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Old April 6th, 2014 (4:21 PM).
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The Seven Days of Darkness, by Klade


"It is agreed." announced Rayquaza. "A prophecy will be made. Gladita, incantation of prophecy, step forth. Know that the power of this prophecy cannot, nor that it ever will be so strong as to go as far as predict the whole impact of the Seven Days of Darkness. However you shall go all out on this one."
The short, undiscovered legendary Pokemon Gladita stepped through the large crowd of legendary Pokemon that had assembled to discuss the Seven Days of Darkness.
Gladita stood in front of the Crystal of Foresight, a powerful artifact used to create prophecies of the most dangerous events. She went into a deep trance, purple mist billowing out of her eyes.
All the legends watched curiously as they waited for the outcome of the prophecy. Finally, Gladita spoke, ominously, slowly, steadily:

"Skade plans for the world's end;
He awaits no other than his former friend
To end the world in seven days of disaster
That has much power that none could ever master.

The first, a deathly plague will sweep up on the land,
taking so many lives, even more than had planned.
The next, tsunamis cascading all over our home
Blanketing all with frosty sea foam.

The third, even worse than the last;
covering the earth with a hot, blazing blast.
The fourth, a cruel, nasty hurricane,
Sending down much heavy rain.

The fifth, a worldwide blizzard,
the result of the wrath when Skade is angered.
The sixth, a planetary quake,
the world will then quiver, shiver, and shake.

The last is the worst, pray you'll be dead 'till then,
It will be a time of terror when,
Shadow Pokemon shall make a killing spree,
Crossing from sea to open sea."

All the while Arceus, Lord of the Legend Council, had been grinding his teeth whenever Gladita recited the next verse. Though none of the other legends save him knew who in the world Skade, or Shadow Pokemon either, was (there was very much buzz about it at the moment) Arceus definitely didn't like it, and his eyes shone bright with fear.

Author's Note: Arceus, the Lord who isn't scared of anything, fearful? This is going to be interesting! Also, I am no poet. Don't expect too much from me for the prophecy. For now, PEACE!!!

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