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My prequel to the Diamond and Pearl games. This story is about the background of Riley and his three friends, Buck, Cheryl, and Marley as they try to conquer the Sinnoh League and Riley's quest to find his brother Cyrus, who inevitably will fall to the dark and become the leader of Team Galactic.

Sinnoh Generations

Chapter 1-Riley and Riolu

Riley Rowan unhooked the pokeball from his waist and threw it out to the ground. The pokemon inside was released from the baseball sized containment device. The pokemon was a small blue and black creature, and it was sort of a dog type with flappy ears and sharp red eyes. Riley called his friend Riolu.

The pokemon that he faced was a black and grey bird type. The small boy in the plain t-shirt and ball cap called it a Starly. The two, Riley and the boy, were pokemon trainers and they were about to do battle.

“Riolu, Quick Attack!” Riley commanded.

The Riolu rushed at the Starly and struck it, the force of which sent the Starly flying backwards. Riley gave Riolu orders for another Quick Attack.

“Starly, use Growl, then Peck!” the boy screamed.

Before Riolu could get off another attack, the Starly emitted a powerful growl that startled the Riolu, leaving an opening for the Starly to use Peck. The attack was super-effective and Riley was now already in a bad spot.

“Starly, Tackle! Finish him!” the boy said.

“Riolu, Counter!” Riley yelled afterwards.

The Starly tried to attack the Riolu with a powerful tackle, but it was blocked and the attack was sent back double force by Riolu’s Counter. The Starly fell back again.

“Force Palm, finish him Riolu!” Riley shouted.

The Riolu’s palm glowed as he struck the Starly. The Starly was now very injured and paralyzed. Riley smiled he had this one wrapped up. The trainer recalled his Starly.

“I lost,” he said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get him next time!” Riley cheered.

The small boy looked up at the taller trainer and stopped crying.

“You think?” he asked.

“Sure Mark, just train, train, train!” Riley said.

Riley was a tall boy, about 15 with brown eyes and blue hair. He wore a white shirt covered by a black vest and blue jeans. In his yellow bag, he kept a red beret and scarf. These were keepsakes, gifts from his brother Cyrus.

Cyrus was a powerful trainer, and was incredibly accomplished. He was a Master in Johto and came in third place in Kanto. He and Riley were once good friends but he soon became distant, obsessed with some cult called Galactic his friend Saturn was into. One day, he left home. The police looked everywhere, and he was spotted around Sinnoh multiple times, but never once brought home.

That was one of the reasons he was journeying around Sinnoh. The first was to find Cyrus. The second was to become the Champion of the Sinnoh League. He had always wanted to become a Master ever since he met Riolu.

Riolu was once a wild pokemon that Riley found on the side of the road, hit by a passing car. He nursed it back to health and despite its primal ways, it lived with him. He eventually was able to control it and it is now his first, and most valuable member towards his goals.

Right now he was in Sandgem Town, and he had to make it to Oreburgh to get his first gym badge. As he pondered his future journey, his small friend Mark tugged at his legs.

“That Bidoof!” Mark whined.

The small beaver like pokemon was gnawing at Mark’s leg, and he could shake it off.

“Starly’s weak…I can’t!” Mark exclaimed.

Riley caught the gist and released Riolu, easily downing the weak pokemon with one Force Palm.

“Mark, throw a pokeball!” Riley shouted.

The smaller boy whipped out the half red, half white ball and threw it at the Bidoof. It was instantly captured. Mark jumped up and down in happiness. He now had two pokemon.

“There, with those two pokemon, I want you to train harder and be the best. You’ve got a long way to go but you seem promising,” Riley commented.

Riley had met Mark in Sandgem Town the minute he stepped in. He was challenged to a battle which he had easily won moments before. Mark had just become a pokemon trainer, he was no match for him and his powerful Riolu. The kid had spirit though.

He and Riolu started off walking in the direction of Jubilife and Mark ran up to him.

“What do you want?” Riley asked, annoyed.

“I want to come with you!” Mark said.

“Not a chance.”

“But why?”

“There’s a dark path ahead of me.”

