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John Doe
The Underground: Destroyer Turned Plaything

John followed along, wanting very much not to be there in the foul darkness of the underground anymore. Going with this group had been a terrible idea and now he was stuck. If he tried to go off on his own he would probably be robbed blind then eaten, or alternatively he would be crushed under the aftermath of one of Wrath’s rampages as that would inevitably bring the ancient tunnels down. Neither seemed like a good outcome so he was forced to stay with the group, which would undoubtedly bring him more trouble later on. Hopefully later troubles would have more ways out.

There wasn’t much for him to do besides stick close with everyone else as they followed Lucy, as doing anything else would put one in serious danger. Even speaking, probably. Nobody else in the group seemed to think otherwise, so the idea couldn’t be completely wrong. He looked at the others and began to think of Orianna, who had left them. She seemed the most dedicated to the cause, so they probably hadn’t seen the last of her, Or so he hoped. If he was completely honest with himself, he was actually looking forward to being her pupil, but there wasn’t much he could do about it now. Sense dictated that he leave the group at the next opportunity available so there was no guarantee he would even be present for her reunion with the group.

Suddenly, things began to happen very quickly. The earth above them tore open, sending tons of dirt and stone crashing down. It seemed that there were more ways than Wrath’s rampages to be crushed here. He turned and began to instinctively run, but he realized that charging into the unknown underground could lead him to worse fates than death by rocks. He turned his gaze upward, keeping an eye on the falling rocks while slowly backing away from what he could identify as their range. This way he could get away, but not stray too far.

Unbeknownst to this preoccupied boy at the time, the event attracted the attention of many of the area’s residents. Maybe to some it was a common enough occurrence, what with ground types on the surface dispensing earthquakes on a whim, that they simply ignored it. Maybe to others it was a dangerous event that demanded they get away from it. But to yet others it was a place of interest where there might be victims carrying supplies they fortunately didn’t need anymore. To most of those, the large group they saw served as a deterrent. There was one Pokespirit wielder that had nothing to fear from them, though, despite their numbers. She looked upon the scene and spotted the perfect mark, slightly separated from the rest and carrying a backpack that was absolutely loaded.

John’s eyes darted from chunk to chunk of stone as they fell, but before he knew it there was a pair of hands upon him, one that quickly moved to cover his mouth. He let out a muffled scream amidst the dwindling rumbles of the earth above, but in an instant he was gone without a trace. The next thing he could see was what looked like a cave of sorts that had no apparent exits. There were candles along the walls, so he could see his surroundings somewhat. He instantly thought to search for his assailant, no longer feeling their hands on him, but before he could do anything he felt a weak jolt of electricity run through his body that left him unable to move. From there, a light shove was all that it took to drop him onto the ground.

This is it…Time to live up to my name, mom… he thought, shutting his eyes tightly and shaking as much as his body would let him in fear. However, the death blow didn’t come right then. His assailant stepped into view in front of him as he opened his eyes after the delay. She was a thin, older girl of 18 or so with dirty blonde hair in a ponytail and yellow skin with what looked like a long moustache above her lip (which for a moment reminded him of his barbels when fused with Wrath). Horns protruded from the back of her head as well. What mattered most, though, was the knife she held in her hand which drew ever closer, right up to his chest. His eyes shut once more, expecting the end, but instead there was a pull on his backpack strap followed by a snapping noise, then another. She pulled the heavy backpack right off his back and took it to a hole in the ground. at the edge of the cave.

”Give that back, I need it to survive!” he wanted to say, but what would be the point? Then a thought occurred to him. This was a sealed room, so if he were to transform then the only person at risk would be his kidnapper and perhaps himself. Loosing his mental barriers, he began to change. His kidnapper noticed immediately, and before he had even grown one foot taller, she teleported right in front of him, grabbed him by the hair, and teleported him elsewhere. Next thing he knew, she was gone and he was alone again, this time in a darker, smaller, emptier cave that was just as enclosed as the first. The transformation kept going, unable to be stopped now, but now there was even less of a point to it. He had no idea where he was, and nobody to help him figure it out. Normally at this point he would give up, sit back, and accept death, but as he grew and grew he became angry. He hated the situation, the reason he had gotten into it, everything about his life as of late. He needed someone to take it all out on, but there was no one.

