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Old January 14th, 2008 (10:09 PM).
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Pokemon Quest of Dreams Made with RPGPro 6.0

Hi, I'm Chobits! I am the creator of Pokemon Quest Of Dreams! I've just joined PC, and loved this place. I never really cared about hacks and roms, but today i'm going to make one. With my classmate helping, I managed to make Pokemon Quest of dreams! We have a new region here, Mentro Region.

The game begins asking you if you want to play the MMORPG version, or no MMORPG version. Next up, they ask you if you want to be a boy, or a girl. Right after that, what sprite you wanna use (This is worldwide, we don't wanna have clones ). Currently, there are 4 sprites to choose from, but eventually there will be 15.

Story Line:
Well, there isn't really a story line in this game. You begin in towns, Tiara Town, Mono Town and Cyrus Town. the reason why there are 3 towns is because, each town can only have the max of 100 users (you can choose towns :D) You can either go to gyms, or contests. You just go to events (Via passwords), train, battle (With different trainers from lal over the world), buy stuff, chat (Yes, you can ), complete pokedex. But there is something, at random times you'll encounter Team Aqua, Magma...etc (You can also create your own team (!!!MUST REQUEST ONE!!!).

  • All Pokemon (As of 2008, January)
  • Chat
  • Events (Via Password)
  • All starters from all region obtainible
  • All legends
  • Automatic catching
  • 15 characters to choose from
Towns, Cities, Dungeons:
Tiara Town
Mono Town
Cyrus Town
Reeto Town
Lomoth City
Kanao Dungeon
Kanao City
Miltray Dungeon
Hundoom Dungeon
Croco Town
Lovol City
Hamao Dungeon
Hamao Town
Loafing Dungeon
Inter Dungeon
and more...


Choosing mode (Still remaking)

Me and Team Rocket being crowded

Demos/Betas/Completed versions:
Pm me please....
PM me to get your own and have fun. If you do, you have to update when I give you one.
Old January 17th, 2008 (12:35 AM).
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O.G. Duke
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First post!
Well, why dont you just post some other screenshot?
Like when battle or something else.

Anyway, the game looks good. Keep up!
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Old January 17th, 2008 (02:58 PM).
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First off, it isn't a hack, you're making a GAME.

Well, anyway back to business, I can't really give you an opinion because you haven't shown a lot of screens, or a demo, but it seems okay.

Suit Up!

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Old January 17th, 2008 (03:34 PM).
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Well, by looking at it, it looks like you made those screenshots in Paint. One suggestion (Well, two): Clean up the font in the start menu, and try using Pokémon tilesets, not Mystery Dungeon (or whatever you used) backgrounds.

So, you should have worked on it a little more before posting. I can't really give you a true opinion yet, seeing as there is very little to the game. And as yuoaman said, it is not a hack. If you want a hack, look in the Emulation thread.
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Old June 25th, 2009 (03:03 PM).
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Hey!!!!why i cannot download this pokemon i will get angry ok.....why i ask you ok..............
Old June 25th, 2009 (03:09 PM).
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Quote originally posted by nizarcs:
Hey!!!!why i cannot download this pokemon i will get angry ok.....why i ask you ok..............
Erm... that made no sense.

Anyways, back on topic.

Looks nice so far!
Old June 25th, 2009 (05:02 PM).
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I'm assuming since you guys posted here that you didn't notice this thread is over a year old.

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