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Pokémon X & Pokémon Y The Kalos region awaits! Explore a new world, capture new Pokémon, and fight off Team Flare in one of the newer installments of the core Pokémon series.

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Old October 18th, 2014 (03:10 PM).
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Currently Just defeated the 4th Gym and onward towards the Electrical Problem

*Why is it always the electrical grids in each land that get hit, lol*

Defeated the 4th gym leader with

Luxray Lv 41 - Nightslash, Baby Doll Eyes, Spark, Ice Fang

My team is in my Signature
6 Favorite Pokemon: Flygon, Noctowl, Politoed, Latios, Gengar, Raichu
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October 12, 2014

I rotated my Pokémon this morning for Mantyke, Yanma, Eevee (Nest Ball), Sigilyph, Talonflame, and Solrock. I started by battling in Restaurant Le Yeah, which gave them all great experience. Then I took them out to the Laverre Nature Trail, where my Yanma evolved into Yanmega! Hm. I wonder if there’s a Mega Yanmega? That would just be odd.

244. Yanmega

After training the rest of that team a bit more, I swapped them out for Slugma, Ivysaur, Kangaskhan, Chinchou, Chatot, and Swellow. It wasn’t too long before my Ivysaur finally evolved into Venusaur!

“Venusaur, the Seed Pokémon, and the evolved form of Ivysaur. Venusaur spread the broad petals of their flowers and catch the sun’s rays, which fills their bodies with power. After a rainy day, the flower on their backs smells stronger. The scent attracts other Pokémon.”

245. Venusaur

Then I noticed the Key Stone in my Mega Ring glowing. I then looked in my bag and one of the three Mega Stones that Professor Sycamore gave me was also glowing. It looks like it’s Venusaurite, and when I gave it to my Venusaur, it mega evolved into Mega Venusaur!

Not long after that, my Chinchou also evolved! Now as a Lanturn, it’s a much more durable Pokémon.

246. Lanturn

I then took that team to do some battling in Lumiose City. Then, once they had a good workout, I rotated in Vaporeon, Clamperl (holding a DeepSeaTooth), Golett, Swirlix, Flareon, and Pyroar. And it looks like the transfer was enough to finally let my Clamperl evolve into a Huntail!

“Huntail, the Deep Sea Pokémon, and an evolved form of Clamperl. Huntail live deep in the sea where no light ever filters down. Their tails are shaped like a small fish. They light up this tail to attract unsuspecting prey.”

247. Huntail

October 14, 2014

Before work I sometimes squeeze in a few minutes of Pokémon training. This morning, I ran into some Pokémon I haven’t seen on this route even though I’ve been spending days on it. It was a horde of Ekans! I battled them until there was one left, then tossed a Poké Ball and got it with a critical capture! (I’m getting really lucky with those!)

“Ekans, the Snake Pokémon. Ekans move silently and stealthily. They eat the eggs of birds, such as Pidgey and Spearow, whole. The older they get, the longer they grow. At night, they wrap their long bodies around tree branches to rest.”

248. Ekans

October 15, 2014

I finished training the current team of Pokémon and then had Absol, Tentacool, Pinsir, Skuntank, Tauros, and Braixen sent to me. When I returned to the Laverre Nature Trail, I battled a Pokémon Ranger named Melina. She used two notable Pokémon against me. First she used an Arbok, which was an easy opponent for my Braixen. Then she used a Pyroar, but it looked very different from my Pyroar! Apparently male and female Pyroar have significantly different manes. After the battle, my Braixen evolved into Delphox!

“Arbok, the Cobra Pokémon, and the evolved form of Ekans. Arbok spread their chest wide and make eerie sounds by expelling air from their mouth. The pattern on their belly appears to be a frightening face. Weak foes will flee just at the sight of the pattern.”

249. Delphox

Shortly after that, while exploring the swampy area of the route, my Tentacool evolved into Tentacruel!

“Tentacruel, the Jellyfish Pokémon, and the evolved form of Tentacool. Tentacruel each have 80 tentacles that move about freely. These tentacles are normally kept short. On hunts, they are extended to ensnare and immobilize prey. They can sting, causing poisoning and sharp, stabbing pain.”

250. Tentacruel

October 19, 2014

I continued to train that team throughout the rest of the week. Then today, I rotated through several teams of Pokémon: Trapinch, Houndoom, Jolteon, Mawile, Pangoro, and Swoobat; Aerodactyl, Vivillon, Rhyhorn, Doublade, Sawk, and my Eevee in a Dive Ball; and finally Binacle, Lapras, Wartortle, Sylveon, Flaaffy, and my Clamperl holding a DeepSeaScale. The first thing that happened was that my Clamperl evolved into a Gorebyss!

“Gorebyss, the South Sea Pokémon, and an evolved form of Clamperl. Gorebyss live at the bottom of the sea. Their swimming form is exquisitely elegant. With their thin mouth, they feed on seaweed that grows between rocks. In the springtime, their pink bodies turn more vivid for some reason.”

251. Gorebyss

I then came across quite a creepy trainer on the Laverre Nature Trail. Her name was Anina, and she was saying our battle has been foretold since her past life. Yeah, creepy. Regardless, she battled me with her ghost-type Pokémon Litwick and Haunter. It was the first Litwick I’ve seen in Kalos, but my Wartortle easily defeated both opponents.

“Litwick, the Candle Pokémon. Litwick shine a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon. They pretend to be guides, leeching off the life force of any who follow them. This becomes the fuel that they burn.”

I then found a deep area of the swamp, so I sent out my Lapras to ride on to explore it. I cast out my Old Rod to see if there were any Pokémon living in the murky water, and it turned out there is! I found a Poliwag! I sent out Flaaffy to battle it, succeeding in paralyzing and confusing the wild Pokémon. My first Poké Ball failed, but I caught it on the second try.

“Poliwag, the Tadpole Pokémon. Poliwag have slick black skin that is thin and damp. A part of their internal organs can be seen through the skin as a spiral pattern. The direction of the spiral on the belly differs by area. They are more adept at swimming than walking.”

252. Poliwag

I then found a second one, and I again had Flaaffy use Thunder Wave and Confuse Wave on it. This time I tossed a Dive Ball, and caught it on the first try. Next, I switched to my Good Rod to see what different Pokémon I might hook. I found some wild Barboach and Poliwhirl! It took a little while, but I eventually found a Barboach that I threw a single Poké Ball at and was able to catch.

“Barboach, the Whiskers Pokémon. Barboach coat their entire body with a slimy fluid so they can squirm and slip away if grabbed. Their whiskers make superb radar. They are used to locate prey, even in the murkiest of water.”

“Poliwhirl, the Tadpole Pokémon, and the evolved form of Poliwag. Poliwhirl can live in or out of water due to their two legs being well developed. They prefer living in water. When out of water, they constantly sweat to keep their bodies slimy.”

253. Barboach

I then went back to Lumiose City and had a few street battles. And my Wartortle evolved into Blastoise!

“Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon, and the evolved form of Wartortle. Blastoise crush their foes under their heavy bodies to cause fainting. In a pinch, they will withdraw inside their shell. The pressurized water jets on the shell of these brutal Pokémon are used for high-speed tackles.”

254. Blastoise

October 20, 2014

I gave one of the other Mega Stones that the professor gave me to Blastoise. During some training, my Key Stone started to glow, and my Blastoise mega evolved into Mega Blastoise! That means the Mega Stone was Blastoisinite. Mega Blastoise gained some shells and extra cannons on its arms, as well as a single giant cannon on its back. Makes perfect sense that its ability is Mega Launcher!

October 21, 2014

I did some more training in the nearby swamps, and after a battle against Pokémon Ranger Reed, my Flaaffy evolved into Ampharos!

255. Ampharos

I then met up with Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor in front of the scary house they mentioned a while ago. We went inside and were met by a serious gentleman who told us a story of how he came upon this house when he got lost, and the story was rather… ok, rather scary. Something about faceless men appearing in the darkness. I tipped the guy and then we all left.

I continued to train my Pokémon, and found out the use of yet another Mega Stone. Apparently the Mega Stone I received in Azure Bay was Ampharosite, because my Ampharos mega evolved into Mega Ampharos! What I really find interesting and surprising is its type change. Mega Ampharos is part dragon-type! Who would have expected that?

I finished up training the current team, and while I was, Binacle was having a lot of trouble winning battles. Just when I was getting ready to wrap things up, Binacle evolved! Its rock grew and it has many more claw extensions serving as arms, legs, and its head. Who’s that Pokémon?

“Barbaracle, the Collective Pokémon, and the evolved form of Binacle. Barbaracle fight with the power of seven Binacle, since two Binacle multiply into seven when they evolve. Their legs and hands have minds of their own, and they will move independently. But they usually follow the head’s orders.”

256. Barbaracle

I gave my Poké Balls to Nurse Joy to treat, and then had Gible, Miltank, Shellder, Pachirisu, Espeon, and Onix sent to me.

October 25, 2014

After training that team all week, I finally switched in Clauncher, Sableye, Drifblim, Malamar, Hariyama, and Charmeleon.

I finished crossing the Laverre Nature Trail and finally arrived in Laverre City! It’s a very peaceful-looking city, with beautiful fall foliage everywhere as the city has many large, thick trees throughout. One of the townspeople told me that the largest tree in the center of the city is where the Pokémon Gym was built around. I stopped in at the Pokémon Center and found the vitamin shop I was looking for. That will come in handy when I’m training my Wingull and Pancham eventually. I also found a move tutor who helped teach my Charmeleon a new move, Fire Pledge!

There seems to be a lot to do here in Laverre City! Not the least of which will be my sixth gym battle. But first, I still have a few dozen Pokémon to train. Also, I want to finally train my Wingull and Pancham, so that my trio of shiny Kalos Pokémon will be battle ready!

October 26, 2014

Since it’s looking like today will be a lazy Sunday, I did some morning training with my Pokémon. I decided the Battle Chateau would be the best place to train. During a battle, my Charmeleon evolved into Charizard!

“Charizard, the Flame Pokémon, and the evolved form of Charmeleon. Charizard have wings that can carry them close to an altitude of 4,600 feet. They blow out fire at very high temperatures. When expelling a blast of this superhot fire, the red flame at the tip of their tail burns more intently.”

257. Charizard

I fought many familiar opponents, but also battled Marquis Arran, who used an Accelgor and Aerodactyl!

“Accelgor, the Shell Out Pokémon, and the evolved form of Shelmet. Accelgor become very light having removed their heavy shells, and can fight with ninja-like movements. When their bodies dry out, they weaken. To prevent dehydration, they wrap themselves in many layers of thin membrane.”

I used my Clauncher in quite a few battles, and then it started to evolve! Wow, its one claw grew so many times the size of the rest of its body that it almost looks like a giant cannon! Who’s that Pokémon?

“Clawitzer, the Howitzer Pokémon, and the evolved form of Clauncher. Clawitzer can move at a speed of 60 knots by expelling water from the nozzle in the back of their claw. These enormous claws launch cannonballs of water powerful enough to pierce tanker hulls.”

258. Clawitzer

I also battled Viola again, who still had her Masquerain and Vivillon. It was a good chance to test out my Charizard’s power, especially since I gave it the final Mega Stone I had been carrying. It indeed proved to be Charizardite, so it mega evolved into Mega Charizard! Its special ability, Drought, is perfect for powering up its fire-type moves.

I finished training that team, and then rotated in Nosepass, Gogoat, Hawlucha, Zangoose, Floette, and Diglett.

Kalos Pokédex: Seen 301 Obtained 258
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 133 Obtained 125
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 127 Obtained 117
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 41 Obtained 16
Kalos Medals: 75
Kalos Ribbons: 6
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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Old November 12th, 2014 (03:15 AM).
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With ΩR & αS just around the corner I decided to restart my game for a third time, choosing the Bubble Frog Pokémon Froakie.
I won't be rushing through this game like previously but will take the time to explore each route catching all the Pokémon available to me and training them to a certain level before moving on with the story.

Out on Route 2 after my first battle with Shauna and being given 10 Pokéballs from Serena I caught myself a Fletching, he was rather impetuous and sometimes silly so I added him to my team.
On this route I also caught a Scatterbug which has since evolved into a Garden pattern Vivillon!
In the forsest I caught a Pikachu and a Caterpie which I eventually evolved into a Butterfree.

On the route after the forest I caught a few new Pokémon; Pidgey, Bidoof and a Bunnelby which I traded away for a Farfetch'd with the nickname Quacklin' with a Hiker named Cliff upon arriving at Santalune City!

To the east was Route 22 that lead to the gates of Victory Road which I wasn't able to explore due to having a total of 0 gym badges but I did catch a Psyduck, Azurill, Litleo and after a while searching a calm Rilou which I found due to his Inner Focus was capable of taking hits.

Back in the city after training in the gym it was time to face off with Viola the Santalune City Gym Leader!

She only had two Pokémon so I myself took two Pokémon with me, those being Froakie and Fletching.
Fletching dealt with her Surskit easily with two Peck attacks taking no damage that's 2 - 1 to me!
Next was her Vivillon which was a different pattern to mine and with a combination of Infestation and Tackle my Fletching fainted and we were both down to one Pokémon each!
Froakie handled it since she had already used her Potion when Fletching was still in battle and that meant I got the first gym badge and the TM containing Infestation, go team!

Now that I had my first badge I could explore Route 4 and with receiving the Exp. Share, training all these Pokémon seems a lot less tedious.
Battling the trainers for the exp I caught five new Pokémon, those being Budew, Dunsparce, Skitty, Ledyba and Flabébé!

I'm currently resting in Santalune City Pokémon Center before I return to the tall grass to train all of these Pokémon in rotation and find those Pokémon that I know I've missed!

IGN: Mikey | Pokédex: 38 | Gym Badges: 1 | Play Time: 4:12
Pokémon Team: Froakie | Fletching

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Old November 12th, 2014 (08:10 PM).
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Accelgor, he is ugly, useless and yet he outspeeds me every time. D:

I utterly LOVE 5th gen, but this little bugger bugs me. (LOL triple pun since he's a bug type lolololol)
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Old November 24th, 2014 (11:56 AM).
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So with my copy of ΩR due to arrive on the 28th I decided to (re)restart my Pokémon Y version.
I wanted to use a team of Pokémon that were from the third generation all on level 5 via the Pokémon bank:

Once I received the Pokédex from Trevor I decided to pick the water type starter Froakie.

