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Ariane Dracon: Mountains

Ariane climbed up the mountain side. She had not climbed to far, but still she was a good ways up. Maybe about 20 feet up. She didn't want to look down. Even though she wanted to be a Sky Battle Master, she was still not comfortable climbing a wall of rock, even though it was a somehwat steady rise and not a wall that went straight up, though still steep.

'Noi....Noi Noi...' Her Noibat sounded with slight fear in its voice.

"What's wrong Noibat?" She asked.

The Noibat looked up to a small rock platform that was about 10 feet wide. She climbed to it and stood up.

"Whew... Let us rest for a few minutes. And Noibat, I don't see anything up here." Ariane said as she looked around.

There was a small gap in the rock face. For post pokemon, it would be impossible to get through it. That is how small it was. Not even something as small as a Caterpie could get through.

"Rufflet! If you want me to battle you! Let us take it to a safer location for both of us! Rufflet are aggressive, but still respectable, and I have a feeling you want a fair fight on even ground! Plus, I don't want anyone to get hurt if they are traveling by!"

Ariane heard the male voice, not far away yelling almost as if he was right above her. She was scared at first, but after realizing that maybe the boy wouldn't even know she was here due to concentrating on a wild pokemon.

"Hmm a boy who actually cares about someone other than themselves, what a surprise." Ariane said with full honesty and harshly.

She took a seat next to the hole, not thinking anything would bother her and looked over the landscape. She could see a rain storm on Battlefield 7 in a distance. As least that is what she thought it was. It seemed like someone had used rain dance over the arena. She quickly grabbed her empty sketch book and started to draw the landscape.

She looked over at Noibat who was fluttering around a lot. She had never seen Noibat like this, and that worried her. At that moment, she could here a gooey sound. A sound that you would expect slim to make when played with. He was coming from the rocks. She stopped drawing and stepped back away from the wall. Ready for anything. But when purple slim started to emerge from the small hole, her fear was all, but too real. A Grimer emerged from the hole.

'Grimer.' The Grimer popped out.

She backed up more, too far, and she heard a cracking sound underneath her.

Dalex Yukashi: Mountains

Dalex went through his pokemon that he could use. He had used all of his pokemon at some point today other than Shinx and he hadn't made it to a Poke Center yet because he didn't think he needed to. He had to go with Shinx,

"Crap. I don't even know the moves that Shinx can use. It as young as it is, it probably does not know any damaging electric moves." Dalex said.

He quickly went through. Leer, Charge, and Tackle were listed.

"There is no way I can beat Rufflet right now, but maybe I can weaken it some." He said to himself.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, Rufflet made a stop and turned to face him. He looked at the Rufflet's size again.

Hmm... should I try to catch this Rufflet? It is a runt. But maybe that is a good thing. He remembered stories of trainers catching small pokemon, only to become larger than normal after it evolves.

He reached for Shinx's ball that he had removed from his bag already.

"Alright Sh-" He was cut off.

"No! A grimer!!"

Dalex stopped his pokeball throw and quickly looked around. He knew a Grimer could be dangerous. He heard the grimer cry and he ran toward the sound, which was the edge. He looked down. About seven feet below him, he spotted a grimer and a blond girl with glasses on stepping to close to the edge. He heard a loud crack and he knew it could only be one thing. He quickly jumped down. Before he landed, the ground below the female gave away in a loud crack and she started falling. With his speed, he landed on top of the grimer, dazing it, and jumped toward the girl, grabbing her arm before she could fall.

"Got you!" He cried, but the momentum was too great, "Crap!" With the girl falling, he couldn't stop and he was dragged with her.

He tried to steady the fall, only to hurt his ankle in the process and they both fell to the ground. Then suddenly, a Noibat flew under them and used a small gust. The gust swirled a small tornado which caught them and slowly placed them on the ground.

Dalex sat up, but intense pain was shooting through his ankle. He reached down and grabbed it.

"My glasses! Where are they!?" The female cried.

Dalex looked around and spotted them, "About three feet to your right." He said.

He watched as she quickly followed his directions and grabbed her glasses. She put them on and as soon a she saw him, she yelled.

"No! Why are you following me! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!" She cried as she quickly got to her feet with no issues and ran away toward the dorms.

"Wait! I was-" He tried to say, but she was already gone.

The Noibat looked at him and then at the running girl. And the flew off toward the girl. "You could have at least helped me get to my feet!!" He yelled as loud as he could after her.

He started to feel the pain in his ankle more. He slowly untied his shoe and loosened it up. He took it off, followed by his sock. He looked at his ankle, he was already purple. "Dang it. Its another sprang. At least it isn't broken. But I am not going to be able to run for a few days."

In the past, Alex had sprung his ankle more than once, even broke it once from all his running. He was glad he had learned how to handle these things. He quickly reached for the bag around his waist and pulled out a Full Heal and a bandage wrap. It was true that it was a pokemon item, but he had learned that it also helps humans, just not as effective. He sprayed his ankle and winced in pain, but after a second, it felt amazing. He put down the rest of the Full Restore and then wrapped his ankle. He let it sit for a few minutes, and when he could move it again, he slowly put his sock and shoe back on. He crawled to a rock that had been wedges into the ground and used it to boost himself to his feet. After that, he heard the Rufflet. Who landed on the rock he had just boosted himself up with.

