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Holly Amarosa and Kayla Makihatayama

“Chase, I’m fine. You don’t have to come back here again.”

“Really? Because from what Kayla’s told us, you’ve been stalked and harassed, not eating or taking your medicine, and you’re cranky. You’ve never been cranky before.”

Holly scowled and hung up on her brother. She knew that it was childish, but she couldn’t help it. Between Kayla following her around everywhere and her brother and sister constantly calling every five minutes, Holly felt that she had a right to be cranky. She wasn’t a baby. Everyone didn’t need to treat her like she was.

“Molly, you don’t think I’m being unreasonable, do you?” Holly looked up at her Munna, who was floating around, looking like she was deep in thought. Molly sighed and gestured at the Xtransceiver on her trainer’s wrist and gave her a pointed look. Holly crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at the Psychic-type.

“You’re on their side? I’m fine. You guys worry too much. Why can’t you be more relaxed like Shadow?” She turned to the Gastly and sighed when she couldn’t find him. He had a bad habit of disappearing. At least he came back eventually, but she couldn’t help but wonder where he went.

“There are no sides,” Kayla said as she walked over to her cousin. “Holly, we’re all worried about you. Why won’t you listen to us?”

“You had no right to tell Amy and Chase about what I’m doing here. It’s none of their business,” Holly said angrily, glaring at Kayla. “If I’m having trouble, I’ll tell them myself.”


“You always do that… Why can’t you just mind your own business, Kayla? Don’t you understand how annoying that is?”

“Excuse me for caring about you, you spoiled brat!” Kayla’s eyes filled with tears as she looked at Holly. “You’re worse than Satoshi! You’re too stubborn to accept the fact that you need help! If you keep acting like this, you could end up dead! I bet that’s probably what you want anyway, right?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Holly said, narrowing her eyes at Kayla. “You don’t know how hard it is for me—”

“I don’t know anything because you won’t talk to me!” Kayla groaned and wiped her tears away.

“This is hopeless. Come find me when you’re not being a stubborn brat.” Holly watched her walk away and sighed.

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Dalex Yukashi:

Shadow watched as the battle continued. He started to become worried about the intensity of the fight with so many people around. None the less, he continued to take pictures. He took pictures of the spider webs raining down from the sky and covering the battlefield. He took a picture of the normal spiderwebs becoming electrowebs caused by the little spider tick like pokemon.

Back in Mistralton City, they would sometimes have problems with the spidertick pokemon due to being so close to the cave they lived in. Especially when it came to breeding season... other than psychic type pokemon, that was probably the scariest thing he had ever seen...

He continued to take picture here and there and then as the Ditto Dragonnite and the real Dragonite collided and started to form ball he became worried. He set his camera to take 20 quick fire photos in under 5 seconds because he knew what was coming. And was then a massive dragon type attack collided with the huge ice sphere and exploded. The crowd became silent, but as the blizzard struck everything and everyone, he could hear faint yells over the blizzard. The officals jumped into action, but not all of the ice shards had been removed. A giant ice spear the size of row boat launched toward him. Dalex quickly reacted jumping back. If there was one thing he learned in Mistralton, it was to ride with the winds. Most people fell around him, but he read then wind correctly and landed softly on his feet. Snow was flying at him and he was forced to use his arm to guard his eyes.

Treecko flew off Dalex's shoulder, but he was able to quickly react and grabbed treecko, and pulled him close to him to use his body as a shield.

As the winds started to settle down a little, one last big shard was heading toward a little boy who wasn't even able to have a pokemon yet and probably lived in Oak Town.

"Dang it! Kid move!" Dalex yelled, but the boy was paralyzed from fear.

Dalex was the only one who could possibly do anything due to being able to move better than most people around him. He had learned a lot about the winds from Ariane's Uncle and the Airport in his time in Mistralton. He quickly came up with a plan.

"Alright, Froakie come out! Use your frubbled to lasso the ice chunk! Bring it down slowly if you can!" Dalex said.

He knew pokemon were far stronger than humans in most cases, and he was positive that power of frubbles would stop the ice from slipping with its sticky nature. Froakie popped out of his pokeball and quickly formed a frubble rope and lassoed the ice. Treecko, able to read Dalex like a book, quickly reacted even in the know and tackled the kid away from the ice chunk. A split second after Treecko moved, Froakie brought the ice chunk down hard to the ground as it shattered like a boulder. Blindsided by an ice chunk, a big piece barged into Dalex arm, and sent him falling to the ground.

He could hear people running toward him as he shook of the daze that the ice had put him in. He tried to get up, but a hand went on his back.

"No, stay down. Let me check you first." The nurse said.