I rushed as quick as possible battling only one Lass in Santalune Forsest, to Santalune City so I could store my Froakie in the PC and withdraw my team.

I made my way back through to the beginning of the forest to pick up any items and challenge the trainers I had passed.
In the forest I was able to catch two Pokémon, a female Scatterbug and a male Pikachu.

On Route 3 I continued leveling up my Pokémon which was much easier due to the bonus exp traded Pokémon receive!
I also caught a Bunnelby which I traded for Quacklin' the Farfetch'd and a Bidoof.

Outside the gym I fought the Roller Skater and she gave me the Roller Skates now it was time to battle the trainers within the gym!

Once the trainers were dealt with it was time to take on Viola knowing she had two Pokémon, I myself went with two.. Poochyena and Taillow!

First I sent out Poochyena and she lead with her Surskit which used Quick Attack. Poochyena followed with a Thunder Fang taking over half its HP! I predicted she would be using a Potion this turn so I used Howl to boost my attack stat knowing one more Thunder Fang would get me the win, not before her Surskit could use Water Sport though..

Viola was down to her last Pokémon, her Vivillon. It was faster than my Poochyena and manged to lock me into battle with Infestation, forgetting Surskits Water Sport I used Fire Fang which wasn't that effective.. with Infestation dwindling Poochyena's HP I decided to use Thunder Fang but it wasn't enough as Vivillon was able to get off a Harden before it hit! One swift Tackle from Vivillon and Poochyena fainted.

Now we both had one Pokémon left, I had the advantage and sent out Taillow still slower than her Vivillon withstood a Tackle attack and finished Viola off with a sweet looking Brave Bird!

After the battle Viola congratulated me and awarded me with:
TM83 Infestation and the Bug Badge!
I got my Exp. Share from Alexa (not sure if I will use it) and rested up at the Pokémon Center before saving.

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Old November 30th, 2014 (08:53 PM).
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My laptop crashed so I lost my journal for a while. (Not sure if anyone missed me...heh.) Anyway, just got my files restored, so I have a bit of catching up to do!

October 27, 2014

I managed to squeeze in a little Pokémon training before work. I then had my male Meowstic, Crustle, Wailmer, Emolga, Duosion, my second Slowpoke I caught sent to me.

October 28, 2014

First thing I did was give my Slowpoke a King’s Rock and traveled to the coast of Kalos. By placing a King’s Rock on its head, it was more likely that a Shellder would bit its head rather than its tail. And it worked, because a Shellder did jump out and camp down on my Slowpoke’s head, and it evolved into Slowking!

“Slowking, the Royal Pokémon, and an evolved form of Slowpoke. Slowking have incredible intellect and intuition. After having their head bitten, toxins enter and unlock extraordinary power. Whatever the situation, they remain calm and collected.”

259. Slowking

This is kind of exciting, because in my decade and a half of Pokémon training, I don’t think I’ve ever had a Slowking. Since I never finished either of my Johto journies, I never had the opportunity to evolve my Slowpoke that I caught in that region, and Slowpoke haven't been in any other region since Kanto. So it may not be a Kalos Pokémon, but it’s still a new Pokémon to me!

November 1, 2014

I did a bit of training today, rotating through Umbreon, Lunatone, Shelgon, my female Meowstic, Ferroseed, and Nidorina; then Exeggcute, Carbink, Skrelp, Lucario, my other Slowpoke, and Grumpig.

November 2, 2014

It’s a chilly but sunny day out, so it’s a perfect time to warm up with some Pokémon training! In the morning a Shellder clamped down on my Slowpoke’s tail, and it evolved into Slowbro!

“Slowbro, the Hermit Crab Pokémon, and an evolved form of Slowpoke. Slowbro evolve when Slowpoke hunt in the sea, and have their tail bitten by a Shellder. This attached Shellder won’t let go because of the tasty flavor that oozes out of the tail.”

260. Slowbro

Then, back at the Pokémon Center, I had the last six Pokémon for this rotation sent to me: Staryu, Horsea, Helioptile, Diggersby, Chimecho, and Staravia. Outside the Pokémon center, I let my Helioptile out. I remember Clemont from the Lumiose Gym telling me that Helioptile evolve with a Sun Stone. So I pulled one of my Sun Stones from my bag, and gave it to Helioptile. As expected, it evolved into Heliolisk!

261. Heliolisk

Then I crossed the Laverre Nature Trail and returned to Lumiose City. I had some battles at Restaurant Le Yeah, and more of my Pokémon evolved! After the first battle, my Staravia evolved into Staraptor, and my Horsea evolved into Seadra!

“Staraptor, the Predator Pokémon, and the evolved form of Staravia. Staraptor leave the flock to live alone after evolving. The muscles in their wings and legs are strong. They have sturdy wings, and can easily fly while gripping a small Pokémon.”

262. Staraptor

263. Seadra

I finished training that group on the Laverre Nature Trail, and then returned to the Pokémon Center in Laverre City. Before training for my next gym battle, I want to train the dozen or so Pokémon I recently caught between Lumiose City and Laverre City. Also, I’d like to train my trio of shiny Pokémon, especially my Wingull and Pancham, both of whom I haven’t had a chance to train yet. There’s also one more pair of Pokémon I need to train together, before I forget. So I asked Professor Sycamor to first send me my Cubone, and also my Mantyke, Remoraid, Skorupi, Wooper, and Goomy.

I then checked out my medal collection, and it seems I earned two more medals in October! Apparently all the time I’ve spent in Lumiose City has made me considered to be quite “stylish” according to the residents, whatever that means exactly. At least it does grant me several discounts throughout the city. These bring me up to 77 medals.

A-030-4 Adventure Evolution Authority A Medal for exceptional Trainers who evolved Pokémon 100 times, which astounds even Pokémon Professors. 10/26/2014
E-008-3 Fun Lumiosian A Medal for locals of Lumiose City who have become extremely stylish. 10/12/2014

So I took my Pokémon out and trained my Mantyke and Remoraid together, and of course my Mantyke evolved into a Mantine!

264. Mantine

Then I took my team to Lumiose City for some restaurant battles, and my Remoraid evolved into Octillery!

“Octillery, the Jet Pokémon, and the evolved form of Remoraid. Octillery have a tendency to want to be in holes. They prefer rock crags or pots and spray ink from them before attacking. They trap foes with the suction cups on their tentacles, and then smash them with their rock-hard head.”

265. Octillery

November 4, 2014

I’ve been on my Kalos journey for a year. I can’t believe how time flies! I’ve earned five badges and caught 265 Pokémon in the time. I can’t think of any other region that I’ve obtained that much that fast. Still, I know there’s a lot more I have to do, especially if I want to head back to the Hoenn region soon!

My Cubone was able to earn a few more ribbons today. We added a Footprint Ribbon, Effort Ribbon, and Best Friends Ribbon to the collection, bringing the total number of Kalos ribbons to nine.

I had the next set of recently caught Pokémon sent to me: Karrablast, Shelmet, Bellsprout, Carnivine, Gastly, and my shiny Wingull.

November 5, 2014

While at the Pokémon Center in Laverre City, I contacted Professor Sycamore about my Wingull since he’s been studying it for a few months. He said that Wingull was a gentle female Pokémon, but also has rather sturdy body. Overall though, Wingull was fairly average, and its nature doesn’t match well with its personality and characteristics. For training it, I will likely focus on its normal base stats. Wingull naturally have great speed, and better special attack than attack. But for today, I just played with Wingull for a bit. I also had some PokéPuffs that I fed it too. Wingull seemed to enjoy them.

November 6, 2014

I played a bit more with Wingull. This time though, in addition to some PokéPuffs, I gave it some vitamins that I bought in Laverre City. I gave it four HP Up, ten Calcium, and ten Carbos. Tomorrow, we’ll do some Super Training.

November 7, 2014

I spent a lot of time training with Wingull today. We found a local Super Training field and started by working on its speed. After some extensive training there, we worked on special attack power. We finished it up with a touch of HP and defense training. Also, while we were practicing its moves, I noticed its Growl was becoming much stronger. We fine tuned it some more, and eventually my Wingull learned Echoed Voice!

By the time evening rolled around, Wingull was fully trained. Then I decided to give it some battle practice, so we started off easy and had some double battles at Restaurant Le Nah in Lumiose City. Then I travelled to Spikes Passage near Ambrette Town, where the ground-type Pokémon there would make good opponents for it. We even travelled to Glittering Cave, testing its Water Gun against many of the rock-type Pokémon inside. Over time its Water Gun became stronger, and I realized it learned how to use Water Pulse!

November 8, 2014

I travelled through previously explored areas to give my Wingull more battling experience, and along the way it learned how to use Roost!

November 9, 2014

I returned to Laverre City, and my Wingull picked up a Smile Ribbon, Best Friends Ribbon, and Effort Ribbon along the way. Then I took my team to the Battle Chateau, and Wingull learned how to use Air Cutter, which will be a significant improvement over Wing Attack since its been highly trained in special attack.

I finished up training that team, and then I had the last group of recently caught Pokémon sent to me: both Poliwag, Ekans, Stunfisk, Barboach, and my shiny Pancham. I gave Professor Sycamore a call to ask him about what he learned while he had my Pancham at his lab. He said that Pancham had a Jolly nature, always playing happily with other Pokémon, living up to the classification of the Playful Pokémon. He tends to like to thrash about as well, meaning he has pretty high attack power. The professor said he saw Pancham use Tackle, Leer, Arm Thrust, and Work Up. Pancham’s attack, defense, and HP are above average for his species, while his speed and special defense are average. His special attack is terrible, but I don’t see Pacham using many special moves.

That being the case, obviously I will be focusing on training to increase Pancham’s attack. Then I think we will work on his speed and hit points, with maybe slightly more training going into hit points. So first, I’ll be treating Pancham to some vitamins, and playing with it a bit before diving into some Super Training.

November 10, 2014

I continued to train my Pancham. We worked on its Arm Thrust, but I thought about a better fighting-type move that would suit it. So eventually Pancham learned how to use Low Sweep!

November 11, 2014

Pancham knew how to use Bulk Up, but it doesn’t know any special attacksm so it’s somewhat of a waste. So instead we worked on learning Swords Dance to give it a better boost to its physical moves!

November 12, 2014

Pancham knows Low Sweep and Tackle, but that leaves it vulnerable to ghost-type Pokémon. So we worked on yet another move today: Shadow Claw! Also, when Pancham started to swipe its arms when it used Tackle, I realized that it learned how to use Slash!

November 17, 2014

I finished training Pancham and the rest of the current team. Pancham was becoming stronger with each battle; so strong, that instead of using Slash, it started to use Body Slam instead!

Then, back at the Pokémon Center in Laverre City, I decided to think about who I wanted to take with me to the Laverre Gym. Fairy-type Pokémon are still relatively new to me, but there were plenty of people in Laverre City who were willing to share all they knew about fairy-types. Since fairy-type moves are super-effective against fighting-types, I decided I wouldn’t have Pancham battle just yet. Cubone helped me in plenty other gyms already. So I decided to go with my Wingull as one of my Pokémon. Next to choose a Kalos Pokémon. Fairy-types are weak against steel-type and poison-type moves. There really aren’t any good candidates with those types of moves. I thought about who I haven’t used yet in a gym battle, and I decided on Barbaracle. And finally, my third Pokémon will be one that can mega-evolve. Again, there are no good candidates with super-effective moves, so I think I’ll go with one of the Kanto starters. I settled on Charizard.

So I finally entered the Laverre Gym. I’m excited to try my first new type of gym in a long time! It will be interesting to see what fairy-types can do in battle. I learned very quickly that my team choices may not have been the wisest. The first trainer I battled, Kali, used a Dedenne that illustrated my trio’s huge weakness to electric-type attacks. Because of this, I quickly lost the match with Wingull and Barbaracle, as her Dedenne and Azumarill had too much of an advantage. I came back later leading off with Mega Charizard, which almost made the battle too easy in my favor. The next trainer, Linnea, used a single Pokémon against my Wingull, but I never saw it before. Who’s that Pokémon?

“Aromatisse, the Fragrance Pokémon, and the evolved form of Spritzee. Aromatisse devise various scents, pleasant and unpleasant, and emit scents that their enemies dislike in order to gain an edge in battle. Their scents are so overpowering that, unless a Trainer happens to really enjoy the smell, he or she will have a hard time walking alongside them.”

An evolved Spritzee! After my Wingull won the battle, Linnea shared with me that Spritzee evolve into Aromatisse using an item called a Sachet. I happen to have one that I picked up near Baa de Mer Ranch on Fourrage Road, so I’ll have to keep that in mind!

The next trainer, Blossom, challenged me to a three-on-three battle. When she sent out her first Pokémon… I don’t think I even realized it was a Pokémon. What the heck is that thing??

“Klefki, the Key Ring Pokémon. Klefki threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them. They never let go of keys that they like, so people give them the keys to vaults and safes as a way to prevent crime.”

That is one weird but also kind of cool new Pokémon! My Wingull’s Air Cutter didn’t do much damage to it, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a steel-type as well as a fairy-type. Blossom’s other Pokémon were Granbull and Kirlia, nothing my team couldn’t handle.

I finally went up against Katherine, who battled me with yet another fairy-type Pokémon I haven’t seen yet! It kind of looks like a Jigglypuff shaped like a Poképuff…

“Slurpuff, the Meringue Pokémon, and the evolved form of Swirlix. Slurpuff can distinguish the faintest of scents. Their sense of smell is 100 million times better than a human’s, so it’s like they can see with their nose. They put this sensitive sense of smell to use by helping pastry chefs in their work.”

So it’s another evolved form of a Pokémon I have. According to Katherine, Swirlix evolve into Slurpuff using Whipped Dream, which is yet another item I acquired near the ranch when I found the Sachet. I didn’t realize how useful those items would be. Unfortunately, her Slurpuff easily defeated my Wingull. Based on my experiences against these trainers, I think I better do some more training before taking on the gym leader here.
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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November 22, 2014

After a long week of traveling for work, I was finally able to train more with my Pokémon to prepare for the Laverre City Gym. We did lots of training on the Laverre Nature Trail, and I even did some Super Training with my Wingull, until it had the same 20 medals as my Cubone. I now think I’m ready for my first fairy-type gym challenge!

Laverre City Gym Challenge
Vs Valerie

“Oh, a trainer,” Valerie said softly as I approached her in the gym.

