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IC Thread
You are here!
:: OOC Thread ::
Nakuzami as Celeste Astra Noviella
Grif of Hearts as Alistair Julius Caineworth Jr.
Alby4t5 as Tamber Mose
Kranic as Yvain Uther
ThaTruth as Romulus Damian Rainier
Zorogami as Lara Bayon
Century as Seth Anton
:: Rated T for Teens

CLOSED due to inactivity. Look for The Lost Islands League Ω in the near future.

Welcome one and all to the sixth Lost Tournament! It's a big day, with hundreds of trainers arriving and getting ready to start what could quite possibly be the greatest adventure of their lives, so let's all get psyched! You all, hopefully, should already know all of the rules and regulations of our prestigious tournament, but why don't you all head on over to the Grande Arena for a bit of a refresher course? It's a mandatory refresher course, unless you plan on leaving your partner pokémon and supplies behind, and we sincerely hope that none of you would ever do that. So, come on in and take a moment to experience the wonders of the islands and the Grande Arena, because it could be quite a while before you set foot in this magnificent structure again.

Ready? Let's go!

An Introduction to Kentrik!

As the largest island in the entire archipelago, Kentrik is home to over six hundred thousand citizens of the islands, as well as the Grande Arena. The island is central to the archipelago, hence its name, and it boasts a "perfect" climate and beautiful vista. The wind here always seems to be a gentle breeze, and the temperature usually a comfortable 80ºF (27ºC). The sun is almost always shining and the waters are a crystal blue. The trees stand tall and stalwart, bending only slightly as they dance in the breeze. The air is crisp and clear, and the gentle hum of pokémon can be heard across the island. It's central location and alluring scenery are what make it a great tourist destination, and what made it the best place to construct the Grande Arena.

Kentrik City sits at the center of the island, and is the largest settlement in the archipelago. Its streets are always bustling with people and pokémon alike, and its architecture is a perfect blend of natural and artificial elements. The city is bright and clean, and the atmosphere is incredibly welcoming, even at night when the city is gracefully lit by decorative lamps and streetlights. The people here are generally affable, and they welcome tourists and trainers with open arms—as well as open stores run by merchants now well versed in the art of vending their wares, so expect to be approached by a salesman or twenty during your stay here.

At the center of the city stands the Grande Arena: a true marvel of modern architecture. It spreads over an area with a diameter of three hundred and fifty meters, and is surrounded by parks, commercial areas and housings for tourists and contestants. Its signature and ornately carved saucer dome can be seen from areas all around the city, and all of the roads in the city eventually take one to the arena if followed to their end.

Other major landmarks include Kentrik Terminal, the major airport of the archipelago, and Kentrik River, which runs through the city and connects it with ports on the western half of the island.

The rest is to be woven by your imaginations!

Chapter One, Part One:

It's your first day on the islands, and having just arrived, you're going to need to head to the Grande Arena on Kentrik Island in order to finalize your participation in the Lost Tournament. Here you will check in, take a seat in the stands of the Grande Arena and listen to the instructors reiterate the rules and regulations of the Lost Tournament. After which, you will be directed to the section of the arena for the region that you are representing. Once there, you will receive a new pack filled with supplies, as well as your partner pokémon.

The date is May 25th, 2020, one day before the official start of the Lost Tournament. Jets are landing, boats are docking and contestants are flooding the island of Kentrik—the center of the Lost Archipelago and home to the Grande Arena. The sun is shining and a cool ocean breeze wafts through the area, as if the islands themselves are welcoming the newcomers. As you step onto the fertile soil of Kentrik, tournament officials are there to guide you to the nearest transport to Kentrik City. Those arriving by sea will be taken by bus to the Grande Arena, and those arriving by air will have just a short walk off the runway and into Kentrik Terminal, where they will receive their possessions before being bussed to the arena.

Trainers will ride the buses straight to the Grande Arena, where they will check in with one of the secretaries responsible for trainers of their respective regions. They will then be assigned a room number in the section of housing developments corresponding to their region, where they will proceed to enter, settle in and await the announcement to summon all contestants into the main section of the Grande Arena. This announcement is expected to come at six in the evening, and the assembly will last until seven in the evening.

After the assembly, trainers can either head back to their rooms for the night or they may mingle with one another until the ten o'clock curfew. In the morning, they shall gather up their belongings and officially begin their adventures.

For now, all roleplayers should send their characters to check-in and get their pokémon, who they may then interact with for the first time, and then take a seat in the stands of the arena as they await the announcement.



