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Trade Corner Having trouble completing your Pokédex? Looking for a certain Pokémon or have a rare one to offer? This is your forum. Everything related to wireless trades can be discussed here.

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Old June 5th, 2015 (3:08 AM).
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Sometimes I don't mind. Kind of annoying if it's a cringey name on a 'mon though, eg. I wouldn't want a MLP/generic anime/edgy name (eg. xXShadowLordXx) /overall annoying name on my main Pokémon. Kind of wish GF would let us change traded Pokémon's nicknames at max happiness, but unfortunately I don't think that'll ever happen.
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Old June 27th, 2015 (6:32 AM).
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I'm a Nuzlocker, so often I nickname everything I catch by habit, it's rare for me to not nickname a Pokemon. Whenever I get a traded Pokemon with a nickname I just change it with the Name-rater and give it a better one.
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Old June 27th, 2015 (6:05 PM).
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I personally don't mind receiving nicknamed Pokemon so long as they do not have mean nicks.

I got a handful of Pokemon with mean nicknames from Wonder Trade (and the GTS, occasionally), and I couldn't help but feel bad for the poor virtual thing.

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Old July 2nd, 2015 (10:45 PM).
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I'm not most creative one when it comes to giving nicknames, so the nicknamed ones are kept for self use. lol

I don't mind receiving any nicknamed ones as long as they aren't bizarre or mean.

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Old July 3rd, 2015 (1:52 PM).
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I tend to nickname my best Pokémon, and have spent hours on end before coming up with a suitable name for them. Usually, it ends up being tied with a history I've had with them, or the role I plan on them being.

One of my favorites, for example, was Royal Pain, a Latios that I still have.

One that I spent a month breeding out of scratch is Warhammer, the Azumarill.
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Old July 15th, 2015 (9:57 PM).
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I get that has weird/lame/dumb nicknames usually get released right after I get it.
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