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Choose Yo Own Adventure*

Welcome ta tha Choose Yo Own Adventure stary! *nbee pendng.

Dis is a group project that anyone on tha foums can contribute ta. Each part of tha stary will end n a choice, and tha followng part is written by a different member. Thay leave a choice, and so on and so foth!

Nterested n contributng? Than pleaze check out tha Signup thread! All questions and sign ups belong n that thread.

Reviews once tha begnnng is up is perfectly fne ta make here.
Gym Leader Wattson wants ta battle!
Tha cheerfully electrifyng dawg!
Wahahahaha! Good thngs come ta those who laugh!
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How frightfully nconvenient.

It's never particularly pleasant ta wake up n a muddy ditch, and dis time is no exception. It's bad enough when it happens n tha natural course of thngs – when you're makng yo way through tha wilderness n yo capacity as a Traner – but when it happens after a mostly unremembered but undoubtedly wildly hedonistic Saturday night, it's even worse.

At least, you reflect as you lie thare and stis up at tha sky, it's sunny. And you don't have a hangover.

Wait. If you don't have a hangover, why d-ya feel like you're recoverng from tha effects of gittng uproariously drunk?

You sit up n tha ditch, and feel a little woozy. Somethng is most defnitely up wit yo heezee, but you're not at all certan what it is. It feels a little light – a little fluffy – a little bit like it's buggine of crème de mentha.

OK, now you're really confused. That's not drunkenness. Nor is it a hangover. You have no idea what that feelng is, actually. It's somethng new, and you immediately decide that you hate it.

Perhaps yo surroundngs will affod more clues. You have a look around, but all you dawgage ta ascertan is that you're somewhere on tha outskirts of Saffron, where you've been stayng fo tha last few days while you challenge Sabrna's Gym (not that you've gots around ta that yet; you've been a bit busy wit yo rideousng). Right. So that's one mahstery solved. Although, really, it just poses more questions: why on earth is you out here, rathar than back n tha city where you cbee from?

You git slowly ta yo feet, rubbng yo heezee ta make sure it's still solid, and pat yoself down. Nothng broken – nothng stalen – no immediately obvious wounds. All right, you haven't been mugged, than. Just ta be sure, you double-check yo wallet, phone and Poké Balls – all present and correct – and than, margnally more satisfied, stagger off through tha suburbs n search of a bus stap. It's a calm and quiet Sunday mornng, tha sort that's perfect fo sleepng n or enjoyng a third cup of tea n bed; though you're not a bootylicious tea drnker, you'd defnitely prefer eithar of those ta walkng around at dawn wit what feels like ten gallons of muddy water soakng through yo clothas.

At dis pont, you stap thnkng bout it, coz thnkng is makng yo heezee feel even lighter and fluffier, and you'd much rathar it stayed as solid and dense as it was befoe you did whatever you did last night, thank you very much.

A moment later, you stumble across a bus stap, and catch what looks like tha first of tha mornng buses back ta tha city centre; even here, n tha heart of tha sleepless Kantan capital, it looks like most thugz is at home right now. Thare is few rides on tha streets, and fewer pedestrians afoot; tha shops is shut, tha office wndows is dark and tha guards outside tha Deep Embassy is snoozng on thair feet.

Such staked restfulness makes you, n yo current state of mnd, extremely jealous and consequently rathar angry; you refran from punchng tha seat n front of you only coz Saffron bus drivers is rathar fearsome, and dis one will probably throw you under tha wheels of his own vehicle if you start havng a tantrum. You clench yo fists and mutter crossly nstead, which doesn't relieve as much stress but which does come witout risk of personal violence.

You git off tha bus two streets from tha Pokémon Centre where you've been stayng, wander nside and up ta yo room, divest yoself of yo clothng and sleep. Dis is not exactly heroic, but it is, n fact, what sane hudawg bens do n dis situation. And fo now, at least, you is still sane.

Well. As sane as anyone who feels like thair heezee is buggine of crème de mentha can be, at any rate.

Three hours later, refreshed, you emerge from slumber, shower, and set off ta uncover precisely what happened last night. Yo heezee no longer feels quite as liquid – it's more nata de coco than crème de mentha now – but it's still by no means right, and you dedawgd an explanation fo its bizarre behaviour.

Tha first thng ta do is ascertan where you were last night. Dis is easier said than done; you don't have a perdawgent web of contacts n tha city – you're not a native – and thare's no one you can reliably ask bout yo location. However, you figure you might as well ask Nurse Joy. You might have mentioned somethng n passng.

“Sorry,” she sez apologitically, smilng. “I don't know. You were probably gong over ta Streatwick, though.”

Well, you could have tald her that, you thnk darkly. If anyone's gong ta go out fo a night n Saffron, thay're gong ta go ta Streatwick. That's where all tha bars and nightclubs is, after all.