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Relevant Advertising!

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I.I - Kentrik Island

Celeste Astra Noviella

Celeste gingerly lowered herself to the ground, clutching her bag tightly. She had never ridden a plane before, and the experience had left her feeling a little odd. She didn't quite feel like she was going to be sick, but she didn't feel quite normal either. Whatever the feeling was, she hoped it would subside now that she was on flat ground once again.

She stepped out into the sunlight, squinting a bit as her eyes adjusted to the intense rays. The ocean air smelled glorious and the ocean breeze was refreshing. The call of Wingull and Pelipper could be heard in the distance. Celeste smiled. This place was beautiful. She had a feeling that she would like it here.

"C'mon, girl, follow me!" Celeste turned her head, caught off guard. The boy that had been sitting next to her on the plane was waving her in his direction, having promised to show her the way to the bus terminal.

"O-Okay," she responded shyly, way too quietly for the boy to hear. She slung her bag over her back and ran over to the boy.

Although Celeste wasn't exactly sure if "boy" was the right way to term this individual. He looked to be about twenty, with short black hair and standing nearly a foot taller than Celeste. His jaw was square and his chin was covered with light stubble, which connected to some dark sideburns on either side of his visage. His muscles were well toned and he had a tattoo sleeve running up his right arm. He was clad in all black, wearing a tee-shirt and some denim jeans that were fixed in place by a leather belt. Personally, Celeste thought he looked a bit like an interesting cross between Matthew Lewis and Adam Levine.

"You're in for a real adventure," the man said as Celeste neared him. "I've been here once before," he paused as he took a deep inhalation of the summer air, "and it was probably the best experience of my life."

Celeste offered a shy smile. "It seems nice," she agreed. "I certainly hope it'll be fun, otherwise I may have wasted my time coming here."

Cole, as he had introduced himself on the plane, returned the smile. "The buses are this way," he said, nodding to an area off to his side. "Follow me."


The bus ride from the terminal to the Grande Arena took roughly ten minutes to complete. Celeste had spent most of the ride talking—well, mainly listening—to Cole, so it seemed shorter than it had truly been.

"Remember that, okay?" Cole said as he stepped off the bus with Celeste, who nodded in response. "Good. I'll be seeing you." With that, Cole ran off into the crowd, presumably to greet his boyfriend.

Celeste giggled quietly. She could learn a lot about people by simply listening for a few minutes.

Once Cole had disappeared from sight, Celeste turned her attention to the Grande Arena itself. If she remembered Cole's directions correctly, she would have to find the Unovian sign-in on the western side of the Arena. She glanced at the map, looking at the areas assigned to each region. Kanto and the Orange Islands were to the east, Johto the southeast, Hoenn the southwest, Sinnoh the west, Unova the northwest and Kalos the northeast.

As she remembered the path that Cole had pointed out on her map, she eyed the mass of people before her warily. Once she was satisfied that she knew her way, she steeled her nerves and began to make her way through the flood of trainers, tourists, and citizens of the archipelago.

It took her another fifteen minutes to make it to the northwest side of the Arena, having been slowed immensely by the flood of people. Once she was there, however, travel into the Arena became a bit simpler. For now, only contestants were permitted into the Arena, and they needed to show their invitation as proof before a guard would allow them entry. Once one got passed the guards, it became much less congested and far easier to navigate within the building.

She followed her map and eventually made her way to the contestant reception desks. The style of the reception areas were similar to the regions that they were modeled after, so Celeste felt a bit of familiarity when she approached the desks. "E-Excuse me?" she asked quietly as she approached a female receptionist, who had been shuffling through some paperwork.

She woman looked up from the stacks in front of her, taking a moment to examine Celeste. "You here to sign in, dear?"

Celeste nodded, remaining silent.

"Okay. May I have your name and invitation, please?" The woman asked as she picked up a clipboard with a checklist of names on it. Celeste glanced at it, noticing about four sheets of paper, each with about twenty-five names. She did the math and figured that one hundred trainers from each region were selected to take part in the tournament. It wasn't much, but it amounted to a decently sized competition.

"Celeste Noviella," she responded timidly as she handed the woman her purple ticket.

The woman quickly scanned the papers, finding Celeste's name with little effort. She checked off the name as she scanned the brief amount of information next to it. "You'll be assigned to room number 564," the receptionist stated as she handed Celeste a card key. "You'll be staying here for tonight, but we ask that you return your card key before you set off on your journey tomorrow, so as to make sure that you don't lose it while adventuring. You may claim it again whenever you return here."

