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Old June 9th, 2010 (8:44 PM).
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Originally Posted by Pika_Pika_Chu View Post
Pokémon Frozen Mercury

It's year 3001 in Earth and now its possible to travel to any planet or galaxy and arrive alive and safe. You decided to go to Mercury since not many people were visiting that planet now. Since you were the first person to visit it, you were trapped by Pokémons. They tried to warn you of a evil curse Pokémon that had frozen half Mercury. They decided to go with you, but only one can go. You have to choose beetween three Pokémon and defeat the eight frozen points Pokémon to go and defeat the evil curse Pokémon (wihout name by now...)... when you defeat it you can go back to Earth and play around.
You do know Mercury is naturally half frozen?
dragging himself, forw
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still not diminished. E
ventually though, he e
merges inside a v
ery large room w

here everything about

the house



Relevant Advertising!

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ok, first off, im going to post this title in my sig, after this post, so please dont steal any ideas. improvements by pm only. if i find them interesting, i will pm you back, and include your name in the credits.

If this is posted in the wrong section, please feel free to move it, and please vm me on where this type of post goes from now on, thank you.

You are a 12 y/o male/female, in the regon of Veronity. Your lifetime buddy, Brendon, has come back from the Hoenn region, and wants to explore a lake that has rumors of a legendary pokemon (sound oddly like d/p? ). while there, you meet Prof Oak, who is there reasearching the lake himself. he leaves behind a suitcase on accident. you and Brendon, go to see the suitcase. suddenly, Cyrus, the ex leader of team galactic left with nothing anymore, comes walking down. he shoves his way through you, and opens the suitcase, revealing 4 pokeballs. He grabs one, whitch turns out to be the pokemon Kabuto. You have to choose between the last 3 pokemon: Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup. Brendon, bravely runs away during all of this btw...
anyway, after a fierce battle, cyrus introduces himself, and leaves. Brendon comes back with Professor Oak. After hearing you out, Oak decides to let you keep the pokemon, and thus you adventure begins....

New team: Team Galaxy
Boss Cyrus is aming to cappture Giratina
All Sinnoh pokemon, replacing other pokemon that tend to be least favord.
2 Rivals. one is Brendon, the other Is May from Hoenn.
Professor Oak is visiting, this regons native professor is Alena (yes, a female).
NEW REGON!!! The Veronity Region
HG/SS & D/P/PLT Music, properly looped, without crackling (remember, im an Elite music hacker)
Custom Rival Battle music by yours truely, ME!
New gyms and badges
everything else will remain under wraps, untill further developement.


Progress % color code:
DARK GREEN=almost complete
LIGHT GREEN=complete!

organization: 49%
Music orginization: 37%
Music conversion: 9%
sprite orginazation 6%
Sprite conversion/preperation for final insertion: 2%
mapping orginization: 0%
mapping insertion: 0%
Title screen orginzation: 0%
Titlescreen insertion: 0%
Script premake/orginization: 0%
Script compiling: 0%
Hacking team assembly for this hack: 20% (currently accepting offers more info by pm only!!!)
Overall progress: 19%

EDIT: I have uploaded a final preview of a remix for my hack. you can view it @
this is just a preview, and not the final (i have to fix that vibrating trumpet part, you will see what i mean) as the fact remains, its still imperfect, and needs to be looped. so be patient, and enjoy
this is just an example of my skill as a music hacker btw.
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Originally Posted by /Circa View Post
You do know Mercury is naturally half frozen?
Since when?
Mercury isn't tidally locked to the sun, although its' solar day lasts 176 earth days, this still doesnt mean it is frozen necessarily, especially considering its proximity to the sun.
sorry - i have an interest in space and will be taking an Astrophysics degree when I go to university, so yknow.
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How about:

You live in a town. And then one day your town gets hit by a meteorite. You go outside and see Deoxys. And then it starts attracting magnetic Pokemon. Your Prof. gives you a Pokemon and you battle the magnetic Pokemon as Deoxys escapes. Your adventure is to catch Deoxys.
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(This is somewhat of a dabble. Something I came up with and would love to see brought to life. I know it needs work. Please give pointers. Thank you)

Two clans existed in the Strato region, the Fafnir and the Fenrir. A bitter disagreement had separated the two long ago. Now Inari, leader of the Fenrir, and Akane, leader of the Fafnir, have sent out a request to pick sides. To take the dragon's path to follow the beasts.

