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Old March 12th, 2013 (02:57 PM).
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How many of you actually nickname your Pokémon? I always keep my Pokémons original names, because I love how unique they are, but I can see why people Nickname them. It forms bonds, or at least, stronger bonds than what they already had. So what I want to know is this:
Do you nickname your Pokémon?
Is there a Pokémon you always name the same when you receive them on a new game?
Do you ever transfer Pokémon from one of your games to another? (I had a level 63 Poliwrath in Crystal that I transferred over to a new Yellow, and then when I finished, I transferred him over to crystal again)
Anyone else actually form real bonds with your Pokémon? I mean, I know its just a video game, but do you ever actually get connected?
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Old March 12th, 2013 (04:37 PM).
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I usually dont nickname any of my Pokemon. However, starting Black 2, I chose Oshawott and nicknamed him Aquarious. I dont really know why. Just seemed fitting lol. (btw, obviously a water nickname, I know.)
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Old March 12th, 2013 (05:48 PM).
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I only nickname the Pokemon that will be my companions for life (at least for that specific copy of the game). I also nickname Pokemon I will trade to my other games. For the rest of the Pokemon, no nicknames until I get ready to use them...

and now the the questions: I always answered them truthfully

Do you nickname your Pokémon? - answered above, yes, the ones I will use in my team for ever I will give them a nickname I like.

Is there a Pokémon you always name the same when you receive them on a new game? - yes, depends on gender too, I won't give a male Pokemon a female-type name. Some of them are:
00 - any female Mienfoo, Patrat, or Purrloin I catch and will use I will nickname her after the one person in the world I trust the most, my grandma, Maria. Its a typical Mexican name I also like and is easy to remember.
00 - mustelid-style (weasel, ferrets, martens, minks & otters) Pokemon I will name them after characters from the Animal Planet show "Meerkat Manor". Usually when I catch one first, their nickname will be - Male is Zaphod, and for the female Flower.
00 - usually for the main cat Pokemon i will use I just give it the same nickname, Neko

Do you ever transfer Pokémon from one of your games to another? - Yes, I do it a lot, 4 out of the 6 Pokemon in my White 2 team, I transfer over from my Black2 pc box. I sometimes transfer Pokemon over becuase of the version exclusives, for the PokeDex.
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Old March 12th, 2013 (05:50 PM).
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I name my Pokemon after either Historical figures or Musicians, depending on the game.
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Old March 12th, 2013 (06:36 PM).
B-L-A-Z-E's Avatar
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When I do nickname my Pokemon, it's usually the ones I'll be using on my main game team. When I do nickname them, I'll usually have the nickname be a reference to another series I like such as naming a Cherrim "Sakura."

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Old March 12th, 2013 (08:21 PM).
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Although I never bothered with it in the first two generations, since I started with Sapphire, I've always decided to nickname my Pokemon, sans legendaries. I guess I always compared leaving a Pokemon without a nickname to something like having a cat named Cat.

As for what I nickname them, it depends on my mood. I've tried everything from using anagrams of a Pokemon's name (give or take a letter), using their name in a different language, or something like that. And yes, I have transfered my Pokemon from one game to another, with half of my current White 2 party coming from either HeartGold or the original White.
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Old March 12th, 2013 (09:02 PM).
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I nickname all my Pokemon. There are only a few Pokemon that I always name the same thing. I name all Nidoran m (and evos) Sakaki, all Psyduck Bathroom, all Aipom Klippy (or any variant of it), and all Starmie Aili. And I'm not a big fan of transferring a Pokemon to the next gen, but I do trade them to a storage game of their gen. I sometimes transfer from gen III to IV since getting out the link cable is a bit of a hassle.
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Old March 13th, 2013 (12:14 AM).
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I usually never nickname my pokemon, i think their names are already pretty cool.
Recently though, as i started doing challenges i started to nickname my Pokemon as well
First to receive this honor was Wendy the Misdreavus :D

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Old March 13th, 2013 (02:40 AM).
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Starry Windy
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Sometimes I nickname my Pokémon, based on what type of Pokémon is it and the gender of that Pokémon.