“Hello,” I introduced myself. “My name is Steve, and I’d like to challenge you to a battle, Valerie!”

“So you’ve flown all the way through my gym, fluttering down to me on a fortunate wind,” she replied. “I suppose you have earned yourself the right to a battle, as a reward for your efforts.”

We took our respective places on the battlefield. The judge explained that the battle would be a three on three battle with no substitutions by the gym leader.

“I hope your visit to this fairy-type gym will prove entertaining to you,” Valerie said as she prepared her first Poké Ball. “The elusive fairy-types may appear frail as a breeze and delicate as a bloom, but they are all strong.”

“I can’t wait to see,” I said with excitement. “I met quite a few new Pokémon battling other trainers in your gym!”

“Very well.” Valerie threw her Poké Ball. “Mawile, please appear now.”

“A Mawile!” I exclaimed. “Shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Ok, Wingull, I’m counting on you. Maximize!”

My shiny Pokémon hovered in the air across from Valerie’s Pokémon.

“The beautiful colors on that Wingull radiates a quiet sense of peace,” Valerie commented.

“She can be tough, too!” I responded. “Wingull, use Water Pulse!”

Water Pulse blasted her Mawile, doing a good amount of damage.

“Mawile, respond please.” Mawile responded to its trainer’s soft command, opening its large jaws and chomping down with a Crunch attack on Wingull. Both Pokémon had just under half their energy left after their respective attacks.

“Hang in there, Wingull!” I shouted. “Use Water Pulse again!”

“Mawile, dodge please.” Mawile tried to dodge, but my Wingull has been trained well in speed, and it blasted its opponent with the Water Pulse, knocking out Mawile!

“Mawile can no longer battle,” the judge called.

“Mawile, return, and thank you for your efforts,” Valerie calmly recalled her Pokémon. “Your Wingull is well trained, and is very fast. So let’s see how you do against my Mr.Mime.”

Mr. Mime appeared on the field. I keep forgetting that it’s also part fairy-type. It’s hard to change knowledge of something that’s been the same for a decade and a half!

“Wingull, great job out there! Return and take a rest.” I switched my Pokémon. “Ok, Barbaracle, maximize!”

“An intriguing choice,” Valerie commented. “A very physical Pokémon.”

“That’s right!” I gave my first command. “Barbaracle, use Clamp!”

“Mr. Mime, Reflect please.” As my Pokémon closed in for the attack, Valerie’s Pokémon put up a defensive wall. When the attack hit, it did significant less damage. But, an after-effect of Clamp is some ongoing damage, which I’m hoping will help.

“Mr. Mime, Psychic please.” The powerful attack hit Barbaracle, but thankfully Barbaracle’s higher defenses helped to nerf the damage a bit.

“Way to take that attack, Barbaracle!” Things are looking even so far, I observed. “Let’s try this. Use Hone Claws!”

“Raising its stats, I see,” Valerie seemed amused by that. “We must not allow that, Mr. Mime.”

“It will be worth it. Barbaracle, use Fury Cutter!” My Pokémon closed in for the attack. Picking up on Valerie’s cue, Mr. Mime waited for exactly the right moment, and fired a critical hit with another Psychic attack! Fury Cutter hit too, and both Pokémon seemed to be feeling the damage, but Barbaracle struggled to recover from the blow.

“Keep the pressure on!” I yelled. “Use Fury Cutter again!”

Both Pokémon made the same attacks, and Fury Cutter was gaining strength. In addition, the Reflect wall shattered!

“Now’s our chance! Fury Cutter, one more time!”

“Quick, Mr. Mime, Reflect!” Valerie’s command was in vain. Although Mr. Mime did put up another Reflect wall, Fury Cutter had gained enough strength to finally knock out Mr. Mime!”

“Mr. Mime is unable to battle,” called the judge. Barbaracle collapsed, having very little strength left itself.

“Barbaracle, return, you deserve a rest after that battle!” I got ready to send my last Pokémon, as did Valerie.

Both of our Pokémon took the battlefield. It was my Charizard against her Sylveon!

“The new Eevee-lution, cool!” I felt confident, since it was a Pokémon I already knew about. “Ok, Charizard, mega evolve!”

My Mega Ring started to give off energy, and Mega Charizard appeared on the field!

“You are lucky it is that form of Mega Charizard,” Valerie stated as Mega Charizard’s Drought ability filled the room with sunlight.

“That… form?” I looked at Valerie confused. “What do you mean?”

“There are two types of Charizardite,” Valerie explained. “The one you have, and another that allows Mega Charizard to become part dragon-type. Which, of course, would be a bad choice for this gym.”

“Wow, I’ll have to ask Professor Sycamore about that.” Then I refocused on the battle. “Let’s wrap this up in one move. Use Fire Pledge!”

Fire Pledge hit the field with a lot of power; however, Sylveon was still standing!

“How is that possible? Sylveon must have exceptional special defense!”

“Indeed,” responded Valerie. “Now use Dazzling Gleam.”

Sylveon emitted a powerful flash of light, blasting back Mega Charizard.

“That’s a new move to me. Guess I shouldn’t have been over-confident,” I muttered to myself. “I’ll go physical this time. Mega Charizard, try a Wing Attack!”

Mega Charizard dove in, but Sylveon blasted it back once again with another Dazzling Gleam!

“That’s one tough Pokémon. But it’s time to end this. Fire Pledge, let’s go!”

The culmination of attacks finally took its toll, and Sylveon fell!

“Sylveon cannot battle,” the judge stated. “The winner is Mega Charizard!”

Valerie recalled her Pokémon, still as calm as when the battle began. “I hope the sun is shining tomorrow,” she said simply. “That would be reason enough to smile.”

Valerie walked with me to the entrance of the gym. “Yes, that was a fine battle,” she began. “I shall reward you for this great victory. This is the Fairy Badge. It is now yours. Its beauty is captivating, is it not?”

“Thanks!” I said excitedly. “It’s my sixth gym badge in… um, Valerie?”

Valerie stood there looking at the badge in her hand. “Ah, do forgive me. I was so captivated; I forgot for a moment that it is yours.”

Finally, my sixth Kalos gym badge, the Fairy Badge!
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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November 24, 2014

Professor Sycamore was in Laverre City for the Thanksgiving weekend. I was talking to him about my progress so far as my Cubone, Wingull, and Pancham were playing among some trees outside the Pokémon Center.

“I’m not sure where to go next,” I began. “There are still so many Pokémon here in the Kalos region that I haven’t even seen yet.”

“You should head east from here,” Sycamore advised. “The mountains of Kalos contain lots of tough and rugged Pokémon. There’s a small town called Dendemille Town not too far from here that you can stop at while you explore the mountains.”

I decided that for the next rotation of Pokémon training, I would focus on the Pokémon I caught in Central Kalos this time. In addition to that, I’ll rotate in some Pokémon from Coastal Kalos, especially the ones unique to this region. In addition, I want one of my shiny Pokémon traveling with me. I’ll only take five Pokémon with me, in order to leave room for the many Pokémon Professor Sycamore said I would be able to catch along the way.

“To help you get started, here’s a Pokémon egg we found outside the city,” the professor said as he handed me the egg. “My assistants and I will be doing research nearby, so if we come across any others, I’ll let you know.”

November 25, 2014

Cubone was going to be the first of my shiny Pokémon to stay with me, so I sent off Wingull and Pancham for now. I then had Swanna, Shellder, Dodrio, and Hawlucha sent to me. The Pokémon egg I was given took up the sixth spot for my first party.

November 26, 2014

My Pokémon egg hatched today. It was a Patrat!

“Patrat, the Scout Pokémon. Patrat will always be on the lookout. Though extremely cautious, they won’t notice a foe coming from behind. Using food stored in cheek pouches, they can keep watch for days. They use their tails to communicate with others.”

266. Patrat

November 28, 2014

Nearby Laverre City was the Poké Ball Factory, where all the Poké Balls in the Kalos region are produced. Professor Sycamore arranged for a tour for myself as well as Serena, Trevor, Tierno, and Shauna. When I arrived at the factory, I saw Trevor and Shauna looking bummed out nearby.

“How vexing,” Trevor said. “He won’t let us inside the Poké Ball Factory.”

“He’ll let us in,” Shauna assured him. “You’ll see. I’ll go talk to him again!”

Shauna headed for the door, and Trevor ran off after her. Wait, is that a Team Flare Grunt in front of the entrance? I was going to follow and investigate, but suddenly Serena and Tierno showed up. When I looked again, Shauna and Trevor were running past us, with the Team Flare Grunt chasing them.

“What’s going on?” Tierno asked, as he turned to pursue them. “I better go help them!”

Serena and I recognized the guy as a Team Flare member, so we entered the factory and were immediately greeted by another grunt who posed as a worker saying that the factory was closed for tours. Serena taunted her by picking on her grunt outfit, so the grunt attacked with her Mightyena!

“I’ll take care of this!” Serena yelled. “You go on ahead!”

I stepped further in the factory, trying not to be distracted by the hundreds of Poké Balls along the conveyor belts. I soon ran into a “nameless” grunt that attacked me with his Toxicroak!

“Toxicroak, the Toxic Mouth Pokémon, and the evolved form of Croagunk. Toxicroak have a poison sac at their throats. When they croak, the stored poison is churned for greater potency. Their knuckle claws secrete a toxin so vile that even a scratch could prove fatal.”

There were more Team Flare grunts I faced in the factory, though my team was able to handle them with minimal problems. It was also good experience for my Patrat. I used the moving conveyor belts to sneak around, and eventually made my way to the office of the factory manager, where a Team Flare Admin was threatening him, flanked by two other Team Flare members. When the Admin saw me, she immediately attacked! She didn’t even tell me her name before she sent out her Pokémon. Her Scraggy fell quickly to my Cubone’s Power-Up Punch, and Houndoom was easily defeated with a few of Swanna’s Bubblebeams. After being defeated by her, her two flunkies, which did have names, attacked me together! They were apparently scientists, like Aliana that I met back when Team Flare attacked the Kalos Power Plant. Celosia sent out Manectric while Bryony sent out Liepard. My Hawlucha easy defeated Liepard, but all my Pokémon were having trouble with Manectric, since most of them had a severe weakness to electric-type attacks. Thankfully, Serena showed up, and joined the battle with her Meowstic. After defending us with Light Screen, Meowstic was able to defeat Manectric with a few Psychic attacks.

Having accepted defeat, the trio of Team Flare members retreated. However, many of the grunts were already able to abscond with more than a handful of Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls! The factory manager thanked Serena and I for saving the building and the workers inside. He rewarded us both with the very thing Team Flare was after… Master Balls! Serena and I were each given one, along with a Big Nugget. As I was leaving, I saw a Metal Coat lying near one of the conveyors. The manager said I could take that too. It will come in handy, since I can use it to help evolve my Onix.

So Team Flare needed large amounts of electricity from the Power Plant and a ton of Poké Balls from the Poké Ball factory. And, I can’t forget there was something going on near Geosenge Town where I saw a few of them. I wonder what they’re up to?

After that, I took Cubone to the Super Secret Training facility and it earned another medal for succeeding in another challenge. That makes 21 total for Cubone. In addition, we won a Fire Stone, which will also come in handy shortly, especially since I didn't have one already.

November 29, 2014

I did a lot more training with the current team, and even some Super Secret Training with Cubone. There was another challenge it was eligible for, and one of the possible prizes was a Water Stone! Since I had a Shellder with me, I figured it was worth a try. Although Cubone did receive its 22nd medal for defeating the challenge, we did not win a Water Stone. Shellder seemed disappointed. I did have one Water Stone in my bag already, so I gave it to Shellder, and it evolved into Cloyster!

“Cloyster, the Bivalve Pokémon, and the evolved form of Shellder. Cloyster that live in the seas with harsh tidal currents grow large, sharp spikes on their shells. These shells are extremely hard. It cannot be shattered, even with a bomb. The shell opens only when they are attacking.”

267. Cloyster

A little later I rotated my Pokémon. I kept Cubone with me, and then had Gastly, Wailmer, Gyarados, and Vivillon sent to me. When I was walking through Laverre City with my Pokémon, a woman approached me. She said that a stone that she had found a while back started glowing as she moved closer to me. As my Gastly hovered closer to it, my Key Stone also started to glow. I recognized it as a Mega Stone, and it must be Gengarite, since it’s reacting to Gastly’s presence! When the woman saw my Key Stone glow, she offered it to me. It won’t be useful until Gastly fully evolves, but I’m always excited to see another Mega Evolution!

I then decided to explore Route 15 for the first time. It’s called Brun Way, and it should lead to Dendemille Town. I walked through the fallen autumn leaves on the ground and soon encountered my first wild Pokémon on the route: a Pawniard! I sent out Gastly to battle it. Gastly used Hypnosis to put it to sleep, but the powerful Shadow Ball it followed that up with woke it up. The Pawniard slashed at Gastly with Metal Claw, hitting once and missing once. I had Gastly use Hypnosis again, then tossed a Poké Ball… but it immediately broke free. I tried once more, and this time caught the Pawniard! And, as an added bonus, my Gastly evolved into Haunter afterwards!

“Pawniard, the Sharp Blade Pokémon. Pawniard have bodies comprised entirely of blades. They ignore injuries and attack by sinking these blades into their prey. If battling dulls the blades, they sharpen them on stones by the river.”

268. Pawniard

269. Haunter

I then took my Pokémon to Restaurant Le Yeah in Lumiose for some triple battle training. During the second battle, my Wailmer took out all three of my opponent’s Pokémon with a single Water Spout. And then Wailmer started to evolve… wait! We’re in a restaurant!! I returned Wailmer to its Poké Ball and ran to the nearest, most open area as possible, and then let it out there. Whew, that’s better! So my Wailmer safely evolved into a massive Wailord!

270. Wailord

November 30, 2014

I did a little more training with the current team, but that was about all the time I had today.

December 3, 2014

Finally, a day off from work where I can spend some time training my Pokémon! In the morning, I had the next group of four Pokémon sent to me: Tyrantrum, Aurorus, Lucario, and Oddish. Along with Cubone, we left for Brun Way once again. We saw some wild Liepard, and then ran into a horde of Murkrow! They easily defeated my Oddish, but not before it managed to put one of the Murkrow to sleep. I then had my Mega Lucario defeat the others. The asleep Murkrow woke up, but a few Poké Balls later, I caught it!