Soon enough after the requests were sent, each of the Gym Leaders joined and so did their respective towns. Having to pick sides lead to even more fighting. While Inari wished to stop this silly rivalry, Akane sought to crush the Fenrir once and for all with the power of Latias, Latios and Lugia. Inari had defended her clan and the people by also gaining the power of Suicune, Raikou and Entei.

Now the hero, (Trainer's name here), born in a neutral town far away from the fighting has to become a trainer. He/she has the choice to pick any starter from Kanto to Hoenn. Soon enough he/she will also be involved in this war.

With the power struggle between the Fafnir and the Fenrir continues, so does the destruction of the balance of power slowly but surely. Will the hero be able to tame these Deities and cease the fighting?


I need an experienced script and text hacker. I am no good a script and text.

Someone to revise and refine maps and tiles. I can do the basics.

Someone who can edit a world map.

Someone who is good at editing and making Gym leader/Elite Four sprites.

A few people to talk with back and fourth on events in the storyline.

[I will add basic sketches on what I want in certain areas and what the Gym Leaders, Gyms, Elite four, and the basic world map looks like.]
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My Story:
You start as a troubled boy/girl who receives visions after his father, Kira, goes missing.The hero's mother, a well renowned professor, has to meet up with all the other region professors after a mysterious line of events call for the best trainers and professors to duty.Professor Mayn(mother to hero) leaves hero with three starters which are in care of Professor Lenz, Kira's brother.
Not wanting to ruin your legendary trainer dad's reputation, you go on a quest to beat the Elite 4 but your quest is stopped after the visions gets worse.ALL the professors get captured by Team Galaxar, the leader to all the evil teams.You get help from an old friend of yours...
Pls comment on my draft!
Hacks and Stuff I Support

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I've got a lot of ideas, I've always wanted to play as a Team Rocket member... but I see the limited potential there so I've refined it a little.

You play as former Pokémon Champion turned Elite Four member. After a bitter defeat at the hands of Ethan, you shy away from the spotlight, abandoning your position within the Elite Four and retreating home to recover from the loss. Eventually you decide to quit sulking and start working your way up again, where better to do it than at Team Rocket right? Once regarded as an evil organization, Team Rocket is a legitimate business now and offer training services to trainers.

It isn't long before a former Pokémon Master such as yourself to work your way up to an executive rank, but that's when you learn of something a little more sinister. There's a large faction within the new Team Rocket that want to go back to their evil ways.

The actual game starts here, first choose your name and gender. You wake in your office after dozing off in your chair, two Grunts have burst in and challenge you. You crush them with a remnant of your glory days, a high leveled shiny Charizard. You don't have long to collect yourself from the battle before your Charizard is snagged and your office fills with knock out gas.

You awake in the Magnet Train Station, betrayed and stripped of your Pokémon, gear and items. Next to you is a colleague, also ambushed, who curses as he realises his Pokémon have been taken. He then mentions to you that there used to be a Team Rocket base in Goldenrod.

This is where you pick your starter. After heading into the underground, you are confronted with a Team Rocket Rookie, their face obcsured by the dark. You both dash for an open box containing two Pokéballs: two Nidorans, a male and female. You then battle the Rookie, after winning (or losing) the lights flicker on revealing their identity (male or female depending on what you chose). He/She is your rival.

Your goals here are to firstly get your own back on Team Rocket, secondly to restore your status as a Pokémon Champion and thirdly to regain your prized Pokémon. A majority of the game takes place in Welkin (accessed straight away through the Magnet Train) and some parts of Johto.

How's it sound?

I don't calculate stat values, I don't breed my way to perfection, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones.

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It sounds great! How do you plan to create your own "starter Pokemon" sequence. I want to change the place where you receive Pokemon also but don't know how.

Here's my idea.