He was rolled over, looking up at a nurse as she checked his arm and side where the ice collided. Other people were starting to stand near him. Treecko and Froakie came to his shoulders. He laid there for a few minutes as the snow fell slowly down.

"Amazing, you have some very strong bones. If you weren't as athletic and toned as you are, you arm would be broken along with a few ribs. They are bruised, but they should be ok tomorrow if you rest. May I ask what dorm you are from, and your name?" The nurse asked.

"Dalex Yukashi. Entei Dorm." Dalex said.

"Noted, should I get a escort for you or will you be fine?"

"No I will walk and stand on my own if you don't mind. I have been through worst things than this." Dalex said.

The nurse nodded and she left him as she quickly went to check on others. Dalex got up with the help of a few strangers who thanked him for what he had done. After the crowd had settled, the little boy and his parents came over to Dalex.

"Thank you so much young man. You saved my son for me! Is there anything we can do?" The mother asked.

"No, it was a reward enough knowing that your boy is safe miss. And it was my pokemon not me." Dalex said.

"So young, but yet so grown up. You raised your pokemon well and therefore you are also the one who helped my son. Thank you young man." The father said.

As they thanked him and everyone else started to leave him alone, he looked around the battlefield, he though about taking more picture, but thought against it. He then heard the announcement that the battle had been called and that the group of Mark and Amber had won.

He looked down at his pokemon,"Thanks guys. I'll be ok, return and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day."

He returned both of his pokemon as he looked around at the power level of the battle, "I hope that I am this strong one day."
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Mark and Ma-er, Valorie

Valorie retreated from the battlefield, making her way back inside. Even Mark's form was more comfortable than that... booger dragon. I mean honestly! She was having a hard time paying attention to the details when she was just so happy to have a humanoid body to stand in. She would only stop after she was a good distance away from the cheering of the battlefield, leaning upon a nearby wall to fume silently. She hadn't heard Mark at all.

Mark followed after Val to make sure she didn't go off too far. Thankfully he ended up finding him- er- her. Still in Mark's body. Awkward. "Val... there you are..." Mark said as he walked up to her. This was weird... talking to what was an exact copy of himself but he just had to remember that this was Valorie.

Valorie turned to address Mark, pouting at no one in particular. "What is it?" she asked, becoming frustrated with her appearance. Suddenly she dropped the guise, returning to the form of Goodra. "Shouldn't you be preparing for your next battle?" she went on rather lamely, pretending to be anything less than furious with the turn of events.

Mark shook his head. "Val I'm more concerned about everyone else then a battle. I'm hate that it turned out like that... That's not how I wanted to win." Mark said as he stepped closer to her. "Val I know your frustrated. If you want to let it out, then here I am. Vent it out on me." Mark said, clenching his fists and standing firm in front of her.

Valorie considered the offer for a moment, seeming to ponder something quietly. She leaned down, lowering her head to Mark's level. "...What I really want?" she began in a rather quiet tone. "Is two kick some Team Rocket butt and get my body back." she replied, a certain fury in her eyes. "Dang it, Mark. I know I could've won that. I'm sick of coming in second, and 'this' isn't helping." Valorie replied, choosing to take out her anger on Team Rocket for trapping her in a body that doesn't belong to her.

Mark looked down at her and back up. He could understand how upset she was being stuck in a Goodra. Not to mention being beaten by Mark. As great as it felt to be on top, it just wasn't right to win when she had such a disadvantage. "Val I want to get you back to normal just as baddly... all of you." Mark said, starring into Val's eyes. "I want to have my rival back to kick me to the curb every so often ya know?" Mark said with a smile.

Valorie's brow fidgetted. She went on to raise it in mild amusement. "...I can't be losing to you if I'm going to become world champion." she replied, leaning back. "Kinda... wish Selenne was here to support me in this, though." she remarked in an exasperated tone. "Uh--...Don't lose. I need to--I need to go. I'm done waiting for the academy to finish a solution." she replied, a tad somber in tone.

Mark frowned when Valorie mentioned Selene, getting a harsh reminder of that whole scene. "Val I can't have you going off on your own again. You nearly died last time!" Mark said. "If your going to get your body back then I'm going to help you out weither you like it or not!" Mark said.

Valorie was surprised to say the least, blinking several times in quick succession. "...A-Alright." she replied uncomfortably. "I don't think it's going to be cool though. I've... got a plan." she replied.

Mark held a stern expression on his face. "Lay it on me Val." Mark replied to her.

Valorie frowned, lowering her voice. "...I want to join Team Rocket." she replied, making quotation signs around the word 'join'. "Play along. Get some answers. Drop the act. Maybe teach them a lesson or two in the process." she mused aloud. "Think about it!" she went on, smirking at mark. "All I have to do is copy the appearance of a Rocket and have some fun." she went on.

