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Apparently Riven is easy to play, and 11/1 is an "average" riven score. Because riven is overpowered. Riven is overpowered because people don't know to cc her in a fight and not a tank.
Riven isn't easy to play, she's easily one of the hardest. If you mess up your combo, your cds are down and you have nothing. If you do it right, you're almost guaranteed a kill. Or two. Or three. Her combo isn't easy to do either. She's high skill, high reward. People tend to not realize that the people who do good with Riven play her. A lot. Like a lot a lot. I have over 150 riven games on my account. So yeah. I kinda know how to play her. I have over 200 rengar games. So yeah, I know how to play him. I have nearly 80 Talon games, so yeah, I kinda know how to play him. I only have like 40 Aatrox games, but he's easy enough to learn quickly.
Now, Talon isn't that hard. I'll admit, he's pretty easy. But Riven and Rengar? They aren't that easy. They have very long difficulty bars for a reason. Rengar is rated 9/10 difficulty, and Riven is 7/10. Darius is 2/10, and people say he's hard (He's not. Any halfwit asswipe can play him.). Riven is really hard, and Rengar is even harder. One of my favorite disagreed with me on Rengar. He said "You hit q, and kill someone." He bough Rengar. 2 days later he came back to me and said "Rengar is the hardest champion I have ever played. I can not figure it out. How do you burst people? I can't do it.". So I told him: Get 5 Ferocity, RQQW(Hydra)EQ and then spam your abilities randomly after that if they didn't die. He said, I die in the jungle, how do I stop that? Asked him what empowered ability he was using, and he didn't even know that his empowered W heals him. He was using Q. Rengar isn't easy. There are so many things that are so nitpicky about him. If you don't burst someone, you are going to die. He is the most risky assassin I have ever seen. Talon will still do some AoE even if he doesn't kill his target, so in a teamfight he can still be useful without killing someone. Rengar can't be. He has little to no CC, and only one AoE ability that scales off AP but he wants to build LOADS of AD to supercharge his Qs, so the AoE damage isn't even noticeable. He has two options. Build tanky and rush the front line and just start spamming his abilities, or build bruiser/straight damage and the kill the backline in a split second. Riven has one option. Build straight damage. Defensive items don't help her. She gets more defense out of building straight damage because that E. Talon will always build straight damage, but he can do more than just kill people. He can jump the front line and lower them down enough for the rest of his team to take care of them quickly, he can jump straight in the middle and hit everyone with everything, he can jump the backline and delete them instantly, or he can splitpush, and he's actually a very strong splitpusher I might add.

It just pisses me off when these champions get called overpowered just because they deal a lot of damage:
  • Riven
  • Talon
  • Rengar
  • Zed
  • Yasuo
They aren't overpowered (Except maybe Zed), they're hard to play (Except Talon). They require knowledge beyond what others do (Darius, Aatrox, etc.). You have to know your own strength at all times during the game. One mistake and you die (except Riven. You can't catch the champion with 5000 dashes).

Rant over

And speaking of 5000 dashes, I was playing Riven and (this is the game that set me off), I said in chat after I got away with like 50 health "You can't catch the champion" "With 5000 dashes". The enemy Teemo replied simply with "she ha 4 dumass". My reply "My joke went right over your head. Just like my cs over yours." I had like 300 cs and he had like 70. I stomped that psyducking squirrel. After game, I was 11/1, and the enemy morde said "u can't brag u played riven. that's an average riven score" "Not really but ok." "riven is so easy" "Not really but ok. You lost either way." "ass" and then he left. God damn that pisses me off so much.

Ok rant really over this time.

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I think Riven is just fine. The amazing power of CC that no one use such as Lulu's polymorph, mind you it's a point and click cc. Every AD assassin including Yasuo are fine at the moment with Yasuo being a hyper carry such as Vayne.
I've had no problems with Riven with my champion pool. As an Azir main she's probably one the the easiest to deal with. The only champion I do have somewhat of a hard time is LeBlanc because of how little counter play she has. I was hoping the Zed ult nerf would apply to her but for a .5 second delay. I've notice the comments of Riven, Rengar, Yasuo, etc being overpowered in lower elos. To be honest they're probably the easiest to deal with if you play it safe or have the proper cc. Perhaps it's just me since Azir counters most of the said champions but at the same time I play a really solid Lulu support so honestly I don't get the deal with people calling them "OP".

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Quote originally posted by Talon:
They have very long difficulty bars for a reason. Rengar is rated 9/10 difficulty, and Riven is 7/10. Darius is 2/10, and people say he's hard
It just pisses me off when these champions get called overpowered just because they deal a lot of damage:
  • Riven
  • Talon
  • Rengar
  • Zed
  • Yasuo
I just wanna say that the champion difficulty bar doesn't mean what you're interpreting it to mean. It means difficulty for like a new player trying to pick up the champion. For a new player Rengar's ferocity bar, passive, trophies etc are hard to understand. Someone like Orianna, who arguably is a difficult champion to play extremely well because of the amount of micromanaging you need to do, is rated as a 7 because her kit isn't uber complex on a skin-deep level. I don't think the champs you listed there are OP, but it's understandable why people get frustrated with them. Combining damage with mobility or stealth leads to being killed and the feeling of not being able to respond. Sure Annie may flash burst me, but she can only do that every 5 minutes - and then she's also busted her escape. It's why Riot has such a hard time balancing assassins, or champions with assassin like qualities.

And I agree Riven is hard to master. That doesn't mean she isn't easy-ish to play. She has a low skill floor but an extremely high skill ceiling. Sure she has to play around cool downs and animation cancels, but that's her gimmick. In return she has the ability to pull off crazy stunts with all of her mobility and potential. Simpler champions who lack tons of utility like dashes, wall jumps, knock-ups and stuns may be easier to learn, yet because of this their kits have a shorter skill ceiling. Arguably though, that makes them tougher to play because you need to push really hard to make champions with less potential built into their kits excel.

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