Intro: 3 Years after Red became champion, much changed in Kanto. The changes are generally accepted as simple technological advances, if they are thought about at all. But what if there were more sinister reasons behind the developments in Kanto. What is the real purpose of the Magnet Train? Who actually funded the refurbishment of the Power Plant? What if the Cinnabar island eruption wasn't just a natural occurrence? IS there a better reason behind the Silph Co. guard's feeble excuse of "electrocution" for not being allowed to use the elevator.And why did it all happen in 3 short years?

You are a special operative recruited to the remnants of Team Rocket. You first gain control of your character in a room reminiscent of the Team Rocket hideout. Mostly because it is The Rocket hideout. A few members of Team Rocket have been secretly living there with Giovanni since he vowed to disband it. You take a warp to Giovanni's chamber where he briefs you on your first mission. The Celadon City Council has voted to construct a new game corner. That means that the Game Corner (and its subterranean hideout) will be destroyed. Your first mission: infiltrate the Silph Co. office building and "convince" the owner to allow Team Rocket to use it as an HQ.

Do not fail.
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I've had this idea in my head for a while now, and I'm currently pursuing it but sadly my knowledge on Scripting is very limited right now so i wont get far.

I won't go into too much detail because I want to create a Hack with this storyline but hopefully it will encourage others to take different routes.

I'm tired of the same train pokémon to verse gyms to then vs the elite four storyline so I thought up the idea of "Cave Exploring". Instead of versing gyms to gain badges you search around with mini-quests to find a item to unlock ancient ruins to investigate (So badges are now replaced with these items to unlock the ruins)

Ofcourse theres going to be tricky little puzzles inside the caves for you to get through, and enemy trainers (Team ??? [Havent got a name yet]) who are trying to steal soemthing which adds more mystery to the storyline.

Thats a rough draft of my idea.
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Originally Posted by Shadow Dawn View Post
It sounds great! How do you plan to create your own "starter Pokemon" sequence. I want to change the place where you receive Pokemon also but don't know how.
I wish I knew... but fortunately for me, the thread is "Quick storyline ideas" and not "Hacks I plan to make" for I simply have neither the skill or patience to make something of decent quality.


I like the sound of your story ;D
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OH my god I have many ideas. If someone could use these that'd be amazing!!!!

Idea #1: You start out as a member of team rocket and you start to work your way up and you have missions to steal people's pokemon and earn money to become a huge part of the team (the stealing method can be used like how Pokemon colosseum snags pokemon). Maybe over time when they break up you can recruit for team galactic, aqua, and/or magma

Idea #2: Someone makes a hack of Pokemon Xd Gale of darkness and makes the game for their own. If this is possible i'd love to see a revised version of this.

idea #3: A modernized version of Pokemon Stadium that has rental pokemon of all the generations and the new gym leaders.

If anyone decides to use my ideas PM me so i'll make sure to play it i'd really like to know. Thanks a lot

Idea #4: a revised version that shows an entire adventure from kanto to Orange Islands to Johto to Hoenn to Oree to Sinnoh as if the games are connected together. It'd take a while but definitey would be worth it!!
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Originally Posted by Azure-Supernova View Post
I wish I knew... but fortunately for me, the thread is "Quick storyline ideas" and not "Hacks I plan to make" for I simply have neither the skill or patience to make something of decent quality.
Actually, I figured it out if you have any interest in knowing how it's done.
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i think, that everyone have a great ideas!
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The legendary last dusk and dawn stones are being searched for by thousands of trainers.. Some, just to make money, and some, to evolve they're pokemon. (This game is based off of gallade) The only gallade left on earth is a gallade named StarDust, a gallade that escaped one of team rockets labs. You are a trainer with a goal to find the last stones and give it to the cinnibar island research facility so they may clone it. Along the way, you will meet many allies and rivals, and they will all play an inportant role in the final battle.
I will add MANY new pallates, and I was thinking about making you start out with a kirlia at the level ralts evolve to kirlia. So, if you have any ideas, concerns, or complaints, please post them as a reply. NOW INCLUDING BLACK AND WHITE POKEMON SPRITES! This will be a game alot like Black and white where pokemon are animated in battle. The sad thing is that i am 9 years old and have VERY low patience, so i need to get this done as soon as possible. Another question; Am I the only 9-year-old hacker in pc? :D



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I have many stories and this is one of my favorites!

