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Old 1 Week Ago (06:46 PM).
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Quote originally posted by Fun Size:
I think you should start off with X/Y and just get acquainted with the new Pokemon before you tackle ORAS.
Quote originally posted by YoyoCharizard:
Try pokemon Y and after that try Omega Ruby
Quote originally posted by Hikamaru:
As the others said, I'd probably recommend playing X/Y first so you can get accompanied with the new changes in 6th Gen as a whole (plus learn the new Pokemon you may be unfamiliar with) and then do OR/AS.

In my opinion, it's always better learning new mechanics before playing a remake because OR/AS changed quite drastically compared to its original counterparts. Good luck and have fun playing!
Quote originally posted by Alli:
This section is for 5th Gen games and you're asking about 6th, haha. I'm just going to shoot this over into Pokemon Gaming Central. :> To be fair though, you can't really go wrong with either, I'd say. I think you should start with XY just to get used to and understand new mechanics like the updated Exp. Share, Mega Evolutions, and Fairy type, but honestly, you can do that just as easily in ORAS. I just feel they're better explained in XY since that's where they are introduced. Also, the new Pokemon in XY are pretty awesome. But like I said, you really can't go wrong with either. It's not too late to start playing XY, though. They're still a part of the current generation, so there's that.

Also going to merge this into the question thread. :) Good luck!
thank you all!
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I've recently gotten in a huuuuuge Pokémon mood once more, and I'm having trouble deciding which game to replay.

I'm debating between XY and ORAS, mainly, but also considering BW [and then B2W2 right afterwards]. I'd really like to attempt completing the Pokédex with whichever I choose, which is why XY and ORAS are the ones I'm mainly debating between, because I honestly have no clue if it's even possible to complete the Pokédex on BW/B2W2 right now. :c

- Character Customization
- More Gen 6 Pokémon throughout the story than in ORAS
- Love the starters
- I'm a bit more in the mood for this one

- I have clocked almost 300 hours into my original save file and my copy of Y is sadly not physical so I have no way of backing it up.
- I'd hate to see my Mystery Gift "cards" disappear, especially since events are mostly ORAS now so I wouldn't be able to reacquire them. [I have the events themselves on Pokébank, so this isn't too big of a deal, but it still bothers me a tad]
- Lacks some of the nice gameplay improvements found in ORAS
- Rivals, aside from Serena/Calem, aren't a tad meh to me. [I mean, I don't dislike them, but I don't love 'em.]

- Secret Bases
- Improved and additional gameplay mechanics [DexNav, Added Mega Evos, etc]
- Favorite childhood Gen
- Most recent entry so it currently receives the most support when it comes to Events and online play

- Most recent entry I've played, so I'm not sure if replaying it would make it feel a tad uneventful for me or not
- Lacks character customization [Not a HUGE deal, didn't bother me at all during my first playthrough, but kind of in the mood for it]
- Wild Pokémon are mostly Gen 3 throughout the main story [Once again, didn't bother me at all during my first playthrough, I love Gen 3 Poké, but because it's the most recent I've played, some variety would be nice]
- I'm a bit OCD-ish when it comes to Natures and, at times, IVs, so legendaries such as Lati@s and Rayquaza/Deoxys are a pain to SR for.

- Would love to revisit Unova. I actually don't remember too much aside from some of the characters, so it'd be really nice to replay these.
- The battle music + sprites are gorgeous and super engaging
- Absolutely love the rivals in these games

- Not sure how possible it would be to even attempt to fill the Pokédex in this Gen.
- BW's lack of other Gen Pokés throughout the main story [Not too huge, but again, variety would be nice]
- Not too huge of a fan of the starters
- Lacks Gen 6 Pokés [Not too huge of a problem, but I have grown quite fond of those. xD]

I apologize for the sorta lengthy post. Just wanted to have somewhere I could write down the reasons why I've been racking my brain on these and possibly get an opinion or two. ; w;
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Lengthy posts are fine!

I'm just gonna go out already and say that if you want to complete the Pokedex, you're gonna want to pick XY or ORAS and skip out on BW/BW2 for now. It...is probably possible to complete the Pokedex in gen V, however you will need two opposite version like both Black and White to do so and it's going to be REALLY tedious. :/ I completed my Pokedex relatively easy in XY and I had a lot of fun doing so, so if that is your main goal, I highly recommend using XY. Training Pokemon is easier in XY, I also find. ORAS is hella fun, but you just said you have played that most recently, so I'm going to take all of what you've said and recommend XY for now.