“Murkrow, the Darkness Pokémon. Murkrow hide any shiny objects they find in secret locations. Murkrow and Meowth loot one another’s stashes. Feared and loathed by many, they are believed to bring misfortune to all those who see one at night.”

271. Murkrow

Then I heard that Grant, the Cyllage City Gym Leader, was accepting challengers at the Battle Chateau. Because of the Pokémon I had with me, I decided to challenge him. His two prehistoric Pokémon had evolved too, so it was his Aurorus and Tyrantrum against mine. We split the match; my Aurorus won thanks to some powered up Ancient Power attacks, but Grant’s Tyrantrum was victorious because its Dragon Claw was much stronger than mine.

Returning to Laverre City, I did some more training, and my Oddish evolved into Gloom! When we stopped in the Pokémon Center, I used my last Sun Stone on it, and it further evolved into Bellossom! Random fact that I don’t think I ever noticed: Bellossom are actually smaller than their pre-evolution. Interesting. I also think they’re the only Pokémon to go from a dual-type to a single-type upon evolution.

“Bellossom, the Flower Pokémon, and an evolved form of Gloom. Bellossom gather at times and seem to dance. They say that the dance is a ritual to summon the sun. When the heavy rainfall season ends, they are drawn out by warm sunlight to perform this dance in the open.”

272. Bellossom

After a little more training, especially with my new Murkrow and Bellossom, I decided it was time to rotate Pokémon again. This time, I had Audino, Blastoise, Croagunk, and Azumarill sent to me. I then did some Super Secret Training with my Cubone. It easily beat one challenge to earn its 23rd Super Training medal, but the next challenge we did took on a whole new level. We miserably failed to defeat the challenge. Looks like there’s still some training we need to do!

Then I checked at the Pokémon Center, and discovered there were a few medals I earned early in November! I earned three more, bringing my total to 80!

E-008-4 Fun Lumiose Luminary A Medal for those who know the ins and outs of Lumiose City thoroughly, and who have become so stylish that they are well known by everyone in the city. 11/09/2014
A-036-3 Adventure Indulgent Customer A Medal for rich people who spent $1,000,000 at Poké Marts. 11/09/2014
A-031-1 Adventure Ace Pilot A Medal for those who flew all over the Kalos sky using Fly. 11/09/2014

I took an evening stroll back out on Brun Way. I saw some wild Liepard and Watchog running through the leaves. It was like I was back in Unova seeing those two Pokémon. Then I came across another horde of Pokémon; this time, it was a horde of Foongus! I had Audino use Entrainment to see if any of them had their hidden ability, but none of them did. So I found the fastest one of the group (a very relative “fast” since Foongus are rather slow) and caught it.

“Watchog, the Lookout Pokémon, and the evolved form of Patrat. Watchog have luminescent matter that makes their eyes and bodies glow to stun opponents. When they see an enemy, their tails stand high, and they spit the seeds of berries stored in their check pouches.”

“Foongus, the Mushroom Pokémon. Foongus lure people and Pokémon with their patterns that look just like a Poké Ball, then release poison spores. Why they resemble a Poké Ball is unknown.”

273. Foongus

Shortly after that, my Croagunk evolved into Toxicroak!

274. Toxicroak

I did a lot of training with that team, and then at the end of the night I rotated in Swalot, Pansear, Meowstic(F), and Sylveon.

December 4, 2014

Cubone tried some more Secret Super Training challenges. It won its 23rd medal, but the challenge following it was on a whole other level of difficultly. The closer Cubone came to winning, the tougher it became. We plan on keeping at it though!

December 5, 2014

Cubone didn’t give up; it kept attempting to defeat the challenge at the Secret Super Training facility in Laverre City. It took a handful of attempts, but eventually it won the challenge, and after more attempts, it won in under the target time! (There were two attempts where we missed it by less than a fraction of a second…) That brings Cubone’s Super Training medal count up to 24. There’s still more challenges to go, but I think Cubone is up for it!

Then I took the rest of the team out to Brun Way to do a lot of training. The wild Pokémon there were good opponents for my Pokémon. We battled wild Liepard, Watchog, Skorupi, Foongus, and even some hordes of Murkrow. After a few hours, I came across something interesting: a horde of the odd Pokémon, Klefki! I was excited for the opportunity to catch the Pokémon I met at the Laverre City Gym. After having Swalot defeat most of them, it then used Body Slam and then Yawn on the final one. Then it was weakened enough for me to catch!

275. Klefki

December 6, 2014

I started training with Klefki. It’s a cool looking Pokémon with a variety of moves. It learned a move called Crafty Shield, a new move to me. It blocks all non-damaging attacks, apparently. I also continued to train the rest of my team as well, and soon my Pansear learned the move Crunch. So I pulled out the Fire Stone I had in my pack, and used it to evolve my Pansear into Simisear!

276. Simisear

Then I rotated my Pokémon once again, taking Goomy, Staryu, Beedrill, and Heracross with me.
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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Just got the game yesterday. Started with Fennekin because a psychic/fire type is hard to pass up. Already through one gym, trying to decide which Kanto starter to get.
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Not sure if anyone still reads these or if everyone has moved on to ORAS, but I've come this far, I may as well finish, right?

December 7, 2014

We did some training on Brun Way, and then my Goomy started to evolve! It went from looking like a Ditto to more of a Shellos. Who’s that Pokémon?

“Sliggoo, the Soft Tissue Pokémon, and the evolved form of Goomy. Sliggoo drive away opponents by excreting a sticky liquid that can dissolve anything. Their eyes devolved, so they can’t see anything, but their four horns are a high-performance radar system. They use them to sense sounds and smells, rather than using ears or a nose.”

277. Sliggoo

I then ran into Professor Sycamore. He gave me an egg he found near a stream nearby. The egg soon hatched into a Buizel!

“Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon. Buizel swim by rotating their two tails like a screw. They inflate the floatation sac around their neck to poke their head out of the water to see what is going on. When they dive, this flotation sac collapses.”

278. Buizel

December 8, 2014

I finished training the current group of Pokémon. I would have considered having Staryu evolve, but I find myself short a Water Stone.

December 9, 2014

In the evening, I rotated my Pokémon for Minun, Chesnaught, Gogoat, and Trapinch. Also, the professor gave me another egg he found along Brun Way.

December 10, 2014

I was up extremely early, so I got in some training before work. And soon my Trapinch evolved into Vibrava!

“Vibrava, the Vibration Pokémon, and the evolved form of Trapinch. Vibrava generate ultrasonic waves by violently flapping their wings. These waves can cause severe headaches. After making their prey faint, they melt the prey with acid.”

279. Vibrava

Shortly after that, my egg hatched into a Poochyena!

“Poochyena, the Bite Pokémon. Poochyena have a very persistent nature. Their acute sense of smell lets them chase a chosen prey without ever losing track. They will chase this prey until the prey becomes exhausted.”

280. Poochyena

I then ran into a Pokémon Ranger named Silas. He challenged me to a battle. His first Pokémon, Quagsire, easily fell before my Gogoat. But his second Pokémon that defeated my Chesnaught. I wasn’t expecting him to use the powerful ice-type, Beartic!

“Beartic, the Freezing Pokémon. Beartic freeze their own breath to create fangs and claws of ice to fight with or to create pathways across ocean waters. Cold northern areas are their habitat.”

December 20, 2014

It was a busy work week, so I’m happy to have a little time this weekend for Pokémon.

I rotated my Pokémon and requested to have Dedenne, Karrablast, Shelmet, and Venusaur sent to me. Of course, as I learned in Unova, Karrablast inherits Shelmet’s shell when the electrical energy from trade or transfer causes them to evolve. So when I received them, Karrablast evolved into Escavalier, and Shelmet evolved into Accelgor! Professor Sycamore also gave me yet another Pokémon egg that he discovered along Brun Way.

“Escavalier, the Calvary Pokémon, and the evolved form of Karrablast. Escavalier evolve by wearing the shell covering of a Shelmet. The steel armor protects their whole body. They defend themselves by attacking with two lances.”

281. Escavalier

282. Accelgor

While I was training on Brun Way, the egg hatched into a Lotad!

“Lotad, the Water Weed Pokémon. Lotad search about for clean water. They look like aquatic plants and serve as ferries to Pokémon that can’t swim. If they do not drink water for too long, the leaf on their heads wilts.”

283. Lotad

I then decided to do some more Super Training with my Cubone. The first challenge was against a Roserade bot, but Cubone did excellent and won a medal on its first try. I also was awarded a Shiny Stone, which I placed in my bag with the other one I already had. Then the next challenge was against a Gallade bot. This one was slightly more difficult, and took some time learning the pattern of the attacks. But, Cubone soon won a medal for that challenge as well, and for this one I was given a Dawn Stone, which brings me to two of those evolution stones also. The next challenge was the first level 7 training challenge, which was against an evolving bot of a Scatterbug into Spewpa into Vivillon. This one was much more difficult, especially once it reached the Vivillon stage. It took a long while, but once we learned some new techniques (how was I not aware you could block in Super Training??), Cubone defeated the challenge with just a few seconds left. Since that wasn`t enough for a medal, we tried again, and this time defeated the challenge in the target time (but just barely). That makes 27 Super Training medals for Cubone! I figured that was enough for now, so I treated Cubone to some Poképuffs, and then returned my focus to training the rest of the team.

I spent the rest of the evening training with that team, especially focusing on my newly hatched Lotad. We battled a few trainers along the route, as there happen to be quite a few rangers in the forest. Then, when I returned to the Pokémon Center for the evening, I had Wormadam (Trash Cloak), Barbaracle, Malamar, and Corphish sent to me.

December 21, 2014

The shortest day of the year is finally here! I’m so glad that after today the days start getting longer again. Before heading off to do some holiday celebrating with family, I decided to do some Pokémon training. Professor Sycamore gave me another egg as well, and this one hatched into a Purrloin! I used a Dusk Ball to capture it.

“Purrloin, the Devious Pokémon. Purrloin steal from people for fun, but their victims can’t help but forgive them. Their deceptively cute act is perfect. When victims let down their guard, they find their items taken. They attack with sharp claws.”

284. Purrloin

December 22, 2014

I explored more of Brun Way, and was challenged by a Pokémon Ranger and his Vileplume! It was no match for my Malamar and its Psycho Cut, however.

“Vileplume, the Flower Pokémon, and an evolved form of Gloom. Vileplume have the world’s largest petals. With every step, the petals shake out heavy clouds of toxic pollen. The larger their petals, the more toxic pollen they contain. Their big heads are heavy and hard to hold up.”

I then travelled further along the route. Among the trees were streams formed by waterfalls flowing down the hills. The further east I went, the more I started to see ruins that nature had begun to reclaim. I then came across two sisters who challenged me to a double battle. It was my Wormadam and Corphish against their Floette and Drifblim. It was a fairly even battle. I got to see a move called Grassy Terrain for the first time, which healed all Pokémon on the ground. It was an odd choice, because their Drifblim was unaffected. Eventually, Floette fainted after a few of my Wormadam’s Mirror Shot attacks, but then it fell after a few Shadow Balls from Drifblim. But then it was my Corphish to the rescue, as it landed a super-effective Night Slash to knock it out. As a prize, my Corphish evolved into Crawdaunt!

“Crawdaunt, the Rogue Pokémon, and the evolved form of Corphish. Crawdaunt love to battle, and they use their pincers to pick up and toss out any Pokémon that enter their territory. Few Pokémon of other species live in the same pond as them because of this.”

285. Crawdaunt

Then I received a really random message from Lysandre on my Holocaster. He was talking about how Mega Evolution releases all of a Pokémon’s hidden potential, and he question why it was only certain Pokémon that this applied to. The conversation ended as abruptly as it began, so I continued to explore the route. After one more battle against a trainer who used some fairy-type Pokémon, I reached a place called Dendemille Town. As I arrived, snow was lightly falling, and it was getting fairly cold out, so I immediately went to the Pokémon Center to give my Pokémon a little rest.

December 23, 2014

After doing a little Christmas shopping earlier in the day, I spent more time training the current team, then had Clawitzer, Rhyhorn, Surskit, and Gible sent to me.

January 2, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! After taking a while off to celebrate the holidays, I decided to get back to Pokémon training, with a resolution to complete the Kalos Pokédex as quickly as possible so I can return to Hoenn!

I had been working with Cubone on some Secret Super Training. We were stuck on a challenge. We had been trying it on and off casually over the last week, but today I was determined that we would defeat it. The opponent was a Probopass bot that had balloons around it and it fired off rapid shots that were difficult to avoid. Finally, I decided to have Cubone work out on a Swiftness bag to increase its speed during the challenge. It took dozens of tries, but eventually we defeated the challenge! The next two challenges seemed significantly easier, and then Cubone had won its final Super Training medals. With all 30 medals obtained, Cubone was now a supremely trained Pokémon!

January 3, 2015

It’s a cold and snowy day, but I decided to check out Route 16 near Dendemille Town. It’s called Mélancolie Path. The ruins from nearby Brun Way extend into this route. I wandered into some very tall grass, and then I saw a pumpkin nearby start to move. Wait, now it’s floating! Who’s that Pokémon?

“Pumpkaboo, the Pumpkin Pokémon. Pumpkaboo are said to carry wandering spirits to the place where they belong so they can move on. Their bodies are inhabited by a spirit trapped in this world. As the sun sets, they become restless and active.”

That’s a very cool Pokémon, and it’s both a grass and ghost-type, which is rare! I sent out Surskit to battle it. Pumpkaboo fired a Leech Seed at Surskit, so I decided to toss a Poké Ball right away. I caught it with a critical capture! And, as a bonus, my Surskit evolved into Masquerain!

286. Pumpkaboo

287. Masquerain

Then, on the way back to the Pokémon Center, my Gible evolved into Gabite!

288. Gabite

Back in Dendemille Town, I ran into Professor Sycamore and Dexio. The professor said that they were researching the legendary Pokémon of the Kalos region, the Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal. These were the Pokémon that Lysandre had mentioned back in Lysandre Café in Lumiose City a few months back. Apparently these Pokémon were responsible for some cataclysmic stuff that happened 1000 years ago, but now they are sleeping in a hidden corner of the Kalos region. He asked if I found anything out about them in my travels, to let him know.