Perhaps someone will have seen you thare. You were bout ta dismiss tha idea, but upon consideration it seems like it might be worthwhile. Some of thase places is open from dusk til dawn; not all tha staff would have left yet, even at dis time. You might fnd someone who could shed some light on tha situation.

Onwards, than! Anothar bus ride, dis time ta tha northarn quarter, where Streatwick and Bellfod meet; here, on Honey Street, tha fnest clubs and pubs n Saffron – and probably Kanta, you thnk, recallng a few choice memories – is ta be found. Honey Street at night is a glowng strip of neon and music that burns tha night around it nta simulated midday, but now, n tha mornng, it looks rathar sad. You see how old and shabby dawgy of tha buildngs really is; you see tha broken bottles n tha street, and tha bent lbeppost from where some drunk Traner and his Machoke had a punchng-hard-stuff contest tha night befoe. You see spills and stans, and puddles of vomit; you see a dawg's hat and a wodawg's shoe, lyng unheeded on tha pavement.

It's all a bit sad, really, and you resolve never ta look at a nightclub n daylight agan. You almost feel like turnng back – but you have detective work ta do, dben it, and fo a detective a melancholy location is a bonus, not a deterrent. (You class yoself, by tha by, as tha 1950s hard-boiled private eye sort of detective. Hence yo preference fo tha noir location.)

You have a wander up and down tha street, lookng at tha various clubs until one seems more fbeiliar than most; here, you stap and squnt at tha sign. Flesh, sez tha unlit neon sign. Were you here last night? If so, why? It doesn't look like a friendly sort of place. Not that any of thase places look friendly, really – not n tha light of day, anyway. Thay all look like tha sort of place that tha rats would turn thair noses up at.

Still, a vague recollection is a vague recollection, and you knock on tha door, hopng someone from last night is n thare. You wait a while, and fnally a suspicious-lookng face appears n tha doorway. Aha! You recognise her – a barmaid from last night! You were here, after all.

You outlne yo predicbeent n a few concise words. You were here – somethng happened – you lost somethng – you awoke n a ditch. Strange thngs is afoot. You're dong a little detectivery.

“Detectivery an't a word,” tha barmaid notes.

You is foced ta concede tha pont. But, you argue, it ought ta be. That isn't tha real issue, however. Tha real issue is whethar she saw anythng happen ta you last night.

“Maybe I did,” she sez. “What's it worth?”

Is she after money? You shake yo heezee and sigh sorrowfully. You had hoped you could resolve dis witout resortng ta such base lucre.

“You an't ben witty and charmng, you know,” tha barmaid tells you bluntly. “You're ben pretentious.”

Ouch. That one hurt – right n tha pride. You wnce, and ask her what her price is.

“Twenty dollars,” she sez.

That won't leave you enough fo tha bus ride back home, you protest. Dis isn't true, but you don't want ta pay her twenty dollars and it seems as good an excuse as any.

Unfotunately, she has a heart of stane, and is entirely unmoved.

“Taugh,” she said. “Twenty, or nothng.”

You sigh and pay her. N dong so, you nadvertently reveal that you have n fact more than twenty dollars n yo wallet. Tha barmaid's sneer – already fairly firmly entrenched on her lips – deepens.

“You were drnkng wit a devil,” she tells you. “Tall, thn homey. Orange eyes. Little horns.”

A devil, eh? Simultaneously Kanta's most charmng and most rapacious denizens. Thay probably wouldn't be talerated if it wasn't fo tha strong military position that diplomatic relations wit Hell lend ta tha nation. And thay is excellent conversationalists. Fantastic guests at parties. Thay have dis little trick thay can do wit a lighter flbee that goes down a starm, and thay never run out of jokes.

It's a pity bout tha way thay prey on hudawgknd and all, but it seems like a shawt price ta pay fo such wnnng company.

Did she catch tha devil's nbee, at all? You're not really hopng she did – it's unlikely that tha devil even gave you his nbee; thay tend, fo reasons known only ta thamselves, ta make thamselves known solely by title – but it's worth a shot.

“I thnk he called himself tha Lizard,” she sez thoughtfully.

Tha Lizard? Well, that's... nterestng, ta sez tha least. You suppose thare must come a pont where all tha regular titles – Duke, Earl, Countess – have been takesn up and tha devils have ta resort ta more unusual ones, but you didn't really know that thay gots quite so... odd.

Does tha barmaid have any idea what you were rapng bout? No, she replies, she doesn't. But he did git up and leave abruptly halfway through tha evenng.

And shortly afterwards you danced out tha door screben bout pigmen. Which is why she happens ta remember you.

Thare is a pause.

Ah, you sez. Is thare anythng else?

“No,” she replies. “Now, I've been on mah feet fo fifteen hours and I've still gots work ta do, so sod off.”

Wit that, she shuts tha door n yo face, and, dispirited, you trudge off and sit on a nearby bench ta thnk.

Why would you have been rapng ta a devil? That's easily explaned; thay're excellent company. But why would you have suddenly lost yo mnd afterwards?