Now to address your cons!

- Unfortunately, as with restarting any Pokemon game, there's a lot you have to give up when doing so. But think of it this way. If you're going to restart the game and work on the Pokedex, you'll clock plenty of hours into that playthrough and you'll make up for the file you lost. Plus, you have Bank, it seems. So anything you really cherish can go right in there and come back to you when you're ready.
- I don't think the event cards really do anything, but I kind of get what you're saying. Is your desire to replay the game more than your desire to keep cards that don't do anything though, especially since you already have the Pokemon the card netted you? Think of it that way.
- It is lacking in some things, I agree. Conversely, you can think of what ORAS lacks compared to XY. XY has character customization (you said you were in the mood for that too!), battle restaurants for some easy experience when evolving Pokemon for your Dex later on (good money too), and ANISTAR CITY!!! Plus, ORAS is a remake and you said Hoenn is your favorite. So you've been there plenty of times where it appears you've only tried Kalos once. I, personally, have been playing through Kalos recently and really enjoying it more than I did the first time. So there's that.
- I hate the rivals as well, but I find that if you just sass them and make fun of their dumb dialog (yes, talking out loud with yourself while playing a game is required lol) then it's funny and you appreciate the fact that they're so terrible. :') That's probably mean...haha.

Anyway, hope some of what I said will help you out. In the end, they're all fantastic games and you really can't make a bad choice here! :) Let me know whatever you decide!
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Thank you so much for your in-depth response! Seriously, I didn't actually expect to get replies with how long my message was and how little I thought people would care. xD;

I very much appreciate it and it actually helped out quite a bit! One part that especially stood out was about having gone through Hoenn multiple times. It definitely never crossed my mind that, because of how much I played it as a kid, that contributed to why I wasn't feeling all that excited of going through it again after already having done so a handful of months ago.

After some intense thinking and then reading your response, I was actually ready to [reluctantly] delete my save file for XY and start anew! However, I received a phone call from one of my best friends yesterday before I could. He and I actually played BW/B2W2 when they were first released back when we were in College! We considered ourselves "rivals" and played the game as such, constantly challenging each other and just having a blast with it!

Gen 5 actually holds a very close place in my heart, something I didn't quite realize until I got his call yesterday. Gen 3 may have been the one I played obsessively as a kid and have the most memories of, but Gen 5 was the first time I ever had someone to play the game with alongside me [that wasn't my sister], had someone to play with as "rivals", and even got me into competitive battling! Unlike Gen 3, however, I've only actually gone through Gen 5 once, so it's interesting to think that it could very well go up against Gen 3 in terms of favorite if I were to play it more!

In any case, my friend has just recently gone through a pretty bad break up with a partner of 3 years. After talking for a while I told him about my huge Pokémon mood and he told me he had actually gotten into one, as well, about a week or two ago, but he hadn't done anything about it 'cause "everyone was already done with Pokémon." [As in, everyone from our group of friends had already stopped playing ORAS and the hype had died down.] I told him how I was debating replaying BW/B2W2 and we ended up talking about for over an hour!

So, we decided we'll both be going through BW once more! I think it'll be extremely fun to sort of relive those College days, all the while having someone to play it with and give him something to distract him and keep his mind off things! I'm sorry that after writing all of that I ended up going with something other than what you suggested. @.@ I did, however, very much agree with everything and had my mind set on XY until I got that call!

Once again, though, thank you so much for the response. I hope the length of this one isn't a bother, either. xD;

[Sidenote: In regards to the Pokédex, what I've decided to do is that since I have Black and he has White, we can both try to at least complete the Unova Pokédex rather than the National one. It'll definitely still feel very satisfying, since I haven't completed any Pokédex yet, and I can then focus on the full thin on ORAS! Without having to replay the game, too. [Granted I'm still in a huge Pokémon mood, but yeah!]
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Hey guys, just wondering if these are worth buying at this price. Seems like a great deal to me and I am dying to start playing these games again. Haven't owned a copy since I was in middle school. Please comment and let me know! Only less than an hour until they are both up!!!! THANK YOU :D

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They seem decent to me, given the feedback rating and decent condition. I'd go for it if you want them. Just beware of those sneaky bidders that start bidding at the last second. If it gets too high just look for another offer.
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Hey guys. Where does Nest ball Chikorita come from? Is it legit?
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