The great beast prisoner let out a huge, thundering roar that felt like it could even reached the tunnels of the underground past his cell, although he knew it wouldn't. The stone around him shook, dropping dust all over. He ran to a wall and punched it, leaving a small crater behind. Then another, and another, and another, each causing a boom to reverberate through out the little cave. It was good to feel something crushed underneath his fists, but not near as satisfying when that “something” was inanimate. It wasn’t enough. Dark red energy began to swirl and crackle around him, and when it dissipated and he resumed his assault of the wall his fists struck harder and faster. The blows ground the rock into dust beneath his fists, but it wasn’t getting him anywhere. He finally let out another roar before his rage gave way to a hint of despair, and that was enough to allow him to change back.

The beast shrunk, leaving the pitifully helpless boy behind, curled up against the wall of his prison. John coughed from the dust that filled his cell in the aftermath of his improvised punching bag. He sighed. At least the girl could have left him a knife to kill himself with or something, since starving to death didn’t exactly seem very appealing. He always thought he would be killed by someone else in a battle, someone strong enough to surpass Wrath in strength. He was reminded by what Wrath had told him the last time they spoke, that if John wasn’t afraid to use Wrath then he wouldn’t get into these sorts of messes. A single blow probably would have killed that woman. But it wasn’t like he didn’t use Wrath for no reason. Another sigh. There wasn’t much point in thinking about that now, or anything really. For a moment he thought it might be nice if he had a book to die reading, but he realized that even if he did, the place was too dark to read anyway. Maybe he could just find a big rock to get it over with. Well, technically the whole cell was a big rock, but he felt that it might not be as effective. Or he could punch his own head of when fused, but he doubted his Wrath-induced personality would allow that. Dying was a lot harder than it should have been.

“Ooh, mommy brought me a new friend!” he suddenly heard a voice say from his left. It was a little girl’s voice, but he was sure that there was nobody else in there with him! “But this one is too loud. I like it better when it’s small and quiet like this.” A lit candle seemed to appear out of nowhere, but John didn't question it. He stared at where the voice was coming from and saw a face that wasn’t there before, but it looked metallic and actually more like a mask, although he couldn’t tell very well. It was protruding through the wall he had thoroughly beaten, so he knew it couldn’t have been there before. The strange thing was that the face didn’t look like a little girl at all from what he could see, and sort of resembled a grown man’s instead. Suddenly, another face phased through the wall beside it, this one being that of the girl in question. He looked at the face in disbelief. The little girl looked right back at him and from what he could tell, smiled. Then without warning her eyes began to glow demonically red. “You’re not going to leave me, right?”
I'll put something cool here eventually.
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Chapter Two: The Offering
Canalave City Square, about 8:00PM

Every time he went into town, Marvin had some fresh offerings waiting for him from what few townsfolk that remained. Most of the time, he even left supplies of his own behind, to compensate for the generosity of whoever left them.

Mostly, it was food made that morning, or even some fine clothes on occasion, both of which were widely known to make him very happy, and usually leave without taking someone's life. On some occasions though, a criminal condemned by the townsfolk was chained to the city square, and the crimes he had committed were placed on a notice nearby. Along with said notice, he would almost always see the same seven signatures, all from the latest in the city's notable leaders.

Today was no such day. Today, there was nothing. And the lack of any sort of material was something that Marvin detested, for it meant only one of three things: A thief stole his offering, his subjects were revolting, or an outsider was killing his subjects. Starvation was scarce at worst in this place, and murder rates were low, as it meant more competition for food...

Competition which needed to be eliminated at all necessary costs.

He looked at the crime scene quickly, and discovered that a body wasn't there this time -- only scraps of food were lying around, which meant that the thief might not be a cannibal -- only a thief or scavenger... which all came back to the one fact that someone was threatening to eventually starve someone out, at the very least. Not good.

By the looks of it, the theft was very recent, so he did the one thing he knew best: fly around town, and bring down the foe rapidly. I'll find you, as I find everyone else who dares to trespass on my territory. Justice is swift, and it is coming for you.


Chapter Three: The Challenge
Canalave City, outskirts. About 10:30 PM

Marvin had been flying around for two hours now, only taking occasional breaks to keep himself at full strength. He was determined to find the thief, and he was determined to do so fast. Someone with enough guts to steal his stuff wasn't about to get away without even a "proper goodbye," as he liked to call it.