I also showed him my newly caught Pumpkaboo. He said it was a “small” Pumpkaboo. I knew that Pokémon due have some variation within each species, but apparently Pumpkaboo come in a wide range of sizes. Dexio explained that Pumpkaboo are categorized as small, average, large, and super-sized based on how large they are. The smaller ones tend to be faster, while the larger ones tend to be stronger. He said that there’s a super-sized Pumpkaboo with its hidden ability back at his lab, which was discovered back around Halloween. I’ll have to check that out next time I’m in Lumiose City.
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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January 4, 2015

I took my team out to Mélancolie Path to do some training. I tried to give my newly caught Pumpkaboo as much battle experience as possible. We battled several trainers along the road, and some had Pokémon I had not yet seen in the Kalos region.

“Delcatty, the Prim Pokémon, and the evolved form of Skitty. Delcatty dislike dirty places. They do not keep a nest and often search for a comfortable place in which to groom themselves. They are highly popular among female trainers for their sublime fur.”

“Alakazam, the Psi Pokémon, and the evolved form of Kadabra. Alakazam have brain cells that multiply continually until they die. As a result, they remember everything. They are said to have an IQ of around 5,000, and their brains can outperform a supercomputer.”

On the way back to Dendemille Town, my Rhyhorn evolved into Rhydon!

289. Rhydon

January 6, 2015

I did a lot more training with the current team. My Pumpkaboo learned a move I never saw before, called Trick-or-Treat, which adds ghost-type to its opponents. It seems to make a good combo when followed up by Shadow Ball, making it more effective. Then I decided it was time to rotate Pokémon. My Cubone has been with me for a while, so I sent it for a break and had my shiny Wingull sent to me instead. In addition, I had Slowbro, Ferroseed, Vespiquen, and Crobat sent to me.

I did some Super Training with Wingull. After winning all of the challenges with Cubone, I’m hoping it’s easier the second time around. So far so good, as Wingull easily won its 21st Super Training medal.

January 7, 2015

I set off on Mélancolie Path despite the bitter cold weather. I was exploring the very tall grass, and the first wild Pokémon I encountered was something I never saw before. It looked like a floating tree branch with some kind of wisp inside of it. Was it another new Pokémon?

“Phantump, the Stump Pokémon. Phantump are created when spirits possess rotten tree stumps. According to old tales, these spirits are those of children who died while lost in the forest. They prefer to live in abandoned forests.”

That seems somewhat sad. I really wanted to catch it, but it got away. So I searched around the route to find another one, but was having little luck. Still, I was using the opportunity to train my other Pokémon. I saw lots of wild Pumpkaboo around, and noticed what Professor Sycamore meant about them coming in different sizes. I saw small, average, and large ones. And during all this exploration and training, my Ferroseed evolved into Ferrothorn!

“Ferrothorn, the Thorn Pod Pokémon, and the evolved form of Ferroseed. Ferrothorn attach themselves to cave ceilings, firing steel spikes at targets passing beneath them. By swinging around their three spiky feelers and shooting spikes, they can obliterate an opponent.”

290. Ferrothorn

Then a little later, I found something interesting. I came upon another Pumpkaboo, but this one was… Super-Sized! Being significantly different then the dozens of others I saw, I wanted to catch it. I sent out Ferrothorn to battle it, and it weakened itself due to my Ferrothorn’s Iron Barbs ability. It took several Poké Balls, but I finally caught it with a critical capture!

Then, after hours of searching, I finally found another Phantump! I didn’t even try to weaken it; I threw a single Poké Ball and caught it!

291. Phantump

With my new Pokémon in hand, I travelled further along the route. As I was walking past a waterfall, I saw a Floatzel jump out of the water.

“Floatzel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon, and the evolved form of Buizel. Floatzel float using their well-developed flotation sac which developed as a result of pursuing aquatic prey. It can double as a rubber raft. They assist in the rescues of drowning people.”

I also found that Phantump knew a very unique move. Phantump could use Forest’s Curse, which was similar to Pumpkaboo’s Trick-or-Treat, except that Forest’s Curse adds grass-type to the opponent. It combined well as a set-up for Crobat to finish with Acrobatics.

January 9, 2015

I ended up waking up in the early morning hours, so I decided to do some exploring on Mélancolie Path before work. Further along the route, I found a house near some docks on a lake that formed near the base of a waterfall. Inside the house were some fishermen, and one of them gave me a Super Rod! That will be useful in filling up my Pokédex with some rare water-type Pokémon. Then there were plenty of fishermen on the docks who were looking to battle. Their water Pokémon made good opponents for my team. There were even a few Pokémon I still hadn’t seen in Kalos yet.

“Whiscash, the Whiskers Pokémon, and the evolved form of Barboach. Whiscash make their nests at the bottom of swamps which they claim for themselves. If foes come near them, they set off tremors by thrashing around. They will eat anything.”

“Basculin, the Hostile Pokémon. Basculin are very violent and always fighting. Red and blue Basculin usually do not get along, but sometimes members of one school mingle with the other’s school. They are also remarkably tasty.”

The route then led to yet another entrance to Lumiose City. Since I was there, I decided to have my team battle at Restaurant le Yeah, and finally, I won every triple battle in the correct turn limits! I then took my Pokémon to the Pokémon Center for a rest, and then had another four Pokémon sent to me: Pyroar, Spritzee, Diggersby, and Wormadam (plant cloak).

After work, much later in the evening, I resumed Pokémon training. I remembered from the Laverre City Gym that Spritzee was able to evolve with a Satchet. So I gave the Sachet I had to my Spritzee, and it evolved into Aromatisse!

292. Aromatisse

I then decided to take my new Super Rod to the west since I know there are Pokémon along Muraille Coast that I could find. I remember battling a trainer here who said he caught his one Pokémon nearby. It took a few tries before getting a bite, but I eventually fished up a Qwilfish that I caught!

293. Qwilfish

January 10, 2015

After catching my Qwilfish, I decided to train at the nearby Battle Chateau. After giving all my Pokémon a workout, I returned to Cyllage City, where I had Skrelp, Carvanha, Barboach, and Diglett sent to me. I remained in town, and decided to do some fishing there. I remember battling a trainer at the Cyllage City Gym who used a Relicanth he caught while fishing here in the city. So I cast my Super Rod, but hooked something else instead. It looked like a giant Skrelp! Or, is it its evolved form? I scanned it with my Pokédex.

“Dragalge, the Mock Kelp Pokémon, and the evolved form of Skrelp. Dragalge have poison strong enough to eat through the hull of a tanker, and they spit it indiscriminately at anything that enters their territory. Tales are told of ships that wander into seas where these Pokémon live, never to return.”

That’s one awesome Pokémon, and it looks like it becomes part dragon-type, making it the first dragon/poison-type that I can recall. Its poison was indeed strong, since it used Toxic on nearly my whole team. I wonder when my Skrelp will evolve?

I kept fishing along the beach while my Pokémon swam in the ocean. Then I finally hooked a Relicanth! I had a few of my Pokémon battle it to weaken it, but it knocked out a few of them with its strong Take Down attack, which I noticed wasn’t hurting itself. I guess I know its ability. I threw a bunch of Poké Balls, but it would break free after one or no shakes. I kept trying to slowly weaken it. I think I remember them being hard to catch; I think I caught my last one in Hoenn in a Great Ball. So I tried a Great Ball. It rocked three times, the closest I came to catching it, but still no good. My Carvanha landed the lucky hit, because after that the Poké Ball I tossed caught it! And then, Carvanha evolved into Sharpedo!

“Sharpedo, the Brutal Pokémon, and the evolved form of Carvahna. Sharpedo can swim at speeds of 75 mph by jetting seawater through their bodies. Their fangs can rip through sheet iron. They are known as the bandits of the sea.”

294. Relicanth

295. Sharpedo

Then I did more Super Training with Wingull. Wingull’s well-trained speed is making these challenges seem a lot easier, because it can quickly dodge many attacks that I remember Cubone having difficulty with. We defeated two more challenges, bringing Wingull’s medal total up to 23.
Next I returned to the Battle Chateau to train the rest of my Pokémon. After one battle, my Diglett evolved into Dugtrio, and my Barboach evolved into Whiscash!

296. Dugtrio

297. Whiscash

January 11, 2015

After doing a little more battling at the Battle Chateau, I rotated in Ledian, Delphox, Farfetch’d, and Roselia. I then travelled to Shalour City, and went out to the coast on nearby Fourrage Road. I then cast my Super Rod. I fished up a few Octillery, which Roselia helped me battle, then I found a Corsola! I tossed a Poké Ball immediately, and caught it!

298. Corsola

Then it was back to the Battle Chateau for training with that team. After a few battles I realized I had something to power up my Roselia. So I gave it one of the two Shiny Stones I has, and it evolved into Roserade!

“Roserade, the Bouquet Pokémon, and the evolved form of Roselia. Roserade have the movements of a dancer. Luring prey with a sweet scent, they strike with whips that are densely lined with poison thorns.”

299. Roserade

I had a few easy battles with my Delphox, and then I was challenged by Countess Patricia. She led off using her Torkoal! So there are Torkoal in Kalos! Apparently, they live in the wild far to the east.

“Torkoal, the Coal Pokémon. Torkoal burn coal inside their shells for energy. They blow out black soot if they are endangered. Abandoned coal mines are full of them, as they dig tirelessly in search of coal.”

Later that evening, I rotated in Wooper, Meditite, Slowking, and Panpour, and travelled to Coumarine City. I then had Lapras temporarily transferred to me and set out for Azure Bay. I saw a school of Alomomola swimming past, so I cast my Super Rod to hook one. I had Wingull weaken it with Air Cutter, and then tossed a Poké Ball and caught it!

“Alomomola, the Caring Pokémon. Alomomola live floating in the open sea. When they find a wounded Pokémon, they embrace it and bring it to shore. They gently hold the injured and weak Pokémon in their fins, and their special membrane heals their wounds.”

300. Alomomola

I’ve finally reached 300 Pokémon caught! I can’t believe how many Pokémon I’ve obtained in Kalos. I’ve caught more Pokémon in the last year than I had in the first 5 years of being a Pokémon trainer combined. Of course, back then there were only 251 Pokémon, and now there’s nearly three times that amount.

Back in Coumarine City, I did some Super Training with Wingull. It earned two more medals, bringing its total to 25. Then we re-challenged an old challenge, and I won what I was hoping for: a Water Stone! I’ll be needing that soon. Then it was back to the Battle Chateau to train the rest of my team. After a battle with an Espurr, my Wooper evolved into Quagsire!

301. Quagsire
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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-Choose male trainer and named him Wabbit
-Got woken up by Flintler and change my clothes before heading downstairs
and talking to my mom.
-Walk outside and meet two of my neighbors.
-Headed to Aquacorde Town, meet the gang, pick Fennekin as my starter,
battle Shauna and won.
-Head back home, deliver the Prof. letter to my mom,got town map and clothes
from my mom, and got stop by my mom pet rhyhorn in the yard.
-Head to route 2, learn about catching pokemon from Serena and getting 10
pokeballs.Capture a Bunnelby on this route,temporary skip the rest of the
pokemon and battle the trainer at the entrance of forest.
-ambushed by Shauna upon enetering the forest, and force to drag her along.
-Capture a pikachu and rest of the pokemon in the forest.
-capture all the pokemon on route 2 and in the forest.

Current Party
1.Fennekin lvl 10
2.Bunnelby lvl 10
3.Pikachu lvl 10
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- was just hatching eggs
-accidentally went into the flowers
-Get an encounter
-Buggers off before I have a chance to do anything about it (was debating using master ball)
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So I got y awhile a go and decided to do a second run.

I chose the female trainer. i chose Froakie, and went on to receiving the pokedex. (I had teansfered some pokes from my x. ) i went through route 2 and the forest. I had beaten the first gym with my Froakie, evolving into frogadier after the fight. I continued to Lumiose and met the professor. I obtained a charmander after beatin him in a battle. I continued to the next town. I visited the surrounding areas, then helped move the snorlax. I battled it and caught it. I faced my friends in a double battle with my neighbor.

My current team:
Ninja (frogadier) lvl 22
Jirachi lvl 19
Yangchen (shiny mankey) lvl19
Queen (shiny Nidorina) lvl 21
Blitz (charmeleon) lvl 17
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January 12, 2015

After work I trained at the Battle Chateau, and my Meditite evolved into Medicham!

“Medicham, the Meditate Pokémon, and the evolved form of Meditite. Medicham gained the psychic power to predict their foes’ moves through yoga training. They elegantly avoid attacks with dance-like steps, then launch devastating blows in the same motion.”

302. Medicham

After battling all the trainers there, I returned to Dendemille Town and did more training along Brun Way. After I was done, I gave the Water Stone I recently acquired to Panpour, and it evolved into Simipour!

303. Simipour

Then I rotated in Furret, Ninjask, Plusle, and Volbeat. I went out to the docks on Mélancolie Path, where one of the fishermen gave me 20 Dive Balls to help catch water Pokémon. I sat near the other fisherman and cast my Super Rod. I hooked some Poliwhirl, and then found a blue-striped Basculin! I had Plusle use Thunder Wave to paralyze it, but it used Take Down which severely hurt Plusle. So I switched out for Furret, and had it use Quick Attack. Basculin countered with Take Down again, but it was weakened a bit. I tossed a Poké Ball and caught it! Who needs Dive Balls, anyway?

304. Basculin

The last thing I did before turning in for the night, was head over to Ambrette Town. I took Wingull to the hotel there to show off some of its moves. It was awarded a Smile Ribbon, which makes it Wingull’s fourth ribbon.

January 13, 2015

I trained the team at the Battle Chateau, but there were mostly Barons and Viscounts there, so the battles weren’t too challenging. Then I returned to Dendemille Town and battled against wild Pokémon for the rest of the evening.

January 14, 2015

I made a quick stop in Geosenge Town today. I had my Wingull demonstrate some of its moves at the hotel there and it earned a Downcast Ribbon. (I was mad at myself because I meant to stop at Camphrier Town yesterday, but I suppose there’s always next Tuesday.)

January 15, 2015

I stopped in Coumarine City to have Wingull perform at the hotel there, and it earned the Careless Ribbon. I then moved to nearby Shalour City, where Wingull was awarded the Footprint Ribbon for demonstrating the close bond I share with it. That’s 7 ribbons for Wingull! I stopped in Lumiose City on my way back to Dendemille Town, and had my Cubone sent to me. At one of the cafes where a lot of people who enjoy Super Training gather, my Cubone was awarded a ribbon for passing all the Super Training challenges. The Training Ribbon makes Cubone’s 10th ribbon!

