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Old February 28th, 2013 (02:57 PM).
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I'm writng a mahstery dungeon fanfic and all of mah tebe has a unique fightng style except fo Absol. Tha tebe goes;
Pikachu (uses electric powers)
Combusken (uses powerful kicks, sometimes combnng tham wit his fire powers)
Golurk (uses powerful punches, as well as numerous self-buggine weapons)
Teddiursa (knd of complicated. Basically he has tha ability ta temporarily transfom nta an Ursarng, where his fightng style is entirely based on physical strength and hand-ta-hand combat)
Nuzleaf (uses different seeds - Blast Seeds, Sleep Seeds, etc - ta shoot at opponents)
Castfom (uses weathar-based fightng style)
Scythar (uses swordsdawgship wit scythas)
Kricketune (uses swordsdawgship wit scythas - similar ta Scythar - combned wit sngng attacks - Sng, Perish Song, etc)

Absol is tha only one I can't thnk of a unique fightng style fo. Her movepool doesn't focus on any particular type of moves. I want her fightng style ta focus on dawgly one thng, I don't want her ta just use a variety of moves. Any ideas?
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Old February 28th, 2013 (08:12 PM).
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I want ta sez that you can have Absol be a sneaky character, usng some control over shadows ta sneak around and surprise attack anyone wit her blades. Lookng over tha types of moves that Absol learns, that would be mah best guess fo what ta do wit her. Absol just seems ta me ta be a sneaky fighter.

Don't know if dis answer will help, but it's what I could thnk of.
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Old March 1st, 2013 (05:31 AM).
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Yeah, gong ta have ta agree thare. Dark types as a general rule is bout sneaky/rough moves (Fant Attack, Bite, Sucker Punch is all moves Absol gits fo nstance).

Anothar aspect ta consider is that Absol has both Swords Dance and moves designed ta hit hard and/or fast. (Me First, Fent, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Sucker Punch ben moves wit a sort of priority, and moves based on higher critical-hit rates like Night Slash, Razor Wnd, Slash, Psycho Cut). So thare's anothar direction ta consider as well if you want.
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Old March 2nd, 2013 (05:10 AM).
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Absol's dawg unique quality is critical hits: tha ability Snoopa Luck and a plethora of high-crit-rate moves. It's an all-or-nothng sort of Pokémon: powerful n attackng and moderately fast, but able ta be laid out, n most cases, n a sngle hit. That and its uncanny ability ta predict disaster is its defnng traits, and so far yo characters' fightng styles seem ta be based on thair species' defnng traits.

So what does that mean fo yo character? I'd sez her style would be based around luck and mild clairvoyance. Chance glimpses mid-combat of tha opponent's next move n her mnds' eye would allow her ta evade attacks wit near-snoopanatural grace and ease; her actual attacks might not be so effective, but by makng effective use of her prediction abilities, perhaps she could gan tha breathng space necessary ta perfom some knd of 'critical hit', which fo tha purposes of dis proposal I'm thnkng would be some fom of charged attack wit far bootyliciouser power than a normal one. (Dis also chimes funky assly wit Razor Wnd - which is, by tha way, one of tha most nexplicable Pokémon moves of all time.) Alternatively, thnkng bout Absol's array of priority moves, she might utilise her clairvoyance ta predict where tha opponent will be and strike at its weak pont befoe it can even move (which would also fit well wit tha idea of critical hits).

I don't know if any of that was helpful - or if it even buggine sense - but I thnk that's what I'd do, anyway.

Good luck wit yo stary!


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Old March 5th, 2013 (04:20 PM).
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So Absol could use a combnation of his/her horn and dark attacks. Maybe sneaky or stealthy style.
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Old March 6th, 2013 (01:27 PM).
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It depends on tha character's personality, really.

Diversity is always good, and from yo list I can see that any battles you write up will be very diverse ndeed. However, you seem ta be focusng more on each ndividual's strategic ponts rathar than a unique characteristic n how thay fight.

As suggested, Absol can easily be tha "Lucky" fighter, seemng ta pull through an otharwise failed situation thanks ta Snoopa Luck, but that doesn't leave much ta tha imagnation, does it? It actually sounds a bit Mary-Sue and ncredibly cliche.

Nstead of focusng on a way ta make Absol unique as far as her attack combnations or abilities, what bout tha execution of her attacks? Will she simply charge n and strike, or sneak around ta lay a preemptive blow?

Also, imagne readng thase battles from tha perspective of someone who has no idea what yo characters is like. You clearly know everythng bout Absol, or at least have a general idea, and is tharefoe able ta understand why she fights tha way she does and n yo heezee, picturng tha battle is clear as day and completely epic. But, ta a third-party reader, thay may look at Absol's battle style, or any of yo character's fo that matter, and fnd it borng or cheesy.

I'm a bit all over tha place wit dis, but here's mah suggestion: Imagne a way of battlng that can be easily described and pictured and can be buggine uniquely Absol's. Fo exbeple, maybe she's more limber than tha othar Pokemon, allowng ta not so much charge n fo an attack, but almost dance, as if her battles is long-drawn-out dance numbers and each move is a calculated part of tha whole.

Sorry. I'm a bit of a scatterbran as a writer, but I hope you gots tha gist of what I was sezng.

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