After a while, he saw a small figure moving around town, making motions to get out. Hah, I've got you!

He wasted no time in getting to the ground, and made a very loud landing in front of the thief he was pursuing... which just so happened to be a Pokesprirt wielder. By the looks of it, his spirit was a Poliwrath. His skin was blue, and the whirls that would be found on a Poliwrath were found on his bare chest.

"What are you doing in my territory?" Marvin got straight to the point, and stepped into his foe's comfort zone. He assessed his poorly clad foe, who only wore a pair of torn jeans.

"I saw some food here, and I ate it." The Poliwrath wielder stood straight, puffing out his chest. "What do you have on that?"

"That was my food. The people of this town pay me with rations, in order for me to protect them from predators and thieves." In the background, clouds began to form as Marvin began to concentrate. "In other words, you stole my food."

"You left it there--" The agitated wielder was interrupted by his angry foe.

"They left it there. And you stole it." By this time, the rain began to fall hard. "You know who I am?"

"Some well-fed rich kid?" The wielder began to back off. "You know who I am?"

"I am the Sea Dragon. Have you read the wanted posters in the surrounding region?" Marvin stepped forward, noticing that by now the water was everywhere.

The wielder stepped back. "So you're the self-proclaimed Overlord of Canalave? So what? I'm a member of the Bane of Arceus. I've been scouting this area to make sure our targets were in order."

"What the hell's the Bane of Arceus?" Marvin was annoyed. Most competitors would have taken off running, and that would be the end of it. This one would have to be dealt with using conventional means -- by the use of force.

"We're here to wipe out the adults and anyone not able to possess a spirit. They're inferior beings that do not deserve to exist." The wielder's face started to sprout a wicked smile. "You can join us if you want. If you're the one responsible for locking down this entire city by himself, you'd be a top member in no time."

"I prefer to stay close to my food, which you're evidently here to destroy. I don't like those who come in and destroy my food sources." Marvin prepared for his next attack, and glared at the competition. "So there are plenty of you, if they're bold enough to send you up against me."

"Oh yeah, there are a lot of us all right, and before long every adult will be dead... hahaha...." The wielder looked at ease, as if Marvin wasn't a threat -- a fact that annoyed him beyond all reason.

"Then your organization needs to be eliminated. Why would anyone wish to destroy a valuable food source?" Marvin clenched his fists, which began to charge with electricity.

When the other wielder saw what was going on, he released a Hydro Pump attack from his chest, and hit Marvin dead-on. Unfortunately for him, due to his great affinity to water, the attack did little more than blow Marvin back -- giving him enough range to promptly cut loose and let off a short burst of lightning, in the form of a brief Thunder attack.

Marvin watched the other wielder fall over, partially numbed by the sheer force of the effective attack. Seizing the moment, he let off another, more prolonged burst of electricity, letting the power flow through his hands as he usually did as he was levelling derelict parts of the city.

For a moment, he enjoyed the position he was in, standing over his foe, after launching a decisive attack that he knew could turn fatal for his foe at any given moment, but he snapped himself back to reality quickly. If his enemy had fired off a Blizzard attack or an Ice Beam, he would be in dire straits, in spite of his very high tolerance for cold temperatures. After all, ice magic isn't something to be trifled with.

"You shouldn't kill him. If you do, you'll be forced to take his spirit, and I personally doubt it'll welcome your presence, just after killing his former master in cold blood." The Dragonite chose the right moment to chime in, and Marvin saw the truth in Battlestar's words.

"You're right, but what solution is there? I can't kill him because of his spirit, and yet I can't let him get away to tell his friends." Marvin let up on the barrage of electricity, and instead chose to keep striking his enemy at intervals to keep him down and out. "Surely there's some sort of middle ground."

"Cripple him..." The Dragonite's voice sounded somewhat sad at the prospect of leaving another being in that sad state of things.

"And let the townsfolk take care of the problem after the fact. since they will want revenge at their life's blood being stolen, I shall provide them with it." Marvin's face turned resolute. "I'll have my problem taken care of, and theirs at the same time. But what of this organization he spoke of? It means trouble, and I don't want it around."

"The solution is simple. We find a means to destroy it. They're the ones responsible for the attack on Eterna, quite some ways off. It seems that is what the responsible party's name is." Battlestar let his words drift off, leaving Marvin to his own thoughts.

