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Old June 9th, 2014, 06:50 PM
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Taka the Lovable Poet: Level 14 - 37% Exp - 2900 Col

Taka, although a bit bruised, and more than a little battered, was aware of Lacy's call for him. "Taka!" The warrior-poet watched as she was attacked by the beast, much to his disgust. That monster is attacking a lady! Rage built inside the warrior as he watched her. Although she could handle herself in the presence of the beast, she was still bashed into the floor. "NO!" Taka roared in frustration. He was nowhere close enough to rush to her defense immediately, and even if he was, his health and stamina would leave him as a target.

Normally nothing went through the fighter's mind with the exception of the possibility of a wonderful fight, the possibility of finding his princess, and the possibility and writing of a song. Before he had viewed this 'adventure' as it had been previously conceived...A game. But in this moment in time he began to actually think. Fatality was an option. He could lose friends. Why...Even Ragnorak, as mighty a fire as he is, could die. Taka himself could perish. The thought hit as hard as the Tauros's hammer...

But that was a thought for another day. He noticed Godot giving a little speech to the rest of the party on the other side of the cavern. After a small skirmish with the beast, he was knocked aside, and his sword dissipated. Damn...A sword destroyed. A shame. Taka was extremely attached to Poetic Justice, and although he knew it wouldn't last forever, he would cherish it for as long as he could.

Godot stood up and managed to toss a potion towards Taka, who ran after it an caught it. He gave the lad a thankful nod, and unstopped the bottle. He chugged its contents and watched as his health bar went from 'Damn, you're dead!' to 'You'll be fine if you aren't stupid.' Sadly Taka can be a bit stupid in the middle of battle, but he wouldn't throw away this second chance. He heard Godot call out, "You guys ready for an all-out assault? Because I'm tired of this Tauros' crap."

Eager to get back into the fray, as usual, Taka retook his battle stance, buster sword held out in front of him. As he was about to charge, he heard a cry from Rikuto.

“I’m assuming you plan on attacking all at once. My spear won’t even scratch this monster, but I have a plan to make an opening for you all to rush in. Don’t worry about me, my armor and shield are the kind of quality you’d see on the highest level front-liners.” The man seemed confident in the quality of his gear, despite his low level. He couldn't help but grin at the man's courage. He's brave...I respect that.

The Golden Tauros drew closer to the tank, forcing him to hasten his speech. The man turned to Godot. “The reason I agreed to come here was so I could tell you something, but you don’t seem to care much for your own life so I figured that I had to do what I could to make sure you got out alive so I could tell you." The two obviously had a close bond. "But I want you to understand why I’m doing this in the hopes that maybe you’ll go along with it. Princess is dead, and in her final message to me she said, ‘don’t give up and keep fighting.’ I’ve gotta honor that wish somehow.” Respectable final words...Will mine be any better? Taka marveled at the man's will, despite his obvious reluctance. He wanted to be here as much as a fish wanted to be out of water.

“Wait for my signal! For this to work, you can’t be near me until then!” Rikuto said to the group before starting his plan. Rikuto charged forward, calling, “Hey, ugly!" He began to create a diversion worthy of a master. After a momentary clash he called out, "Not yet!" After what seemed like an eternity of clashing, Rikuto drew the Tauros's attention long enough for the others to attack. "This is your chance! Take it!"

Taka needed no further encouragement. He launched forward in a blind fury, a fire burning behind his eyes. The distance between himself and Tauros was rapidly disappearing. He called out to his companions, "I hope this works!" For once he was speechless. He leaped into the air as sword began to glow green. His brought it down quickly, activating Earth Shatter. A small fissure opened up underneath the beast, and his foot disappeared within. While it was still focused on Rikuto, Taka swung his blade at the beast's unburied leg. The hit was solid, but it lacked the power he needed. In attempt to increase the attack's strength, he stabbed forward with the blade instead of the typical hack n' slash strategy. The blade buried itself deep within the beast's leg. Taka let out a cry of victory. The blade was deep within the leg, and was sure to cause some impediment, but it wasn't going to come out any time soon.