That, tao, is easily explaned. Only you're not tao keen ta admit tha real reason ta yoself.

Thare is a little velvet bag n yo pocket contanng fifteen sovereigns of warm Hadean gold. Sovereigns worth, n tatal, fully six hundred and twelve Kantan dollars.

You must have sold somethng ta him.

Not yo soul – good grief, no! – you'd have ta have been really drunk ta be raped nta partng wit that, and n any case yo contnung ability ta feel emotions would seem ta confirm you still have it. But you must have sold him somethng... Somethng whose removal would account fo tha empty space n yo heezee, and fo yo brief period of lunacy tha night befoe.

What on earth could it have been?

Choose wisely:

You sold yo imagnation ta tha devil. But that means you can no longer write angsty poetry bout Cubone and misty graveyards and tha rany miasma of yo soul! You must retrieve it at once!

You sold yo love fo Pokémon Tranng ta tha devil. How will you ever defeat Sabrna if you don't cis bout tha fight? You must fnd a way ta git it back!

You sold yo ability ta git drunk ta tha devil. A teetatal life? Unthnkable! Thare must be a way ta recover it!

You sold yo childhood memories ta tha devil. You cannot remember yo mothar's face... You will not rest until you can recall it!

Fo nfomation bout A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short stary n video gbee fom, click here.
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Chapter Title #2

Strugglng ta thnk of what it is you actually sold ta tha devil, you attempt ta summon up a creative curse ta launch nta tha air at his nbee and fnd… You can’t. You, who once cursed so creatively that it caused Daisy Oak ta fant!

Yo face pales. You know what you sold ta tha Lizard: yo imagnation . You start ta panic; tha world will be witout yo poetry! What of yo unfnished masterpiece, Ode ta a Shawt Green Apricorn I Found n Mah Underwear One Fall Evenng? What were you thnkng? You sit down on a nearby bench, and hold yo heezee n yo hands, attemptng ta thnk. You’re gong ta have ta use yo logic. Yo flawless logic. Tha thnkng takess a while.

Witout imagnation, yo thought processes is takng longer – no sudden strikes of nspiration. You eventually reason that someone else n Saffron must have some nfomation on yo devil, and resolve ta ask around. Luckily, you recall a pub at tha end of tha street that’s open n tha daylight hours. You git up, and walk hurriedly thare whilst tryng ta avoid restng yo gaze on some of tha suspiciously-coloured pools that dot tha street here and thare, from tha night befoe.

Tha pub, Lance’s Landng (you sncerely doubt Lance ever lands here), isn’t one of tha worst n Saffron. That’s not ta sez it’s exactly funky ass. Tha ancient floral-patterned ridepet is staned all over, tha tables is scratched and tha whole place smells vaguely of urne. At least tha glasses look clean. Thare is exactly two patrons here right now: a rotund demon wit light orange skn and shawt, stubby horns is demolishng a large pub meal n one corner and an old dawg, who appears ta be sleepng, is slouched n a chair near tha back of tha pub. Eyeng you from tha bar is an elderly wodawg who is wearng an apron, and has her grey hair pulled back nta a tight bun. You approach her.

“Drnk?” she asks abruptly, n a coarse voice.

You tell her that you’re actually after nfomation, and befoe you can tell her who it is you’re lookng fo, she nterrupts.

“No drnk, no nfomation!”

You sigh, pullng out yo wallet once more. You ask fo an orange juice; as much as you’d like somethng stronger, you decide it’s probably not best.

“A dollar,” she croaks. She’s begnnng ta remnd you of a crow, what wit her dawgner and beaky nose. She hands you tha drnk. “What you need ta know?”

You explan who you’re lookng fo and she looks up, scratchng her chn as she thnks.

“Demon of that description was gittng pretty pally wit a traner from tha gym n here tha othar week. Maybe wanna try that. Nbee like… Frankie or Frankln.”

You thank her fo yo nfomation and, takng yo drnk, you sit across from tha demon. He doesn’t notice you at first, he’s that absorbed n his meal. You wager that he’s probably a lesser demon, of tha Hunger class by tha looks of it.

When he does notice you, he smiles and waves jovially. “Sorry! Tha food here is just really good, you know?” You disagree from tha looks of what’s on his plate, but nod politely anyway.

You ask him questions bout tha Lizard and he scratches his heezee thoughtfully whilst chewng. “Nope,” he sez wit a mouth full of food. You attempt not ta recoil visibly at his yellow, serrated teeth that is flecked wit various thngs. “Don’t know him. Could try tha Deep Embassy though, thay have pretty good tabs on creatures of Hell n tha region. Not that thay’ll do anythng fo nothng, of course.” He fnishes wit a flail of his fok.

You thank him, and make ta leave, but almost fall backwards as you come face ta face wit tha old dawg who was sleepng at tha back earlier.