Sun God Version!
The year is 2012(no purprose) and you and your family are moving out. The hero's father had been invited to work over at a desert. Even though it were a desert, its living conditions were so good your parents agreed in moving out. When you arrive at Sunny Port Town, you see a beautiful oasis in the middle of nowhere. You decide to look at it for a while, and while you are looking at the water, a hurt Pokémon jumps out of the water and another one jumps out of the water too, and keeps hurting the other Pokémon. A professor come to see what happened and you say what happened. After it, the professor noticed how you liked Pokémon and invites you to his lab. While there, he gives you one of the starters of the continent.
Your objetive in this game is to defeat ALL the Elite Four. And after you gain the first badge, you can visit the Sun temple at the Mirage Desert and trade Pokémon at any time(with a variety of Pokémon changed everyday) wihout GBA connection, hear the official Pokémon games soundtracks, swim at the pool with your Pokémon, get a Member Card(since it is now modernized) and buy free food(heal itens) for your Pokémon, and let your Pokémon receive a massage.

Tell me now? Is it good? Creative? Or epic fail?
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Hello Everyone,
I've had this idea in my head for awhile now...

The story starts as your character awakes from a coma, and remembers nothing. Your family and the people of your town tell you that you defeated the elite four and became champion, but fell into a coma immediately after. Since you were asleep the entire region has been covered by a dark purple cloud (Mew's Island) . Professor Plum tells you since that you are the strongest trainer in the region, you must be the one to find out why the cloud is there. However, because of the memory loss, you do not remember the password to your PC and therefore can't withdraw any Pokémon. Plum allows you to borrow one of his Pokémon (these will be the starters). Immediately after you take a helicopter up to the cloud (the cloud is thick enough to walk on). Once there you realize the cloud is much larger than you thought, and is basically the size of an entire region. You must explore the entire cloud (which contains mountains, forests, rivers. etc.) and find out why the cloud is there. It is later found that Mewtwo created the island in order to create his own world on it (hence the mountains, rivers, forests, etc.) However, the creation of this world would cause the extinction of your world, so you must stop Mewtwo.
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For the start what about?
you, your sister and dad live in a secluded mansion come pokelab. On your 15th birthday you get given a starter by your dad, and battle your sister, she then announces shes going for walk.

A little after, Team rage(the new evil team) burst in and kidnap dad, leaving you to fina your sister in the 2nd (pointless) town. you then return to the lab to find pokedexes and balls, and set out to each try to find dad..

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A few storyline ideas that I could think of which would be awesome for people who might want to use...

1. You are the son of a former elite four member (who mysteriously quit and left you with your mother) so people have high expectations for you... But you are sort of like a dropout and failure (in pokemon school) so nothing really exciting about your life. Well on your 14th birthday you were brought to Oak's lab and he told you that he still has faith in you so he gave you a pokemon. The pokemon turns out to be Vulpix, the same pokemon your father started out with on his run to become an elite four member. You have two rivals whose parents defeated your father and you continuously hold grudges on them because you think that they caused your father to quit and leave. Each rival also were the star students of the school and were given a water and leaf pokemon to work with respective. Throughout the journey you will continuously meet them and fight them. You go on the pokemon journey to return your household name to glory and the last person you will have to duel turns out to be your father. He quit to become the pokemon champion and that was what he became, with the help of his Ninetails he was able to achieve it. Once you beat him, he decides to go back home and you become this kid that no one expected...