Taka knew that he was relatively useless without his sword, but he WAS particularly agile without it burdening him. In case the Tauros had decided to target him he took a evasive stance, ready to dodge an attack that came at him, if one should come. "Over here, beast! Come get me!" Hopefully the distraction would prove useful.
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Old June 14th, 2014, 10:16 AM
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Player level 13
Floor 2: Cave

"Drink a potion." was the first thing Lacy heard after being drilled into the ground like that. Godot had pulled her back on her feet and it was then when she noticed that her HP bar had reached the yellow zone. "We're offering you our lives, so don't hesitate to use us to our fullest." He said as he left to Ryuusa's side. Godot said something to him too but Lacy was too busy searching in her backpack for a potion. Once she found one she remembered that she has a sword art that can only be activated when she's in the yellow zone.

"You guys ready for an all-out assault?" Godot spoke loudly. "Because I'm tired of this Tauros' crap." Lacy nodded in agreement while holding the potion but not using it. Ryuusa said to wait for his signal before attacking and that is what all of them did. As soon as Ryuusa shouted "You guys ready for an all-out assault?" Godot spoke loudly. "Because I'm tired of this Tauros' crap." Taka started attacking. Lacy ran towards the Tauros and only slashed him a few times. Still wondering what that sword art could do and if it would kill the beast who also had hit the yellow zone on it's HP bar.

"Over here, beast! Come get me!" Taka shouted to distract the Tauros. It then hit Lacy, she now knew it's weakness. "Guys I have an idea!" she said as she ran closer to Godot and Ryuusa. "He can only target one person at once meaning that he can't try dodging our attacks when one is distracting him just like Taka is doing right now. I suggest we finally start working as a team now." Lacy said with a promising look on her face. "I think it would be best if Godot would attack right now." Lacy said drawing out her plan in the air. "Then after Godot attacked, Ryuusa should run to Taka's side to protect him from the blow from the beasts hammer with his shield. Then Ryuusa is the next to distract him so that Taka is able to attack him as well while Ryuusa has it's attention." Lacy shouted loud enough for Taka to hear.

"... after that I'll do the final blow with a sword art that I have never used. I don't know how much damage it does but it must be something if I have to be in the yellow zone to be able to use it." Lacy smiled at both of them. "Now, let's do this! No buts, just fight!" Lacy shouted encouraging.


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Old June 19th, 2014, 08:45 AM
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Duncan Graeme [Dunkster]

Duncan quickly dodges to the right as a salamander warrior strikes with it's sword, Duncan then counterattacks with his dagger and stabs the warrior three times taking out atleast one third of its health. The salamander warrior then lets out a screech and hurls the blade at Duncan a second time, Duncan barely able to dodge the attack looses his footing. The salamander then quickly charges at Duncan and hits him three times but when it was going to strike a fourth time Duncan was able to get up again and dodge it, he quickly gets into position to use one of his sword arts and shouts. "En Garde!" His dagger starts glowing in a light green color, he then runs up to the salamander warrior and hits it with his sword art, making it explode into thousands and thousands of small shards that slowly disappeared with the wind.

Duncan looks at his health bar and notices that it has already gone down into the yellow zone so he takes his index finger and middle finger together and swiped downwards with his right hand, he then opens the inventory tab, searches for a potion and clicks the materialize button to summon the potion right into his hand. He opens it up and starts drinking it to restore his health. When he was done drinking he checked to see if he had gotten any cool or good loot, there was unfortunately no new cool items Duncan could use but he noticed he had gotten a new message in his inbox so he opened it.

From: ???
To: 1000+ players
Subject: Floor 2, Boss room.


Greetings, everyone within Sword Art Online. Speaking here is the founder of the second boss. As my name is not important, let's get to what really matters.

I came up with a strategy to defeat the second boss. It's name is «Baran». Baran the general Taurus has the same ability as most of the Taurus on the second floor which is «Numbing Impact» except that «Baran» has a wider striking range. I know this information because my dear friend entered the room without knowing that it was a boss room. He send me little information before he died. May he rest in peace...