"I am sorry Rufflet. I cannot battle now. Maybe tomorrow."

'Rufflet Ruf.' The Rufflet said.

"What? Are you asking to come with me?"

'Rufflet!' The Rufflet nodded and flew over to Dalex's shoulder and landed.

"That is awesome! I guess you saw me try to save that girl and respected me. I am sorry for everything I said." Dalex pulled out a poke ball and clicked against Rufflet's head. Rufflet was absorbed. He shook once then clicked, as if the Rufflet was agreeing with what he had just said,

"Awesome Rufflet! You will make a great pokemon!" Dalex said, as he looked to the sky. It was starting to get sightly darker.

"Man I hope I can make it back to the academy before night. I don't even know what comes out at night here. And why did that girl think I was following her?"

Dalex started to walk away, but something caught his eye. He looked toward what caught it, and there on the ground was a book. And in it was a Braviary Quill Pen. He walked over to it and picked it up.

"This is a sketch pad. It must have fallen out of that girls bag when we fell." He looked at the first few pages and eh was amazed.

"Wow.... even though the are drawings, they looked extremely realistic. I mean almost every single detail is perfect. Some of these are even better than my photos." He said,

He took the Braviary Quill Pen out, "This is a pristine bravaiary feather as well. A very well raised one at that."

He turned to the last page, to confirm that the pad was full. And what his saw made his eyes widen.

"Wh...what is this? This looks like exactly like the night I was attacked.... that kid..... that's me! I am sure of it! The Grumpig is there. The Taillow is there... Everything is correct!" Alex exclaimed.

He was upset not to be able to see the faces of the trainer and little girl in the photo, as it was their backs facing him. He closed the sketch pad and found an A.D. in the bottom right hand corner.

"I got to find out who that girl is. But first, I need to get out of here. Would such if I saw a psychic pokemon on the way back..." Dalex said.


Ariane Dracon:

She ran as fast and quick as she could. Noibat caught up with her who she returned without question and continued to run. She ran all the way back without stopping. She climbed up the stairs to her room in the Suicune Dorm and slammed the door shut as she enter her room. She quickly locked the door,tears rolling down her face, and the relaxed. She put her bag down and looked to unpack it.

"No! Where is it!" She rummaged through her bag.

"No! No! Why that one!" She cried.

She slung her bag up against the shelf, sending books, pencils and many other things flying.

"No.... It must have fallen out.... It is gone..... The pictures.... the pen... everything..." She started to cry,

She looked around at the mess she had made and slowly started to clean up. With no intention on leaving her room again for the night,
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Harawan Pommel

Into the Mountains

Haru reached the mountains soon. He knew it was still too early to go back to the dormitories and he had plenty of time to spare. It was a good day for him as the Cubone he caught could be easily used to show the diversity the plains had to offer for his next class. It was the mountains he was next interested in. It was not as huge as Mt. Coronet as Sinnoh, but it certainly is larger than Mt. Moon in Kanto. I better take note of that. The mountain was pretty bare, almost devoid of any trees. Well, there really were few true mountains, mountains that could still boast a huge assortment of trees and diversity hiding under their foliages.

There were a few Spearows pecking at the hard dirt of the mountain but Haru would not even dare to catch them. A Spearow alone is a good Pokemon but a flock might prove dangerous enough especially in the environment they were in. Metagross could probably handle a flock but hey, why provoke them? Besides, if he wanted to train any of his Pokemon, he could have easily done it in the plains where the Pokemon were more peaceful and relaxed.

However, he saw one figure walking back down from the mountains. "I got to find out who that girl is. But first, I need to get out of here. Would such if I saw a psychic pokemon on the way back..." Haru decided to call him.

"Hey, you there!" Haru shouted, hoping that the boy might hear. He was still too far away but sounds carry easily in the mountains, no? "It's getting dark and it's not good for a boy like you out here wandering alone! Hey!"
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Dalex Yukashi - Between Mountains and Dorms

Dalex looked around, thinking he heard someone yell. He found another large rock that he could take a seat on and rest again and so he did. His sprang was worst than he had thought. He remembered hurting it back like this when he was jumping rocks near a waterfall. One of the rocks was covered in slime from the waterfall and possibly some other pokemon. When he had jumped to the rock, it had made his put slip in, nearly breaking it. But not quite a break.

He got ready to jump of the rock. Putting the Braviary Quill Pen back in its place in the sketch pad and the placing the sketch pad in his bag.... but then...

Ring ring ring. Ring ring ring. Phone Call. Phone Call.

His C-Gear started to ring. He brought his wrist up to see that it was his Dad. He hit answer.

"Ah hey son!" His dad yelled.

"Hey Dad. What's up?"

"Nothing much nothing much. I heard you caught 2 pokemon already. That is amazing! You have only been there a day now." His Dad said.

Dalex smiled, "Three now."

