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Old August 5th, 2014 (06:48 AM).
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Quote originally posted by ViruSs_CZ:
Hi there! I don´t know what to do if i have windows xp and how do i make it to wild battle theme?
Wow, this is my first post in a while. I know that this may be off topic, but I happen to be very good at nds music hacking, and I might be able to help with that if you like.
I am Arctus Platner, and I might not have a single clue of what I am doing, but as long as it gets finished, it will be fine!
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Old August 23rd, 2014 (04:29 AM).
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I have a problem when I play the game.I try to replace the introduction music but it ends up being very high pitched.I need help
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Old August 24th, 2014 (12:31 PM).
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Is there a way you convert a MP3 FIle to a MIDI? please respond anyone.
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Old August 24th, 2014 (11:15 PM).
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Thank you, this is a wonderful tutorial! But I'm wondering, how can I make MIDI files?
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Old November 13th, 2014 (09:16 PM). Edited January 9th, 2015 by Spherical Ice.
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The looping thread link is broken... Infact... Its the same thing as the one before that... so my Lost woods theme thats gonna play in Viridian Forest just ends.

Quote originally posted by DaEddy:
Is there a way you convert a MP3 FIle to a MIDI? please respond anyone.
No, MP3 and MIDIs are 2 completely different audio types... You see, Midis use channels for each instrument. MP3s use Audio waves for all the instruments.
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Old January 9th, 2015 (04:25 PM).
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When i run Sappy i get this error message that says something like this : runtime error '339' vbalCbEx^.ocx
i have installed the original sappy2006 and replaced the exe with the modded version.
I'm not quite sure how to fix this error and was wondering if anyone could help
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Old February 28th, 2015 (10:11 PM).
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I've managed to get Sappy running, but whenever I open a ROM, I get this message:
"The game you loaded (gamecode: WXYZ) is not known. Would you like to scan for a song table now?"

What's odd is that I get this with every ROM I try, including games I KNOW Sappy supports.

When I clicked "Yes" for one of the ROMs I got this: "Couldn't find song table. This game probably doesn't use M4A at all, or at least a different version."
The ROM I attempted to open here was MOTHER 3, a game I am positive utilizes the Sappy sound engine.

So then I tried FireRed, and when I clicked "Yes" to searching for a song table, it eventually said it found one. However, I quickly found that it didn't really load anything; The only track is "Main". When played, it plays a few notes and fades out.

Can anyone advise me on what to do at this point?

(I would have posted images of the errors, but this site won't let me post links until I've made 15 posts.)
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