Celeste glanced at the room key, quickly memorizing the number as she glanced at her map to find it.

"Also, you will find your pokémon in your room," the woman added.

Celeste nodded. "Thank you."

The woman smiled. "Of course! Welcome to the Lost Archipelago, Miss Noviella."


Celeste slid her card key through the electronic lock on the door. There was an audible click! as the door unlocked, granting Celeste access to her room. She opened the door and took a step in, admiring her surroundings as she did so.

The room was elegant, to say the least. The walls were a light ocean blue and the carpets were white and incredibly soft to the touch. There were a few ornate shelves, a decorative lamp, regal ceiling lights and fan, a dresser, a table with two magnificently designed chairs, and a wonderfully comfy couch. There was a large HDTV on the wall in front of the couch, and a beautiful mirror above the dresser. Since her room was on the second floor, she also had a sliding glass door that opened out onto a gorgeous balcony. The door came equipped with a lush curtain if one decided to keep out the sunlight or the eyes of others.

Upon walking further into the room, she found a closet and a full bathroom. The bathroom was mostly whites and blues, with marvelous tiles, a pristine toilet, a lovely sink, and a graceful shower and bathtub combination. It also contained those cute little hotel room soaps that made Celeste giggle at how adorable they were.

The room as a whole was amazing, and it came equipped with anything a trainer could possibly need, including a phone and access to the pokémon storage system. Next to the PC, Celeste found a poké ball, which presumably contained her pokémon partner. She set her backpack down on the king-sized bed before going over to pick up the poké ball.

She examined it for a minute, admiring its sleek design and the fact that it simply felt brand new, which she wasn't used to with her own poké balls. She tapped the button and then there was a flash of light as a pokémon materialized in front of her.

"Oh," she said, recognizing the pokémon as a Deino.

The pokémon, blind as all Deino were, cocked its head at the sound of Celeste's voice. And then it sneezed, causing Celeste to giggle. "You are absolutely adorable!" she observed.

Graa? The Deino made a questioning little screech as it continued to listen to Celeste's voice.

"Hello," she said as she kneeled down in front of the little dragon pokémon. "My name is Celeste. I guess we're going to be partners now."

The Deino tilted its head further, sniffing at Celeste a little. Celeste noticed as the hair on its head and back began to raise a little, and she recalled how Deino learned their surroundings. She braced herself as the Deino headbutted her in the stomach and began to lightly nibble on her arm.

Most people would probably feel a little hurt or offended if their pokémon attacked them, but Celeste didn't mind that much, especially since it was a Deino's natural instinct to ram and bite everything in order to learn its environment better.

Once the Deino's initial attack was over, it backed off and continued to sniff the area around Celeste. She continued to talk and bond with the pokémon for a little while longer, before noticing the time on the clock.

"Have we really been talking for an hour?" Celeste questioned as she realized that the clock now read to be five in the evening. The sun was still high in the sky, but she knew that the assembly for the contestants would be starting at six, and she still wanted to explore the area a little bit before then.

Celeste stood, stretching to wake her limbs back up. "C'mon little guy, let's go on a mini adventure around the Arena before the assembly begins."

The Deino chirped his excitement and then the two headed off.



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Chapter 1, Part 1 - Romulus Rainier

A New Beginning

Romulus walked off the ship and into the port, luggage rolling behind him. He took a deep breath and just took it all in. Palm trees swayed with a gentle breeze, sunshine beamed down on his skin, bird pokemon chirped off in the distance, it was all so... amazing. It was the perfect day for the perfect moment, starting his journey as a pokemon trainer. He took a glance down at the paper in his hands. It was given to him by the attendants on the boat, specifically for tournament challengers. Reading along the instructions. 'Step off the boat, check. Go to bus terminal assigned for Lost Tournament challengers, and ride to the Grande Arena.'

His eyes moved up from the paper, then slipped it back into his pocket. At the end of the dock was two lines for the buses, one presumably for tourists, and of course one for trainers. Quickly he found his way to the line for trainers, waiting for the next bus to make it's course.

It only took about five minutes for the next bus to show up, which filled up quickly with the trainers. Romulus found his seat about halfway through the bus, and they were off as quickly as they got on. It was obvious how much the natives cared about treating their competitors just by looking at the inside of the bus. The bus was vibrant with color and impeccably clean, seats were spaced out comfortably and made with material that surely had to be cloud, it was everything the opposite of what a bus was supposed to be like.

