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Old May 4th, 2008 (08:22 AM). Edited May 5th, 2008 by JDJ.
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pokemon firestone logo.PNG

Hello everyone.

I have decided to start my hack, pokemon:firestone today, may 2, 2008.

I have fooled around with the programs, but I intend on learning c++.

This is basically the ideas and template for the game...will update.


Also reply if you have and suggestions, tweaks, comments, critisism, or anything to say

Storyline/basic ideas

The concept of pokemon firestone is to have two starters, Growlithe and Vulpix. The starter pokemon will be holding firestones, leaving it up to the trainer when/if they want to evolve it. The game will take place in Kanto, some 10 years after the story of red/blue. Some old characters will be referenced (Red as the player from R/B, Blue as the old rival, Gold as the protagnonist of G/S, and his rival who will head TR.) The character in this game is going to be from pallet (which will be expanded from the original games.) and Blue will be the Professor because Oak has disappeared (Part of Plot).

Another of the main themes to this hack will be a major change in Kanto. Global Warming if you will. The weather has altered to a more tropical climate. ( I decided this because I want to use some of the weather features available to make the game a great experience.)

Also, the towns have changed and reordered. No longer nesscessary to do Rock Tunnel.

I plan on including many legends, and they will be catchable. I will need a scripter to make some events for the Kanto Legends. I plan on a Mew event, because I consider Mew the best legendary pokemon. I am also planning on making the Birds their own domains, separate from their old ones. no Seafoam, Powerplant or Mt. Ember/Victory Road. I plan on integrating mewtwo into the story/sidestory, as a sort of plot strengthener. I am leaning towards a Mewtwo trapped in a lab, and freeing him, but Im not sure yet. I think that The Birds will be related in some way to Lugia, which will then unlock Ho-oh.

Team Rocket will be present, but I plan on some new antagonists, as well as some old ones.


For Gym Leaders, I have some cool ideas...

Gym One:No Longer a Rock only gym, but a beginners gym

Gym Leader: Brocks Oldest Younger Brother (New Sprite Needed)

Pokemon: Sandshrew lvl. 12, Nidoran lvl. 12

Gym Two: Multitype

Leader: Bill (From the Cape, Sprite Needed)

Pokemon: Clefairy lvl. 16, Not sure here lvl. 18 , and Evee, lvl. 20

Gym Three: Water type

Gym Leader: Former Captain of the S.S. Anne (Name Needed, Sprite Needed)

Pokemon: Krabby lvl 20, Horsea lvl 19, Kingler lvl. 25, Seadra lvl. 26

Gym Four: Ghost Type (In Lavender Town)

The backstory here is that the Celadon Gym was burned down by ___________( Surprise)
and you need to fight alongside Erika in double battles at some point. In the meantime, the pokemon league stepped in to make sure that Kanto had 8 possible badges, and so an interim Gym was set up in Lavender.

Leader: Agatha and Mr. Fuji

There will be two paths in the gym. One will lead to Agatha, and the other will lead to Mr. Fuji.

Pokemon (Fuji): Ghastly lvl. 25, Haunter lvl. 28, Cubone lvl. 31

Pokemon (Agatha): Shuppet lvl. 24, Zubat lvl. 22. Gengar lvl. 33.

Gym Five: Psychic Gym (Saffron)

Leader: Will (from G/S Elite Four)

Pokemon: Natu lvl. 30 Girafarig lvl. 28 Xatu Lvl. 34 Jynx lvl. 35

Gym Six: Dragon type (Fuscia)

Leader: Andre (New character)

Pokemon: Shelgon lvl. 42 Dragonair lvl. 45

Gym Seven: Fossil Gym (Kinda) Cinnibar Island ( On the new extension)

Leader: Brock

Pokemon: Omastar lvl. 40, Kabuto lvl. 40, Onix lvl. 43 and Aerodactl lvl. 44

NOTE: While on Cinnibar Island, there will be an event involving Blaine, because of the games title [BLAINE HAS MANY POKEMON OF THE FIRE TYPE] and the Cinnibar Volcano. Also note that the island has been repaired since its eruption, but some hardened ash has altered the town.

Gym Eight: Multitype

Leader: Andrew ( Nw character)

Pokemon: Butterfree lvl. 46, Wigglytuff lvl. 43, Pidgeot lvl. 47, Dugtrio lvl. 45, Venusaur lvl. 50

I plan on having special trainers who aren't gym leaders, but are considered better than the random trainers.


Basic idea of game...

Start in pallet. Watch pokemon match. Visit Blue's lab. (Professor oak has died) get pokemon pokedex and gear. Leave for road.


Meet rival in Viridian. Battle. Continue on.

Viridian Forest. Battle Rival. Face a special trainer.

Beat Pewter Gym. Continue


Enter Mt. Moon. Face more special trainers

Enter Cerulean. cerulean cave accessable, cleared out of strong pokemon. (Meet TR there)

Travel to Vermillion. Beat Vermillion gym. Head up coast to Lavender.

Beat Lavender Gym.

Head to Celedon. Engange in Erika event.

Head down to fuscia.

Beat fuscia gym. Head to saffron.

Beat Saffron Gym.

Engage TR Final Event

Head to cinnibar

Beat Cinnibar gym.

Head to Viridian. beat Gym.

Head to Pokemon League.

Complete victory road.

Face elite four.

Later I will add in stuff for after E4.

The Elite four is looking like this for now..

Trainer One: Sabrina

Trainer Two: Cynthia (From Jhoto)

Trainer Three: Lt. Surge

Trainer Four: Pryce (From Jhoto)


Much more after E4, but not sure yet.

Again any comments/suggestions would be appreaciated. Post if you would like to help.

I am the leader, and I will serve as the Creative Head, Boss, Mapper (Sometimes) and anything i feel. I will need a scripter, another mapper, some supporters, and a couple of general other members. I hope this thing gets off the Ground.


Start Thread

Assemble Team

Start Hack
-Starters Done
- Rival Erased from pallet
-Oak changed to Blue

PM Me if you need anything

Come on guys..Im going to need some feedback here. I would appreciate anything you have to say. Im not going to start much on my own, and ill need a little rep before ill be able to get a team.

and for those spanish speakers...

vamanos amigos. Voy a necesitar algunos responsas. Me gustaria commentarias de ustedes. No voy a hacer mucho porque necesito un equipo para empezar.

im going to need some feedback here before i really get started. After i get some opinions, ill take the screenshots and make the real thread. please respond guys.
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Old May 8th, 2008 (11:01 AM).
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UPDATE! I have finished mapping pallet town and am starting the eventing in the town!
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Old May 8th, 2008 (11:39 AM).
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It sounds good. I will look often over here!
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Old May 11th, 2008 (09:57 AM).
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Hey I'm Jakchuy's bro and this is my first post and your game looks cool
PS:I'm 8 years old.
Old May 13th, 2008 (08:07 AM).
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Sadly, I have decided to close the hack for a little while, a month or two due to lack of interest, and my lack of ability. I will get this off the ground later when I meet some people for a team. feel free to post here giving tips and ideas, and I will try to incorporate your opinions when I start the hack up again.

sorry for giving up on you guys, but you might see me over at cosmic version, I am helping out over there.
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