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Ariane Dracon: Mountains

Ariane climbed up the mountain side. She had not climbed to far, but still she was a good ways up. Maybe about 20 feet up. She didn't want to look down. Even though she wanted to be a Sky Battle Master, she was still not comfortable climbing a wall of rock, even though it was a somehwat steady rise and not a wall that went straight up, though still steep.

'Noi....Noi Noi...' Her Noibat sounded with slight fear in its voice.

"What's wrong Noibat?" She asked.

The Noibat looked up to a small rock platform that was about 10 feet wide. She climbed to it and stood up.

"Whew... Let us rest for a few minutes. And Noibat, I don't see anything up here." Ariane said as she looked around.

There was a small gap in the rock face. For post pokemon, it would be impossible to get through it. That is how small it was. Not even something as small as a Caterpie could get through.

"Rufflet! If you want me to battle you! Let us take it to a safer location for both of us! Rufflet are aggressive, but still respectable, and I have a feeling you want a fair fight on even ground! Plus, I don't want anyone to get hurt if they are traveling by!"

Ariane heard the male voice, not far away yelling almost as if he was right above her. She was scared at first, but after realizing that maybe the boy wouldn't even know she was here due to concentrating on a wild pokemon.

"Hmm a boy who actually cares about someone other than themselves, what a surprise." Ariane said with full honesty and harshly.

She took a seat next to the hole, not thinking anything would bother her and looked over the landscape. She could see a rain storm on Battlefield 7 in a distance. As least that is what she thought it was. It seemed like someone had used rain dance over the arena. She quickly grabbed her empty sketch book and started to draw the landscape.

She looked over at Noibat who was fluttering around a lot. She had never seen Noibat like this, and that worried her. At that moment, she could here a gooey sound. A sound that you would expect slim to make when played with. He was coming from the rocks. She stopped drawing and stepped back away from the wall. Ready for anything. But when purple slim started to emerge from the small hole, her fear was all, but too real. A Grimer emerged from the hole.

'Grimer.' The Grimer popped out.

She backed up more, too far, and she heard a cracking sound underneath her.

Dalex Yukashi: Mountains

Dalex went through his pokemon that he could use. He had used all of his pokemon at some point today other than Shinx and he hadn't made it to a Poke Center yet because he didn't think he needed to. He had to go with Shinx,

"Crap. I don't even know the moves that Shinx can use. It as young as it is, it probably does not know any damaging electric moves." Dalex said.

He quickly went through. Leer, Charge, and Tackle were listed.

"There is no way I can beat Rufflet right now, but maybe I can weaken it some." He said to himself.

Finally, after a couple of minutes, Rufflet made a stop and turned to face him. He looked at the Rufflet's size again.

Hmm... should I try to catch this Rufflet? It is a runt. But maybe that is a good thing. He remembered stories of trainers catching small pokemon, only to become larger than normal after it evolves.

He reached for Shinx's ball that he had removed from his bag already.

"Alright Sh-" He was cut off.

"No! A grimer!!"

Dalex stopped his pokeball throw and quickly looked around. He knew a Grimer could be dangerous. He heard the grimer cry and he ran toward the sound, which was the edge. He looked down. About seven feet below him, he spotted a grimer and a blond girl with glasses on stepping to close to the edge. He heard a loud crack and he knew it could only be one thing. He quickly jumped down. Before he landed, the ground below the female gave away in a loud crack and she started falling. With his speed, he landed on top of the grimer, dazing it, and jumped toward the girl, grabbing her arm before she could fall.

"Got you!" He cried, but the momentum was too great, "Crap!" With the girl falling, he couldn't stop and he was dragged with her.

He tried to steady the fall, only to hurt his ankle in the process and they both fell to the ground. Then suddenly, a Noibat flew under them and used a small gust. The gust swirled a small tornado which caught them and slowly placed them on the ground.

Dalex sat up, but intense pain was shooting through his ankle. He reached down and grabbed it.

"My glasses! Where are they!?" The female cried.

Dalex looked around and spotted them, "About three feet to your right." He said.