"It would require our departure." Marvin jolted his enemy again, when he saw the near-unconscious wielder attempt to come to.

"If we stay, they'll eventually come, and we both know that we cannot fight an organization as obviously large as that. Our best solution is to destroy them on their own front, so that we do not have to fight them on ours." Battlestar let his words sink in, and continued. "Besides, you've always liked traveling, and perhaps we will even find allies to keep our holdings even more secure. You know that it'll eventually wear you down, being all alone like this."

"You're right. I'll have to band with others and help bring down this entity. Then I can go back and subdue the town again. I did it once. I can do so again." Marvin then picked up a nearby object and slammed it down on his opponent's leg, bruising the bone. "We should go immediately. There is no need to inform the townsfolk of anything, other than posting a notice that I'm out on holiday, and that this thief is their prisoner, to do with as they please."

"Sounds good to me. So, we head out immediately, then?"

"Yes, as soon as we gather the rations saved up at home. We'll need them for the journey, especially for this foul rain that's been starting to fall lately." Marvin promptly took off, leaving his quickly-vanquished foe in the street. The townsfolk should end up dealing with their latest threat harshly. After two years of brutal rule from me, they'll likely jump at the chance to dispatch one of my kind, with gusto.
The Tale of a Wanderer -- Reboot coming in the future

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'Prophet' Lucy - The Underground

Hide and Seek
Seeing that the injured girl had not woken up filled Lucy with a sort of disappointment. It wasn't that she was really bothered by the injury so much as she ... well... she really wished her efforts would've paid off! Oh well. She weighed the possibility of exchanging the unknown girl with Amethyst in her stomach. Logically speaking, Amethyst was easily more caable than an unconscious person. That just went without saying!

On the other hand...

Lucy simply picked the unconscious girl up in her arms, bridal style. She looked around and--Hey now... She remembered more people being with her! Her eyes slowly narrowed and she took in a deep breath not at all related to all the extra weight she was carrying.

Her ears twitched searchingly for several moments. She could hear... footsteps, in the distance. They were heavy than your average starving child, but had a certain grace to them. It sounded as if the person were running on their toes. Judging by the sound of their shape, a concept best described as hearing wind wrapping around someone, Lucy very much had reason to suspect it was Lozel.

Why was she running, though..? Nobody seemed to be chasing her, but ghosts had an uncanny way of evading her hearing when they really wanted to. Lucy begrudgingly admitted she couldn't catch the other even if she wanted to. She'd have to trust Lozel knew what she was doing and wasn't ... sabotaging them. A part of her very much worried for the other girl though. She could already imagine some jerk harassing Lozel.

Lucy looked around and began an impromptu head count. ...John was also missing. Biting her lower lip, she turned to those remaining. "Alright... That just complicated things. We're missing people and we need to find them." she explained, heaving the unconscious girl over her shoulder to hold her with one arm.

"He shouldn't be too far, but stay close in case something... sudden happens again." she continued in a lackluster tone, her free hand checking her mid-section briefly to make sure Amethyst was alright out of habit. before turning to stare off into the darkness.

This had turned into a real mess. Lucy silently knew it wasn't going to go smoothly; she just had to trust that it'd go at all!

With a hand motion she waved the others on. Using her sensitive ears she began following voices. She honestly had a hard time recognizing John's, or rather she had a hard time being sure of herself when she thought she did, but she picked up on something rather incriminating sounding and it was the best she had.

And then she came across another unconscious girl!

Lucy stopped, peering at the form in the darkness.

...She vaguely recalled someone similar looking from earlier, but she was pale and clearly not in a good place.

"...Looks like it's a really bad day to be a girl down here." she remarked in a somewhat exasperated tone, utterly unfazed by the development. Sure it was slightly unexpected, but really not /that/ unexpected. She crouched down and set Trinity down, lifting Collette into a sitting position and starting slightly.

She was icy cold! For a moment Lucy pondered how exactly it wasn't a corpse she was holding. If it weren't for her miraculous hearing abilities she probably wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. She pressed a hand to Collette and discharged a pulse of pink energy into the other, attempting to re-energize her. Once again she felt the need to do this twice, as the other was simply in such bad shape that she didn't trust once to do the trick.

