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Old July 16th, 2014 (09:45 PM). Edited July 21st, 2014 by AluminiumOxide.
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When the darkness rises.When Darkness tries to rule. To avoid its prevention. A group of superheroes called The Mighty Avengers risk their life to save the people of the earth. This is a club about our very very loving heroes. From a very old time the marvel comics and its characters have been entertaining us. The release of marvel comics was the release of bunch of superheroes. From Captain america to spiderman from Iron man to hulk all the character entertained us. The old Marvel comics was superbly hit so it was awarded with a new idea. The idea was to release the marvel heroes in Cinema ! With the great hard work of all people. They finally made it to make new films about superheroes ! They taught about new ideas to entertain us. So they come up with making a team of different superheroes. Avenger have many characters. There are like version of them. In every version there is new or old character. We will destroy the darkness and we will make peace here. If our enemy got thousand army we got HULK !

* Follow all PC and Fan Clubs Rule
* Don't troll, Harrash or post sexual content
* Don't disrespect any members
* All are free to make their own topics and will have Shield Points for it
* Enjoy

Sign Up

Name :
Partner Superhero: (Choose any from Partner Superhero list below)
why you love Avengers :
Answer to any topic (Find the topics from the topic list below)

The SuperHero Partner List
Black Widow
Ant Man
Daughter of Thor
Son Of Captain America
Son of Halkeye
Black Panther

The Legendary Superhero Partners
Captain America
Iron Man
Ultimate Spiderman

SuperVillain Partners
*Red Skull

TheAmazingSpiderMan with Ultimate Spiderman
Endless With Thor
Tenth Doctor with Daughter of Thor

*Does Iron Man Deserve to be the Leader of Avenger ?
*Could Captain America handle the team as the leader ?


My Club |Paired With IndianCharizard |

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Old July 18th, 2014 (01:59 PM).
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Name: Endless.
Partner Superhero: Thor.
Why you love Avengers: These guys consist of many of my favorite superheroes (and heroines), and together, they're a huge, unstoppable force. Who wouldn't like such a thing? Haha.

Does Iron Man deserve to be the leader of Avenger?
I think he does. I know I've chosen Thor to be my partner, but out of them all, this guy impresses me the most. He's got hundreds of iron-suits out there, which he could control all at once; he's basically an army of his own. Sounds quite powerful, doesn't it? Alongside, Stark is an extremely rich person, and with his cash, he's able to keep Avenger top-notch. I know that they're all friends, more or less, but nonetheless, money does play a role here.
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Old July 18th, 2014 (03:18 PM).
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Name: Tenth Doctor
Partner Superhero: Daughter of Thor
Why you love Avengers: I actually love Loki more than anything. I mean anyone who knows me realizes that man is literally my whole life. I got into the Avengers because of him, and ever since then I've been really hooked on the films. My favorite film of all is Thor: The Dark World.

Does Iron Man Deserve to be the Leader of Avenger? I do. I mean, he's pretty cool from what I've seen of him in The Avengers. I have yet to see his other movies though.
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Old July 20th, 2014 (07:42 PM).
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Sorry guys i was away for some time but now i am back !

And Hey you both are welcomed here. And i agree with both about that Iron man is a person who really deserve to be a leader ! Not because he is a billionaire because he is a person who can control the whole team. He is the person who saved Earth in avengers movie too.

My Club |Paired With IndianCharizard |

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