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Old 5 Days Ago (03:45 PM).
slk95 slk95 is offline
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i'm really happy to know that you finish your game ! We waiting for it such as long time !
I Hope, you put the link to download this chapter soon !
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Old 4 Days Ago (01:44 AM).
1qay2wsx 1qay2wsx is offline
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Quote originally posted by WackyTurtle:
Hi all! I've finished the next chapter of my game and am now looking for some Beta Testers to give it a run, check for bugs etc. Either let me know on here or give me a DM if you're interested!

P.S. Here's a FINAL teaser screenshot!

i'm intrested for testing the chapter for bugs.
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Old 2 Days Ago (03:24 AM). Edited 11 Hours Ago by hedger.
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hedger hedger is offline
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We don't get to see the pokemon gender before we nickname our starter since it doesn't show on the naming page. Thought I'd point that out.


Just played through some of the game and finished Part 1. Really liking the game. Mapping is nice, feels fresh, and I love all the music. Definitely feel a bit of nostalgia from the Colosseum chests, and along with the music, I do feel that bit of nostalgia, so kudos for that. Also love the Quilava/Bayleef/Croconaw event.

Honestly, I'm a little fussy but the one thing I'm still being bothered about is how the actual championship works. Qualifiers are fine, but then when the rounds start, it happens to be one player eliminated each round. And we just play 3 random opponents before oh look, you have to play another contestant and you're the only one that knocks them out. Not taking away from the game anything but since it is the focus of the game, I think you overlooked a key point when you came up with it.

Also I didn't really see the point of the first bit of the game, where you walk through the forest above the starting town. It kinda just felt pointless. I'd have been tempted to add some type of actual event, even if it's only a hint to something that might happen later in the game. Same with the second route, the battle everyone just seems really filler to get through a route. After that I really do like the game content though, with the side events keeping things interesting as I move from town to town.

The available pokemon was probably my only other argument. My team is currently Espeon/Typhlosion/Ampharos/Poliwrath but the pokemon that you can find doesn't really change that much, and I swear after a few cities, each route only had 2 different pokemon (there were probably one or two rarer pokemon but unless there's a pokemon list somewhere I don't really have the patience to try and find them). Starting with slightly higher level pokemon as well, it might be a decent idea to have great balls available right from the start as well, like they did in colosseum? Just an idea.

Anyway, good luck with finishing the game.

Edit 2:

May as well just add a couple bug reports. Sucker Punch doesn't work properly as someone already stated, Perish Song also does nothing. There wasn't any countdown, and I left my pokemon out 5 turns just to make sure and they didn't die. Also I seem to recall a bug, with one of the trainers on the cycling road, was one of the trainers with an electric type. But I had Staravia out for a turn, where they killed it while I used Aerial Ace. I sent out Espeon and then Espeon used Aerial Ace And I'm pretty certain I'm not just dreaming since Espeon got paralysed by Static. No idea about that but thought I might point it out anyway. Think that was about it.
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