She couldn't waste time however. After tending to Collette and making sure she didn't have any actual wounds in need of focusing on she scooped both her and Trinity into her arms, hauling one over each shoulder. She had once again debated the prospect of exchanging Collette with Amethyst. That certainly would've helped the poor girl warm up, but... in all frankness she was okay taking a slight risk to make sure her basically adopted little person wasn't horribly traumatized or worse. Now carrying three entire people Lucy got back up and tossed a look over her burdened shoulders.

The crying o a girl echoed in the distance. Noteworthily however... they'd been traveling away from it. It was following them. Lucy glanced uncomfortably in the general direction but declined to comment. "We're going the right way, I think... Be ready for trouble, though. We're not alone." she added, proceeding onwards in search of their lost companion.
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Collette – Lucy’s Back -> Underground Floor


Ever since Collette lost consciousness, Marceline had been screaming, shouting and begging for her to get up. Proxy had no idea why she was acting like this. For practically the first time ever, Marceline sounded like she actually cared about Collette’s safety. “If I find out that you’re dead, I’ll... I’ll find a way to revive you, just so I can find a way to kill you myself.” It almost sounded like she was going to cry. How... interesting. “She’s not dead... yet.” He assured, certain that the girl was still (barely) alive. “Yeah? How would you know?” Marceline wasn’t content with his answer. “Because I’ve been through that before. We’d have been kicked out of her if she was dead.


Two dark brown eyes briefly fluttered open, only to see the ground in front of them. The eyes immediately shut themselves in a (futile) attempt to protect their face. After 10 seconds of bracing herself to hit the ground, Collette briefly opened her eyes again. She quickly noticed that the ground was in the same place as before. Was she being held by something? She glanced to her right, allowing her eyes to see what appeared to be another person. The other person appeared to be unconscious... or dead. After seeing the possibly dead girl, Collette decided to stay absolutely still. She wouldn’t want to alert the potentially hostile person that was carrying her. Closing her eyes once more, Collette finally addressed the voices in her head.

“What... What happened?” She groggily thought, hoping that one of them knew what was going on. “We’re not entire-Took you long enough.” Marceline interrupted, with a much harsher attitude than the concern she voiced earlier. Normally, Collette would’ve yelled at Marceline for interrupting them in the middle of something important, but for whatever reason she was feeling much too tired to do that today. “Go on, Proxy.” She sluggishly said. “We know about as much as you do... You appear to be being carried by someone. For what reason, we don’t know.” Collette was disappointed with the answer she was given. Proxy was normally able to tell her much more about these kinds of things, she kind of depended on that.

They’re probably going to try eat you... or something.” Although she probably meant it as a joke, Marceline actually made a good point. Whoever’s carrying her wouldn’t be doing so without some ulterior motive. And since she was stripped of all of her ‘valuables’, the most likely thing they could use her for is as a source of food. That’s probably why they are carrying that unconscious girl as well... “Well then, I guess I’ll have to ensure that that doesn’t happen... Proxy, you to need to be ready to analyse whatever’s carrying me. I’m going to need its appearance instantly.” Collette commanded, preparing to get off the person’s shoulder.

Slowly opening her eyes once more, Collette tried to look at her presumed captor. Unfortunately, all she was able to see was a pair of pants. “Are you ready?” She asked, wanting to ensure that she would be able to transform in time. “Yes” Proxy confirmed nearly instantly. Slowly, Collette began to raise a hand, making sure to keep her movements subtle. Although, she found it a lot more difficult than she expected too. Her body felt stiff and almost numb, which nearly caused her to swing her arm pre-emptively. Luckily, she was able to stop it before her fist slammed into her captor’s back.

Once Collette felt that she couldn’t bring her fist any higher without getting caught, she began to swing it down into the person’s lower back. Probably out of shock more so than anything, Collette and the unconscious girl were dropped onto the ground. Unfortunately, being dropped on the hard, cold ground of Sinnoh’s underground wasn’t the smartest idea. As soon as she had hit the ground, Collette could truly feel the full effects of the ‘swim’ she had been forced into taking earlier. She hurriedly tried to get back onto her feet, but her ice-cold body wouldn’t allow her to get any higher than her knees. While she was trying to get onto her feet, Proxy was able to take in some aspects of the girl who carried Collette.