To progress to the third floor we need to defeat this boss together. I ask of everyone to finish what you're currently doing and to come to the door of the boss room. The location should be marked on your map. I'll be waiting there for all of you who wish to fight this devilish monster.
Duncan quickly skimmed through it and then opened his map, it did seem a little bit suspicious that the person didn't write his or hers name but didn't want to miss the second boss fight after what happened last time. So he hurriedly closed his menu and started running to the location where everybody would meet.


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Old June 19th, 2014, 06:50 PM
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Robin - Lvl 12
Floor 2: Road To The Boss Room
HP: 100% - EXP: 2% - Col: 341

While traveling on his way to the located boss room, Robin kept skimming through the message that had information about the boss room. Messages without the sender's name always gets Robin suspicious. It's not that he doesn't trust the sender, more that he doesn't like what he is feeling about this. Last time he was in the boss room, someone was killed by a player after the boss was defeated. It's possible the same thing could happen again, which could be soon. Maybe... This sender could be that same PKer from before... It's a strong possibility, but just a possibility.

To stay in full strength for the upcoming boss fight, Robin sneaks past the monsters to avoid battles. If he's going to fight the boss, avoiding these monsters is the best chance he has. This whole situation is still bothering him, but he can worry about that when he comes to it.

After sneaking past all the monsters & arriving at the boss room entrance, Robin did nothing else but gaze at the door. It's amazing how much work they put into this game...even if their intentions were insane. While Robin is waiting for this battle to kick in, he could skim though his inventory & prepare himself. As he does, he adjusts his hood to cover his face. He has no intentions to get friendly with anyone, at least not until after the battle. This whole thing is still fishy though... Robin should keep watch for any trouble, just to be safe.

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Old June 23rd, 2014, 07:54 AM
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William Danielson||Godot
Lv. 14||Floor 2

Godot's words seemed to have rallied the troops. It seemed that Rikuto was finally going to go on the offensive. That was certainly a +1 to Godot's confidence; maybe Kagome was rubbing off on him. Then, suddenly, Ryuusa called out to him. "The reason I agreed to come here was so I could tell you something, but you don’t seem to care much for your own life so I figured that I had to do what I could to make sure you got out alive so I could tell you." That seemed like something Kagome would say. And did say. Only the context was directly opposite since she put a sword to his neck. It almost made Godot chuckle, but at the same time it made him feel a bit embarrassed. Ryuusa was there to make sure that Godot would come out alive. If someone who rarely fought as much as Ryuusa came to a battle of such magnitude to protect him, it certainly said something about Godot's lifestyle. And Ryuusa's bravery. "But I want you to understand why I’m doing this in the hopes that maybe you’ll go along with it. Princess is dead."

Suddenly, it was as if time slowed to a crawl. Princess is... it was difficult for Godot to even grasp the concept of her being dead, she was so young. that doesn't make sense, she... Godot scratched his head wildly. We agreed that I would be the one to kill her. How was she feeling? Was she alone? She must have been terrified, absolutely terrified. He dropped his battle stance and looked away from the monster. Why didn't she call for help...why didn't she ask to be protected? If she had, she- His eyes started to well up, but Ryuusa continued on. "and in her final message to me she said, ‘don’t give up and keep fighting.’ I’ve gotta honor that wish somehow."

"...Princess said that?" Godot wiped the tears from his face. "Heh...that little girl really grew up compared to when I first met her." He sniffed and smiled. "I guess she wouldn't want me like this then, would she. I don't think anyone would." He chuckled. "Man...those words never really have as much weight as when you hear 'em in person." Godot tightened his grip on his weapon. "But I'll save this. I'll save this anger and sadness for the bastard that killed her, PK, NPC, or otherwise. But I have to respect her words. Wouldn't do me any good if I just shut down right here, now would it?"

Ryuusa barked orders and charged into battle. The man was surprisingly brave, all things considered. Not just for his sudden paradigm shift, but also the mere act of coming to a battle such as this. In fact, it was because of him that Godot was able to restrain himself. The two'd only met once, but he could tell now that this man really cared for Princess. He deserved quite a bit of Godot's respect for his dedication.

