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EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out!!! But I'm gonna leave my post here for reference in case anyone else has the same problem. When you use the float property, you can't use margin at the same time. For example, if you used float: right, you can't use margin-left !! ...It's kind of a dumb mistake when you figure it out to be honest but it's easy to make ^ ^;;;;;

You see this big giant space at the top?


Quick Reference
Quick Links:

> Items
> Pokemon
> Power Items

Important Items:
  • Everstone: Granite Cave B2F (Hidden between TM65 and Steelixite)
  • Destiny Knot: Pick Up (Lv50 - Lv100) / Master Rank Contest / Young Couple Lois & Hal (Rematch, not guaranteed to receive, so save before battle)
  • Lucky Egg: Dex Nav — Pelipper (Rare)

Power Items: Battle Resort (16 BP) / PGL Games

Important Pokemon:

Power Items:

It won't go away, even with float. What on earth am I doing wrong? //sighs forever

[FONT="Lucida Console"][cd=background-image:url("http://oi59.tinypic.com/k2islj.jpg"); width: 900px; height: auto; padding:14px;][cd=border: 4px;border-radius: 6px;border-color: #000; border-style: double; height: 30px; width:886px; font-size:28px; padding:3px; padding-top:6px; background-color:#FAFAFA;][B][COLOR=#000]Quick Reference[/COLOR][/B][/cd][cd=border: 4px;border-radius: 6px;border-color: #000; border-style: double; background-color:#FAFAFA;margin-left:700px; height:auto;overflow:hidden;  width: 180px; float: right; margin-top:14px; padding:8px;][COLOR=#1C1C1C][B]Quick Links:[/B]

       > [aurl=items]Items[/aurl]
       > [aurl=pokemon]Pokemon[/aurl]
       > [aurl=power]Power Items[/aurl]
[cd=background-color:#FAFAFA;border: 4px;border-radius: 6px;border-color: #000; border-style: double; width:650px; height:auto; padding:12px;][COLOR=#1C1C1C][B][a id]items[/a id]Important Items[/B]:
[LIST][*][img]https://www.pokecheck.org/i/itm/229.png[/img][B]Everstone[/b]: Granite Cave B2F (Hidden between TM65 and Steelixite)[*][img]https://www.pokecheck.org/i/itm/280.png[/img][B]Destiny Knot[/B]: Pick Up (Lv50 - Lv100) / Master Rank Contest / Young Couple Lois & Hal (Rematch, not guaranteed to receive, so save before battle)[*][img]https://www.pokecheck.org/i/itm/231.png[/img][b]Lucky Egg[/b]: Dex Nav — Pelipper (Rare)[/LIST]
[img]https://www.pokecheck.org/i/itm/294.png[/img] [B]Power Items[/B]: Battle Resort (16 BP) / PGL Games

[a id]pokemon[/a id][B]Important Pokemon[/B]:

[a id]power[/a id][B]Power Items[/B]:


Thanks in advance for any help!
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