Romulus took a look around the bus, just to see what kind of people he'd be battling alongside(and against, in the long run). It seemed to be people mainly around his age, sixteen through about nineteen. There were a few exceptions to the rule however, a few kids that couldn't have been a day older than thirteen, a few adults that looked forty and up, but in one way they all were alike. Ancy behavior, smiles all around, a bit of small talk, it was just a good day for everyone. Romulus felt his own lips curled up into a smile.

It took about five minutes give or take to reach the Grande Arena, and Romulus chuckled as one of the younger ones, introduced himself as Thomas, zipped past him. "Nicetalkingtoyoumister!" Romulus yelled out to Thomas, "Be sure to save enough pokemon for the rest of us!"

Romulus stepped through the doors into the arena, eyes scanning across the people. He took a look back down at his instruction sheet. 'Enter Grande Arena. Locate sign in station for the region you represent. Kanto - East, Johto - Southeast, Hoenn - Southwest, Sinnoh - West, Unova - Northwest, Kalos - Northeast.'

Romulus looked up, eyeing the sign above him which read, '<-- Western Entrance, Southwestern Entrance, South Eastern Entrance -->.' Putting two and two together, he would have to go all the way around to get to his sign in station. With a will, Romulus moved against the steady flow of people.

After about twelve long minutes of fighting through mobs of people, Romulus found himself at the Northeastern Entrance. Thankfully, it all started to slow down after that point. Only Lost Tournament competitors would be allowed into the area, and invitations had to be presented at all times. After getting through a thorough check by the security, he was with only the other competitors and Lost Tournament staff, which made the next steps a lot easier. 'Locate reception desks, and sign in.'

It only took a minute for him to find an open booth, styled with a flurry of golden Fleur-de-lis's (typical Kalosian style), and he approached an elderly female staff member. He flashed a grin at the woman. "Excuse me, ma'am? This is where we sign in, correct?"

The woman smiled back at Romulus, nodding. "It sure is, lad. Could I have your name and invitation?"

He handed his ticket for the tournament over to the woman, reciting his name, "Romulus Damian Rainier."

The woman took the ticket, peering up at Romulus. "Like the clothing brand?"

Romulus chuckled, "Exactly like it. My father is the CEO."

"Well if you ever feel like helping someone pay their bills, my name's Mary." She winked at him, taking his comment as a joke. Romulus was used to it though, in fact he found it kind of funny. The woman scanned his ticket, which brought down a wide array of details about him and the things he would receive for his journey. One of which, was a room key. "Your room number will be room 314, and we ask that you bring this card back after the night, but understand that it will always be here for when you return. She slid the card over to Romulus, which he took and placed into his pants pocket. ""Good luck with the tournament, young lad. You'll find your pokemon in your room."

If the Lost Tournament staff really wanted to make an impression on the contestants, boy they were doing a pretty good job of it. Romulus closed the door behind him, looking around his room.

The room basically looked like how most people imagined how Romulus and his family lived. Vibrant reds, blues, and golds lined the room, and everything in it was of the highest quality. The wall was a combination of red and gold, with a soft blue carpet to pull it in. There were the few obvious things there, dresser, bed, shelf, HDTV, even a kitchen was off to the side. It had everything that the contestants needed and more.

Off to the side, between the side of the TV and the balcony, was a computerized booth that most people knew as a PC. What caught Romulus's eyes however, were the two objects on the desk beside it. Two particular red & white spheres.

Romulus set his luggage aside to the wall, and his backpack thrown hastily on the bed. He walked over to the desk, taking the pokeballs imbetween his fingers. Romulus's eyes glazed over the pokeballs, sitting there and thinking for a minute. His first pokemon... His pokemon. He walked over to the middle of the room, pressing the button on the first pokeball, which enlarged to engulf his hand. Romulus tapped the pokeball one more time, and in a bright flash of light, a pokemon materialized in front of him.

He kneeled down on his knee, face to face with the pokemon known as Squirtle. It blinked a few times, before cocking his head slightly. "Squirtle-squirt?"

Romulus smiled at the Squirtle, putting his hand out for the pokemon to take. "Hello, my name is Romulus. You and I are going to be partners."

The squirtle took a look at Romulus's hand, then back to him. It looked like it was mulling the words over, before it excitedly took Romulus's hand for a shake, and gave him something that looked like a salute.

Romulus laughed, taking the other pokeball in his hand. "It seems like you're on board, let's see if the other one is." He did the same process, and another pokemon materialized beside the squirtle.