Though Godot did wonder how well his plan was going to work with Meister's Soul. He could use it for basic fighting, but for a boss such as the Tauros, he would probably need Santa's Cane. This bothered him, because this meant that he would be slower thanks to the weight of the cane. Not that this was a problem, it wasn't cripplingly heavy, but it was a far cry from the speed granted by his sword. Regardless, Godot readied himself, wielding the axe with both hands and taking something of a wide horse stance.

“This is your chance! Take it!” Ryuusa yelled. Godot started towards the beast but, surprisingly, it was Taka that leapt forth, taking advantage of the Golden Tauros' aggro to take down the beast, rather strategically, before once again drawing his attention and leading the beast away before Godot had a chance to attack, himself. Lacy approached him and Ryuusa, saying that it would be best to take advantage of his distraction and attack while he's aggroing someone else. Godot chuckled and said, "Saving the final hit for yourself, huh?"

He turned his attention back to the Tauros. "Fine by me, you're orders are my command" Godot unequipped his weapon and sped towards the beast, unhindered by the extra weight. He leapt once he was close enough, careful not to get hit by the monster's hammer. Once he was high enough, he tried a risky move. Admittedly, the cane wasn't all that heavy, certainly no buster sword, but it was enough to pull him down. He equipped the cane once again and used the weight to spiral down, flipping several times before crashing into the beast's head. This inflicted notable damage, and the aggro had switched to Godot, who had just tumbled down to the ground. He was off his feet, but the beast seemed ready to strike the warrior down. It reeled back its hammer in preparation for an overhead smash, and Godot smirked. He pushed himself forward to place himself between the legs of the beast, taking advantage of it's oncoming strike to take some shots at his legs with his weapon.

He took note of Taka's sword and tried to pull it out, but to no avail. He unequipped his weapon and tried to pull it out with all of his strength. Slowly but surely, it made its way out of the beast's leg...but the beast wasn't going to wait for him. It finished its strike, slamming the hammer on the ground full force, sending a crashing earthquake-like rumble about the dungeon causing Godot to lose his balance. Luckily, that was enough to allow the sword to drop out. He did his best to throw it towards Taka. Of course, considering the weight, it didn't go far.

Godot then made to get away from the Tauros, but it wouldn't have that. It stomped, sending its right leg down on Godot's left leg, crushing it. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!" Godot sent out a cry in pain. The fact that pain was not felt in SAO did not take away the pain felt from the shock of having his entire leg crushed. He felt every bit of it. He felt the cracking bone and snapping ligaments, among other rather gory details. Even though the game didn't display the gore and just showed a beautiful array of floating pixels, Godot's mind painted a completely different picture. On top of that, his life took a staggering hit, and he was helpless against another attack.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago, 09:01 PM
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Rikuto Yuuto Sato // Ryuusa Lv.8
Lone Tree Dungeon
In store: Floor 1 - Kouki, Floor 2 - Closed (Special Item: Berserk Ring / 2000 col)

Rikuto smiled as the others began their assaults on the Tauros, glad that his plan worked and glad that he could still move his face during Thunder Burst’s stun. The stun soon wore off and he was allowed to rejoin the battle, which seemed to be reaching its climax, only to be approached by Lacy. It seemed that she had realized the boss’s inability to focus on multiple targets that he had exploited for his plan and suggested they use it for a sort of aggro-switching chain strategy. The initial distraction was as far as Rikuto got in terms of a plan and he had been relying on someone else to figure out where to go from there, and this plan sounded good enough so he agreed to it.

Taka had been the first to attack after Rikuto’s distraction, crippling the creature’s movement. Next up to attack was Godot, with an impressive and honestly kind of showy spinning strike. According to the plan, it seemed that he himself was next up to draw the creature’s attention. However, Godot made an attempt to retrieve Taka’s blade, which Rikuto realized they would not be able to continue the chain without and in the process found himself under the Tauros’ foot. This was not good. The other the creature’s leg was still in the fissure Taka had created, it still had its hammer and fist to deal a finishing blow to Godot with.

