.
4. I lack self-confidence and self-esteem.
And who knows: starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun
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Old February 8th, 2014 (12:33 AM).
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1. I love talking, I'm ready to chat pretty much whenever I'm on. I'm a super laid-back person.

2. I enjoy watching anime/playing video games with my friends.

3. One of my biggest pet peeves online is when someone has horrible spelling... I don't mean shorthand stuff or anything like that but people who genuinely cannot spell very simple words. everyone makes typos that doesn't bother me, but someone who always misspells pretty much everything, even the easiest of words... lol then i get kinda irritated.
(you're/your doesn't bother me)
On the flip side, another pet peeve is when people type in IM programs with perfect punctuation, capitalization etc.
im weird... xD

4. I am an honest person and value honesty.

Add me on! LadyDragon#1620
I love playing Diablo III, if you play too, let's play together!
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Old February 8th, 2014 (1:19 AM).
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1. I'm religious. I won't drink, smoke, swear, check out/pick up women etc. I have no problems with other people doing so.

2. I'm quiet, I don't talk often but I like to listen.

3. I'm incredibly hard to get a hold of, I have a really busy schedule!

4. I'm super conscious about what I eat. I only eat fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds. I also drink water... ;P
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Old February 8th, 2014 (5:01 PM).
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1) Don't ask my opinion about another person. I am the worst nitpicker ever and you will probably get to hate me in a short amount of time. Having said this, I still love talking about anything else with others, even for hours.
2) I love to give advice to others and generally be helpful and polite to everyone, but that's just a facade. Deep down I am an a$$hole who only thinks about himself and his image, and only does what he wants, when he wants.
3) I love nature. If I had the chance, I'd move to Canada in a remote, peaceful place surrounded by mountains, forests and water and never come back. I don't own a car because it pollutes, I don't consume any kind of meat or dairy product ( this means I only eat vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and the very rare cereal or bread ) and I hate other peoples irresponsible and destructive behavior such as smoking, drinking and generally leading a bad lifestyle that may harm others aswell.
4) I get bored of relationships very quickly. I never had a love story with anybody, and probably never will. See point 1)
Despite that, when I lay in my bed I still have dreams of sharing the rest of my life with a soul mate. I highly doubt someone like that exists, though.
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Old February 8th, 2014 (5:17 PM).
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1. I don't like to be pitied or when people feel sorry for me. I feel like I'm being belittled when people feel sorry for me. For that reason I often don't open up about problems I'm going through and stuff.

2. I rarely, if ever, take people at their word. Even if we know each other well.

3. I don't respect people until they earn it. I don't start out with a base amount of respect for people just by virtue of them being human. It's not that hard to earn, but it's also fairly easy to lose.

4. If you have a problem with me or something that I've done, and you don't tell me, I regard that as cowardice.
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Old February 9th, 2014 (4:37 PM).
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Let's see...

1. On the surface, i'm a quiet person. Some questions I have a hard time answering, others i'll go drastically in-detail and i'll never stop talking. But generally, i'm usually open for talk, because I like getting to meet new people on forums like this. However, irl i'm not very active and don't have too many friends I see regularly.

2. As a few people (like Megan and PJBottomz) said about themselves, I can get clingy to people. I tend to get insanely protective and caring of people. If they look upset, I try to help them. I don't want to be creepy, but I just really care about my friends. I might come off as over-appreciative. I have a tendency to get easily touched by girls who are nice to me. Really, I only do this because I care and am concerned for your well-being.

3. I really hate being teased. Trying to mess with me with most jokes almost never goes over well with me.

4. For that matter, NEVER tell me to calm down when i'm angry at you after doing something like calling me a rude name or something like that. Ever. Because I will do the exact opposite of that. How would you like it if I called you a moron? Or a grinch? Or something else like that? Yeah. I can't even begin to say how much respect I have for people who are actually willing to admit that people have every right to their feelings.
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Old February 11th, 2014 (7:58 AM).
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1. I am a huge pervert, talking about stuff and joking around about it are usual for me.
2. I am a quiet demon. I build anger inside and when i snap things can turn ugly. But i don't like physical violence so whren i say "ugly" i mean i'll make you cry...
3. I am very open in terms of music, if i hear a song on the radio i like no matter what genre, i WILL shazam it. (It is good considering i was a heavy metal head up until 7th grade).
4. I am a weird eater. I like to eat stuff in appropriate times. I eat schitzel in the morning and an Omlette at night, because im a weirdo :p
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Old February 11th, 2014 (8:21 AM).
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To keep is as short as possible;
1.) I'm transgendered, yet also have a lot of issues with it
2.) Because of that I often have emotional breakdowns and am generally very sensitive
3.) I also tend to overtake things into drastic extents, in other words I take everything by far too seriously and often interpret the darndest things into the harmlessest things
4.) My paranoid Schizophrenia is already mostly gone for years now, but only mostly, thus I still have trust issues and such whenever I meet new people or have to get used to new things in general
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Old February 11th, 2014 (6:30 PM).
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1. I'm a concert-kind of guy. So if there's a concert I want to go to chances are I'll forcefully drag you along, whether you would like to come or not! It's a fun experience so consider it a privilege to be with me during one. ;)

2. I'm very cocky when it comes to my abilities. This reveals my competitive side, which isn't my best side, so good luck.

3. I hate homophobes. I mean, I'm okay if you don't agree with gays, but if you straight out bash on gays or constantly talk against them, I'm gonna get annoyed. REALLY annoyed.

4. I hide my feelings a lot. Happy, sad, anger, whatever. I'm usually monotonous most of the time and my expression in class is a very straight face (people in my class get intimidated by it).
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