"Three!? Wow. What kind is the third one?" His Dad asked.

"A Rufflet. It is smaller than a normal Rufflet, but I am sure it will become bigger than a normal Braviary with training."

"My friend would be happy to know you caught a Rufflet. Anyways, the reason I called was because I heard you had a Hawlucha. I know you just caught it and all, but do you think I could borrow him for a bit? I think your mother would also like to use your Shinx for a day or two."

Dalex was no doubt disappointed in the question. It is true that Hawlucha was a new pokemon. But Ice also knew it was still pretty powerful. And although it seemed to listen to the command to get berries, would it listen to battle commands?

"Yeah. I can send Hawlucha to you Dad. But why do you need him? If you don't mind me asking."

"Me and my teams think we may have discovered some ruins from an ancient civilization, but we need a pokemon who can break into the chambers. It says only a fighting type may be able to do so. None of my team have fighting types, nor do their children." His dad answered.

"Yeah sure. I will send it over now." Dalex said.

He reached for Hawlucha's ball., "Hey Hawlucha. I am going to send you to my Dad for a while. Listen to him please."

The ball shook. Dalex hit a special button on the C Gear that formed a beam of light. He placed the ball in the light and it floated and then disappeared. After a minute, his Dad appeared again.

"Everything is good here son. Thanks again."

"Hey Dad, I have a question. Mr. Dracon, did he have a daughter?"

"No, but he did have a niece who came over and played with you every now and then. Right after we moved, he won a custody battle against his brother. I am surprised you don't remember. You two loved playing with one another. Not to mention she was with him the night he saved you from that Grumpig. Then again, you were out for a while after than. They were gone before you could say hey to one another."

"I remember her, but I wasn't aware of her being his Niece. If I am not mistaking, her name was Ariane Dracon was it not?"

"Yep. That be her. Why?"

"No reason. Anyways Dad, I better let you go. It is getting late here on the Island. And I sprang my ankle again and I am still a good amount from the Dorms. Rather not get caught out here in the dark."

His Dad sighed, "Well just try not to break your ankle again and be careful. I will let you go now."

"Alright Dad. Good luck! Bye!"

His dad nodded and the screen went black.

Quickly he opened up his C Gear, He typed in his mothers number. It rang and rang and finally his Mom picked up.

"Mom!" He said.

"Oh hey Dalex, did your father call?" She asked.

"Yep. I just finished talking to him. He said you needed Shinx for something?" Dalex asked.

"Oh I do. We are having a problem with some of the power. I needed an electric pokemon to help out for a few days until we can get it up and running again." His mom said.

"Ok, I will send Shinx over. It know charge, so it should be able to help. While you are at it, do you think you could look at it for me? It is a really Young Shinx and I didn't see any parents around." Dalex said.

"Ok. I will." She said.

Again Dalex activated the pokemon teleport on his C-Gear and sent Shinx over. After a few more minutes talking to his mom, basically the same stuff he talked to his Dad with, they said their good byes and hung up.

Dalex adjusted his camera, which had survived the fall, being a heavy duty and all. He got ready to hop off the rock. But again he was stopped by an older male voice that carried through the mountains.

"Hey, you there!" He heard the voice

Dalex looked into the direction. He saw a man not too far away, He was still within hearing range.

"It's getting dark and it's not good for a boy like you out here wandering alone! Hey!" He heard the male say.

By what Dalex could see, he could tell that the man might be a teacher.

Great... Now a teacher shows up after I sprang my ankle. He thought.

Dalex gathered up air into his lungs and tried to yell loud enough for the man to hear him.

"Yeah I know sir! Thank you! I was actually heading back to the battlefields now! There is a tournament going on and I was taking pictures before I got side tracked!"
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Jordan Gregson - Battlefield 7

She felt bad for missing the battle going on in the stadium, but she just had to try and find that Banette and its trainer. Jordan found herself in a corridor more than likely beneath the stands. Espeon led the way but even she seemed somewhat lost. What she did manage to do, however, was get them to a much more open room - almost like a reception area. Looking to one side Jordan noticed another corridor, this time shorter and leading out into what was most definitely the arena. She turned back to look around the room, hoping to see the Banette floating around or at least recognise its trainer's face... But it looked as if they'd long since left. She sighed and Espeon flattened her ears somewhat. 'Never mind, huh? Maybe we'll see them in class or something?'
A woman behind a desk smiled over at her 'you a late sign up?'
'Wh- Oh! No! No I was just looking for someone.'
Her smile didn't fade, 'ah, well feel free to look around, but make sure you aren't too long. This area really should just be for entrants only, ok?' Her sing-song voice unnerved Jordan somewhat, but she forced a grin back.
'Uh... Thanks.' She beckoned Espeon to follow... Anywhere away from that woman.
Maybe I can find one of the girls in that battle, they might know where to find her...?
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Harawan Pommel


"A tournament?" Haru asked. He could vaguely remember a poster about a tournament hanging on one of the walls of the school but he preferred to ignore it as he had a whole island to explore. However, since the day is nearly over, it wouldn't hurt to pay a visit to the tournament. "Hey kid! Wait up! I'll be coming with you!" Haru hopped over to the rocks and approached the kid.

