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The Team Room Archive
The Team Room is now closed—no new posts can be made at this point. This forum will no longer be visible from the end of the month, but remains accessible by the URL.
Original description: Team up, start a formation of dedicated hackers and helpers. Here, you can discuss production of hacks with other groups, or make your own hacking group (through approval processes).

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Old April 9th, 2012 (3:47 PM).
Hyperbolic's Avatar
Hyperbolic Hyperbolic is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Gender: Male
Posts: 6
Hack Name: (None at the moment...)
Hack of: FireRed
Percentage Complete: 0-5%
My Hacking Skills:
-Was pretty good with scripting on Pokescript until I got a new computer(Pokescript is outdated im guessing)
-Amateur Mapper

Looking for:
Desperately Needed-Red
Not Needed at the Moment-Blue
-Scripter(XSE Style)
-Fakemon Artist
-Music Maker/Inserter
-Trainer Spriter
-ASM Wiz(For Day & Night System)

Additional Contact Info:
-PM Me by clicking my name
-Im On Frequently from 2pm-10pm Eastern Time

Additional Info:
-Please help me....

Relevant Advertising!

Old April 22nd, 2012 (11:59 PM).
Teomat Teomat is offline
Join Date: Jan 2010
Gender: Male
Posts: 36
Was asked to put this advertisment. Original author wasn't able to register on forum...

Hack name: [no name yet]
Hack of: Ruby
Additional information about the hack:
Hack will take place in new region Kyoto with a fakemon generation(160 pokemons). New Charecters, New gym leader, new evil team, new Elite 4 and new Champion
Finished percentage:
Actual hack is 0% but plot, new region geography, new charecter disign and fakemons are ready
Your hacking skills:
Hack author know scripting and quite good at mapping(from his words)
What help or skill you're looking for:
Spriter(For trainers and fakemon backsprites)
Additional contact information:
If you want to partisipate, write on [email protected]
Don't write t me as i'm not even a part of team
Additional information:
Fakemon dex for this hack can be viewed here(It's on Russian, but game would be on English)
Old April 25th, 2012 (5:46 PM).
Dinothales's Avatar
Dinothales Dinothales is offline
Unmatched Trainer
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Goldenrod City, Johto
Gender: Male
Nature: Lax
Posts: 9
Hack name: Shadow Black

Hack of: Fire Red

Finished percentage: 0.5 % =)

Your hacking skills: mapping, basic scripting.

What help or skill you're looking for: Need some1 to make Fakemon Dex

Additional contact information: Click my name and send me message =)

Additional information: if you help me you will be granted eternal sexyness
Old April 26th, 2012 (2:34 PM).
LudicoloDude's Avatar
LudicoloDude LudicoloDude is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Location: Hoenn
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Posts: 34
Hack name: Pokemon Mews Gaurdian

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack:

Finished percentage: 1%

Your hacking skills: Good at Mapping

What help or skill you're looking for: XSE Scripter, Music Inserter and Region Maker.

Additional contact information: [email protected]

Additional information:
Old April 29th, 2012 (9:32 PM).
losnickes losnickes is offline
Arbiter of Brilliant Ideas
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Earth
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Posts: 3
Hack Name: Pokémon Obsidian (working title, subject to change)

Hack of: Pokémon Fire Red

Finished percentage: .001% (Only very preliminary story-boarding has been done thus far. The actual hacking has not been started.)

My hacking skills: My hacking skills are very limited. I've tried a bit of everything, and I'm probably sub-par, at best.

What help or skill I'm looking for:

I'm looking for people who can do it all. This will be a hack of Fire Red, but I plan to give it a complete overhaul. There will hopefully be no resemblance of Fire Red when it's all said and done.

I need individuals skilled in creative writing and such who can help me with fine-tuning an exceptional story and plot for the game. The basic story is all put into place, but it's merely a rough draft at this point. I need people who can help me refine it.

I also need those skilled in creating/editing sprites. Given the preliminary ideas for the plot, there is going to be lots of room for creativity for those involved in creating sprites.

In addition to the aesthetics of the game, I need those who can handle all of the "inner workings" of the game. I'm not savvy with the technical jargon/lingo, but I need those who can alter the way characters behave, move, talk, etc. Hopefully, you know what I mean.

I also need someone who can edit maps. If there is one area of rom "hacking" where my abilities are particularly lacking, it is map editing.