2. Team Rocket (or some other evil villain) has taken over legendary pokemons and used them to control the world. Each rocket member is the leader of their respective eight gyms and they each hold a legendary pokemon in their control whom you must battle to save the village. You are equipped with the one legendary that escaped (Mew) and you are asked to save the villagers and get rid of team rocket. The point is that the legendary are released from the rocket control after you defeat them (this can just be dialogue as you can put them in the game later on anyways... as you must defeat an earlier gym leader to go further anyways). And each location will give you an HM (or the item to use the HM so you don't have to equip it) as a thank you for defeating the Rockets. When you defeat all the gym leaders you will be taken to a secret location (the new Elite Four) where you must win four double battles in order to save the entire world. These members do not necessarily need legendaries, but they do have very strong pokemons. Once you beat everyone you will face the true champion (or elite four member) who was the sole creator of this diabolical plan (you get to heal beforehand though). But be careful as he is extremely ARMED with a 6 legendary pokemons. It will be a hard challenge to defeat him but once you do, you can free the entire city... and when that happens you can get a ship ride to attend another island with 8 more gyms and an elite four, but these are actual
members and not team rocket members.

*Edited*: I don't know how to hack and don't really have the time to do it because of school so if someone likes my idea and want to use it, that is why I posted it... I kinda just wanted to know what people thought of the ideas? I have more if people are interested
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This is a hack I am currently making, so if you have any ideas to help, they would be greatly appreciated.

Region -
Hack takes place in the Xephos Region, a mountainious island supposedly risen out of the sea by a "legendary spirit". *cough*groudon*cough*. There are numerous caves, as well as beaches, mountain passes (duh) and some cliffside roads. The town that you start out on is on the second level of the mountain, there are four. (1=beaches, 2=cliifs+a couple valleys, 3=higher cliffs+flats before the fourth level, and 4=peak)

Story -
You are a ten year old boy going to do an errand for your mother. On the way out of your home town, Prof. Kran aks you to do an errand for him too. In payment, he'll give you a pokemon. So, you go to the next town, and pick up a package for Prof. Kran. After you do that, you decide that you should take the pokemon league challenge.

After beating the first gym leader, you find a secret hideout in a cave, mining and shipping mysterious red crystals to somewhere. The people there battle you, and you find out that their name is Team Eben, and they use rock type pokemon. What they were doing is unknown, and their work seems to be done, considering they all run off.

You are told by the police that a organization known as Team Eben has been looting houses and holding people captive. They are also illegally mining expensive minerals. You tell the police that you have met them before and vow to put an end to their crimes.

After beating the second and third Gym Leader, you find another hideout in a large city, covered up by a special mart that sells awesome battle items (for high prices). This one is also shipping the same red crystals, but seems to be getting them from somewhere else, not mining them. When you beat the person in charge here, they drop a card key.

(Somewhere in here, you battle the fourth gym leader)

You find yet another hideout enclosed deep in a cave, gaurded by numerous grunts. When you reach the bottom, you find a decently sized room filled with equipment and running machines that seem to be mining the red crystals.. You battle a couple grunts and the person in charge. The people in the mining room then run off, and an old man they had held captive gives you a pass to allow you through checkpoints run by the police to catch criminals.

You find out more about this mysterious Team Eben, and how they are selling these rare crystals called Cumulon to a foreign region to fund some sort of plan.

After beating the fifth and sixth gym leaders, you come across one more hideout hidden in a secret alcove. This hideout seems to be the head facility, because there is a shipping plant, a mining facility, AND many offices. At the bottom, you meet the leader of Team Eben, Thomas. He explains more about Team Eben's plans to mine into the mountain and capture the sleeping "spirit" to allow them to... Just then an earthquake happens, and Thomas dissapears.

You leave the hideout only to discover from people that the earthquake was caused by many lava flows inside the mountain, that are occuring for no known reason. You decide to investigate Team Eben's plan.

After you beat the seventh gym leader, you find a cave that looks unnatural, like it was drilled out. You go inside it, to find a bunch of lava flows, large rocks, caverns, and... Team Eben. This was what Thomas was talking about. You get to the bottom of the cave to find Thomas and his three Admins, trying to awaken the sleeping spirit with an orb made from the crystals. You battle the three Admins, and then Thomas. After you defeat them, Thomas tells you the whole story. Team Eben used to be a cult that worshipped Groudon, the spirit and gaurdian of the island/mountain. After decades of private worshipping and studying ancient legends, they uncovered an ancient legend stating that Groudon would one day awake. If Groudon was not controlled, the Xephos region would sink into the sea, and the natural balance of life in the other parts of the world would be disrupted.