Mark blinked at her for a moment. "I dunno Val... that seems like it could backfire really easily... what if you get involved in something big and end up, off island or something weird like that? What would that leave me doing?" Mark asked in worry.

Valorie shrugged gently. "...I guess you'd be the one to call for help!" she replied light-heartedly. "But I have to do this. I -can't- wait. Look at me Mark." she whined, gesturing to herself. "...I'm disgusting

Mark looked over the Goodra and back to Val's face. "Your still you in the end though Val. You might not have your good looks but you still have that burning passion to be the best trainer around." Mark said before giving off an awkward silence. "Uh... sorry didn't mean to word it like that. Heh." Mark said with a small laugh. "But you know what I mean. We'll get you and the others back to normal. But we can't just rush into the base like before. We need a proper strategy. Thankfully I'm your guy for that." Mark said with a wink.

Valorie squirmed where she stood, rather uncomfortable. "Mark..." she whispered, leaning a bit closer. "I'm not spending the rest of my life as a goodra!" she blurted out, her gooey fists trembling with fury intended for soft, vulnerable Rocket faces. She stood up. "S-So, just keep that in mind while making your plans okay? I don't want to be like this any longer." she went on.

"I understand Val. By the time we're finished you'll be back to your old self." Mark said. He actually had no idea what he was getting himself into here...he wanted to get Val back to normal but he didn't know where to begin. Disguising as a Rocket would probably be the best bet but he didn't know where to begin!

"I doubt joining Team Rocket would be a simple process... though if you took the place of another team rocket member then that would be alot easier I'd say. But you'd need to know their protocol beforehand..." Mark said as he rubbed his chin. "Guess I'd need to steal an outfit myself if I'm getting in on this."

Valorie considered the idea for a long moment. "...It can't be that hard, right?" she asked, considering the other's question for a moment. "Maybe all we have to do is spread some rumors and wait~" she remarked, a sly grin crossing her face. "Think about it. 'I hear there is some kids out by the docks looking for Team Rocket.'" she went on, nodding in satisfaction with her own master ruse.

Mark nodded. "That'd be a safe bet. They'd send a few folks down there and we take their identities... just a start to the plan anyways..." Mark said as he rubbed his chin. "I doubt they'd send folks from team rocket out or anything after what happened."

Valorie hesitated a moment. "What if we advertised ourselves as being away from the school? We could spread a rumor about heading to the old base we cleared out. I bet that'll get a reaction." she mused aloud, trying her best to consider what a Team Rocket thug might find interesting. "...We could tell them we've got important information on the whereabouts of Lance." she offered, nodding in satisfaction with her idea. Surely, the rockets were worried about him!

"Hrm.. I suppose..." Mark said, thinking about what could possibly go wrong. "I mean, its make sense to check out the old base... it'd need to be convincing though. This Team Rocket seems alot more organized." Mark continued to whisper.

Valorie frowned. "...What do you have in mind, Mark?" she asked, a tad bemused herself. An idea crept at the back of her mind, but she was a tad distracted at the moment.

Mark sat down against the wall, closing his eyes and going into deep thought. "...well... I have commodore. Any chance we could hack into them from my own dorm? Commodore is experienced in getting into data like that. He's stumbled upon all sorts of weird stuff in the past. Its how he evolved anyways." Mark explained.

Valorie raised her arms in a helpless shrug. What were computers, that nerd thing for uh... nerds? She had no idea how those things worked beyond using them for research. "Maybe!" she offered, not knowing any better."Don't you have a battle to get to though?" she finished, a tad concerned for the other.

Mark gasped. "Ah! Right!" Mark said as he looked back at the direction he came from. "Pretty sure the school would get in an uproar if someone just up and left and made the final match complicated..." Mark said before looking back to Val. He was worried she would up and just leave to go after team rocket on her own while he was battling. From previous experiences, she seemed to have a habit of getting herself into some form of bad luck.

Val moved to sit down nearby. "I guess I can wait for one more night, but that's it alright?" she offered light-heartedly with a wave of her hand. "Go win. Don't you dare make me look bad for losing to you." she went on to remark, smirking slightly.

Mark gave a small laugh at that. "Heh, hey I'll dominate the competition! After this we'll focus right on getting your body back Val! Promise!" Mark said with a wide grin.

Valorie smiled, but did not reply. She was already busy drifting off into a dreamland, probably revolving around punching a certain Rocket. Hopefully no one would ask why she was loitering in the hall.

Mark blinked at the silent smile but nodded back. "...Don't you go thinking about wandering off or anything~ I wanna get back at these guys as much as you do." Mark commented as he turned around and started heading back to the battlefield.

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