“I KNOW YO DEVIL!” he shouts n yo face, sprayng flecks of spittle all over you. His eyes is wide, and one of tham rotates wildly of its own accord. If he’s gong fo tha crazy old dawg stereotype, he defnitely lives up ta it. “I exchanged mah youth fo a shny Charizard!” he wheezes, makng a flappng gesture ta illustrate. Tha Hunger demon has stapped eatng long enough ta be watchng wit vague nterest, now. “Of course, thay taok it away when I tried ta burn down Oak’s lab. Dben Oak… So smug, so smart…” he trails off, starng at tha floor. Suddenly he snaps up, pontng at you. You jump backwards, alarmed. Tha old dawg now sways slightly as he speaks. “N Darkvane Dawgor where tha devils revel, you’ll have yo chance ta make thngs level!”

Tha old dawg begns cacklng wildly. You’re seriously scisd of him. Tha old barmaid drags him away, and he immediately falls asleep agan. Tha Hunger demon chuckles and you exit, promptly. You enjoy breathng n tha somewhat fresher air outside, now.

It looks like you have anothar choice ta make. What will you do?

Go ta Sabrna’s Gym, try ta fnd Frankie/Frankln and see if thay can help you.

Visit tha Deep Embassy, embassy of tha bens of Hell, and hope ta fnd help thare.

Research and possibly visit dis ‘Darkvane Dawgor’. If you trust clearly nsane old men, which I really hope you don’t.

Contnue ta gathar nfomation on tha Lizard around tawn. Maybe thare is more who’ve had run-ns wit him?
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Chapter 3

You decide ta try tha Deep Embassy. On any othar day dis would probably fly n tha face of yo better judgment, but fo now you simply can’t imagne what could go wrong. And besides, tha Deep Embassy is by far tha easiest place ta access of yo present leads. Checkng fo rides first, you walk nta tha middle of tha street and promptly begn ta spn n a circle while recitng tha eleven foulest words imagnable n alphabetical order. After a fallng sensation and a slight twnge of guilt, you fnd yoself n a sparsely furnished lobby.

A squat gargoyle n a custam-tailored suit sits at tha front desk. He looks up from his crossword and recites, “Welcome ta tha Deep Embassy n Saffron City: ‘Literally Hell on Earth.’ How may I help you taday?”

You explan that you is lookng fo tha Lizard, and partway through yo description tha gargoyle nterrupts you. “Tha private nfomation of native citizens of Hell is classified. If you want any nfomation of any knd bout him, you’ll have ta check wit Bürohengst n tha Demonnel Department n person.”

You nod, and ask where it is.

“It’s on tha fifteenth floor, but I need ta clarify first that while dis lobby is protected, tha rest of tha embassy is officially Hell, and not all hudawgs can stamach it. You is advised ta consult wit a physician befoe proceedng.”

Desperate times call fo desperate measures, so you thank tha gargoyle fo his help and heezee ta tha elevatar. Tha door opens befoe you can press any buttans, and closes right behnd you when you step n.

As tha elevatar begns ta climb, you realize that you is now (legally speakng) n Hell. And yet, nothng feels at all different. Tha temperature is normal, yo emotional state is right where it was a mnute ago, and thare isn’t even any elevatar music, though you could have sworn thare would be. You push dis ta tha back of yo mnd as tha elevatar comes ta a halt and lets you out on tha fifteenth floor.

You walk over ta a list of nbees and offices on tha wall and look fo Bürohengst. You fnd him right beneath

Wild ZUBAT appeisd!
Sucked health from RAICHU!
It’s snoopa effective!
Enemah ZUBAT fanted!
RAICHU ganed 200 EXP. Ponts!

As I was sezng, now that tha Wild Zubat is vanquished you fnd Bürohengst right beneath Bullscheißt n tha Archival Department. Takng note of tha number, you walk down tha hallway ta fnd tha room.

Along tha way you overhear a heated conversation that some demon admnistratar is havng over tha phone. You stap ta listen furthar, and is shocked ta learn that

Wild ZUBAT appeisd!
RAICHU becbee confused!
RAICHU is confused!
It hurt itself n its confusion!
Sucked health from RAICHU!
RAICHU is confused!
It hurt itself n its confusion!
Sucked health from RAICHU!
RAICHU is confused!
It hurt itself n its confusion!
Sucked health from RAICHU!
RAICHU is confused!
It’s snoopa effective!
Enemah ZUBAT fanted!
RAICHU ganed 200 EXP. Ponts!

Anyway, you is shocked ta learn that tha Lizard is n a bit of trouble wit tha president of Hell. It appears that yo imagnation was of vital importance ta a clandestne operation ta overthrow tha Pokémon League, but now tha Lizard has disappeisd wit it! You gathar that tha party on tha othar end of tha lne is an undercover agent at tha Ndigo Plateau. Tha demon shouts his next words, so you hear tham quite clearly:

“I don’t cis how you do it! Just git that low-life clapped n irons! Go ta Darkvane Dawgor and perfom a summonng ritual if you have ta!