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Old March 13th, 2013 (03:20 AM).
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I never nickname my team, especially since I cannot think of good nicknames easily.
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Old March 13th, 2013 (03:40 AM).
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Do you nickname your Pokémon? Yes I usualy name those which I like alot. And use in my team.
Is there a Pokémon you always name the same when you receive them on a new game? Yes. Nidoking is always Apollo/Atlas Nidoqueen Athene. Aggron is either Claymore or Flamberge. My main flier is always Aelus regardless of what pokemon it is. And I give my starter some sort of historical name. And Gardevoir always has the name of my crush... AHEM! :'D
Do you ever transfer Pokémon from one of your games to another? I would if I could. I have lost my ds so... :'D so I play with emulators only nowadays...so no trading.

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Old March 13th, 2013 (05:49 AM).
ZetaZaku's Avatar
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I don't think much about nicknames. I usually name them random things. Like, I bought HeartGold this Monday and named my Totodile Eliminator for some reasons. And in my LeafGreen, I named Bulbasaur Bianca. I often name Ratatas Ralph and Zubats Sucker. I never use something personal. Used to name Zigzagoon after my dog though. It kinda reminded me of him.

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Old March 13th, 2013 (09:46 AM).
Torrentblade's Avatar
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I called my chatot fruit loops.
Besides that, I only changed the name of a few pokemon that I had a true bond with.
Like my cobalion (cobalt), starmie (twister), meowth (mr.Kitteh) and that's pretty much it....

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Old March 13th, 2013 (09:52 AM).
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I normally only nickname my starter and team I am want to use as my main team.
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Old March 13th, 2013 (01:56 PM).
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I usually nickname any Pokémon I think I might use in my team sometime. Also all legendaries, but for most of them it's just their actual name but without all-caps rage.

There are some I'll name the same. The Charmander line is usually Charlizard, because of the Yogscast.
At the start of games, there are usually rat-like and bird-like Pokémon to catch, and they'll be RatFish and BirdFish. Any rock or ground type for my team will usually be called The Baron. No-one defies The Baron!
A temporary plant-like grass type that usually ends up with CUT and/or FLASH is usually WTFplant. Non-legendary dragon types (primarily Dragonite) are usually GreatMish. The Ralts line usually ends up as Cabbage. Vaporeon is Q. I guess I name those the same because of primarily playing ROM hacks, with a lot of the same Pokémon being in the different games. I just pretend they're the same ones, come back. Heh, and I said "some".

Don't ever really transfer with ROMs and all. I think I did once from LeafGreen to FireRed, brought another Charizard over.
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Old March 13th, 2013 (03:51 PM).
piefara's Avatar
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Gender: Male
only times i've nicknamed pokemon
first time playing pokemon named cynderquil OON (i was 5)
named my male jellycent Moustashio!
shiny kygre pinkie
so far (may change)
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Old March 13th, 2013 (08:26 PM).
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Ryanna Jameson
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I nickname all my 'mon. Usually I'll just come up with a name immediately upon catching or hatching without any prior thought and probably there have been a few that have shared names, but it's pretty rare. And most of my 'mon- especially important party members- end up on my Pearl storage game because it's nice to keep them after I've grown attached to them and I never want to play that crap storyline again.
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Old March 15th, 2013 (06:01 AM).
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I pretty much nickname every one of my Pokemon. ^.^ Especially the starter. Because apart from the bonds (lol), I dunno, nicknames just appear when I catch it. :3

But on starters, in whatever game, if it's a fire type and it's female, your name is Blaze. If you're a fire type male, your name is Flare. Water type girl, bubble. Boy, Eric. xD //Never tried grass starters so I dunno about them. :3
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Old March 29th, 2013 (12:37 AM).
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I've caught and have nicknamed every single one of my pokemon I have ever received. I couldn't imagine not nicknaming them. It's like their whole personality!

I do tend to stick with nicknames with certain pokemon but not most of the time. Sometimes a nickname just seems more suitable for a pokemon.
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Old April 7th, 2013 (11:02 AM).
Arlo's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2012
The only time I nickname them is for a challenge - a nuzlocke or a solo or such. When I do, I mostly use relatively common names that just seem appropriate for whatever reason. In a normal game, I never nickname them. And aside from trading nice stuff out of a game so that I can restart it, I've never traded between games, and have never traded between gens at all. I like to go into each game completely fresh and just go out into that region and make do with whatever I can catch there.
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