He watched as she quickly followed his directions and grabbed her glasses. She put them on and as soon a she saw him, she yelled.

"No! Why are you following me! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!" She cried as she quickly got to her feet with no issues and ran away toward the dorms.

"Wait! I was-" He tried to say, but she was already gone.

The Noibat looked at him and then at the running girl. And the flew off toward the girl. "You could have at least helped me get to my feet!!" He yelled as loud as he could after her.

He started to feel the pain in his ankle more. He slowly untied his shoe and loosened it up. He took it off, followed by his sock. He looked at his ankle, he was already purple. "Dang it. Its another sprang. At least it isn't broken. But I am not going to be able to run for a few days."

In the past, Alex had sprung his ankle more than once, even broke it once from all his running. He was glad he had learned how to handle these things. He quickly reached for the bag around his waist and pulled out a Full Heal and a bandage wrap. It was true that it was a pokemon item, but he had learned that it also helps humans, just not as effective. He sprayed his ankle and winced in pain, but after a second, it felt amazing. He put down the rest of the Full Restore and then wrapped his ankle. He let it sit for a few minutes, and when he could move it again, he slowly put his sock and shoe back on. He crawled to a rock that had been wedges into the ground and used it to boost himself to his feet. After that, he heard the Rufflet. Who landed on the rock he had just boosted himself up with.

"I am sorry Rufflet. I cannot battle now. Maybe tomorrow."

'Rufflet Ruf.' The Rufflet said.

"What? Are you asking to come with me?"

'Rufflet!' The Rufflet nodded and flew over to Dalex's shoulder and landed.

"That is awesome! I guess you saw me try to save that girl and respected me. I am sorry for everything I said." Dalex pulled out a poke ball and clicked against Rufflet's head. Rufflet was absorbed. He shook once then clicked, as if the Rufflet was agreeing with what he had just said,

"Awesome Rufflet! You will make a great pokemon!" Dalex said, as he looked to the sky. It was starting to get sightly darker.

"Man I hope I can make it back to the academy before night. I don't even know what comes out at night here. And why did that girl think I was following her?"

Dalex started to walk away, but something caught his eye. He looked toward what caught it, and there on the ground was a book. And in it was a Braviary Quill Pen. He walked over to it and picked it up.

"This is a sketch pad. It must have fallen out of that girls bag when we fell." He looked at the first few pages and eh was amazed.

"Wow.... even though the are drawings, they looked extremely realistic. I mean almost every single detail is perfect. Some of these are even better than my photos." He said,

He took the Braviary Quill Pen out, "This is a pristine bravaiary feather as well. A very well raised one at that."

He turned to the last page, to confirm that the pad was full. And what his saw made his eyes widen.

"Wh...what is this? This looks like exactly like the night I was attacked.... that kid..... that's me! I am sure of it! The Grumpig is there. The Taillow is there... Everything is correct!" Alex exclaimed.

He was upset not to be able to see the faces of the trainer and little girl in the photo, as it was their backs facing him. He closed the sketch pad and found an A.D. in the bottom right hand corner.

"I got to find out who that girl is. But first, I need to get out of here. Would such if I saw a psychic pokemon on the way back..." Dalex said.


Ariane Dracon:

She ran as fast and quick as she could. Noibat caught up with her who she returned without question and continued to run. She ran all the way back without stopping. She climbed up the stairs to her room in the Suicune Dorm and slammed the door shut as she enter her room. She quickly locked the door,tears rolling down her face, and the relaxed. She put her bag down and looked to unpack it.

"No! Where is it!" She rummaged through her bag.

"No! No! Why that one!" She cried.

She slung her bag up against the shelf, sending books, pencils and many other things flying.

"No.... It must have fallen out.... It is gone..... The pictures.... the pen... everything..." She started to cry,

She looked around at the mess she had made and slowly started to clean up. With no intention on leaving her room again for the night,
Pokemon Trainer Academy RP: Characters and Pokemon.
Dalex Yukashi: Treecko, Red Fletchling, Froakie, Hawlucha, and Shinx.
Ariane Dracon: Noibat and Togepie
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