I then had the next set of Pokémon sent over to me: Krokorok, Exeggcute, Swirlix, and Pinsir.

January 16, 2015

At the Pokémon Center in Dendemille Town, I heard some people talking about some nearby ruins where some wild Pokémon live and some trainers hang out, mostly skaters. The place was called the Lost Hotel, so I decided to check it out. I found one of the entrances on nearby Brun Way, and I descended the stairway into the ruins. I found a Pokémon egg at the bottom of the stairs. Nearby, there were some skaters practicing all sorts of tricks through the deserted hallways. I saw some wild Litwick and Electrode who seemed to make their home there as well.

I battled a few of the wild Pokémon, and then remembered I had something for my Swirlix. I took the Whipped Dream I had and gave it to Swirlix, and it evolved into Slurpuff!

305. Slurpuff

I did a little more exploring, and then my egg hatched. It was a Magnemite!

“Magnemite, the Magnet Pokémon. Magnemite move while constantly hovering. The units at the sides of their bodies generate antigravity energy to keep them aloft in the air. They discharge their electric moves from these units.”

306. Magnemite

I then decided to do some training over at the Battle Chateau, and my Krokorok evolved into Krookodile!

“Krookodile, the Intimidation Pokémon, and the evolved form of Krokorok. Krookodile are very violent Pokémon and never allow prey to escape. They try to clamp down on anything that moves in front of their eyes. Their jaws are so powerful, they can crush the body of an automobile.”

307. Krookodile

January 20, 2015

I stopped in Camphrier Town on my way back from the Battle Chateau, and at the hotel there my Wingull was given a Shock Ribbon, making 8 ribbons for it.

Then I returned to the Lost Hotel on Brun Way. While exploring, I saw a garbage can shaking. When I approached a Rotom jumped out of it! I quickly caught it, but since I already have six Pokémon with me I’ll train it with the next group.

“Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon. Rotom have bodies composed of plasma. They are known to infiltrate electronic devices and wreak havoc. Research continues on this Pokémon, which could be the source of a unique motor.”

308. Rotom

January 24, 2015

After a 60+ hour work week this week, I can finally relax and train some of my Pokémon. First, I took my team to the Battle Chateau, and since I had some Leaf Stones on me, I used one on Exeggcute and it evolved into Exeggutor!

309. Exeggutor

Then I stopped in Cyllage City, and at the hotel there, my Wingull earned its ninth ribbon, the Snooze Ribbon! Then I returned to Lumiose City, rotating in Nidorina, Nidorino, Aerodactyl, Wormadam (sandy cloak), and my recently caught Rotom. Professor Sycamore had a bunch of appliances that Rotom could use to change its form. After trying a few, I decided on Heat Rotom, to combat the cold weather of winter.

January 25, 2015

I did more battling at the chateau, then returned to Dendemille Town and continued training in the areas around the town. I was looking through my pack and noticed I happened to have two Moon Stones with me. Since I happen to have Nidorina and Nidorino with me, and they just learned Crunch and Poison Jab, respectively, I figured now was a good time to have them evolve. I gave them each a Moon Stone, and they evolved into Nidoqueen and Nidoking, and both gained ground-type and learned Earth Power!

“Nidoqueen, the Drill Pokémon, and the evolved form of Nidorina. Nidoqueen use their scaly, rugged body to seal the entrance of their nest to protect their young from predators. If they become excited, the stiff, needlelike scales bristle outwards.”

“Nidoking, the Drill Pokémon, and the evolved form of Nidorino. Nidoking are recognized by their rock-hard hide and their extended horn. This horn contains venom. One swing of their mighty tail can snap a telephone pole as if it were a matchstick.”

310. Nidoqueen

311. Nidoking

I did a little more training, and then rotated more Pokémon, having Mothim, Slugma, Pidgeotto, and Ekans sent to me. I then decided to finish up Wingull’s Super Training. We defeated the last 5 challenges, thanks to Wingull’s spectacular speed. It defeated all 30 challenges, so we stopped over in Lumiose City so it could be awarded the Training Ribbon! Now it has the same ten ribbons that Cubone has! We also managed to earn a few nifty prizes like a Dawn Stone, Moon Stone, and Water Stone, all of which I think I definitely need.

After that I decided to check out the Lost Hotel. So we descended the entrance on Brun Way. One of the punk guys who hung out there challenged me to a battle. He seemed to like dark-type Pokémon, since he used a Scrafty, Sharpedo, and Pawniard. I haven’t seen a Scrafty yet in Kalos. I battled back with Pidgeotto, Mothim, and Slugma, and though I won it was a challenging battle. Then after the battle my Pidgeotto evolved into Pidgeot!

“Scrafty, the Hoodlum Pokémon, and the evolved form of Scraggy. Scrafty can smash concrete blocks with their kicking attacks. They pull up their shed skin to protect themselves while they kick. The bigger the crest, the more respected they are. The one with the biggest crest is the group leader.”

312. Pidgeot

I then came across a wild Litwick that I wanted to capture. I had Ekans use Glare to paralyze it, but it knocked itself out using Memento. Darn, I forgot it knew that move. I eventually found another one, and this time wasted no time tossing a Poké Ball, and this time I caught it! I stuck around and did a bit more training against the wild Pokémon there, and soon my Slugma evolved into Magcargo, and my Ekans evolved into Arbok! Whew! I know I have some catching up to do, but I think that’s enough for one day.

313. Litwick

314. Magcargo

315. Arbok
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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Yeah I didn't know this thread exsisted so imma jot my team down mmkay? XD
Chose Chespin as my starter, he was the cutest after all~
Chespin made me make faces in Aime. No Chespin.
The girst wild Pokemon we see is a Pidgey.
We caught Pidgey. She's a very serious pokemon.....
Later on we had met the three pokemon we battled against With Sycamore. Bulbasaur looked sad so I chose him, he seemed to cheer up for the moment.
Later on after soemt raining and evolutions, don't forget badges, we were told to go to this castle. I tripped over an Espurr. He wasn't nearly as creepy as other Espurr and was even manzai prone, so I let him join.
Ten we had to figt a Snorlax. I caught it to show off, but then felt bad for him. But he looked happy to be with us, he always wanted to travel. Pidgeotto voiched for him too, so whatever.
Me and Calem saved this scientist dude from some Ruby-wanna-bes and he gave me a Sail Fossil.
Later on the fossil was revived into Amaura. He didn't seem to understand English, but was too cute and puppy like to say no to.
Quilladin was excuted most for his new traveling companions, everyone was on an adventure now.
Fast forward about a month later, we had our final badge in hand and were off to Victory Road.
Pretty fun and symbolic place there.
After that, it took us quite a bit, but we made it into the Hall of Fame.

Felix, Chesnaught, Male, Childlike
Pippi, Pidgeot, Female, Hard Thinker
Jem, Venusaur, Male, A bit pessimistic but still fun to be around
Num(aka Nummles or Numa Numa) Meowstic, Male, Comedic weirdo
Muu, Snorlax, Male, Somewhat lazy, but loves helping out when he can
Soor, Arourus, Male, Always by my side to steal food. But seriously he was cute

Shhh PreciousMetals Version coming soon.....
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Pokemon Random FireRed Omega: 5/6 4/8
Pokemon Random Platinum Challenge: 5/6 5/8
Tyep Cycle Challenge: 0/3 0/8 (To be started!)
Date of Birth Challenge: (To be started!)
Dex Holder National:
Kanto 0/4 Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova
I have many HA and Dgg Move Pokes, if you want one VM me! (PokeRus now available)
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January 30, 2015

I was training at the Battle Chateau, and I used my Wingull in a bunch of battles. It used Air Cutter a few times in a row, and I noticed it was getting stronger. Then I realized it was a new move. My Wingull learned Air Slash! With its speed, the chance of causing an opponent to flinch will be a useful stalling technique, since Wingull’s defenses are rather low.

January 31, 2015

I rotated in the next group of Pokémon: Carbink, Shedinja, Gloom, and Bibarel. I started off taking them to Restaurant Le Yeah, where we had a series of tough rotation battles. It’s been a while since I participated in that type of battle. I explored more of the Lost Hotel, and even found a separate entrance into the ruins on Mélancolie Path.

I battled some more punk trainers, and then decided to use a Leaf Stone on my Gloom. Of course it evolved into a Vileplume!

316. Vileplume

I found a few useful items in the deserted structure, most notable among them was likely a Protector, which will be useful the next time I train my Rhydon. I then had a double battle against a pair that used a Pangoro and a Garbodor. I used Carbink and Vileplume against them, and it was a tough battle, but we eventually won against them. I asked where the Garbodor came from, and they told me they met it here in the Lost Hotel among the garbage that’s still lying about.

“Garbodor, the Trash Heap Pokémon. Garbodor clench opponents with their left arm and finish them off with foul-smelling poison gas belched from their mouth. Consuming garbage makes new kinds of poison gases and liquids inside their bodies.”

Soon after that, I saw a garbage can shaking in the corner of one of the rooms. When I checked it out, a Trubbish jumped out of it! I sent out Vileplume, who used Sleep Powder to put it to sleep, and then I tossed a Poké Ball and caught it!

“Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokémon. Trubbish were created by a chemical reaction from the combination of garbage bags and industrial waste. Inhaling the gas they belch can make you sleep for a week. They prefer unsanitary places.”

317. Trubbish

February 1, 2015

I finished training the current team, and then rotated in Bellsprout, Axew, Golett, and Pangoro. I also decided to give Wingull a break, and have my Pancham sent to me so it can train alongside Pangoro.

February 2, 2015

I took the team into the Lost Hotel for some training. While I was there, I discovered a Pokémon egg that looked abandoned in a corner. I took it with me, and it eventually hatched into a Voltorb!

“Voltorb, the Ball Pokémon. Voltorb are usually found in power plants. They were discovered when Poké Balls were introduced. It is said that there is some connection. They are easily mistaken for Poké Balls, and they have zapped many people who have come too close.”

318. Voltorb

I kept battling the wild Pokémon in the area, and after a battle with a wild Magneton, my Bellsprout evolved into Weepinbell!

319. Weepinbell

I then decided to gather some ribbons for Pancham, since it only had an Effort Ribbon. I stopped in at Prism Tower in Lumiose City, where Bonnie awarded it the Best Friends Ribbon!

Then, I traveled out to Hotel Ambrette in Ambrette Town. I found a traveler who said he was from a far off region. He never said the name of it, but apparently it’s not Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or even Unova! He gave me a Strange Souvenir that seemed to depict a Pokémon I had never seen before. There’s probably so many Pokémon yet to discover… even though I’m already just around 700 in the ones I’ve seen. Before leaving the hotel, my Pancham was also awarded the Alert Ribbon.

Then I returned to Dendemille Town. I’ve actually never taken the time to explore this town, so I finally decided to. Despite the colder climate, they do apparently grow some crops here. There’s also a giant windmill that supplies a lot of the town’s power. The melting snow from the nearby mountains is what forms the river that flows through the town, which provides their water supply. I took some time to just enjoy the peacefulness of the town.

February 3, 2015

I headed over to the Battle Chateau for more training, but first stopped in Camphrier Town. I brought Pancham to the hotel there where it was awarded the Shock Ribbon!

Then during some early morning trainer battles in the chateau, my Golett evolved into Golurk, and my Axew evolved into Fraxure!

“Golurk, the Automaton Pokémon, and the evolved form of Golett. Golurk are said to have been ordered to protect people and Pokémon by the ancient people who made them. They fly across the sky at Mach speeds. Removing the seal on their chest makes their internal energy go out of control.”

320. Golurk

321. Fraxure

I then rotated in the next set of Pokémon: Gardevoir, Linoone, my Poliwag in a Net Ball, and Kadabra. After they were transferred, my Kadabra evolved into Alakazam!

322. Alakazam

Back in Dendemille Town, I ran into Trevor who said he was getting ready to explore the Frost Cavern nearby the town. He had previously explored outside the caves, and discovered a Pokémon egg, which he gave to me. It soon hatched into a Swinub!

“Swinub, the Pig Pokémon. Swinub rub their snouts on the ground to find and dig up food. If they smell something enticing, they dash off headlong to find the source of the aroma. They are also able to detect and uncover hot springs.”

323. Swinub

I started to think about my next destination. Nurse Joy informed me that there was a Pokémon League Gym in Anistar City to the east, but the path through the mountains to get there is very dangerous, so people ride on the back of Mamoswine to help them cross. Trevor said that he saw a lot of Mamoswine near Frost Cavern. For some reason, they won’t leave. So it looks like if I want to get to Anistar City, I better head over to Frost Cavern to check out what’s up with the Mamoswine. And I’m sure I’ll find some ice-type Pokémon along the way too!

February 4, 2015

I stopped in Geosenge Town, and my Pancham was awarded the Downcast Ribbon.

February 5, 2015

I stopped in Coumarine City, and Pancham was awarded the Careless Ribbon. That makes six ribbons total! Also, my Linoone seemed to Pickup a Sun Stone along the way, which is great because I didn’t have any.

I did some battling at the chateau, then rotated in Golduck, Onix, Furfrou, and Doublade. I had a Metal Coat that I found at the Poké Ball Factory, so I used it on my Onix, and it evolved into Steelix!

“Steelix, the Iron Snake Pokémon, and the evolved form of Onix. Steelix chew their way through boulders with sturdy jaws. Their eyes can see in the darkness underground. Tempered underground under high pressure and heat, their bodies are harder than any metal.”

324. Steelix

As I made my way back towards Frost Cavern, I ran into Trevor. As we were talking he mentioned something about my Doublade. He said it can actually evolve further if a Dusk Stone is used on it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Dusk Stone, and haven’t come across one in Kalos yet. But I know one place I can get one… Super Training! So I took Pancham to the nearest Super Training facility. It’s only earned 6 medals from Super Training, three each for Attack and HP. So we warmed up by challenging the rest of the Level 1 challenges, earning four more medals along the way. Then we skipped to the Level 6 challenge where a possible prize was a Dusk Stone. It took a half dozen tries or so, but eventually we won a Dusk Stone! (As well as an 11th medal for Pancham.)

So I let out Doublade, gave it a Dusk Stone, and it evolved into a large, broad sword, but this time also comes with a shield. Trevor said that it can change its form based on the attack it uses. Time to check out what this is!