The girl had messy blonde hair and wore a green jacket and a pair of jeans. Unfortunately, he was unable to get a look at the girl’s front forcing him to... improvise. “I’ve got all I can get...” He said, with the slightest hint of disappointment. That wasn’t a very good sign, but it was too late for Collette to cancel her escape plans. Pink goo began to ooze out of her scalp and back, slowly beginning to change her appearance into that of her captor’s. However, before she could even change her hair-style fully, Collette began to feel incredibly weak. She quickly began running out of breath as her body started to shiver. She collapsed back onto the ground, unable to expend any more energy. The transformation wasn’t exactly a complete failure though. Dotted throughout her hair were patches of messy blonde hair, while her jacket became a lot tighter and slightly green.

Unfortunately, Collette’s disguise wouldn’t be fooling anyone. “Damnit...” Collette said through gritted teeth.
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•Temno (Absol)

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Sera Beauman
Chapter 1
The Beginning

This was it.

This was the day she died.

The knife flashes. A body crumples. A hand grabs the girls hair, lifting her head up.

"Hey, you gonna stay down there forever," a male voice says, most likely from the talish teenager in front of her. She meets his eyes. He meets hers. It was almost too dreamy to be true.

And it was, Sera realized, as she was jerked from her dream by a sound. She was instantly on her feet, knife in hand. A scampering could be heard as small feet ran away. A single pounce left her on top of the hopelessly smaller boy, who actually was radiating health for someone so frail. Perhaps he had turned to cannibalism, like so many others. But she couldn't hurt him, even though he clutched a can of food to his chest as though it was his life. Sera scoffed, standing.

"Keep it," she said as she began returning to her hideout, "but don't let me catch you stealing from me again." She lay back down, the boy long since gone, sighing. That was rather troublesome... One less day's provisions. Oh well, she could find someone else to grab a few bites from later. The nomad were usually moving around this time.

And so, Sera once again fell asleep, no dreams coming to her. The sun finally woke her, and so she set off on what she didn't know would be the adventure of her life.

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John Doe
The Underground: Wrath

“Hey, play with me!” The young girl sat next to John’s head as he lay on the ground, poking his cheek repeatedly. “Come oooon.” John didn’t budge. He wanted to sleep so that time would pass faster and he would be able to just die and get it over with sooner. Unfortunately for him, it seemed that this girl wouldn’t let him. Why was she here, anyway? It didn’t seem like she was a prisoner here, since she actually didn’t look starved like pretty much everyone else. However she was covered in dirt, implying that she’d been down here a while. Maybe she had been a prisoner, and she ate all the other prisoners? John shuddered at the not-entirely-unreasonable thought, wanting to die but not exactly wanting to be eaten. Maybe she could paralyze him like that other woman before she ate him.

More poking and complaining from the girl. "Mommy really brought me a boring one this time. It took the other ones days before they got like this.” Mommy… John remembered that the girl had said that before. His mind was lazy in his state of despair. There probably wasn’t much point in thinking about it now, but he pushed his mind to do so anyway. Brought me a new friend...another one It wasn’t hard to figure out, but it made things a lot more complicated. Why would that woman keep her child here? Could the child teleport too? He thought he’d thought about that already.

John seemed to struggle in opening his eyes, not wanting to negate his state of maybe-almost-asleep but not wanting to leave the question annoyingly prodding at his mind. Not unlike the girl and his head. His eyes had become accustomed to the darkness of his prison, so it didn’t take long for his groggy eyes to focus on the girl in front of him. Maybe something he saw would help him remember his earlier thoughts. All it took was the sight of the mask on top of the girl’s head to do the trick. She held the spirit of the Pokemon known as Yamask. It was not exactly known to teleport like others such as Abra and Ralts. As far as he knew, at least. It occurred to him that he’d learned a lot in his short time on the planet, knowledge that ultimately went to waste.

Finally, the little girl stopped poking him. John closed his eyes once more, glad to finally have some peace and quiet. However, it wasn’t long before the newfound silence was broken by the loud, piercing sound of the girl crying her lungs out. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” John wanted to bang his head against a wall in the hopes that he would break it, but he was too tired to actually do it. “WHY WON’T ANYONE EVER PLAY WITH ME!? WAAAAH!”

There it was, what to John’s ears was an ultimatum. He finally spoke, exerting a lot of effort to even open his mouth. “If I play with you, will you let me sleep?” He would take any chance he could to be able to finally die in peace at this point. He waited for her response, which came more abruptly than he expected.