The other starter pokemon Romulus received, would be the ghost pokemon, Duskull. The pokemon slowly glanced between Squirtle and Romulus, hands clutched behind his back. The red eye bounced slowly between his eye sockets absent mindedly.

Romulus did the same thing as before, introducing himself (and the squirtle), before holding his hand out for a handshake. The duskull stared up at Romulus for what felt like a good solid minute or two, before unclutching his hands to shake Romulus's. The duskull's hands went right behind his back after the handshake.

Romulus stood up and grinned at his two partners in crime. "Now come help me unload, I'll tell you a little bit about myself while we do it."

Time passed as the three unloaded Romulus's luggage, the squirtle and Romulus 'conversing', and the duskull (maybe?) listening. His phone beeped for a text, and then he saw the time. 5:30 at night. He called over his pokemon, getting back in a kneeled position.

"So, I gotta name you guys before we go to the assembly. Stop me when there is something you like." It took multiple tries before he found a name that he, his squirtle, and his duskull could agree on. Romulus rubbed the back of his head, staring down at the squirtle when he noticed something. There was a mark on the squirtle, about halfway on the left side of his shell, which looked looked oddly like a trident. It reminded him of stories people used to tell in the ancient times. "Poseidon?" The squirtle stopped shaking his head, pausing for a second, before nodding happily. Poseidon chose this as the time to climb on Romulus's shoulder, and perch on top of his head.

Romulus laughed happily as Poseidon did so, turning to his other pokemon. The duskull stared up at him, expression blank as usual. Romulus knew a few of the words the region of the stories came from, and their word for a spirit was 'spiros', and duskull were ghost pokemon so... "Would Spiros be okay?" The duskull tilted his head forward ever so slightly, before lowly emitting it's cry. Taking that as a yes, Romulus grinned and stood up.

At precisely 5:40 in the evening, Romulus left his room with Poseidon as a hat, and Spiros floating along next to his legs. They began making their way to the arena.

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A fiery excitement dancing inside Yvain as his plane came to a landing. The image of this new world around brought him to a high he had never felt for him. It extraordinarily exciting and Yvain couldn’t help but feel giddy. The young man glued himself to his window, envisioning the land he was going to explore.

Yvain was experiencing the one thing he that he had dreamed of for so long: the sweet taste of a life away from home and Yvain was so very ready to make it even sweeter. With a thick thud the plane landed on the island signaling that it was almost time for the boy to make his experience come to full. As the passengers were escorted from the plane, the boy was welcomed by a man with a sign reading Uther.

“Welcome to Kentrik, Mr Uther, please come this way.”

Without giving Yvain much of an opportunity to talk, the escort quickly moved forward, leaving Yvain to follow him out of the airport. During his walk, the distinct difference from his home became much too apparent on his walk to the bus. A number of people staring at him oddly. It seemed that Yvain had an unusual taste in style, with his loose clothing and sandals - not to mention his ridiculous hair. At home everyone knew him and knew how he came to be who he was, there wasn’t anything really strange about him to the Lunacosa residents. These strangers did not have that luxury, all they knew what they saw in front of them today. Yvain felt a strange sense of loneliness passed, but the feeling dissipated fairly quickly as he remembered just what he was doing: living his dream.

Things only grew even more distinct as Yvain stepped outside. It was hot, the winds were cool, and the air was even a little salty, the scenery was made from beiges beaches and light greens trees with broad leaves overlooking a grand sea. The weather was far different from the familiar cool climate and light air in Lacunosa.

The bus ride to the Grande Arena went fairly quickly, Yvain kindly welcomed by a clerk and promptly given his key and room number. After a brief look through of paperwork and some overviews on some of the rules he would have to follow, finally reaching his room, Yvain looked quickly spotted a note on his bedside table, along with a pair of pokeballs. Yvain’s heart pounded as he rushed over to read the latter.

“Hey Yvain,

I’m sure you’re pumped for starting your adventure. Hope you’re enjoying your trip so far, if not, well that’s too bad, you’re probably wondering about the pokeballs, well I talked to Juniper before you left and she let me set you up with these two pokemon. I got to meet them personally before sending them out to you, they aren’t nicknamed yet, but it’s a male Shinx and female Litleo, they are already pretty familiar with each other and known for being a bit mischievous as a pair. They’ll be perfect for you. Have fun!

Your favorite Cousin, Gawain.

