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Old December 30th, 2007 (04:52 PM). Edited January 1st, 2008 by thompson.
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Pokémon Alpha

Download: http://w.activeboard.com/index.spark?forumID=107188&p=3&topicID=14364749

Pokémon Alpha is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) modelled after the original Pokémon games for GameBoy. You start in Smallwood Town, pick up a starter Pokémon from the Pokémon Lab and then continue your journey. Unlike the current series, it is online which means hundreds are gamers will join together and enter a world where they can battle other trainers and even find Pokémon in the long grass to become the ultimate Pokémon master.

Interactive wild pokemon (You see them)

No offical battling yet, just have your pokemon run around and do damage to other wild pokemon. (currently working on a better battling system)
Massive multiplaying online with many areas to explore
Become a part of a team. Aqua, Magma, or Rockets. You can just be a normal trainer too.

There is no 'offical' story, it's just a pokemon game that takes place in modern day time, with team Aqua, Magma, or Rocket to side with.
New Areas and towns to explore with your pokemon.

Videos & Screenshots
Beta 0.3 Preview 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEygam4xvGY.

*****************I am not the developer of this game, Jajawa or Jasper is. I'm only a mapper.******************
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Old December 31st, 2007 (05:43 AM).
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lol what is with all these mmo's

1-2 years ago nobody knew how

now every1 n their mother is making one

but it looks good

the trainer sprites n the pokemon sprites

dont match becuz the are not streched like tha background is

Old December 31st, 2007 (07:01 AM).
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Who said nobody knew how to make MMOs 1-2 years ago, many people did.
I knew a lot of it then, though I never created. Why so many people post of their MMOs now is that programming them has become some what easier.

Anyway this looks good but you need make it have something different than anyother.
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Old December 31st, 2007 (08:00 AM).
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We're working on a few things like the battle system and adding more pokemon. It is different, how we add the pokemon to be visible.
Soon we're going to make it so you send your pokemon to battle it goes into the classic battle mode, but when people see you, you're not just standing looking at a wall. Theres you and your pokemon fighting the other pokemon. That's for future release but you guys can play the beta here:http://w.activeboard.com/index.spark?forumID=107188&p=3&topicID=14364749
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Old September 17th, 2010 (07:47 PM).
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What is this?! Anyone tell me. This threat is 3 years ago.
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Old September 17th, 2010 (08:01 PM).
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Quote originally posted by mattfriends:
What is this?! Anyone tell me. This threat is 3 years ago.
Yes the thread hasn't been posted in for three years, please refrain from posting in inactive threads.


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