“Really!? YAY!” she shouted in excitement, as if she wasn’t just crying a moment ago. John sighed and began to get up, but the girl was impatient and jerked him up by the arm. She was a lot stronger than he thought. That, or he was just really light, which probably made more sense. He stumbled a little as he stood, but managed to catch himself on the wall behind him. “Let’s play hide-and-seek first!” John briefly wondered how they would even play such a game in a small space like this, but he got his answer as soon as the girl started to phase through a wall like she had when he first saw her. He sighed, and commenced the game.

What proceeded was a long marathon of various little games, a large chunk of which involved playing pretend. Regardless of his advanced knowledge and rather unhappy attitude towards life, he was still just a ten-year-old boy, and at some point he began to actually have fun. The sullen face of the death-seeking boy laughed and smiled with the nameless ghost girl who held him prisoner, and the worries which plagued his mind were forgotten.

Together the two sat against a wall, tired from their probably hours of playing. John realized how incredibly dry his throat was as the air he drank in seemed to scrape against it. He looked to the side as the girl stood up. She began to move strangely, almost as if she were… dancing? Suddenly, despite being in a little cave deep underground, John felt a drop of water fall on his nose. It seemed like it was raining inside the cave. John realized that he hadn’t actually asked her anything of what he’d been wanting to know throughout their session of play. “So how do you get your food?” he asked first, thinking it a reasonable starting place considering that she’d just shown her means of water. He had a guess, and wasn’t sure how it could be anything else, but he wanted to be completely sure of it.

“Mommy brings it for me.” She said, seeming much calmer than before.

“Do you eat people?” Asked John bluntly.

“No,” came the answer. John was relieved, but even more curious now than ever. That was the only thing that made sense, and he wasn’t sure of any skills that could make sustenance appear besides a grass type’s photosynthesis, which wouldn’t work in this cave anyway, or a Miltank’s milk, neither of which he thought her Yamask spirit was capable of. “I eat the stuff that the people leave behind.” What? Now John was even more confused. “She brings me friends, but they always disappear. Mommy told me that they were gone and they didn’t need the bodies anymore so I could eat them.” John shuddered. He’d been right all along, and waiting until a person was dead before eating them didn’t make it any better.

This wasn’t anything he hadn’t heard before. He still had another question, but he wasn’t completely sure she would, or even could, answer it, so he decided to build up to it with different question first. “So what’s your name?” He figured it was a simple enough question that could make things more personal.

“I don’t have one.” She said, as if it were completely natural. “I don’t think Mommy has one either. She said we didn’t need names because we mostly just talk to each other. ‘You’ and ‘daughter’ is enough, she told me.” Her words brought John to the realization that he never learned his parents’ names, even his father’s. It was quite saddening to know he’d never be able to find out either.

She seemed to have no problem answering his questions, so despite the last question failing to draw them closer together at all, he went onto his final question. The one he’d been thinking about since the moment he saw her. “Why did your mother leave you all alone down here?”

“She said I was safe here.” John had expected that sort of answer, but it didn’t make sense with something she’d said earlier. However, it seemed she already had an explanation for it. “Mommy also said that Mr. Yammy would protect me if my friends tried to bully me.” John assumed that Mr. Yammy was her Yamask Pokespirit. It made sense, given the world’s current state, and she had a reliable source of food and water. It should be perfect. However, it wasn’t a life that appealed to John. He couldn’t bring himself to eat a corpse, and without any books he was sure he would be bored.

He thought about it further. Maybe he would be able to get used to it. Here he didn’t have to worry about Wrath at all, not having any reason to fuse with him. Also, he had found this nameless girl to be really fun. Maybe he could stay alive long enough for the next ‘friend’ to arrive, and he could try eating. Maybe he could join this girl in her lifestyle, living in this cave. Traveling with Lucy’s group was stressful, and he was doubtful their mission would show results. The adults and Lucy’s followers on the surface could all die, and their life down here would stay unchanged. But…

Orianna was the first to come to mind. The image of her, lying in a puddle of her own blood with the bandaged man from earlier standing over her was conjured in his mind. He shook his head in an attempt to get it out, but it didn’t work. It only expanded to include Lucy, then Amethyst, both pale, mangled corpses. His head began to ache. happening to me!? John was scared. This sort of thing had never happened to him before. He was starting to feel like a prisoner in his own mind as it moved outside his control. He didn’t expect what came next, even less so than the images. It was his father’s voice. “Don’t…”

A voice pulled him from his strange trance. “You know, you’re the first person to actually play with me,” it said. He snapped his eyes around to realize that it was coming from the girl, the only other person in the room. In that moment, John’s mind was blank. The running thoughts of his future had disappeared, and he tried to refocus on his surroundings. Whatever had just happened, he didn’t like it. It made him feel so awful, yet he could only vaguely remember it. Sort of like a dream.