P.S Juniper thought you would like some dragon types due to the family namesake, I convinced her otherwise. You really going to owe me a lot. Can’t wait to see you again”

Smiling at the letter, Yvain picked up the two pokeballs releasing his new pokemon. The first pokemon that appeared was a Shinx, followed by a Litleo. With a yawn the two pokemon looked up at the ambitious red head.

“Hey guy, my name is Yvain and it seems like I’ve been given the job of being your trainer. You guys are fine with that right?” The two pokemon peered at the trainer then turned to and gave their perspective growls. “I’m going to take that as a yes."

Yvain went down to pet the Shinx, because he was nearest to him. In a quick movement it nibbed at his hand, causing Yvain to pull back quickly.

“I think I’ll call you Jot since you’re so quick to bite.” Turning his attention to the Litleo he poked at the pokemon’s head. She responded similarly as the Shinx, though not nearly as quickly.

“Why not Iota? It means the same thing as Jot, though not really in the quick fashion.” Much like the Shinx, the Litleo reacted indifferently.

Yvain poked at the Iota’s head again to get a more appropriate reaction. The young lion pawed at the boy in response, with Jot curiously joining in. The situation quickly escalated into some type of poking game between the three of them. The fun continued until sometime after five in the afternoon, where Yvain realized it was almost time for him to attend the assembly that was required of him.

“Jot and Iota, Let’s get going.”

Fixing his clothing and hair, the boy walked out with his two cats proudly by his side.


Roleplay Characters


Anise Briar


Apollo: A Journey of the Gifted

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1.1 - Arrival in Kentrik

Laras face was pressed against the little plane window. She had never been in a plane before, and she was loving this new experience. The sun was shining bright and the ocean below them was crystal blue. She couldnt wait to land and explore the island, maybe go for a swim later this week. The plane was full of people, some looked like trainers, others like regular tourists. After they landed, Lara grabbed her bag and was almost the first one to get off the plane.

As she walked towards the terminal, Lara examined her surroundings and took it all in. She could even spot what looked like an arena somewhat in the distance. *Hmm thats probably where the welcome announcment will be held*, she thought. Lara grabbed her baggage off the luggage carousel and proceeded to the exit. There were two different buses: One for trainers, one for tourists. She stood in line for the trainer bus, showed her invitation at the door and got in. Sitting down at a window seat, she plugged her earphones in and listened to some music, as the bus drove through Kentrik. Lara didnt pay much attention to the other trainers on the bus and preferred to admire the nature and buildings of her new "home". After a short ride, they arrived at the Grande Arena.

"Welcome to Grande Arena, trainers!" a female voice said through the speakers. "Please remember to sign up at the desk corresponding to your region. Kanto and the Orange Islands at the east entrance, Johto the southeast, Hoenn the southwest, Sinnoh the west, Unova the northwest and Kalos the northeast. Thank you and have a great day!"

As soon as Lara got off the bus, she realized the Lost Islands League was a great tourist attraction. Everywhere around her were people and Pokemon, trainers and tourists. *So Johto sign-ups at the southeast gate* Lara reminded herself. She looked up at the signs and realized she was at the southern gate, which meant the southeast one couldnt be far away.

Making her way through the crowd of people all around the arena, Lara finally arrived at the southeast gate. She walked up to the sign-up table, where a middle-aged man with long blond hair was sitting, a smile on his face.

"Hello my dear" he said in a voice that sounded a bit feminine "Im guessing you are here to sign up?"

"Yes, exactly" Lara replied, grabbing her invitation out of her back pocket. "Lara Bayon is the name, from Goldenrod in Johto."

"Great, let me just check the list...yes, fabolous, there you are" The man replied, ticking off her name from the list. "Well Lara, you will be staying in room 224 for the night. Please make sure to give back the key tomorrow ok? And Im Aaron by the way, in case you need anything." Aaron handed Lara a card key, as well as a map of Kentrik and one of the Grande Arena. "The welcome ceremony wont start until 6pm, which gives you a good 3 hours to get settled and rest" he added with a smile.

Lara couldnt help but like Aaron and his friendly attitude. "Thanks for everyhting Aaron, ill see you later!" She replied, grabbed her stuff and started walking down the hall. It didnt take long until she found room 224. Excited to see where she would be staying, Lara immediately opened the door and walked inside.

"Woooow, this is beautiful!" the girl exclaimed, looking at the incredibly well furnished and decorated room she was standing in. The room had everything she would need and more: A nice and comfy looking bed, a big flat-screen tv, a PC, a phone...Lara was amazed at how well the trainers were treated. She loved her own room back at home, of course, but this was one was on a whole other level.