And Riley really meant that. There was a mysterious group named Team Rocket operating in Sinnoh that had ties to the Galactic Cult. He was sure that he could find his brother by investigating Team Rocket. That was not something he was going to involve this kid in.

Mark sighed, and began crying. Riley turned around and slapped him.

“A powerful trainer doesn’t cry. He accepts what is around him and adapts. He strives to be better. If that’s what you want to be, start now,” Riley shouted.

Riley turned around and started walking off again. Mark wiped his tears and then waved to Riley.

“Thank you! I’ll make sure I see you at the Sinnoh Championships!” Mark said.

Riley laughed. The kid had dreams he wouldn’t achieve. At least now until a while. He kept walking until he was into the forest that connected Sandgem and Jubilife.

His journey had officially begun.

Little did he know, there was a man, only a few years older than Riley, with blue hair, in the shape of a crescent on its side.

“Heh, Riley Rowan. Our plans will be complete when we have captured you, and I, Admin Saturn will be the greatest hero in Team Rocket!” he murmered.

End Chapter

Author’s Note: This was a pretty good start I think. I tried to show Riley’s back story without giving too much away. I felt this chapter was more of a prolougue than a first chapterbut whatever. It was short but I promise further chapters will be longer. This is almost like a prologue if you will. Basically young Riley is just the D/P main character minus the beret and the scarf. A lot will be explained in the next chapter and we will meet Buck and Saturn.

Next chapter: Buck’s Forest: Capture Turtwig!

Read and Review please!
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My second chapter, and it appears that I have a good number of hits but no reviews?!?! Come on! Review please, whether your praising me, flaming me, or giving constructive critisism.

Sinnoh Generations

Chapter 2- Buck’s Forest: Capture Turtwig!

Riley continued on into the forest that led to Jubilife. After he reached Jubilife it was off to Oreburgh, where he would get his first gym badge. He glanced around and saw many pokemon, grazing in the forest. Stantler, eating grass, Spinarak spinning webs, Kricketot were fighting over berries.

He liked the outdoors. It was a quiet place most of the time. A place where he could relax and get away from the stress that ailed him every day. Riley took another glance and then saw a small green turtle like pokemon run across the trail he was on and into another patch of bushes.

Riley had never seen that pokemon before. It was obviously rare, and it was time he caught another pokemon, so he decided to go after it. He jumped over the bush to his right and looked around. It was about twenty paces ahead of him in the front.

The pokemon started running when it noticed Riley. It probably, like almost all pokemon, did not want to be captured. Riley released Riolu, and they both sprinted after the pokemon.

“Use Quick Attack now!” Riley said.

Riolu tried to attack the pokemon but it used a Light Screen at the last second. A light screen? Impossible! There’s no way a wild pokemon like this could know that move! Unless it was a trainer’s pokemon…..

No, he could think about that. He had to think about the battle. Riolu recovered and slid backwards, but stayed on his feet.

“Riolu, break his shield with Feint!” Riley commanded.

Riolu slammed into the Light Screen and broke it instantly. The force knocked the new pokemon back. Riley’s plan worked because it was unfaultable. The move Feint was created to break Light Screen’s and other defensive moves of the kind.

“Finish it with a Force Palm!” Riley said.

Riolu jumped up to attack the green turtle but the Force Palm was met with a powerful Headbutt. The force knocked both pokemon back. Riolu hit the ground hard, and Riley helped him back up. He then reached into his bag and pulled out a pokeball.

It was time to capture this annoyance. Riley threw the pokeball but much to his surprise, the pokemon destroyed the pokeball with a powerful Vine Whip attack. The pokemon had a lot of stamina, which Riley felt added to his theory that the pokemon had once belonged to a trainer. A powerful trainer.

“Riolu, Quick Attack!” Riley said.

Riley soon noticed that the pokemon was gone, and Riolu had missed his attack.

“Crap, where did it go?” Riley asked.

Riolu squatted and put his palm to the ground and waited. He pointed to the north. The two of them started running off in that direction and soon they were at the bottom of a hole.

Riley gripped his head in pain. Riolu was next to him and so was the green turtle. There was a pile of leaves under them, so it appeared that all three of them had not noticed the obvious trap. But it was too late now; they were at the bottom of a hole. The only question was who had done it?