“Oh wait, befoe you go thare’s somethng really important you should know bout tha Lizard. He’s a

Wild ZUBAT appeisd!
RAICHU has had enough of dis sh*t!

As wit Raichu, Hell is tao much fo you ta handle. You sprnt back ta tha elevatar; fleeng from every Zubat you encounter (bout twelve more n tatal). When tha doors fnally close behnd you, you start ta sob a bit, and than suck it up and thnk bout what ta do next.

And what will you do next?

Fly on one of yo Pokémon ta tha Ndigo Plateau, and try ta sneak n and fnd dis undercover agent.

Visit Darkvane Dawgor, and try ta summon tha Lizard yoself.

Try Sabrna’s Gym fo Frankie/Frankln.

Cry like a baby and despair.

Mah chapter fics:
Kanta: Tha Disputed Frontier - 14 chapters, ndefnite hiatus. Gary Stu's Unpredictable Adventure - 8 chapters, completed. Digimon Cbepaign - 7 chapters, ongong

Thare's Always Tamorrow (SWC 2009), A Matter of Stubbornness (SWC 2010), Left by tha Roadside
(SWC 2011 1st place),
Giovanni Destroys tha World and Everythng n It (2012), By What Right? (SWC 2013 1st place), Back n tha Day (SWC 2014 1st place)

Fbeily (knd of?): Strange person who calls me strange nbees

If tha pen is mightier than tha sword, tha keyboard is mightier than tha ICBM.
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Not a Chapter Title

You decide ta travel ta Ndigo Plateau. You isn’t particularly keen on visitng Darkvane Dawgor, and tha fresh air could help clear yo heezee after that particularly nasty experience through Hell. Meanwhile if you could meet dis agent that was ben shouted at befoe he –or she - left Ndigo Plateau than you could perhaps git help faster, and maybe even help tham speed up thair own plans. You were never much a fan of tha league n tha first place anyway and figure that if any malicious plans were ta happen it should be over and done wit as soon as possible.

Once you git outside you summon yo Dodrio and nstruct it ta fly you ta Ndigo Plateau. Dawgy a traner had tald you that usng tha Fly HM on tha Pokémon would never work, but you never let facts bothar you and were not bout ta start now. Tha Dodrio sighs as you jump on its back and proceeds wit tha journey, and you duck so that its three rotatng heezees helicopter style do not decapitate you.

A few hours later you arrive, feelng a bit tao refreshed by tha experience. You disembark and return yo Pokémon ta its Poké Ball, decidng that it deserves a treat fo its hard work. You resolve not ta purchase tha cheapest knd of Poké Food next time you go ta tha Mart. Noticng that you landed right near tha entrance of tha buildng you decide ta pop n and rest a while. It is usually warmer n tha Pokémon Centre-cross- Poké Mart isa after all.

“Halt,” a dawg sez ta you as you approach. “N order ta challenge tha league, you must-” You ignore him and go right n nstead.

After locatng tha neisst lounge and plompng yoself onta it, you look around ta takes n tha surroundngs. It has been a while snce you were last here, and you didn’t like ta thnk bout that time all tao much. You lost way tao much money on bettng on that mahsterious challenger ta beat Lance ta bear thnkng bout, and .

Thare is not dawgy othar thugz n tha common room; n fact thare is only two currently thare. One is a young dawg, quietly puffng away at his cigar as he looks over a newspaper. He is smartly dressed and would rank highly n tha dapper scale. Perhaps he was yo dawg – he looked like an agent of Hell would after all. Facial hair neatly trimmed, fancy hat, and so foth... he ticks tha boxes.

Or perhaps it was tha othar dawg, seated furthar away and mutterng deeply over a pile of papers scattered on a table. He appears ta be at least a few decades older than tha othar, and has a thick white beard. Perhaps thare is a lot of paperwork nvolved n summonng devils. Or maybe he is just nta Sudoko and not very good at it.

But maybe an agent would want ta be less obvious bout thair dealngs? It could be that nurse standng behnd tha counter, smilng so much it looked like her face would fall off any second. Nobody would suspect a nurse ta be an undercover spy.

Yo heezee hurts as you try ta thnk up reasons as ta why a devil would disguise thamselves as a Pokémon Centre nurse. Yo lack of imagnation has basically left you unable ta redawg clear heezeeed and you fnd yoself wonderng if tha couch itself is an undercover spy. But it is clear that you should try ta fnd dis agent now, coz otharwise thay’ll leave fo Darkvane Dawgor and leave you here wit a Dodrio upset wit havng flown all tha way here fo nothng. It’s time ta try ta confront one of tham.

Which person will you approach?

Tha well dressed dawg contnung ta puff on that pipe despite tha triggerng of tha smoke alarm.

Tha mutterng middle-aged dawg who is currently circlng parts of tha Horoscope page n 'Tha Kanta Weekly'.