"I'm a new teacher here and I'm still learning the ropes of the island. Can I ask you to accompany me to the tournament?" Haru said, scratching his head. "I know it's not really professional of me, but hey, you might get extra marks from me or something?"
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Dalex Yukashi:

Dalex listened to the man who had yelled down to him not him.

"A tournament? "
"Hey kid! Wait up! I'll be coming with you!"

Dalex, waited as the man hopped over the rocks as he walked toward him. Dalex slowly put his hand down to his waist where the man could not see him and placed a hand on his pokeball. Dalex wasn't sure exactly who this man was, but he was certain that this man as a teacher, but just in case. He knew he would probably be out classed anyways.

"I'm a new teacher here and I'm still learning the ropes of the island. Can I ask you to accompany me to the tournament?"

Dalex relaxed as the man said he was a teacher.

"I know it's not really professional of me, but hey, you might get extra marks from me or something?"

Dalex smiled and laughed.

"Sure I don't mind. To be honest, I am new here as well. Just got here late this morning. I haven't even had any classes assigned to me yet. I need all the help I can get in class anyways. Those extra marks would be nice. I am ok in battles and other physical classes, but can't stand being inside most of the time." Dalex said.

Probably best to have a teacher with me right now anyways. Can't run very much with the sprang ankle and would be nice to have someone else with me if I run into a psychic pokemon. Not to mention my pokemon are wore out. Dalex thought to himself.

He raised his hand for a hand shake, " My name is Dalex. Dalex Yukashi. I am an Entei Student."
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Lucia and Ellie : Barely cutting it

After the mess at the organizers table leaving their battle last, Ellie was getting slightly anxious waiting to battle. Tapping her foot rather quickly she examined her surroundings , not really paying much attention to the battles themselves but rather the people watching them. There seemed to be far more people here watching than who actually signed up. Quickly their turn to battle approached.

"Hey, uh, Lucia was it?" Ellie asked rather Nervously.

"Oh yeah!" Lucia said happily, nodding its head up and down. "Is it our turn yet? Oooh, I can't wait!" It said eagerly as its little fin arms flapped about in the air. "We're going to dominate!"

“I should probably warn you that I only have two Pokémon, And one of them is rather disobedient.” Ellie began to explain, Tracking Lucia’s head up and down as she sought out the right words. “If she happens to start acting up, just be careful alright?”

"No worries! Bring it on!" Lucia said eagerly. "We can take anything that's dished out to us! We'll be the top Mightyena!"

“Alright then. Let’s do this then.” Ellie cheers along. Lucia’s confidence proving to be contagious yet again.

Lucia nodded and reached back to grab a ball off of the belt that hung form her body. "Whooo! Let's get it on!" She decreed. "We'll leap and bound and do all the great stuff!"

Meanwhile on the other side of the field appeared that of a younger girl, most likely in her teens, and that of an older man. "Alright, but if I can't it now, then I suppose I'll have to wait after the match." The girl said as she tossed her hair beck in a, well, pompous manner. "And these are our opponents? What chumps."

The man paled and rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably, "Now sweetie, you know not to talk like that to strangers."

"Oh sush dad. We'll cream them here in a few seconds flat. Besides, one of them is a Porygon. What a joke! Is this some sort of throwaway team the judges made in a few seconds? I guess our more competent opponents left once they found out they would be facing against us." She said with a smirk plastered on her face.

Suddenly the Loudspeaker started to come to life as a man’s voice filled the stadium. “This tournament battle is just about to get underway!” The announcer started to very proudly declare. “A hot battle involving the Hopeful chance of tomorrow has Just started!”

"I guess that's our Que to start" Ellie decided before Throwing Emil's pokeball. revealing the pudgy blue, rabbit like pokemon inside. "Azuuu!" He shouted, failing to be threatening under any definition of the word.

Meanwhile Lucia grabbed, er, flicked a ball off of her belt with one of her fin arms as a Absol leaped out from the ball. "AAABBBB!" He shouted out. Of course, most of the humans around wouldn't understand him one bit, but Lucia's pokemoness did give her that slight advantage.

"Hey Samuel! Go kick ass!" Lucia cheered. The Absol snorted softly and looked over at the other two humans, "They don't look that tough." The disaster pokemon narrowed his eyes and let his body hang low to the floor, "It'll be simple enough." He looked over at the Azumarill, "You ready for this?" He asked him.

Jacqueline just huffed and pulled out one of her pokeballs, "An Absol. How uncoth. Come on out Machoke!" Before her a muscular warrior emerged. The fighter let out a loud cry as he flexed his arms before settling into a combat stance.

"We still are in this together. Try not to break off again." Arthur murmured as he too pulled out a pokeball and out popped out a Mr. Mime. "Mime mime!" The clown mon cried out as he hopped about on his two feet.

Emil, giving the Absol next to him a double take in surprise, Fumbled upon his own words in response. “Uh, Yeah, I’m ready” He said somewhat confused as he tried to regain his composure, Rubbing the back of his head as he gave an awkward smile.

