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Quote originally posted by Sonata:
I don't know if I'll be as helpful as others but, when I go to name someone or something I just think of what sounds good really. For places I just throw together some random letters and try to make something out of it unless I have a theme for the place or thing. If I'm planning to make a town the personification of Love for example then I'll translate the word into different languages until I find something that sounds nice and then bastardize it a little bit and make it sound more normal and less foreign as well as make it sound like something that would fit in my setting. As for intelligent beings, I usually just give them normal names like Jeff or Steve unless they have a more important role in the story, in which case you might do the same thing that I talked about with places and bastardize a translated word that reveals something about the character.
More or less me when it comes to finding names for places. For instance some fics I base the setting on European countries so I would look up the city names, pick a couple and mash them together into one name (similar how several Pokemon names were localized). As for a person I tend to pick a name out of random, although sometimes I use Behind the Name if I want a specific name that relates to a character.

As for titles, I tend to go if it relates to the story. Sometimes I would think of one right away, sometimes I would just think of a tentative title until a few chapters later there's one that I like. When it comes to my much shorter works I would go for song lyrics if it fits the story well.

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Fortunately, the stories that I write have real world places for the settings, so I don't have to think much about names for places. As for characters, I either look up names with meanings that aren't too obvious, or just go with whatever pops into my head in random spurts of inspiration.

For my titles, I actually pulled a few lines from presidential speeches that sounded good and fit my story. An example is "Long Twilight Struggle," which is a phrase from John F. Kennedy's speech that I liked and wrote down to remember. When I looked up the rest of the speech, there were other lines that fit the themes of the four books in the series, and those phrases became the titles.

Other than that, I just choose phrases or words that fir the theme of the story.
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Quote originally posted by Astinus:
Fortunately, the stories that I write have real world places for the settings, so I don't have to think much about names for places.
There's this unfinished story I did for NaNoWriMo whose setting I hadn't quite decided.
So I wrote and it ended up looking a lot like Paris and its surroundings.
Mostly because I wrote something I could relate too.
But since I hadn't decided, I tended not to name places and the only proper name there is in it is a restaurant "Chez Mathilde" that sounds like the regular "crêperie" in the middle of what could only be St Michel's area... It helped that it was a fantasy story (Werewolves vs Vampires stuff, I was particularly uninspired that year...)

You can indeed make up a lot of things when you write fantasy, but even when it's about the real world, you can take some liberties.
The only instance where I invented less place and insisted on making it as accurate as possible was a romantic story I made for an anonymous fanfiction prompts board about another game.
I was so outraged by them thinking Paris' cabarets in the 1920's were basically brothels (even though most self righteous and very local people from that epoch may have thought so...) that I thoroughly schooled them about proper Parisian culture between 1920 and WWII with real places, real names and a romantic story between two characters torn from their original medieval fantasy setting.

Some of those places are gone though... From the descriptions I read both on Wikipedia and books, some of them looked marvelous, even the less respected establishments.
It was fun looking up the old streets names (and hard too!). I can't believe some of them changed within the century when I passed through them often when I was a student and myself went to drink in a café near the Moulin Rouge...

I think research is truly about 75% of the fun.
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