Groudon then awakes, knocking everyone but you out. you then battle Groudon, and defeat it. when Thomas and the others wake up, you are congratulated and sent on your way. You then are able to beat the final Gym Leader, and the Elite Four.

Hope that you liked it!!!

BTW, After I send out the Alpha Version 1.0, I will be making Version 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, the first allows you to play limited parts in Kanto and catch Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, and Mewtwo. The second will let you play a little in Johto, and let you catch Ho-oh, Lugia, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. The Third will do the same for Hoenn, and Kyogre, Rayquaza, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. You will be able to battle all the gym leaders, but not in their gyms, and you don't get badges for the ones outside of Xephos. Just cool items/tms.

Please comment!!!

Beta 1 Coming Soon! ||||||||||
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Edit: Screw my other idea.
I am looking for a nice neat little very simple story line for use in my rom hack.
I already have the world map and region name(Krenor) but i have no idea where my game should go.
This is a first time thing for me, never made a complete hack before, so very basic plz.
Or should I make a pokemon game where there is no plot line except for get more badges and beat the elite four, I know boring, but I also think it'd be fun to not have to worry about team rocket or whomever for a change.
Plz PM me either agreeing with the no evil team plot or coming up with another plot.
I would be very grateful for either of those and if you come up with a plot that I will go upon full 100% credit will be given to you.
Thanks in advance for anything.
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This more of an intro to a game than an actual storyline, this is because I am unsure if I will actually make this.

You wake up in a basement with many beds. All of the beds are filled with people about your age. You wonder how you got there, or why you are even there. You walk upstairs to see what's going on, what you find devastates you. Upon reaching the top of the staircase you realize you are at a neighbors house, it has been completly destroyed. One of the walls has a huge hole in it, half of the ceiling collapsed, destroying most of the rest of the house. A harsh storm of snow and hail rain down from the place where a ceiling should have been, this is odd considering you live in a tropical area. Most of the floor is covered in five inch thick ice. You climb outside the rubble to see what has befallen your hometown. The ground is covered in ice and snow, most houses have completly leveled. Every place you have known your entire life is gone. Your school is frozen over, the stores have been reduced to rubble, every one of your friend's houses have been completly destroyed. Even the local Pokemon Gym, of which you one day hoped to challenge, has come to the same fate. You walk to your house, knowing what you are about to see yet hoping that your house may have been spared. You feel a cold even greater that that of the town's when you see the destruction that was your home. You can only try to cry, but the cold freezes your tears just as it has the tropical waters. With only a scrap of hope left you try to search for survivors. Your serch turns up dry, not even a body is to be found, not even of your brother, who not only was a war veteran but also raised you after a horrible illness took your mother and father. Just as you are about to head back to the basement where all of the others are you see a black shape umongst the snow. You rush over to find your brother, alive but barely breathing. Before you can even say a word he tells you to leave this place and get to Zanzaria, the region that your own region, Weatherave, went to war with and eventually made peace with. Your brother tells you that this place is no longer safe, he tells you to take his rare Pokemon and run. As you ask who or what did this your brother tries to talk, but his cold and the wounds he is suffering prevent him from doind so. He instead points to the sky. His arm goes limp and falls to the snow. The mist coming from his mouth ceases and his eyes close. You look to where he is pointing and see a giant bird. It seems to glitter in the sunlight and appears to be made of ice. There is no mistaking it, it is a Legendary Pokemon. The same creatures that live and are worshipped in Weatherave. You use to admire them, you use to think that they were the ones that created the world. Now you are convinced, you are convinced that they are evil, along with the Enlightend Ones that are closest to them. You are convinced that such things cannot create, only destroy. You are convinced they must be punished. You take your brothers Pokemon and have an honorable funeral for him. You return to the basement and do what you can to help everyone there. When they ask where you are going you say you are going to Zanzaria, and when they are ready they should follow. However that was a lie, you are not going to Zanzaria, you are going to destroy the Lengendary Pokemon and the Enlightened Ones.
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Hey Fanoffirestarters, Here's one off the top of my head: (I made this so editing the map, slight script changes, and text re-writing will be enough.)