Lara threw her bags into a corner and layed down on the bed, which felt like laying in a cloud. She was tired from the trip and about to fall asleep, but then rememebered something: The Pokemon! Lara jumped up and looked around, and saw 2 Pokeballs placed on the table. She approached them, excited to meet her 2 companions on this grand journey.

Lara took one pokeball in each hand and stared at them for a moment.
"Time to get to know each other!" She said, releasing the Pokemon from the left Pokeball first. A little mankey appeared in front of her, and immediately started to jump around and climbed on Lara. "Oh wow, you are full of energy little mankey" She said, as the Mankey climbed on top of her head and started smelling her. The monkey-like Pokemon jumped down after a while, and stared playfully at Lara. "Hmm...i think Ill name you Claude, does that sound ok?" She asked her new Pokemon. The Mankey jumped up and made a funny sounding noise, what to Lara sounded like a yes. "Alright then, lets see who else we got."

As the Mankey stared at Laras other Pokeball, she released her second starter Pokemon. The red beam transfromed into a yellow ball of furr that started bleating. "A Mareep!" Lara exclaimed in excitement. The Electric Pokemon was native to the Johto region, and Lara had seen plenty of them already. The Mareep was a lot more calm than Claude, and quietly examined her surroundings. The Mankey seemed intrigued by the other Pokemon, and started smelling his new companion.

"I think ill be naming you...Lanas! Yeah, that sounds good!" decided Lara, to wich the Mareep answered with a blaaaaah and a smile. She was excited about her two Pokemon and could not wait to see them in action. Lara also wondered what other trainers would get as their starter...

"How about i get some stuff unpacked and we get to know each other better, huh?" She asked her two Pokemon, putting one of her bags on the bed and opening it. "And if there is time left, we can walk around outside for a bit as well"
Claude and Lanas seemed to like the plan, and listened to Laras stories as she unpacked her stuff.


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The bells are tolling Six in the evening, which means the excitement is about to begin! Everyone should get on over to the Grande Arena pronto, find a place to stand before the stage and get ready for the announcement!

The Announcement

As the clocks around Kentrik strike six, trainers are heading into the center of the Grande Arena for the final stage of introductions before they are permitted to start their journeys. All trainers will be on the arena floor, in front of a stage that has been set up in the center. Non-trainers, such as friends and family of contestants or simply natives and tourists who wish to experience the announcement ceremony, may watch from the stands.

As trainers and civilians shuffle into the arena, Professor Aurea Juniper takes the stand. She waits for a few moments to allow things to settle down before she begins her speech.

"Welcome one and all to the Grande Arena! Trainers, this is where you will both start your journey and where you will end it. Today we gather to remind you of some of the regulations of the tournament, to explain some things previously left unsaid, and to provide you with the essential knowledge and items for your journey. For now, I will hand things over to Reyna Caulfield. I'm sure many of you recognize her, and a few of you may have even battled her in the past. If you don't know who she is, let me introduce you to the reigning Lost Hero!"

The crowd rips into applause, cheering on Reyna. She has become a bit of a legend since her victory in the Lost Tournament—as all of the Lost Heroes do—and so fame is something that she has become familiar with. There might be mixed feelings of malice and love towards her from the crowd, as many trainers who competed against her in the previous Lost Tournament might still feel a bit sore from their losses, but there is a shared feeling of admiration that buzzes through the arena, whether it be grudging or inspired.

"Thank you, Professor," Reyna says as she accepts the microphone from Professor Juniper. Reyna is a tall, elegant woman with crystal blue eyes and long, braided hair that is dyed a deep blue. Her outfit is also primarily blue, and it's both graceful and fitting for a trainer. She wears a black tee-shirt with a blue half jacket, dark blue skinny jeans, styled combat boots, and black leather fingerless gloves. On her head there lies a crystal circlet inlaid with sapphires—an icon forged for her when she became the Lost Hero.

"Welcome! I hope you're all as excited as I am!" A huge roar rips through the crowd, and Reyna has to take a moment to quell it before she can speak again. "I'll take that as 'yes!' So, the first thing I'll tell you all is 'good luck.' Usually that's a sentiment saved for the end, but believe me when I say you'll need it. Competition here can get intense, and some people give up before they make it to the end of their journey. I don't want any of you to do that, so be persistent!"