“Emil, don’t worry about it, it isn’t her!” She shouted out to the Azumarill who’s quickly losing focus. “Just let him do his thing don’t worry about it!” She continues.

“Yeah, alright, Got it!” He replies, Getting into a more battle ready stance.

“Wait a minute…” Ellie says under her breath, squinting to get a better look at the other team. “Is that her dad or something? What the heck!? Why is she allowed to fight with her dad but when they make a mistake and match me with a teacher They can’t do it!?! This is….”

The Announcer’s voice yet again loudly dominated the stadium. “Here it is! The last remaining battle for the first round of the Tournament! Will this battle be as exciting as it’s predecessors? We can only wait and see!”

"Let's start it off! Machoke, go in for a Karate Chop! Smack that dark type down!"

"Mr. Mime! Start off with Reflect!"

The two mon quickly began to work. The Mr. Mime waved his arms about as a protective shield formed among the two. As the Machoke dashed at Samuel the Absol was already getting ready with his own move. "Ice Beam!" Lucia called out as she flailed her fin arms about. The Absol opened his mouth as a powerful beam of ice slammed into the fighter's chest. The Machoke grunted, but still ran forth and raised an arm, slamming a powerful chop right into Samuel's side and causing the dark type to roll back from the force of the blow.

“Emil! Set up your Aqua ring and step in to support Samuel!” Ellie calls out, Figureing Eliot can take a hit better than an Absol could. “Azuu! (Got it!)” Emil shouted back as he stepped between The Machoke and Samuel, forming three large rings of water around himself.

Samuel rose back to his feet as he huffed softly, "Oh, gonna do that eh?" He snarled out, "We'll just have to even the score!"

"Sammy! Go and use Rain Dance!"

The Absol smirked as he twirled about on the field and jabbed his scythe tip right into the sky. The clear skies quickly become covered by clouds as rain soon started pouring down. "Machoke, get that pesky canine down! Vital Throw!"

The Machoke grinned as he rushed at Samuel and grabbed in his arms. He raised his fists up and threw the Absol fall as he chuckled with laughter. "Mr. Mime, help out with that Azuramill! Confusion!"

"Mime!" The clown mon cried out as he held out his hands at Emil and shot out a blast of psychic rings to try and knock the Azuramill about.

Emil stumbles back a bit but seems to take the hit rather well, The Rings of water healing some of the damage the attack inflicted.

“Quick Emil! Take advantage of the rain and use Aqua tail on the Machoke! Nellie, Use protect before you take another hit like that!” She yelled, Getting rather confused herself at who’s Pokémon is who’s, Her partner being a Pokémon herself only adding to the confusion.

“Azuuuuu!” Emil cries, charging at the Machoke before hitting him in the back with his tail as he celebrated his attack on Samuel.

The Machoke cried out, but that didn't stop him from running right at Samuel still, intent on taking him down with one more physical as his trainer called out for a Cross Chop. "Samuel! Thunder!" Lucia cried out. The Absol smirked as he jabbed his scythe right into the air once more. As the Machoke leapt at him a burst of cataclysmic thunder flew down and nailed the Machoke right in the head. The fighter, now charred up and smoking from the strike, instead landed face first on the ground.

"Idiot." Samuel grumbled. Meanwhile the Mr. Mime backed away a bit, but his trainer still cried out orders. "Mr. Mime! Go and use Confusion on that Azuramill once more!" The psychic shot out another barrage of pinkish energy while Jacqueline pulled out another ball, this time tossing out a Delcatty. "Delcatty! We'll teach that Canine some manners!" She said as she stamped her foot down.

Emil, Startled by the giant bolt of lightning that fried the Machoke, failed to noticed the rings of energy chasing towards him as they landed a solid hit and knocking Emil back . Fortunately though, they seemed to be about as effective as the previous set as he recovered from the hit, The rings of water aiding him in his recovery.

Ellie, Startled by the lightning herself, quickly snapped back to attention after Emil was hit. “I think it’s about time we take care of you now! Emil, Use aqua tail on the Mr. Mime!” She shouted, Completely ignoring the newcomer to the battle as Emil charged to make the same attack as before against the Mime.

The Mr. Mime cried out as he was hit, but so far he had been rather undamaged and still stood up tall. "Alright Mr. Mime, use Tickle on that Azuramill!"

"Delcatty follow up with Double Slap!"

The psychic rushed out at Emil, his fingers quickly wiggling along the blue skin to get his opponent to laugh. Meanwhile the Delcatty was running up as well, intent to batter the weakened water type around with her tails.

"Samuel! Thunder again!" Lucia sang out. "Right on that Delcatty!"

Samuel cried out and jabbed his scythe yet again into the sky as another surge of electricity belted down, racing right for the feline.

“Pff…. Ha! Hahahaha!” Emil started to cry out, Landing on his own back as the creepy clown Pokémon started to tickle him relentlessly.

Ellie, Her jacket over her head now to deal with the rain, Started to worry as they begin to focus on Emil. “Quick Get him off of you with a good Aqua jet!” She shouted, The word Aqua starting to not sound like a word anymore with how much she’s said it.