Forgoing the chain plan, Rikuto rushed to Godot’s aid. He’d already told Godot what he had to and didn’t really need to protect him anymore. Princess’ last words didn’t demand being a hero either. But he couldn’t just let someone die in front of him when he was the one holding the shield. That was simply a question of human decency. He was pretty sure nothing but the downward slam had a chance of killing him through his shield anyway, so there weren’t many reasons not to go.

Rather than use its hammer or fist, the Tauros simply lifted its foot again for another stomp to finish off Godot. Damn it, unless it lifts its foot high enough, I won’t be able to get under the foot and block the hit, will I? He considered rolling to get under the foot, but that wouldn’t work with his shield. Not having any more time to waste, Rikuto rushed to Godot and slid feet first like a baseball player when he got close enough. In his slide he kicked Godot to the side a little, but there was no way a kick from someone his level could take the remainder of Godot’s health.

The Tauros’ foot came down quickly, giving Rikuto no time to assume a proper stance. The best he could do was get into a kneeling position before the foot came crashing down on him. “Ngh!” The hit had dealt more damage through his shield than he had expected, even considering his bad positioning. “Godot, if you’ve got enough potions to hand out to everyone then I assume you’ve got plenty. You’d better drink one before this monster tries something else!” Rikuto realized that he couldn’t defend from anything else in the position he was in, but how would he get the creature’s foot off of him to allow him to get into a proper stance?

A novel idea occurred to Rikuto. Pulling his spear back at an awkward angle, it began to glow yellow, signifying the activation of Lightning Thrust. After three seconds, it shot straight through his own shield into the creature’s foot. In reaction, its foot lifted. For a moment, Rikuto wondered if his unlikely idea worked, but he soon realized that it worked for a different reason than he’d thought. For a moment, he entertained the idea of these monsters experiencing pain unlike them, and he imagined his attack to feel like stepping on a thumbtack to the creature. However, all he had done was draw the creature’s attention back to himself. The Tauros was simply performing another attack against him, apparently another stomp as its hammer could not hit him properly from such a position. The foot lifted higher than before, the AI probably adjusting for Rikuto’s higher health. Fortunately, this still worked to his advantage.

Once Rikuto was given more room to stand, he assumed his defensive stance. However, the foot did not come down, and instead the Tauros stepped back. Rikuto lowered his shield for a moment to see what was happening behind it just in time to spot the hammer swooping from the side in another swing. Quickly doing as he did before, he moved his shield to defend against it while planting his spear into the ground for stability. Unfortunately, if it followed the pattern it took against the earlier attacks Rikuto had blocked, that meant that next up would be the downward slam. He guessed correctly, and the beast began to lift its hammer. Now Rikuto had a way to defend against it, but there was no telling how much damage Rikuto’s Thunder Burst would do against Godot, who was in critical condition and still next to him. It probably wouldn’t be enough to kill him, but he wasn’t sure he was willing to take that chance.

There was a chance he was less willing to take than even one that could possibly kill Godot, though. No matter what, he couldn’t let himself die before he reunited with his family, and he wasn’t sure if he could survive the full force of a downward slam. He had to use Thunder Burst. As he began charging the sword art, he shouted out to the rest of the party. “Somebody move Godot, now!” Last time he only had 6 seconds after he began charging before the hammer hit his shield. Fortunately, the blast would only reach six feet around him, so someone could probably move Godot far enough in that time, but they would have to hurry.
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(Hope no one minds my jumping in.)

EDIT: (Never mind. Changing course entirely.)

Into the Mountains
Level: 11 | EXP:000000 | Guild: N/A | Col:1000 | HP: 100%
Floor 2 - Field

A gentle breeze blew through the hair of the one called Dragon. A nice day, but not the best possible for grinding. It was slightly overcast, still, and the ground had not yet dried from the recent rainfall. Still, it would have to do until he could get into that boss chamber.

He hefted his large, double handed axe to his shoulder, and set off deeper into the mountains in the northwest of the map. There were sure to be few players here, and most likely fewer PK'ers. A prime place for monster hunting.

Of course, the fact that he was alone made him a more likely target... But that was what he wanted. He could join a party when he needed to, but for now, being solo was beneficial. Just a man and his thoughts. And his war axe. And several nonaggressive goats that apparently had decided to walk the same way he was.