“Aegislash, the Royal Sword Pokémon, and the evolved form of Doublade. Aegislash can detect innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, whoever they recognize is destined to become king. Generations of kings were attended by these Pokémon, which used their spectral power to manipulate and control people and Pokémon.”

325. Aegislash

Then Trevor and I left for Frost Cavern. Once inside, we found a horde of Vanillite! I had Aegislash battle a few of them, then both Trevor and I managed to catch one!

“Vanillite, the Fresh Snow Pokémon. Vanillite formed from icicles bathes in energy from the morning sun. The temperature of their breath is -58 degrees Fahrenheit. They create snow crystals and make snow fall in the area around them. They sleep buried in the snow.”

326. Vanillite
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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February 6, 2015

I did some early morning training at the Battle Chateau, and for one of my battles I challenged Duchess Elise. She used an Azumarill, a Nidoqueen, and a Pokémon I haven’t seen in Kalos yet, Exploud!

“Exploud, the Loud Noise Pokémon, and the evolved form of Loudred. Exploud roar in battle and shake the ground like a tremor, or like an earthquake has struck. Their howls can be heard over six miles away. They emit all sorts of noises from the ports on their bodies.”

Then after work, I finished training that team, and then took Pansage, Skorupi, Stunfisk, and Floette with me. I met back up with Trevor near Frost Cavern. This time he commented on my Floette. Trevor told me that Floette could evolve further by use of a Shiny Stone. Thankfully, this time I did have one Shiny Stone left. I gave it to Floette, and it evolved into its final form! It looks like when it evolves, it merges with the flower that it has carried its whole life. Cool! Who’s that Pokémon?

“Florges, the Garden Pokémon, and the evolved form of Floette. Florges claim exquisite flower gardens as their territory, and they obtain power from basking in the energy emitted by flowering plants. In times of long past, governors of castles would invite them to create flower gardens to embellish the castle domains.”

327. Florges

I then followed Trevor back inside Frost Cavern. We found another horde of Vanillite, but then found a horde of Cubchoo! I battled with my Pansage, and when it used Bite on one of the Cubchoo, the Cubchoo’s speed increased. Trevor pointed out that it meant that this particular Cubchoo had its Hidden Ability; instead of Snow Cloak, its ability was Rattled! So I chose that one to catch and add to the team!

“Cubchoo, the Chill Pokémon. Cubchoo has a nose that is always running. They sniff the snot back up because the mucus provides the raw material for their moves. Their snot is also a barometer of health. When healthy, their snot is sticky and the power of their ice moves increases.”

328. Cubchoo

So I took my new team to the chateau for training. During one of our battles against an Accelgor, my Skorupi evolved into Drapion!

“Drapion, the Ogre Scorp Pokémon, and the evolved form of Skorupi. Drapion have the power in their clawed arms to make scrap of a car. The tips of their claws release poison. They take great pride in their strength.”

329. Drapion

February 7, 2015

After training the team for a bit, I gave my Pansage one of my two remaining Leaf Stones, and it evolved into Simisage!

330. Simisage

I then rotated in Ampharos, Illumise, Dunsparce, and Greninja. Huh, actually a group where no one is going to evolve. I went back to Frost Cavern, and my Illumise’s Sweet Scent helped attract lots of Pokémon hordes. After battling many hordes of Vanillite and Cubchoo, which my Mega Ampharos made quick work of with Discharge, I eventually ran into a horde of Smoochum! I picked on out and tossed a Poké Ball, and after a few tries I caught it.

“Smoochum, the Kiss Pokémon. Smoochum test everything by touching with their lips, which remember what they like and dislike. Their lips are the most sensitive part of their bodies and they will always use them first to examine things.”

331. Smoochum

I trained that team for the evening, and then switched in Scolipede, Talonflame, Smeargle, and Eevee in a Dive Ball. I remember being told that Frost Cavern is where Icy Rock is located in Kalos, so it’s the perfect place to take one of my Eevee! But I did stop in Cyllage City on the way, so Pancham could earn its 7th ribbon, the Snooze Ribbon.

February 8, 2015

I started exploring deeper inside Frost Cavern. I battled some really tough Ace Trainers, and encountered some wild Pokémon along the way such as Haunter and Beartic. As I was wandering around, I leaned against a small stalagmite icicle, and it started to move! Is it a Pokémon? I pulled out my Pokédex to scan it.

“Bergmite, the Ice Chunk Pokémon. Bergmite freeze opponents solid using air of -150 degrees Fahrenheit. They block opponents’ attacks with the ice that shield their bodies. They use cold air to repair any cracks with new ice. They live in herds above the snow line on mountains.”

I just had to catch it! Unfortunately, my Pokémon’s attacks were too strong and it ran off. I kept looking around for another one, but instead ran into some more familiar wild Pokémon.

“Piloswine, the Swine Pokémon, and the evolved form of Swinub. Piloswine have long hair all over their body that obscures their sight, so they just keep charging repeatedly. Although their legs are short, their rugged hooves prevent them from slipping, even on icy ground.”

“Jynx, the Humanshape Pokémon, and the evolved form of Smoochum. Jynx wiggle their hips as they walk. This can cause people to dance in unison with them. They speak using a language that sounds human, and research is under way to determine what is being said.”

After a little while of searching, I finally found another Bergmite! This time, I had Smeargle use Sleep Powder to put it to sleep, and then two Poké Balls later, I caught it! I discovered another new Kalos Pokémon!

332. Bergmite

Before turning in for the evening, I stopped in the hotel in Coumarine City, and my Pancham earned the Smile Ribbon. That makes eight ribbons so far for it.

February 9, 2015

As I explored deeper in Frost Cavern, I finally found the chamber where the Icy Rock was located. I let my Eevee out to battle the wild Pokémon in the area. After a short while, it evolved into Glaceon!

333. Glaceon

I battled a lot more tough trainers in the cave. One of them used a very powerful Mienshao!

“Mienshao, the Martial Arts Pokémon, and the evolved form of Mienfoo. Mienshao wield the fur on their arms like whips. Their arm attacks come with such rapidity that they cannot ever be seen. They launch into combo attacks that, once started, no one can stop.”

After a bit more training, I rotated Pokémon again. This group consisted of Pikachu, Butterfree, Scraggy, and Heliolisk. I went back to Frost Cavern and trained against the wild Pokémon there. While we were battling, my Scraggy evolved into Scrafty!

334. Scrafty

I spent quite a long time in the evening training the team and battling wild Pokémon, and I came across a wild Pokémon I hadn’t seen yet… a Cryogonal! They must be extremely rare in Kalos. I had Heliolisk use Thunder Wave to paralyze it, and then Quick Attack a few times to weaken it. I tossed a few Poké Balls, but that Cryogonal was tough, and just wouldn’t stay caught! After a few more throws, I heard the swoosh of a critical capture, and I caught it!

“Cryogonal, the Crystallizing Pokémon. Cryogonal are composed of ice crystals and are born in snow clouds. They capture prey with chains of ice, freezing the prey at -148 degrees Fahrenheit.”

335. Cryogonal

With a new Pokémon on my team, I continued to explore the cave, and had more battles against some very tough opponents. Most of the trainers around here use fighting or rock-type Pokémon, which I guess makes sense since they would have a type advantage against the wild ice-type Pokémon in the cave. One of the hikers I battled used a Probopass, so I was glad that my Heliolisk could use Bulldoze. I asked the hiker where he was able to evolve his Nosepass. He said he used to work at the Kalos Power Plant, and his Nosepass evolved into Probopass near there. That makes sense, the energy from the plant would make it the obvious spot. I’ll have to take my Magnemite and Nosepass there eventually.

“Probopass, the Compass Pokémon, and the evolved form of Nosepass. Probopass exude strong magnetism from all over. They freely control three small units called Mini-Noses using this magnetic force.”
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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February 11, 2015

As I was exploring Frost Cavern with Trevor, we saw some Team Flare members harassing an Abomasnow! We overheard the leader of the trio saying how they were pleased with the fact that its Snow Warning ability became stronger the more agitated they made it. Though typically timid, it was Trevor who leapt to action first. We both faced off against the two grunts. My Pokémon were easily able to defeat theirs. My Heliolisk used Thunder Wave and Parabolic Charge before the grunt’s Golbat got a move in; then my Cryogonal put up a Reflect wall to deflect Manectric’s physical attacks, and then my Scrafty finished it off. Then the leader, who said her name was Mable, attacked us with a Houndoom, but Scrafty was able to defeat it with a single High Jump Kick. That was enough to chase them off. Instead of pursuing them, I checked on the Abomasnow. It looked to be fine. It then handed me something, seemingly in a way to say thank you. When I looked at what is was, it appeared to be a Mega Stone! I’ll have to ask Professor Sycamore about it. I placed it in my bag, and made my way out of the cave.

Back at the Pokémon Center, I decided it was time to evolve my Pikachu now that it learned how to use Discharge. So I pulled my only Thunder Stone out of my bag, and touched it to Pikachu, and it evolved into Raichu!

336. Raichu

Then it was time to rotate my Pokémon. I had Charizard, Gallade, Loudred, and Carnivine sent to me. Nurse Joy told me that the Mamoswine have returned to helping people cross to Anistar City. Apparently the Abomasnow helped one of the Mamoswine once when it was injured, so when it sensed its friend was in danger, it went to Frost Cavern out of concern. Since the Mamoswine were back, I decided to check out Route 17.

Route 17 is also known as Mamoswine Road, for obvious reasons. Apparently some wild Pokémon make their home here, because I found a wild Sneasel! I had Mega Charizard use Dragon Rage to weaken it, and it took about three Poké Balls, but I caught it!

“Sneasel, the Sharp Claw Pokémon. Sneasel have paws that conceal sharp claws. If attacked, they suddenly extend the claws and startle their enemies. They feed on eggs stolen from nests.”

337. Sneasel

I went back to Lumiose City and stopped to see the Professor at his lab. I told him about Team Flare and showed him the Mega Stone I received in Frost Cavern. He said it is likely Abomasite, so it looks like Abomasnow can Mega Evolve! Except, I don’t have an Abomasnow, so I just put the Mega Stone back for now. The professor did say he had another Mega Stone to give me though, one I might be able to use right away. He said it was Charizardite, but it looked different than the one my Charizard currently has. So I tested it out. I gave it to Charizard, and then had it Mega Evolve. What an awesome surprise! Charizard Mega Evolved into a different form! This time it was black, and had blue flame coming from its mouth. Professor Sycamore said according to his research, this Mega Charizard is a fire and dragon-type with the ability Tough Claws. Wow. I can’t wait to see this Mega Charizard in action!

So then I stopped over at the Battle Chateau, and had quite a few battles there. During one battle, my Loudred evolved into Exploud!

338. Exploud

I then returned to the Pokémon Center, had my team treated, and then had Meowstic(M), Munchlax, Lapras, and Kecleon sent to me. I then spent the rest of the evening training with Pancham at the Super Training Facility, and it completed all the Level 2 and 3 challenges. This brings its Super Training medal count to 19. I earned another Kalos medal, brining my total to 81!

E-005-1 Fun Trick Master A Medal for those who have successfully performed a variety of tricks on roller skates. 02/11/2015

February 12, 2015

When I awoke in the morning, I decided to look around Mamoswine Road some more to see what kind of wild Pokémon live there. I saw more Sneasel, but then I also found some Snover and even a few Delibird!

“Snover, the Frosted Tree Pokémon. Snover migrate to a mountain’s lower reaches during cold seasons. In the spring, they grow berries with the texture of frozen treats around their belly, and return to the snow-covered mountain summit.”

“Delibird, the Delivery Pokémon. Delibird carry food rolled up in their tails. When someone is lost in the mountains, they share that food.”

Either would be a good addition to the team, so I searched around and eventually found a Snover to challenge. I had Pancham use False Swipe (which I temporarily taught it for this purpose), but then Snover used Wood Hammer. Great, a recoil move. Guess I better not waste any time. I tossed a Poké Ball, and caught it on the first try!

339. Snover

Then I decided to make the long journey across Mamoswine Way. I hopped up on the Mamoswine, and started to cross the cold, snowy mountains.

February 13, 2015

I finally arrived in Anistar City. I immediately started exploring the town, and ran into Sina. She said there is an elderly man that lives in the city who knows some of the myths about the legendary Pokémon of Kalos. She then handed me some Repeat Balls, and then left. I continued my exploration of the city, talking to as many people as I could find. I also stopped in at the clothing boutique and bought some new, warmer clothes for these chilly mountain towns. Most notable in Anistar City was the large sundial, which I was seeing at the perfect time, as the setting sun activated the odd, artistic mechanism at the base of the structure. I also happened to find a Sun Stone nearby, so I placed it in my bag with the one I already have.

Then I found the older gentleman who said he knew the stories about the legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal. Apparently, some well-dressed men in red suits recently asked to hear these stories as well, so it seems that team Flare is after the legendary Pokémon.

“About 800 years ago, the Pokémon known as Yveltal spread its ominous wings, engulfing the land of Kalos in darkness. At that moment, people and Pokémon throughout the land began to fall one by one. Yveltal let out a piercing cry, and took to the sky, vanishing to an unknown location. Afterwards, the Pokémon known as Xerneas used its shining horns to illuminate that darkened lands. As this happened, people and Pokémon felt great energy and vitality returning to their bodies. At the same time, a great forest sprang up, with Xerneas as a center. Legend has it that, as these Pokémon near the end of their thousand-year life spans, Xerneas releases all of its remaining energy, sharing it with all living things nearby, while Yveltal absorbs the life force of living things around it in order to charge its own energy.

“Another tale suggests that 3000 years ago, the Kalos region was engulfed in a terrible war. One story goes that a Pokémon came to rescue all the wounded Pokémon that were caught up in the conflict. Another story tells of a Pokémon that appeared and stole the life force of countless living beings. The first Pokémon is thought to be Xerneas, and the latter Pokémon Yveltal, but there’s no way to know for sure if this is true. Supposedly, after Yveltal finished storing the energy it had absorbed, it transformed into a kind of cocoon, remaining in hiding deep in the mountains. Also, after Xerneas released its remaining energy, it transformed into a dried up tree, and remains hiding deep within a forest of its own creation.”

Awesome stories. Hopefully I’ll get to meet these Pokémon someday. But, if I guess right, if I follow up on tracking down Team Flare, I probably will end up finding out that they discovered these legendary Pokémon.