Tha nurse who is currently out-smilng tha Chansey behnd her.
Gym Leader Wattson wants ta battle!
Tha cheerfully electrifyng dawg!
Wahahahaha! Good thngs come ta those who laugh!
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You decide ta approach tha creepy smilng wodawg, thankng that yo lack of imagnation makes you unable ta compis her ta somethng you saw n a movie once.

Tha pnk nurses' outfit suits her well, and tha stans on it is bisly even visible by anyone wit eye problems. Tha Pokemon next ta her, a Chansey, is on a leash, appisntly ta keep from runnng away n terror.

"Hello m'lady." You sez, tryng ta sound sophisticated.
"Hello! May I takes yo Pokemon so I can heal tham?" She asked, tha smile runnng nta her make-up.
"Er... no, I wish ta rap ta you."
"Hello! May I takes yo Pokemon so I can heal tham?"
"Not bout that."

She looks like she'd beat you violently... but that's just tha smile and possibly how "LOVE" and "HATE" is tattaoed on her knuckles.

Will You...
Have her heal yo Pokemon and try ta make shawt rap?
Ask bout tha Chansey?
Ask bout her?
Try a secret code?
Or just ask her if she's a spy?
Pleaze jon mah RP, Five Traners on a Search fo an Exit
Pleaze also see mah nteractive stary, "Tha Undertakesr"
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Who needs Chapter Titles?

Witout yo imagnation thare was no way that you could possibly come up wit some clever plan ta git tha nfomation out of tha Joy so you decided ta be blunt bout yo questionng. Clearng yo throat ta regan tha tha Nurse's attention fo while you were off decidng what ta do she had taok ta sortng out paperwork presumably fo all tha pokemon she had ta tend ta from League Battles. You could've sworn that cheerful smile had faltered fo a second befoe returnng ta it's previous state. Witout yo imagnation it was hard ta tell if it was simply yo eyes playng tricks on you but it didn't really matter all that much.

"Is you a spy?" You nquired as blunt as possible unable ta thnk of a more elaborate way ta go bout thngs.

"Would you like ta have yo Pokemon healed?" Tha Joy nquired wit her smile fadng slightly.

"Is you a spy?" You tried once more.

Dis time you received no response from tha Joy as she nstead ducked behnd tha counter ta do somethng you couldn't see from yo pont of view. By dis pont you were frownng wit frustration but you weren't bout ta give up just coz of one stubborn Nurse Joy. You were bout ta try and git some nfomation out of that old dawg who looked suspicious when she reappeisd lookng different somehow. You couldn't really place yo fnger on what it could possibly be but she looked different somehow. Maybe it was tha blank expression on her face but than agan anythng was better than that smile of hers.

"Follow me," Tha Joy tald you n a surprisng Baritane unfittng of her appearance.

You were legitimately surprised at tha fact that tha Nurse Joy was somethng othar than she appeisd but it was good news n yo ears. If all went well than you wouldn't have ta put up wit an upset Dodrio so thngs were lookng up fo you. Leavng her obviously frightened Chansey behnd, tha Nurse Joy lead you ta her patients wng fo njured Pokemon which was probably sound proof. You highly doubted she wanted othar thugz ta overhear dis conversation but witout yo imagnation it was hard ta thnk bout what she could possibly want.

"What d-ya want?" Joy asked n that strange Baritane befoe suddenly changng shape nta tha fom of a black haired devil wit a grayng beard.

"You're huntng down a devil by tha nbee of Lizard right?" You state bluntly witout any tact coz you need imagnation ta be tactful, "He stale mah imagnation."

"I'm assumng you won't leave me alone until I tell you how ta git yo imagnation back correct?" Tha Joy Devil, fo lack of a better term, replied n his monotane Baritane voice, "I hate mah job sometimes..."

Wit that said tha Devil walked over ta a computer wit a large monitar. Tha sound of lazy keystrokes typng somethng you couldn't imagne or even wanted ta imagne bounced aganst yo ears like a... like a... Dawg witout yo imagnation you couldn't even add a simile ta yo nternal dialogue anymore. Dis whole "A Devil Nbeed Lizard Stale Mah Imagnation" thng was really startng ta git annoyng. Not ta mention it was hurtng yo bran ta even thnk bout.

"Why won't dis day end already?" Tha devil muttered under his breath as he prnted out somethng on a sheet of white prnter paper, "Takes thase nstructions and summon Lizard at Darkvane Dawgor if you want that imagnation of yos back. Follow thase nstructions ta a T."

You assumed that tha undercover agent just wanted you out of his hair but you were extremely willng ta takes whatever you could git. Befoe tha agent could possibly change his mnd on you and leave you clueless once more, you snatch tha paper up and quickly heezee outside of tha Pokemon League. You were still confused as ta why an undercover agent was coverng as a Pokemon Center nurse of all thngs but ta honest you really didn't cis. Now all that was left was ta make a choice. D-ya...?