That is, until the deep roar sounded from nearby. He was really lucky today. It was rather rare to spot an Ursa this low in the floors. The monstrous bear plunged out of the bushes, slobber drooling down its long, deadly fangs. Its claws dug deep furrows with every step. Overall, it was about twice his height standing, and chances were it had the power to knock him on his back, heavy armor and all.

Not that it would have the chance to. As it neared him, he swung his great axe, and the blade collided with the side of its skull. It was thrown, but by no means dead. Growling menacingly, the Ursa stood on its hind legs, towering over him. The red area on its face where he had hit glowed slightly. There was his opening. He had managed to half-blind it with his initial strike.

Beginning to slowly circle around it, being sure to avoid the three inch claws that it was swinging around, Dragon mentally prepared his best move: Double Piercing Strike.

His axe glowed the bluish white that signaled the move was ready, and he charged. The attack was swift as ever, thanks to his days spent training his STR stat, and when it was over, the Ursa fell, and exploded into the many pixels that signified death.

It turned out that he had been luckier than expected. The beast had dropped a helm that sold for quite a bit. Of course, it was not as good as the one he currently had. He had spent just about all of his initial Col on the best suit of heavy armor he could find. He was sure there would be better as he continued, and Kayaba only knew where all the rare drops could be found.

With a grin, Dragon dismissed the rundown of his gains, hefted his axe again, and continued on.
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Taka the Lovable Poet: Level 14 - 37% Exp - 2900 Col

Taka, now weaponless and defenseless except for his agility, watched as his companions moved in to strike the beast, and Lucy gave a comment on the beast's single-targeting system. Yes...I see... He watched carefully as Godot darted between the beast's legs after dealing a significant blow to its head. He bravely attempted to remove Taka's sword out of the beast's leg. That fool! His strength parameter isn't nearly high enough! As skinny as Taka was, his strength had gone far above that of the average player's, but that's to be expected from a man who carries six foot swords everywhere he goes. Godot actually managed to remove the sword, and tossed it a considerable distance.

Taka took off instantly, eager to be reunited with his blade. He heard Godot cry out, but couldn't take the time to worry about it he were to be of any use for much longer. He reached Poetic Justice and scooped up the buster blade, hilt in both hands, and looked up to see Ryuusa standing with his shield raised up above his head guarding an injured Godot. He cried out, "Somebody move Godot, now!"

If he has single aggro... Taka raced forward as fast as his legs could carry him. "Hold on! I'll distract him!" With the Tauros's back to him, he was free to race up his back. Poetic Justice began to glow golden as his sword art was being activated, without the signature shout of 'Taka RISING!' His blade, now lighter than a rapier, was brought up over his head. "Get him out of here, Ryuusa!" He slammed the blade down on the beast's head, causing him to rear his head back in pain. The beast attempted to reach back, grabbing for the bard. Taka acrobatically dodged the hand with a backflip and hit the beast's hand, causing it to roar even more. He gave a loud battle cry as he left off the front of the beast's head and gave a spinning slash across its face. "Take THAT!" He held his sword straight ahead and managed to carve a line into its stomach. Instead of hitting the ground the Tauros grabbed the assailant and stared him in the eyes. Dammit...Dammit...Dammit. Taka had not anticipated such a quick reaction from the cumbersome beast. Poetic Justice was firmly clasped to his side, but there was still one more use of its lightened state. Taka could feel it.

The beast raced the hammer in preparation to bash the annoying player in the head. Come on...Come on... Taka quickly worked on loosening the golden monster's grip. Slowly, but surely, he could feel the blade working loose. The hammer was getting higher and higher. Come on! Come on! He grunted with effort. It's almost loose! The hammer descended. In a Hollywood-esque ending, Taka managed to free his sword at the last second and used the last use of his sword art to block the hammer fall, this time with success. He fell and landed on a knee, his blade held out in his right arm. He looked up and gave a grin. I look so cool right now.
"Master Chief, mind telling me what you're doing on that ship??"
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