After resting up a bit at the Pokémon Center, I returned to the Battle Chateau for some more training. After a few battles, my Munchlax finally evolved into Snorlax!

340. Snorlax

February 14, 2015

At the chateau, we challenged Marchioness Amandine. She started off with a Leafeon, which I haven’t seen yet in Kalos, and then her second Pokémon was one I never saw before! It was a huge chunk of ice with legs, but a completely flattened top of its body. Who’s that Pokémon?

“Leafeon, the Verdant Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Leafeon use photosynthesis just like a plant. As a result, they are always enveloped in clear air. They like to sleep in patches of sunshine, producing this clean air around them as they sleep.”

“Avalugg, the Iceberg Pokémon, and the evolved form of Bergmite. Avalugg have ice-covered bodies that are as hard as steel. Their cumbersome frames crush anything that stands in their way. The way that several Bergmite huddle on their backs make them look like aircraft carriers made of ice.”

Awesome, so that’s what Bergmite evolve into! It’s always awesome when I get to discover a new Pokémon. I wonder how many more there are to find in Kalos? I also asked Amandine where she evolved her Eevee. She said far to the west there is a forest called the Winding Woods where she found a large, moss-covered rock that her Eevee evolved near. I’ll have to look for that place to finally obtain my last evolution of Eevee.

After battling some more, I finally rotated in the last group of Pokémon before finishing up this rotation. The last four Pokémon are Poliwag, Skitty, Jumpluff, and Goldeen. I then returned to Mamoswine way to catch one last Pokémon. It only took a few minutes before I found what I was looking for: a Delibird! I had Jumpluff use Sleep Powder, but I forgot Delibird’s ability of Vital Spirit made that a pointless attempt. So I tossed a few Poké Balls, and eventually caught it!

341. Delibird

So then it was back to the Battle Chateau for more training. As you might have guessed, my Goldeen evolved into Seaking, my Poliwag evolved into Poliwhirl, and after learning Double-Edge, I used a Moon Stone I had on my Skitty so it could evolve into Delcatty!

“Seaking, the Goldfish Pokémon, and the evolved form of Goldeen. Seaking make their nests by hollowing out boulders in streams with their horns. In the autumn spawning season, they can be seen swimming powerfully up rivers and creeks. They defend their eggs with their lives.”

342. Seaking

343. Poliwhirl

344. Delcatty

Once I was done training that team, I returned to Anistar City. I had Cubone, Wingull, and Pancham with me. I spent some time playing and training with them. Pancham was working on completing the rest of the Super Training challenges. Wingull picked up a new move, thanks to the help of a kind stranger in the city. It learned Hidden Power, and the person that helped teach it to Wingull said it would be ghost-type. That will come in handy! Pancham eventually won the remaining Super Training challenges, thus making all three of my shiny Pokémon qualify as supremely trained Pokémon. Pancham also earned a Footprint Ribbon and a Training Ribbon, so now my trio of Pokémon all have the same ten ribbons.

Then Serena challenged me to a Pokémon battle. She wanted to use 4 Pokémon each, so I returned to the Pokémon Center to have one more Pokémon sent to me. Then we had our battle near the gym.

“Meowstic, I choose you!” Serena called. I expected as much.

“Wingull, let’s go!” My shiny Pokémon took its place.

“Meowstic, Fake Out!” Serena’s Pokémon struck first with the priority move, making my Wingull flinch.

“Not bad,” I commented. “Now check this out. Wingull, Hidden Power!”

The attack was super-effective, doing significant damage!

“Meowstic, no!” Serena cried. “Quickly, use Psychic!”

The powerful attack targeted Wingull, but it dodged it!

“Well done, Wingull! Finish this with Hidden Power!” One more hit was all it took to knock out her Meowstic.

“Meowstic, return,” she said as she recalled her Pokémon. “I see you’ve been training a lot with your Wingull, Steve. But I have just the thing to ground it. Jolteon, go!”

“A Jolteon! So that’s your new Pokémon. I wasn’t expecting that.” I recalled Wingull. “Wingull, you did great, take a rest. Cubone, you’re up next!”

“That Cubone has been with you a while,” Serena said. “But my Jolteon can take it. Use Double Kick!”

Her Jolteon struck my Cubone, but it shrug it off with its high defense.

“Well done, Cubone!” I praised it. “Use Boneberang!”

One hit was all it took to knock out her Jolteon! Next up was her Delphox. I switched back to my Wingull.

“Wingull, Water Pulse, let’s go!”

“Delphox, counter that with Flamethrower!”

The two attacks collided! Then both attacks struck each Pokémon. Though the Water Pulse was super-effective on Delphox, the Flamethrower was powerful enough to take out Wingull.

“Wingull, return, great job out there,” I said. “Wow, Serena, your Delphox is strong! But now try this. Go, Pancham!”

“That won’t be a problem,” Serena replied. “Delphox, Flamethrower, again!”

“Pancham, dodge it!” My Pancham managed to leap out of the way of the blast! “Great! Now, strike back with Shadow Claw!”

“Shadow Claw, oh no!” Serena cried. The super-effective attack landed a critical hit, knocking out her strongest Pokémon. She was down to her last Pokémon, so she sent out her Absol.

“Pancham, stay out there, and get ready!” I commanded.

“Absol, Slash it!” Absol moved very quickly connecting with the attack, but…

“Now, while it’s in close, use Low Sweep!” Pancham swept Absol off all fours, and slammed it onto the ground with a powerful hit!

“Absol, return,” Serena said in a defeated tone. “Your three partners are very strong. You should do fine at the gym here. The gym leader’s name is Olympia, and she uses psychic-type Pokémon.”

I thanked Serena for the great battle, then brought my Pokémon to the Pokémon Center for a well-deserved rest. I then sent my Phantump back to the professor, since I didn’t need it after all in my battle. I thought about who I should take with me into the gym. I think I’ll keep Wingull with me, now that it knows Hidden Power, it should come in handy. Klefki might be an interesting choice to bring with me as well. And finally, I think I’ll take a Pokémon that can Mega Evolve. I know! I’ll take my Haunter with me, and hopefully it will evolve while I battle at the gym. So I gathered those three Pokémon, and went to the Anistar Gym to begin training for my seventh gym battle!
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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As I was battling the trainers in the gym, one of them used a Pokémon I haven’t seen in Kalos yet, a Reuniclus!

“Reuniclus, the Multiplying Pokémon, and the evolved form of Duosion. Reuniclus use psychic power to control their arms, which are made of a special liquid. They can crush boulders psychically. When they shake hands, a network forms between their brains, increasing their psychic power.”

February 15, 2015

I was doing some final training with my Pokémon before my gym battle, and my Haunter evolved into Gengar!

“Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon, and the evolved form of Haunter. Gengar hide in people’s shadows at night, absorbing their heat. It is said that this can cool the area by nearly 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The chill this causes makes the victims shake.”

345. Gengar

And then that evening, I went to the Anistar Gym for my gym battle!

Anistar Gym Challenge
Vs. Olympia

The gym itself is pretty mind-bending and cool. Once you enter the foyer, the walls disappear and it’s as though you’re walking on thin platforms in outer space. I followed the path to Olympia.

“Oh, hello there,” Olympia said softly as I approached. “Are you the challenger I was told would be coming tonight?”

“Yes,” I replied. “My name is Steve, and I’d like to challenge you to a gym match!”

“Very well,” the gym leader said as she stood up. “A ritual to decide your fate and future. Shall we begin? We’ll use three Pokémon each.”

“That sounds pretty standard for the other Kalos gyms I’ve challenged.” We both took our places on the battlefield.

Olympia spread open one side of her cape, and started to hover in the air! She must have psychic powers herself.

“Sigilyph, to my side,” she uttered with a small grin, as her first Pokémon took the field.

“A Sigilyph, huh? Ok, let’s start this battle off in the air. Wingull, maximize!” My Pokémon appeared with its usual shine. “Let’s start this off right away. Use Hidden Power!”

“Ah, I see. Sigilyph, Light Screen.” Olympia did not seem to be one for a lot of words. Thankfully, my speedy Wingull hit before the Light Screen went up.

“Ok, that could be a problem,” I noted. “Wingull, Hidden Power again!”

The attack hit, but was definitely buffered by the Light Screen.

“Psychic.” One word was all Olympia needed to say, and one hit was all it took to knock my Wingull from the air.

“Wingull is unable to battle, the gym leader’s Sigilyph wins!” The judge called.

“Wingull, return,” I said. “Thank you, you did your best. That loss was my fault. But your work won’t go to waste. Go, Klefki!”

“Interesting,” the gym leader spoke quietly. “Psychic, please.”

The attack hit Klefki, but it was not very effective. “Ok Klefki, it may be protected from special attacks, so let’s get physical! Use Foul Play!”

My Pokémon crashed into the Sigilyph, and it started to fall!

“Great job! We did it… wait!” The Sigilyph recovered, but barely!

“Each side may use an item!” The judge yelled over. Olympia used a Hyper Potion on her Sigilyph. I used a Revive on Wingull.

“Battle, resume!” The judge yelled when we were both ready.

“Ok, Klefki, keep up the Foul Play attacks!” I commanded.

“Reflect, my Sigilyph.” Her Pokémon was faster this time, so the Reflect wall got up first. After that, our Pokémon exchanged Psychic and Foul Play attacks, chipping away at each Pokémon’s stamina, until finally, Sigilyph fell!

“Sigilyph is unable to battle!” came the call.

“Great job, Klefki! You ok to keep battling?” I noticed my Pokémon was looking worn out, but it nodded its key-head in understanding.

Olympia sent out her next Pokémon. “Meowstic, I call on you now.”

“A Meowstic,” I repeated. “Ok, let’s keep up the momentum. Use Foul Play!”

“Meowstic, Shadow Ball.” That attack did a lot of damage. Klefki was barely holding on, but after its attack, the Reflect wall broke down.

I’m definitely not sure what to do. Shadow Ball would wreck Gengar. I have to keep going.

“Foul Play, again!”

“Shadow Ball.”

Shadow Ball hit first, and knocked out my Klefki. “Klefki, return, great job out there. Ok, I’m counting on you, go Wingull!”

Wingull took the field, though still beat from its last defeat. “Use Hidden Power!”

The attack hit, but, one Psychic attack later knocked out Wingull.

“Thank you, Wingull. You still softened them up. Ok, it’s up to my last Pokémon. Go, Gengar!”

“Hm. Psychic.” Olympia said it almost disappointed, as though she had already won.

“Now, Gengar, Mega Evolve!” My Key Stone reacted with the Gengarite that it was holding, and it became Mega Gengar for the first time! It looks like its speed and especially its special attack skyrocket in power!

“Mega Gengar, Shadow Ball!” My Pokémon’s attack cut through its opponent’s attack, and struck the finishing blow!

The judge paused, almost in awe of my Pokémon. She must not have seen Mega Evolution before. “M-Meowstic is unable to battle!”

“Well, that was a surprise,” Olympia seemed more verbal now. “I have not battled someone who could Mega Evolve their Pokémon in quite some time. Let’s see what my final Pokémon can do. Slowking, come out!”

“Mega Gengar, Shadow Ball!” It did a lot of damage, but not enough to knock it out!

“Slowking, Psychic!” Crap. Even Mega Gengar doesn’t have the best defenses. It barely held on.

I really hope Slowking doesn’t know a priority move, because I’m going for broke here. “Shadow Ball, one more time!”

My hope came true, as Shadow Ball hit, knocking out Slowking!

“We did it! Way to go, Mega Gengar!”

After leaving the battlefield and checking on all three of my Pokémon, Olympia approached me. “Create your own path. Let nothing get in your way. Your fate, your future. Please take this Psychic Badge as a testament to your skill, and proof of your power.”

Finally, I’ve earned my… wait. I’m all of a sudden standing in the entrance to the gym? Anyway, I now have the Psychic Badge! One more to go!
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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February 22, 2015

After a week break from Pokémon training after my last gym battle, I decided to get back into it. First off, I had earned another medal, making my total 82.
E-001-3 Fun Frequent Trader A Medal to commemorate the valuable experience of trading Pokémon 50 times by Link Trade. 02/22/2015

I had been considering over the last few days how I want to handle the next rotation of Pokémon. I can’t believe I’ve obtained so many in just over a year! But it’s too many to rotate through all of them each time. Since I’ve previously focused on the Coastal Pokédex and Central Pokédex, I figure that this time I will work on the Mountain Pokédex, with of course a few others scattered in there too. So, the first group will be Gabite, my female Meowstic, Granbull, and Talonflame. I also gave Wingull a break, and had Cubone sent to me as well. And for my sixth spot, Professor Sycamore gave me a Pokémon egg.

While I was visiting the professor at his lab in Lumiose City, something strange happened. Everyone’s Holo Caster tuned on as well as every TV monitor. Lysandre appeared and gave everyone an ominous message.

"Pokémon Trainers. I come to you by the Holo Caster to make an important announcement. Listen well. Team Flare will revive the ultimate weapon, eliminate everyone who isn't in our group, and return the world to a beautiful, natural state. Unproductive fools are consuming our future... If nothing changes, the world will become ugly and conflicts will raze the land from end to end. I repeat. We will use the ultimate weapon and wipe the slate clean. I'm sorry, those of you who are not members of Team Flare, but this is adieu to you all."

The ultimate weapon? I remember Professor Sycamore telling me about that a while ago. Looks like Lysandre is repeating the mistakes of his ancestors. I better look into it. I figure Lysandre Café is a logical place to start investigating.

February 24, 2015 10:15pm

I was crossing Mamoswine Road, travelling from Anistar City to return to Lumiose City. I was catching a few extra Pokémon along the route at Professor Sycamore’s request. I found a few Snover and a Delibird or two, and then I came across it. A purple Delibird! My jaw dropped, but I realized I had to move quickly, as it started throwing Presents at me and my Pokémon. I tossed a Poké Ball, but it didn’t work. I tried a second time, go, Poké Ball! And this time… I CAUGHT A SHINY DELIBIRD!!

Kalos Pokédex: Seen 373 Obtained 345
Central Kalos Pokédex: Seen 149 Obtained 149
Coastal Kalos Pokédex: Seen 144 Obtained 139
Mountain Kalos Pokédex: Seen 80 Obtained 57
Kalos Medals: 82
Kalos Ribbons: 10

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