That question was soon answered.

A boy about Riley’s age leaned over him, at the top of the hole. He had red hair that hung out over his ears and went down to his shoulders. It had streaks of yellow in it and was really greasy. The only clothes he had on was a ripped shred of some sort of material that covered his ‘you know what’.

There was a pokemon on his shoulder that was a orange monkey type, but it had a flaming tail. He called it a Chimchar.

“Well Chimchar, it seems we have a few prisoners?” the boy said.

“What’s going on? Did you trap me? What’s your name?” Riley asked.

“My name’s Buck, and this is Chimchar. We trapped you,” Buck said with a grin.

“Why did you do that?” Riley questioned.

“Cause, this is my forest and I don’t like trespassers. I have thousands of traps like this set up all around this forest,” Buck answered.

“Can we come out?” Riley asked.

“Not a chance. All those who trespass in my territory have to stay here over night,” Buck laughed, “Chimchar, you watch him, I’ll be back, but Zigzagoon had gone and gotten himself a broken foot. I have to go attend to em’.”

Buck was the ‘caretaker’ of the forest. He looked out for all the pokemon of the forest, and treated them as his family. But they were his family, and the forest was his home.

Chimchar nodded as Buck jumped into a tree and started jumping from tree to tree in another direction. Riley plopped back down on his butt and put his hands on his chin. He needed to think.

Several hours later…..

Riley turned over to the green turtle beside him and Riolu. It was getting dark out, and Riley figured it was a perfect time to escape.

“I think we can escape here but I’m going to need your help,” Riley said to the green turtle.

“Turtwig!” it said with a nod.

“So your name is Turtwig eh? Well, Turtwig, I need you to use your Vine Whip attack so that it reaches the top. Riolu will go up first so he is positioned for his surprise attack. Then Turtwig and I will go up so we can use his Light Screen to bait the Chimchar,” Riley explained.

The two pokemon next to him nodded, and Turtwig used his Vine Whip and placed it perfectly.

“Good. Time to move!” Riley said.

As Riley and Turtwig reached the top, the noise Chimchar woke up from his sound sleep. It instantly tried to use an Ember but Turtwig blocked it with a Light Screen. While the Chimchar was distracted, Riolu jumped in and hit the Chimchar with a Force Palm.

The Chimchar was paralyzed. Turtwig tied him up with Vine Whip and threw him into the pit.

“Good work tem, let’s move!” Riley exclaimed.

About fifteen minutes later, Buck arrived, only to find his prisoners escaped and Chimchar in captivity.

“I’ll be back Chimchar, I need to capture the prisoners!” Buck said.

Meanwhile, Riley neared the end of the forest, satisfied he was finally out of the terrible ordeal. Who did this Buck guy think he was? Riley then heard a voice behind him. Please…oh god….don’t let it be him.

It was.
“And just who do you think you are? Attacking Chimchar! That’s unacceptable!” Buck shouted.

Before Riley even had the chance to react, a giant rock snake appeared behind him. Riley knew this pokemon, it was an Onix.

“Onix is a friend of mine from the forest, and he’s not happy about Chimchar! Rock Smash!” Buck screamed.

Giant rocks started plummeting down on them from the sky. Riley, Riolu, and Turtwig were all taking cover behind bushes and trees.

“It’s not my fault! I did what I had to do because you were keeping me captive in a 20 foot deep hole!” Riley shouted.

The rocks kept flying at them and Riley knew that he had to fight back.

“Riolu, Counter a rock. Turtwig, use a Vine Whip!” Riley said.

Riolu ran out into the storm of rocks and then kicked one of the rocks back at Onix with Counter. This gave Turtwig the chance to get close and hit Onix with a close range Vine Whip. Onix fell on its back, very weak.

“Onix, use Iron Tail!” Buck yelled.

Onix’s tail transformed into steel and its gigantic tail slammed into Turtwig. Aat the last second, Riolu dodged it.

“Rollout now!” Buck said.

Onix rolled up into a massive ball and hit Riolu head on. Riolu flew back at least 50 feet and crashed into a tree.

“Damn! Turtwig, distract him!” Riley said as he ran off to help Riolu.

