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In-Game Team Help Can't defeat the Elite Four with your current team? Well then, this is your place! Ask for team help concerning in-game play. Any teams meant for battling other people must be posted in the Battle Center's main forum instead.

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Old February 22nd, 2014 (11:41 AM).
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I just got a 3DS today, and I am waiting for Pokemon X to arrive in the post :yay: This is the team I was thinking of having by the end of the game:
  • Greninja
  • Florges
  • Salamence
  • Goodra
  • Hawlucha
  • Pyroar

It's not for competitive battling or anything, just a team for the story and stuff. What do you guys think? Well rounded enough? Is Pyroar even worth it or should I put in a Talonflame as a fly slave so that Salamence can get a better move?
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Old February 22nd, 2014 (01:36 PM).
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Posting just the Pokémon isn't much of a help. You should post their moves, abilities, nature, items, IV and EVs for proper help. It looks like you have good coverage, but I would switch out either Salamance or Goodra for a different type, as you have two Dragons there.

And I also think you should post this in the battle section of the forums. http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=269
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Old February 22nd, 2014 (03:01 PM).
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Yes, I second the above. If I were you, though, I'd replace Goodra; Salamence could be a lot more useful. d: For moveset, I would recommend Dragon Dance, Roost, Earthquake, and Dragon Claw. Good luck! By the way, I'm moving your thread to Battle Center, as it's the place for these kind of things.

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Old February 23rd, 2014 (01:00 AM).
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If I were you, I'd replace Goodra with Magnezone, because it can deal with the Fairy types that plague most of your team, and also with Dragon and Water types. If you don't want the extra Fighting weakness, you could also replace Pyroar with Talonflame altogether.
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Old February 23rd, 2014 (05:27 PM).
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Although if you really wanted to keep both Dragons, I'm sure you'd be fine, you'd just have to overlevel just a bit for the Fairy gym since it doesn't look like you have anything that can deal super-effective damage AND resist Fairy attacks. My Goodra actually did fine against a lot of Fairies since I gave it Sludge Bomb and it was a boss, but if you want to have a nice balanced team than I suggest replacing it with a Steel-type since Fairies are present in Kalos a lot since they're new. Magnezone is nice, but if you want to try out some new toys use Aegislash or Mega Mawile if you're willing to wait till you can Mega Evolve

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