“Here it comes, THUNDER!” The announcer shouted, as a giant bolt of lightning struck the Cat pokemon just like the Machoke before it. Completely overshadowing Emil’s efforts in hitting the Mr. Mime away.

The cat rolled and let out a soft groan as she swayed back and forth, blinking in confusion from the Thunder that had nearly fainted her. "Alright, another Thunder to finish her off Sam!" Lucia called out, "Lay that cat to rest!" As The Absol tensed his body to release another attack Arthur called out to the clown, "Mr. Mime! Use tickle on the Absol!"

As quick as he was to leap onto Emil, the clown jumped away, the Aqua Jet helping to push him away, and landed before Samuel. The Absol tried to twist away, but it was too late as the clown's hands flung out and began to quickly flutter along the dark type's sides. Samuel clamped his mouth shut, twisting his head back and forth, but in the end the clown won. Soon, he was on the floor, laughing hysterically while trying to kick the mime away.

The Delcatty shook her head and gritted her teeth as she was ordered to once more attack Emil. The cat moved her tail and began to try and whack Emil with another Double Slap.

Despite the Mime being away from him now, Emil was still shook from that attack while the Delcatty charged him to make her own attack. While Ellie was confident he could take the hit, He wasn’t in any position to properly defend himself while maintaining the ability to retaliate.

“Emil, Use Protect!” Ellie shouted as Emil conjures an invisible shield to block the attack, The rings healing him slightly as he hid from the cat’s wrath.

Figuring he’s currently in no proper condition to fight, she swiftly recalled Emil back to his pokeball. Hoping he can recover his posture. “Please be obedient today…” She softly whispers to her pokeball before throwing it. “Go Nellie!” Ellie shouts as a second Absol appears on the field.

Samuel howled as the Mime mon's fingers dug in deep, but Lucia had a plan. "Shadow Ball!" The Porgyon cried out. The Absol managed to twist just enough so that he could aim his mouth at the mime and shot out a large black ball at it. As his foe staggered back from the attack Samuel looked over at the other Absol, "Hey! Get that cat down! I got the clown!"

Meanwhile the Delcatty was continuing her attack, this time slapping her tail against the new target. "Mr. Mime, use Copycat!" The Mr. Mime held out his hands as a Shadow Ball flew at Samuel and hit him dead on in the head. The Absol groaned and fell down with a thus with Lucia quickly recalling him.

“Tch, Don’t tell me what to ACK!” Nellie started as she’s Swiftly interrupted by the Delcatty’s attack. “You’ll Regret that!” She shouts out as she slams her horn into the Cat in retaliation, Taking about as much damage from her own reckless attack as the Delcatty’s attack did.

Ellie, while frustrated with her, Was completely unsurprised as Nellie attacked without an order. “Hey! Calm down and listen to me!” She shouted out to her.

Lucia, being rather oblivious of course, soon released another mon. Before the two appeared that of a Golduck who proudly flexed, "Hello ladies and gentlemon!" The duck cried out. "Lirum is here in the flash!" He looked over at the Absol who had just fainted the Delcatty and couldn't help but wink at her, "Well well, you my battle partner? I have to say, much more slender than Samuel, but we can get to know each other quite well my dear."

"Lirum! Water Pulse on that Mime!" Lucia called out.

"With pleasure!" The duck said.

"Mr. Mime, use Light Screen!"

The mime held up his hands as a transparent shield appeared in front of it. Lirum threw his ball and it smacked against the mime, though was reduced in power thanks to that screen.

"Huff!" Jacqueline said as she pulled out her last ball and threw it. Out popped a Charmeleon who let out a snarl. By this point the rain was starting to die down and it seemed that the Rain Dance had ended. "Charmeleon! Boil up that Absol with a Flamethrower!"

The Charmeleon roared and opened his mouth, a dose of flames moving to incinerate Nellie.

Nellie rolled her eyes as the Golduck flirted with her. “Back off!” She replied harshly, Admiring her own work on the Delcatty as it was recalled to its Pokeball.

Ellie quickly evaluated the situation, This girl only has one Pokémon left, if it’s taken out then it’s Two vs. One for the rest of the battle. As the girl sends out a Charmeleon as a replacement Ellie is quick to command. “Nellie, Use Night Slash against the Charmeleon.” She called out.

Unfortunately Nellie, Still admiring her victory, failed to respond in time as the large gout of fire from the Charmeleon strikes her unaware. Nellie Growls as she falls to a front knee “I’ll show you a real fire!” She shouts as she unleashes a gout of purple flame from her maw in retaliation much to Ellie’s frustration.

Lirum still couldn't help but wink at the female, quickly leaping at the Mr. Mime as Lucia ordered another Water Pulse. The Mime finally had enough and fell over with a thud, his light screen failing to protect him from enough of the damage.

The Charmeleon just grinned as his tail flame grew, "Thanks dear!" He sneered. He followed up with a huge Flamethrower that washed over Nellie's fur as he chuckled darkly.