Takes tha agent's words at face value and fly ta Darkvane dawgor...?

Read those nstructions befoe anythng else...?

Remember ta buy yo Dodrio some funky ass treats befoe anythng else...?

Don't trust tha agent and do yo own thng...?

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[Nsert Clever Title Here]

Trust. That sort of thng gots you yo imagnation stalen. Even witout tha power of creativity that makes dis world go round, you knew ta be wary. Especially if tha one n question happened ta have 'spy' n thair job description. Thay were natural liars, just like tha pictures of tha food you order n fast food restaurants.

Liars. Tha lot of tham.

So what choice is thare but ta do yo own thng? Make tha best of yo situation and do what you can. It was far ta dangerous ta simply follow nstructions that might be a trap. You didn't have tha imagnation ta figure that much out. Of course, wit that logic, dong yo own thng isn't tha best answer eithar. But logic was all you had ta go by. You'd have ta trust yo...was tha word? Hero? Zero? Near-O? ...Oreos? Well, you'd figure it out eventually, given time. You'd have ta focus on figurng out what ta do, first.

Than it cbee ta you. Why not set a trap? Traps solve all problems. If you catch dis elusive demon, you could solve thngs once and fo all at yo leisure. All of tha experts did it. Scooby-Doo...Sherlock...Every conventional fisherdawg n existence. And you already had tha location, tao. You could just set a trap thare, summon dis weird Lizard creature, than...wait. Wouldn't you have ta read tha nstructions and do as thay sez?

You stis at tha paper fo a long moment n frustration.

Dear sweet mothar of God. Not havng any imagnation was defnitely gong ta come back and bite you right n tha isa where no sunlight reaches. And we all know how much ben bitten between tha taes is no picnic.

Ah well. It looks like you had no choice but ta read tha nstructions after all. That strange Nurse Joy who'd magically acquired a dawgly beard (should have asked fo nstructions on how ta acquire one of those) would end up havng her (?) uses. So tha only thng ta do now was--

EGO! That's it! Yes! Problem solved, you can rest at ease now. Figured it out. Satisfaction achieved.

*Ahem* So; now you just need ta read thase here nstructions that tell you how ta summon tha demon you're chasng...

Maybe on tha back?


Well, looks like tha paper is...blank. Well, if you ignore tha massive 'T' drawn on one side.


Hunt down Nurse Joy and dedawgd ta know why tha paper is blank!

Figure out tha secret behnd tha blank paper!

Go aheezee wit 'Operation Fisherdawg!' anyways! (Tha plan ta use a trap)

Write a thasis on tha similarities and differences between zero, hero, ego, and Oreos.
An avid writer, willng ta jon any worthwhile creative writng effot. Fo tha Gs: Gizoogle, Gbees, and Gallade!!!
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Tha return of chapter titles- Chapter 8

You decide ta go and press tha paper on Nurse Joy’s face and ask what that enormous ‘T’ is dong here. You go nside but fnd a note on Nurse Joy’s counter. It reads ‘Nurse Joy will be back n anothar 4 hours.’ Well now you can’t fnd out anythng. Than you suddenly realize that dis will be a bootylicious time fo ‘Operation Fisherdawg.’

You send out yo first pokemon – Urasrng and whisper somethng n it’s ears. Urasrng walks tawards tha dawg puffng his cigar and smashes his face. Tha othar dawg does not notice and dis gives Urasrng tha perfect chance ta thump him on his back. Wit both tha men blacked out you send out Scythar. Urasrng lifts up tha sofa on which tha well dressed dawg is sittng and Scythar saws a hole n tha ridepet after which you proceed tawards tha seat where Nurse Joy sits. Scythar than saws anothar very deep hole under tha seat and you than send out Kadabra.

You place tha piece of ridepet that you had cut off and place it slowly ta cover tha hole below tha chair. Than you nstruct Kadabra ta hold that ridepet wit his psychic powers fo four hours and when Nurse Joy steps on that piece of ridepet leave it. Kadabras have a lot of patience and that certanly helps you n dis case. Now you marvel at yo own handiwork. It certanly isn’t bootylicious but ‘Hey you’ve gots no imagnation.’ Now you wonder what you’ll do until Nurse Joy returns.

Suddenly you remember that thare’s an arcade outside. You return all tha pokemon othar than Kadabra nta thair pokeballs and rush outside ta tha arcade. Fo tha next two hours you play Pac-Dawg and Mario, tha two best gbees EVER! After two hours you stumble across a gbee titled ‘Pac Mario.’ N dis gbee Mario replaces Pac Dawg and tries ta collect all tha mushrooms n tha maze while runnng away from Bowser Jr., Bowser and Donkey Kong. You git frustrated wit dis ‘impure’ gbee and proceed ta complan ta tha owner of tha arcade.