The crowd is silent, probably wondering what could cause someone to quit, or perhaps reflecting on some of the tougher challenges that they've faced in this archipelago before. "Okay, now for the refresher course! I'm sure most of you have already received your pokémon, and if you haven't, I suggest you check out your room as soon as possible! After we're done here, everyone will also receive a bag of items, which contains the basics for a trainer: a handful of potions and poké balls, a case to hold the medals that you'll collect across the archipelago, camping supplies like a sleeping bag, tent, rope, and matches, and finally, a DeviWatch."

Reyna raises her wrist, showing off a stylish device wrapped around her wrist. "Now, at the risk of sounding like a walking advertisement, I'd like to say that these little beauties, produced by the Midnight Corporation, will probably be one of the most important parts of your journey. They have access to various databases, a highly detailed holographic display of the archipelago, a built in Holo-Caster, remote access to the pokémon PC, as well as many other neat little tricks that you'll discover soon enough.

"Whatever you do, don't lose this watch! You would be at a huge disadvantage if you did, unless you raise enough money on your travels to buy a new one.

"And now for some rules. As skilled trainers, I shouldn't have to remind you of the very basics. I hope not, at least. But just in case, remember these few things: no more than six pokémon can be carried around at any given time, to keep things fair. When you lose a battle, you have to pay a fraction of your money to the victor, and, of course, any severe or repeated misconduct will have you removed from the tournament and exiled from the archipelago.

"There are also some things specific to the tournament that you should remember. First off, there's eighteen arena medals to be collected, and you will need them all to be able to participate in the Lost Tournament. You'll have ample time to gather them, so don't feel rushed. You'll have to find your own means of transportation in and around the islands, and you're responsible for keeping yourself and your pokémon safe. Supplies can be purchased from any town, and you may find a few outposts along some of the routes. These outposts will have vendors and beds to rest in, so be glad if you come across any. Also, I warn you all to say on the marked routes. If you wish, you may stray from them, but to do so would be very dangerous. You see, the routes are lined with invisible fencing, which keep out wild pokémon of higher abilities. Thanks to this, any pokémon that you meet on routes should be around your skill level, if you train your pokémon properly. Pokémon outside of the routes may prove to be far more challenging, but should you brave the wilds and come out unscathed, I'm sure you'll have gained immense experience and perhaps a few rare and very powerful pokémon. The rewards may seem worth it, but don't overestimate yourselves, for your own safety."

Reyna takes a step back, ending her speech with that solemn warning. Professor Juniper walks back up and accepts the microphone once more. "Thank you, Reyna."

She pauses for a moment, allowing Reyna to take a seat and the audience to take in Reyna's advice. "If at any time you require assistance, feel free to contact myself or any of the other professors here. If you run into danger, please don't hesitate to contact the authorities. And please, if you encounter any suspicious individuals—as events like this sometimes seem to draw—report them immediately."

From there, Professor Juniper proceeds to remind everyone of some of the more basic rules, most of which you should already be aware of. She ends by stating directions to collecting your items, which should have been delivered to your room while you were in attendance here. She tells of some more items that they'll contain, reminds you that you'll have to return your room key in the morning before you depart, and gives a brief description of some of the islands.

"You can travel the islands in any order you wish. As Reyna mentioned, the fences around the routes will make sure that you'll only be encountering pokémon that you can handle. And, as per the rules of the tournament, the Arena Masters will have started out with a brand new team of pokémon as well. They, obviously, will have more time and opportunity to train than you, and they are all highly experienced trainers, so don't think that they'll be an easy challenge simply because they have a fresh team as well. Once you collect all of the necessary medals, you can either return to Kentrik and relax, or continue exploring the archipelago and honing your skills, depending on how long it takes you to gather all eighteen medals."

Juniper gives a bright smile, signifying that she's finished with her speech. "Good luck to each and every one of you. Now, get on with your journeys!" The crowd roars with excitement once more, and then begins to disperse.

From here, you can do any of the following things:

  • Interact with other trainers, be they players or NPCS.
  • Return to your rooms and collect your bags, which will contain these basic items. <
    DeviWatch (pick a color! Any (solid, with black accents) color!)
    3000 poké dollars
    Potion x5
    Poké ball x5
    Arena Medal Case (again, any solid color!)
    Camping supplies (sleeping bag, tent, rope, matches, snacks, et cetera)
  • Explore the city a bit more, visiting shops and just having a nice time for the remainder of your night.
  • Turn in and sleep until tomorrow, so that you can begin your journey that much sooner.



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