Turtwig started running around Onix, confusing it. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t get a direct hit on Turtwig.

Meanwhile, Riley picked up Riolu and brushed him off.

“Alright, the only way we’re gonna win is if you use that move we’ve been training you to use,” Riley said softly, “Let’s go.”

He sprinted back and smiled. Somehow that Turtwig had done it. It had the Onix practically destroying the forest looking for it.

“Riolu, Reversal!!!” Riley shouted.

Riolu punched the Onix in it’s huge, rocky head. The Onix fell, defeated, and took down about ten trees with it.

“Impossible!” Buck cried.

Buck fell to his knees.

“I lost. No one has ever beaten my forest pokemon. Never,” Buck stated.

“Until today,” Riley said.

Riley cradled Riolu. His friend was injured. That Rollout was powerful. He had to get him to the pokemon center. And Turtwig too, he was injured. Turtwig ran up to him and nipped at his feet. The little guy liked him.

“Do you wanna come with m...” Riley asked.

Before he could finish his sentence, Buck sent a punch straight into the back of his head. Riley collapsed to the ground. He was out cold. Riolu and Turtwig growled at him. Buck backed away.

“I didn’t want that to….to happen,” Buck said, talking to the pokemon.

All of a sudden, a Croagunk dropped out from the trees. He used a Cross Chop to knock out Riolu and took Turtwig out with a Poison Jab.

“What is going on?” Buck asked to no one in particular.

A boy with a black uniform with the letter R emblazoned on the front dropped out from the same tree. His hair was shaped in a crescent, and it was a weird shade of blue.

“Hello Buck, thanks for doing my work for me,” the boy said.

He released an Ariados and it used String Shot to pin Buck to a tree. The boy picked up Riley and put him on Ariados’ back.

“You can carry him. Now let’s go. By the way, the name’s Saturn. I work for Team Rocket, spread the word,” Saturn bragged to Buck.

Saturn walked off, Riley in capture. Buck watched them disappear, trapped by the webs of Ariados, and then looked out into the night sky wondering how to escape. Everything had happened so fast, and now he was on the losing end.

End of Chapter

Author’s Note: I think this chapter was pretty good towards the plot movement. I like the character of Buck, he kind of looks like George of the Jungle with red/blond hair. He’ll get some clothes later on don’t worry. I think what’s weird about this chapter is at the end; all of the main character’s pokemon are knocked out. Riolu/Turtwig and Chimchar/Onix are all downed. And what is to become of Riley? Why does Team Rocket want Riley? You’ll have to read chap 3. (By the way, Saturn was watching both Riley and Buck the whole time.)

Next Chapter: Jubilife TV Showdown!

Please Read and Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'll just be starting with Chapter One, and will move on to Chapter Two in my next post.


Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable
Chapter 1-Riley and Riolu

Riley Rowan
Alliteration for the win. :D

Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable
and it was sort of a dog type
It's best to keep colloquialisms out of your story except for in dialogue.

Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable
was sent back double force
Should be "was sent back with double the force".

Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable
The Starly was now very injured and paralyzed.
Imagery could work better here than bare description. For example, you could say "The Starly was no struggling pathetically on the ground, its chest and head bruised. Furthermore, because the previous attack struck a pressure point*, Starly found itself immobilised, struggling to even lift itself to its feet."

*=Possible explanation as to why force palm paralyses. You can use it if you want.

Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable
These were keepsakes, gifts from his brother Cyrus.
Nice casual throwing in of quite a heavy concept. ^^ (This might come off as sarcastic, but it's not.)

Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable
and he could shake it off.
I think you mean that he couldn't shake it off.

Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable
that had ties to the Galactic Cult
"ties with" would be better.

Originally Posted by BigfootTheUnbeatable
Should be "murmured".

On the whole, it was quite solid. One thing you could work on is imagery: what do the surroundings look like, for example? Also, you don't talk about Riley's emotions much concerning Cyrus, even if he just kept his emotions bottled up, you could say something like "he preferred not to talk about him nowadays".

But otherwise, a good start. ^^
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Thanks for the review! I actually didn't want Riley to explain his thoughts about Cyrus until the next chapter because of the whole Saturn thing. I'll also try to work on the imagery, thanks!
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