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Old April 1st, 2008 (2:40 PM). Edited April 1st, 2008 by Amachi.
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Welcome to Camp Game On™!

You have been selected as some of the few who get to experience our first grand opening of Camp Game On™!

You may be wondering, "Umm whats this?" let me explain:

Camp Game On™ is a camp that will be opening once, maybe twice per year! This is a big event! Camp Game On™ is an online camp this is FREE may I add, FREE. It will consist of 5-10 Cabins [Depending on the number of people], and each Cabin will be elected a Cabin Leader. Each Cabin will consist of 5-10 people per cabin [Yet again, depends on the number of people]. You will get to name your Cabin also, a fun little twist insted of just "Cabin 1" "Cabin 2" ect...

Now, what to do at this Online Camp, well you must register first [Basically tell me you're in.], Then there will be Games, Minigames, and challenges for your cabin to complete, you must work as a team, so be sure you elected a good leader! The winning Cabin will get a prize, [You will be known through the forum, and basically become popular, and have bragging rights].

More detail on this is yet to come, there will be a week or so to sign up, so tell your friends! this is going to be a blast!


1. No offensive material [Swearing, pictures, ect...]
2. No spamming

So enjoy, if you have any questions, take a stop at the forum, or ask me right here.

link removed, even though it didn't work

[No this is not a joke, we already have about 50 people in! come see!]

Relevant Advertising!

Old April 1st, 2008 (2:46 PM).
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Wait... is this some type of roleplay? If it is it sounds very naughty, and is very spammy >:( Please read the rules.


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