You are a ten year old, waiting to get his first starter. Prof. (Insert Name here) invites you over to his lab when he hears about how obsessed you are with pokemon. He gives you a starter, and asks you to do one thing: Bring him an important package he requested from a city (preferably the one after first gym, because that will give you a start to the storyline) After that, you run into Team Rocket, who are talking about how they want to catch Ho-oh. You are intriguid by the idea of Ho-oh, and so you try to catch it, running into Team Rocket in the way and encountering Ho-oh numerous times. Eventually, you find out by an Elder that you need a special item to find Ho-oh. In the meantime, Team Rocket has taken possesion of the three dogs, And are harnessing their power to get Ho-oh. You infiltrate their base, and free the dogs. Then you climb a mountain, And catch Ho-oh.

If this was too advanced, I can even think of a 8-gym/elite 4 storyline that involves the gym leaders and plenty of puzzles. If not, You can just ask me or other people for help. I can't script worth crap, but I can give you some pointers on mapping, tilesets, basic scripts, and spriting (both kinds)

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Teejermeister, yes it sounds great but like i said something really simple, for as this is my first hack, so yes if you could think up a 8gym/elite4 storyline that would be great.
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Originally Posted by FANOFFIRESTARTERS!!! View Post
Teejermeister, yes it sounds great but like i said something really simple, for as this is my first hack, so yes if you could think up a 8gym/elite4 storyline that would be great.

Here goes. You are the ten-year old son of the former pokemon champion (blue/green) who was defeated right after he was crowned. Your father has taught you about pokemon, and now wants you to be a trainer so you can get revenge. So, he tells you to go find the professor and ask him to give you a pokemon. You do, and start your journey.

When you get to the elite four, the champion is no longer red. Now, it is HIS son, and you battle him. When you beat him, he tells you that his father went to train in a different region (sevii islands remake) after being beaten by a child (gold) So, you go out to find him and battle him. When you do, you go back to your dad and he gives you something cool.

BTW, you might as well put legendaries strategically throughoutthe game (like every two gym leaders you can find one, or something), since you won't have much of a storyline for a while.

Hope this works!!!!!

BTW, you should join my team, and help my team with our hack. I'm sure you'd be of some use

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Hi, my hacking pals. I have an idea for a trio of games called pokemon rock, ice, and steel... Dang, just found out steels been taken by this guy on youtube. Grrrrrrrrr...

You begin a journey in a region to the west of hoenn. The region is the opposite of Hoenn. It's tropical, but it is a lot more geographical. Mountains, plains, and hills take up 70% of Geocalia. There is a region that this region contains so much land. It was the birthspot of the Pokemon of Rock, Ice, and Steel. They wanted their birthspot to be full of land. And the regis went to work...

The regis are now threatened by the evil Team Geomal. They want to take over the world by reshaping the land and make the regis their minions.

But, you will stop them. You, as you take on the 8 gym leaders and elite 4 to become Pokemon master, will keep the regis safe (hopefully in your Pokeball, but in this game they will be really tough to catch, just like Mewtwo on leaf green)

The good, the bad, and the weird.
Celso Flores- From the Hoenn region, Celso is part of an extremely wealthy family. But, Celso doesn't like to brag about his wealth. Apparantly, his heart is very wealthy. He is a friendly guy, but when he's competitive, he will get very superior.

Luminosa- She never talks in the game. She holds a mysterious secret...

Bernardo- He is a high energy kid, always on the go. Very athletic and competitive, he plans on winning the international pokemon league and international marathon. You can name this guy whatever you like. The other two rivals are set.

Bad Guys
Team Geomal- This team is after the 3 Regis to recreate the land in their own image.

Brailia Leader Unidot- From an alien civilization, and he is after world domination.

Juanito- He will appear constantly. He never battles you but he tells you about a lot of sidequests and will give you many rewards for clearing them.

Benita- Benita has a crush on you (if you are a boy character, if your a girl character, Benito will be the one with the crush). She will appear and give you items and will battle you a bit.

-You have a girl/boyfriend.
-Harder than most games
-Really good plot
- New Pokemon

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