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Challenges Play your Pokemon games in fresh new ways! Anything from The Monotype Challenge, to the popular Nuzlocke, and even all kinds of themes based on your favorite franchises!
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Old 20 Hours Ago (12:56 PM).
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Buzz Buzz
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Update #1: Abomasnow - Black
Snover/Abomasnow is not that fun to solo with. Its typing causes a 4x weakness to Fire and that's really annoying.



Hugo the Brave Snover (M) @ Lv.36
Ability: Snow Warning
Item: Eviolite
Ice Shard
Razor Leaf
Wood Hammer
In Progress
SR - Abomasnow - Black
SR - Ho-Oh - X
Random Pokémon - Heart Gold

SR - Venusaur (Soul Silver), Charizard (Red, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum), Blastoise (Blue), Pidgeot (Fire Red), Arbok (Heart Gold), Raichu (X), Clefable (Fire Red), Dugtrio (Fire Red), Golduck (Fire Red, Ruby), Arcanine (Leaf Green), Poliwrath (Fire Red), Golem (Sapphire), Rhyhorn (Emerald), Omastar (Leaf Green), Zapdos (Silver), Mew (Fire Red, Silver), Typhlosion (Leaf Green), Feraligatr (X), Houndoom (Leaf Green), Tyranitar (Leaf Green), Swampert (Fire Red, Sapphire), Exploud (Diamond), Torkoal (Fire Red), Absol (Leaf Green), Kyogre (Fire Red), Infernape (Black), Chesnaught (X)
MC - Red (Fire Red, Ruby, Platinum), Yellow (White 2)
MT - Bug (Fire Red), Normal (X), Steel (Platinum)
Legendary Trio - Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres - Fire Red
Persona - Sacred Gold
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Old 13 Hours Ago (07:37 PM).
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The Dragon Knight
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I'm have 2 badges in my Hoopa solo and I've finished Chandelure in White.

I'm going to do one more before I continue the Hoopa one. And sign-up for three more.

Pokémon: Volcanion (Of course it's going to be hacked at level 5, with it's level 5 moves, but it's only use will be for the challenge)
Challenge: Single
Game: Omega Ruby

Pokémon: Meganium/Tyhplosion/Feraligatr (all level 1, Shiny with HA and 4 Egg Moves, bred on my finished OR save)
Challenge: Single x3
Game: Y
Lots of pictures in order (32 to be exact):

Level 69
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Timid
- Fire Blast
- Will-O-Wisp
- Minimize
- Shadow Ball

I wouldn't be able to do this if it wasn't for Minimize and Will-O-Wisp. Minimize basically made me invincible while Will-O-Wisp broke down their health, and healing whenever they did hit me.
*I cannot direct trade because my 3DS is an asshole about Friend Codes*
Owner of The Duo-Species Challenge, The Nuzlocke Challenge,
NPC Trainer Class Challenge, and Mega Evolution Challenge[/U][/B]
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