Arthur tossed out his second mon and a Hypno appeared. The psychic formed a cocky grin over his face as he held up his pendulum. "Hypno, use Hypnosis on that Absol!" The Hypno raised his pendulum and silently began to swing it. Small pink rings flew from the pendulum and right at Nellie's skull, trying to sway her into dream land.

Nellie, Still trying to recover from the first one, takes the full attack from the second flamethrower. Unable to take anymore she finally falls over and passes out, her fur singed and the attack from the Hypno resulting in failure.

"Gosh dang it Nellie..." Ellie whispers to herself as she recalls the Pokemon. "I guess It could have been worse though... Come on Emil!" She calls, Summoning the Chubby rabbit Pokemon again.

"Set up your Aqua rings again!" She calls out, Emil forming the same three familiar rings around him.

As the rings were formed the Charmeleon paled and stepped back, "Hey guys, settle down now. Heh." Lirum just smirked and readied another Water Pulse, "See ya around hot stuff!" He sneered as he threw his water ball at the fire type. The reptile howled in pain and the command of a Slash was met with quick eagerness. He dragged his claws along Lirum's chest while the Hypno was commanded to use Pyschic on Emil. The Hypno threw his hand right at the water type as a psychic surge shot out.

“Azuuu!” Emil cried as he was hit by the psychic attack, This one being more powerful than the previous two. “Emil! Just Protect yourself and heal up!” Ellie Called. Emil, Forming a clear barrier around him, hid behind it as the rings slowly healed him.

As the protection was raised Lirum made his move. Lucia called out fro another Water Pulse, and yet another ball of water struck the Charmeleon straight in his chest. The fire type snarled angrily and staggered back, "Damn water." He muttered. Still, he went forth again and slashed at Lirum's chest once more, drawing a bit of blood from the duck.

"Backup over here!" Lirum called out to his teammate.

The Hypno decided to switch it up and threw a Confusion right at Lirum, knocking the Golduck back a good ways.

“Aqua Tail on the Charmeleon!” Ellie called. Emil, Slightly recovered from the earlier strike, Charged at the Charmeleon with the same familiar attack. Striking him in the chest after his own attack.

“Sorry, Not feeling so great right now.” Emil Explained, showing obvious signs of being worn down.

With that the Charmeleon finally crumpled to the ground, a small amount of smoke escaping his open maw. As he was withdrawn the Hypnoshot out another confusion at Emil.

Lirum slowly rose, panting from his exhaustion. "Yeah, me too." He grunted. "This is one tough battle."

“Owww…” Emil whined quietly, picking himself up again after taking yet another psychic type attack. “I feel like I’m being thrown around like a rag doll.”

“Alright Emil, Rest up awhile another protect and prepare for the final stretch” Ellie called, Playing carefully knowing Emil was her last Pokémon and he likely wouldn’t last another strong hit without some rest.

Just as the Hypno was about to send out another psychic blast Lirum managed to fling out a Water Pulse that nailed the psychic in the head. The hypnotist promptly fell over and was recalled. "Okay... that guy's out." Lirum panted, "Can't get much worse, right?"

As soon as those words left Lirum's mouth the last ball was thrown, and out came a Alakazam. "Okay... point taken back." The psychic duck muttered as he stepped back awkwardly.

Emil eyes widened as the new Pokemon emerged. "Please... Never say anything like that again..." He requested, Knowing full well that the Rag-dolling was not over.

"Crap, Why didn't I save Nellie for this?" Ellie thought, Kicking herself in the Process. "Use Aquajet!" She Called, hoping he could pull of a quick attack. Emil, Propelling himself forward with a large burst of water, Tackles the newcomer in the chest.

The Alakazam grunted as he staggered back just a bit, but the psychic held strong. With one hand raised he shot out a powerful psychic blast at Emil and silently looked at Lirum, who paled. "Uh... some water?" He asked weakly as he fired a Water Pulse right at the psychic's chest.

Emil was finally down, he shot across the battlefield with the last attack, Bouncing along the ground several times before resting several Meters away. What remained of the Rings splashed along the ground where he was hit.

“Alright, Return Emil…” Ellie aid, Recalling the Pokémon to its ball before turning to Lucia. “That’s it for me, It’s all up to you.”

Lucia nodded about as the Alakazam shot a psychic blast with just a flick of his finger. Lirum shot back and scraped along the ground as the Porygon tilted its head, "Ooooooohhhhh." It withdrew Lirum and pulled out another ball. "I think... I know what to do!" Lucia beamed. Out of the ball came that of a kneeling Scizor.

"You can do it Roberto!" Lucia cheered, yet the Scizor didn't move. "Uh... Robby? Roberto? Rob to the erto? Come on, uh... use Hyper Beam!" She called out as she flailed her little fin arms. The bug still refused to move.

Another psychic blast flung the bug to his back, but he stared out with a blank expression as he let out a soft sigh. "Oh come on Roberto! Everyone's over it!" Lucia complained, "You have to fight back! Come one! Give that psychic the one two!"

