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Old October 22nd, 2007 (02:01 AM).
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Ranger Dude Ranger Dude is offline
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OK Pokemon Hunter is basicly a GBA remake of pokemon XD and colluseum.

In a nutshell:
You start off at the abandoned snagem base, and make your way through many areas such as Phenac City, Mt. Battle, Pyrite Town and Citadark Isle.

The objectives:
1. Defeat the 8 colluseums
2. Defeat Cipher @ Realgam Tower
3. Defeat Shadow Lugia @ Citadark Isle
4. Catch 3 Legendary Dogs
5. Catch Latios and Latais
6. Catch Munchlax and Bonsly (Possibly Mime Jr. Aswell)


Jolteon, Flareon or Vapoureon

Munchlax, Bonsly and Mime Jr.



Main: Off Colluseum
Rival: Snagem Boss
Team Snagem
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Old October 23rd, 2007 (05:04 PM).
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Good Idea ! Good luck with it and if you need help, Just PM me!
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Old October 24th, 2007 (03:49 AM).
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Its a good idea, keep going with it.
HEY THERE EVERYONE! I'M GONNA CLOG UP THIS SIGNATURE AND THUS THE PAGE YOU'RE READING TO BRING YOU THIS: http://thattallguyoverthere.tumblr.com/post/7248074258/pokemon-soulsilver-log-1
Y'see, after I finished blogging FireRed, I started up on SoulSilver. I do warn you though, it contains humour.

Hey everyone! Check out my blog where I playthrough Pokemon Fire Red. It contains humour. http://thattallguyoverthere.tumblr.com/post/5935558445/pokemon-firered-log-11

So a guy started playing through Pokemon: Warped. I demand that you all watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixBje1Ae6Uw
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Old February 6th, 2008 (03:32 PM).
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Great idea! You should add some stuff, too. Maybe some new towns and trainers, maybe more shadow pokemon, too.

~!~Miss Cow~!~

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