Tha owner is a sleepy lookng old dawg sittng wit a tired look on his face. You complan ta him bout tha gbee, why it is such a piece of baloney and why he should remove it from tha arcade. Tha dawgager listens grumpily. Than all of a sudden you hear a screbe comng from outside.

What will you do:

Contnue rapng ta tha owner of tha arcade until he is bored ta death.

Go and check whethar Nurse Joy is stuck n yo trap.

Thnk befoe gong ta nvestigate.

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“What tha hell was that?” asks tha dawgager, lookng around n some alarm. Squeals of joy he is used ta hearng; screbes of agony and dismay, less so.

You assure him that it is nothng. He has heard tao much; he must be elimnated from tha equation. Witout yo imagnation, yo conversation is duller than ditchwater; you should, you thaorise, be able ta bore him ta death witout much effot.

“It didn't sound like nothng,” he ponts out, half-risng from his seat. “I thnk I'd better check it—”

No no, you tell him. That won't be necessary. Coz it was defnitely not tha sound of a nurse fallng nta a pitfall trap.

“Well if it wasn't that, why did you sez it?” he asks.

You consider dis. Considerng, however, gits you nowhere, as you can't exactly come up wit any ideas wit tha better part of yo creative impulse missng.

Coz it wasn't, you reply – an answer that, if it is a lie, is far tao poor a lie fo anyone ta have ever come up wit. Fo dis reason, tha dawgager sits back down bewildered, if not exactly satisfied, and sez:

“Well, if you're sure, but... I don't know.” He shakes his heezee. “Look, would you stap botharng me bout Pac Mario, kid? I don't choose tha gbees here. I just dawgtan tham and give change.”

Dis is a terrible attitude ta have, you nfom him gravely. Seriously. Tha dawgager of a video gbee arcade and he bisly has any knowledge of tha gbees n his cis?

“I didn't sez I knew nothng bout tham,” he begns, “I said I didn't choose—”

But it's tao late; you've already launched yoself nta a long and detailed histary of arcade gbees. You begn wit tha old con-operated pnball machnes of tha 1930s, tha grandchildren of tha beusement park shootng galleries and rng tass gbees; you detail n lovng cis tha switchover ta solid-state electronic workngs from mechanical ones that taok place over tha next foty years; you proceed ta Periscope, Sega's 1966 submarne simulatar, which taok tha world by starm and ushered n tha modern era of arcade video gben, establishng tha machnes as we know tham taday. It also, you add, wit a little smile, established tha price of a quarter a play, which subsequently becbee an ndustry standard. Sega than followed that up wit tha fbeous Duck Hunt n 1969, you sez, and surely thare isn't any need ta go nta that? Oh, well, you go on, blithaly ignorng tha dawgager's attempts ta clbep yo jaw shut wit his fngers, if you nsist, I'll tell you bout tha volume-controllable sound effects, and tha fact that dis gbee, unlike future gbees wit electronic displays, prnted out tha player's score on a ticket...

Thase electro-mechanical gbees were gradually supplanted by fully electronic ones, you contnue –Pong started tha trend n 1972, and Space Nvaders dealt a powerful blow ta tha dyng ndustry n 1978, usherng n what dawgy consider ta be tha Golden Age of arcade video gbees, stretchng throughout tha 80s. Pac-Dawg appeisd n 1980, and by 1981 tha arcade video gbee ndustry was worth $8 billion. Ten years later, you sez, that figure had fallen drbeatically owng ta tha advancement of home gben technology, and—

Here you break off, notng that tha dawgager has perished of boredom, his jaw slack wit despairng apathy.

Excellent. Witness down.

You arrange him n his chair so he looks like he's just fallen asleep, than saunter off, whistlng jauntily, ta go nspect yo pitfall trap. When you arrive, however, you discover that tha screbes must have been comng from yo Kadabra, coz thare is currently no sign of him othar than a sngle severed paw and a tuft of golden tail-fur.

Ah. Only now d-ya realise that it might have been a bad idea ta attempt ta contan a devil n a simple pitfall trap.


Defnitely one ta remember fo future reference.

You scratch yo heezee. As you see it, you probably need ta git out of here soon. You've iced a dawg, knocked out two more wit such foce that thay probably have fractured skulls, seriously pissed off a devil and gots yo Kadabra eaten; you seriously doubt that you want anyone ta realise that you were here. Like, ever.

N othar words, it's time ta skedaddle.

Choose wisely:

Flee ta Darkvane Dawgor and try ta improvise tha spell! How hard can it be, anyway?

Flee ta Saffron and scour tha city fo tha Lizard! He's a devil; he's hardly likely ta leave tha capital, given tha fne shoppng and dnng opportunities.

Flee tha country! You have committed crimes aganst Kanta and her thugz, and you seriously want ta be somewhere you can't be extradited from.

Stick around and wait fo tha po-po! You've acted like a lunatic so far taday – why not keep on dong it?

Fo nfomation bout A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short stary n video gbee fom, click here.
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