“What are you doing!?” Ellie shouted, butting in herself “Come on! Lucia’s Kitten Clock app is being more useful than you right now!" It wasn’t until she said that that it struck her, she must look incredibly out of place being the only human on this side of the battlefield.

The bug let out a weak sigh as he just laid there. "Well, this will be an easy win." The Alakazam droned as he threw out another psychic blast. "Come on Roberto!" Lucia cried out, "A protector never falls!" Yet the bug laid there, a glazed look over his eyes. "Come on..." Lucia whispered. "Please Roberto... "

"COME! ON! If you're angry at her she isn't the only one you're going to let down!" She continued to hassle. In hindsight it likely wasn't very smart to Taunt the giant metal bug... thing who already seems to be mad but she really wanted to win, especially after how hard the battle was.

As the Alakazam was about ready to attack again a red blur mover at the psychic. As the Alakazam fell back Roberto was seen before him, his claw glowing a bright white before he became a red blur yet again.

"Alakazam, psychic!"

The psychic's eyes glowed as he tried to send out another surge of power, thought he was too late to act as a yellow beam of pure energy was shot out and nailed the Alakazam in the chest. The psychic staggered back even more as Roberto calmly held his pincer up. That was still the opening that the psychic was hoping for and he wasted no time in shooting out a purple beam at the Scizor. Roberto took the hit dead on, but still rose up. He wasn't angry, he also wasn't happy. He wore a look of pure blankness and dashed forward again. The red blur nailed another hit to the Alakazam, this time to his head, and quickly turned away with a huff.

The psychic fell with a thud as Roberto looked at Lucia, "Ball now, please." He muttered.

Lucia tilted its head, "But... but..."

The bug sighed and just made his way past without so much as a look at Lucia.

"Well... uh... at least he's out now." The Porygon murmured as it tapped its fins together.

“And that’s the battle!” The announcer cheers as the Alakazam falls over.

“Oh thank god” Ellie sighed in relief , Despite being happy that they won it felt a bit like a hollow victory, especially with what happened there at the end.

“Hey, are you alright?” Ellie asked looking over at Lucia, missing the overly excited duck from before.

Lucia tilted its head and tapped its fins together, "Um... yeah yeah. Just fine. Haha. Uh... we should get ready for the next battle, right?" It said as it quickly floated off.
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"Why can't I use him as a partner!? You're the guys who paired me up with him!"
Xander had been packing up his leftover TMs at the table when he heard his name announced over the loudspeaker. "Really? They signed me up for the tournament?" he mumbled to himself. Soon after that a girl, presumably the Ellie that would have been his partner for the double battle, was complaining to the organizers at the head table. Xander smirked. "It'll be interesting to see how my new employer fixes this-" his self-addressed ramble was cut short when he noticed Ellie being approached by a Porygon-Z. Overhearing their conversation as he sat in the observation area for the upcoming battle, he realized that this Pokémon was one of the students Oak had mentioned...the ones turned into Pokémon. It seemed this changed student would be replacing him as Ellie's partner.

Xander glanced over to the staging area; the first battle was about to start. Sammy and Valorie were exchanging words beforehand. Just from a first impression, he gathered that these two young ladies were definitely full of themselves. Sammy appeared to be the more reckless type, the "go-for-it-and-never-give-up" type. Valorie on the other hand- ...as Xander looked at her he noticed something strange. Her form was... "too perfect"? And then it hit him; Valorie was turned into a Pokémon as well, but fortunately for her she had been able to learn Transform or something similar. The uncanny appearance of her "human form" reminded him of his Zoroark's Illusion ability. A copy so flawless to the untrained eye, that someone who knows what to look for realizes they aren't looking at the real thing.

The battle started, and immediately Sammy's and Valorie's opponents Mega-Evolved their Pokémon. It wasn't until that moment that he remembered the small stones that his sister Kaitlyn had given to him and his Mawile. Perhaps he would make use of them in this tournament, if he were ever called in to participate as an opponent. He returned his focus to the battle. When the going got tough for the two girls, there was definitely some dissonance as they tried to not take each other's advice as a personal attack on their ego. But in the end, they managed to come together and win it.

Next up was Mark and Amber. He watched them closely during the staging period and could tell very easily from her body language that Amber was not a fan of Mark in the slightest. The battle starting, Xander watched the enemies strategy first. A Rain Dance lead...unnecessarily obvious. Mark definitely was a trainer of high caliber, but as the battle continued and Trick Room was used to counter Amber's Zubat's Tailwind, it became evident that even a Trainer of Mark's level still had much to learn. Amber, on the other hand...though she had less technical battle knowledge, she had instinct and experience. She also had that unspoken bond with her Pokémon that reminded Xander of...well, Xander. After a tense battle, Mark and Amber were finally victorious.

Lastly was Xander's would-be partner Ellie, accompanied by the Porygon-Z named Lucia. He would have watched their battle, but his mind was drawn back to Amber and her odd familiarity. He noticed her huff off after her battle, now would be his chance to properly introduce himself. Scooting off his seat in the audience, he followed her for a few moments before calling out to her. "Hey Amber! Nice battle there. You really did well under pressure," he smirked.
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