John’s mind continued to resettle, but it appeared that fate would not allow that. A strange feeling was followed by the appearance of a person in front of him. It was the woman who captured him; the girl’s mother. Time seemed to slow as she turned her head, scanning the state of her daughter’s ‘room’. The girl ran up to her, arms wide for a hug. John leapt forward, a sudden burst of energy from an unknown source propelling the instinct-driven action. He attempted to grab onto her back, but she swung and punched at his face to knock him away before teleporting. However, John managed to keep a grip on her shirt, thus being teleported along with her.

A sudden desire to be free flooded John’s being. Maybe he got a sudden sense of nobility and concern over Lucy and her group. Perhaps he was afraid of more experiences like the one he just had. It could also be a lust for revenge. Or maybe there was no one, simple explanation to it. They appeared in the first room John had been brought to after his kidnapping, John still holding onto the woman’s shirt as he stood next to them. The daughter had been brought with them, her eyes trying to make sense of the events in front of her. She held up her hand as electricity crackled over it before reaching to grab John. Knowing what to expect, he dropped himself to the ground in a prone position to dodge before grabbing onto her legs instead, to keep her from teleporting away from him.

Whatever had come over John after the strange vision, he knew he was angry. He could feel himself growing larger, muscles inflating on his body. The mother saw this and pushed her daughter away before teleporting once more. John no longer cared for his surroundings, only for the woman in front of him. His next victim. He could at least tell he was in a wide open area. The vortex of dark red energy from before swirled into being around him as he grew even larger, hands still clamped around the woman’s feet. She teleported them both quite high up before placing her own hands upon John’s head, letting loose an incredible flood of electricity that was much, MUCH more intense than the one from earlier. John’s blood felt like it was literally boiling in his veins.

Regardless, he only gave a guttural roar in response. The huge, feral beast moved a now-massive hand from the woman’s leg to her head and pulled. In one, quick movement it was over. He hit the ground from his fall on his back, with the woman’s head in one hand and the rest in the other. Once he got up, he held both in the air and roared once again, as if announcing his victory to the world. It wasn’t enough. He spun in place as he searched the area for more things to kill, but there seemed to be nothing. No, that couldn’t be all! John slammed his foot into the ground in rage, causing the earth around him to shake.

With nothing left to do, the monster walked in search of more prey. The longer it went without, the smaller it got until it was nothing more than a small, frail boy. John fell to the ground in exhaustion. The past few minutes felt like a haze in his memory. For now, though, he had to find out where he was. Glancing upwards, he saw buildings in the distance. Childrens’ City… It was almost like everything, from even before the attempted robbery, was a dream. But the lack of a familiar, comforting weight on hi back reminded him that it was all very real. His hands were covered in blood from a corpse left further back, unburied. He was sure he didn’t have the energy to dig a grave. That could have only been an excuse, but regardless he didn’t go back.

He wasn’t sure what he even planned to do back in Childrens’ city. He had nothing. Without money, trinkets, or allies he had no way of getting any food there. Maybe he could live out the rest of his days as a beggar. The idea of ‘the rest of his days’ brought his mind back to the nameless girl in the cave. She was trapped there now, alone and without her mother to bring her food. She would survive a little longer in that room where John’s backpack was among other things, but how long? The hope that John could find her before she ran out of supplies and died was painful, as he knew that he couldn’t do such a thing after killing her mother. Besides that, how would he even go about finding her?

A tear fell down John’s cheek. He had done something horrible again, and he couldn’t deny that he had liked it. The boy pushed his weakened body along towards the place where this mess began, his mind a jumbled mess of reflection and speculation. Rain fell around him incessantly, masking his tears. It soaked into his skin, weakening him even further and further as he approached the city until, by the time he’d made it, he was barely able to stay conscious. He’d made it to some sort of street when he could bear his feet no longer and he slumped against a wall. Sleep seemed so beautiful right then...
I'll put something cool here eventually.
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