Also, while this isn't an absolute necessity, I would like the game to contain original music. So, if anyone is musically inclined and would like to give that a go, you are more than welcome.

If you are at all interested in joining what could possibly be a massive collaborative effort to make an exceptional game, please send me a PM here on the site. I don't care about how much experience you have, just your ability. Once we get a solid team together, we'll probably eventually engage in collaborative meetings via instant message (we'll cross those bridges when we come to them).

I'm looking to assemble a team of enthusiastic rom hackers in order to create a fantastic new rom hack.
Please PM me if you're interested.
Old May 7th, 2012 (11:15 AM).
Mr.Pkmn's Avatar
Mr.Pkmn Mr.Pkmn is offline
Ordinary ASM Magician
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 41
Hack name: [still in discussion]

Hack of:
Fire Red

Finished percentage:
1%+ε (sixth alpha)

Your hacking skills:
ASM, Scripting, Music, Graphics hacking

What help or skill you're looking for:

Basically I can do everything on my own except spriting. This is why I need the help of someone else.
Someone making a pokemon hack
Old May 7th, 2012 (2:42 PM).
superjesus's Avatar
superjesus superjesus is offline
Join Date: Mar 2010
Gender: Male
Posts: 10
Hack name: Pokemon Blood Red (tentative title)

Hack of: Heart Gold
for those who want a bit of a challenge. make sure to ask me for the story

Finished percentage: 1%

Your hacking skills:

slim to none. I’m just learning how to use PPRE. I’ve got the overall story and teams already done.

What help or skill you're looking for: Basically everything

Additional contact information: [email protected]

Old May 12th, 2012 (1:19 PM). Edited May 12th, 2012 by vanillagfx.
vanillagfx's Avatar
vanillagfx vanillagfx is offline
Join Date: May 2012
Gender: Male
Posts: 90
Hack name: Pokemon Radiant Red (??)

Hack of: Fire red

Additional information about the hack: You play as lance in his hometown of blackthorn in johto but then one day he finds himself in Kanto and that's where his journey as the champion begins. I want the game to include all regions of 1-3rd gen.

Finished percentage: 1% I have the map of blackthorn finished.

Your hacking skills: Noob just started about a week ago.

What help or skill you're looking for: I could use someone who could do overworld sprites I think they are called and a scripter. I believe I could handle mapping, and ideas for storyline.

Additional contact information: [email protected] send me a email and I could send you a xatbox where it would be easy to talk.

Additional information:
Old May 12th, 2012 (6:39 PM).
ClayFakemon's Avatar
ClayFakemon ClayFakemon is offline
Need a spriter for fakemon
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Montana
Gender: Male
Nature: Hardy
Posts: 12
Send a message via Skype™ to ClayFakemon
Hack name: Conhoka

Hack of: None in particular

Additional information about the hack: Spriting fakemon

Finished percentage: about 20% if finding the pokemon i want sprited counts. if not then 0%

Your hacking skills: 0

What help or skill you're looking for: anyone who can make sprites of buildings and Fake pokemon provided they have a picture to go with it. and i have the pictures i can send to the person who takes the job. I have also been working on a map, which isnt finished, but the only thing i actually got figured out today.

Additional contact information: Message my profile and i will most likely get back to you.

Additional information: I have wanted to do this for years, and because of my lack of drawing and spriting, i have no idea how i can pull this off alone. so i'm looking for somone who doesnt mind a little of a challenge.
Hopeful yet glad.
Old June 4th, 2012 (5:24 PM).
Divider's Avatar
Divider Divider is offline
Grand Master Johto Champion
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Johto
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Posts: 25
Hack name: Pokemon Opal

Hack of: Firered

Additional information about the hack: Short and sweet. A hardcore version of pokemon.

Finished percentage: 3%

Your hacking skills: Scripting, scripting, scripting, fail mapping, tutorial following

What help or skill you're looking for: Tile mapper / generator. I'd like a fresh look for the game.

A skilled mapper? You'd have free reign over the design of the world. if you can do above too, then have at it. I just want about 10 distinct features. the rest is your playground.

Someone who can generate some text for the titlescreen. I nuked the charizard already and replaced it. But I can't get a solid background with a "Pokemon Opal version" going on. That would be a big help.

If you think you can help in anyway? Contact me. Always looking for some people who love to hack.

Additional contact information: [email protected]; PM here. Skype: MassDivide

Additional information: I am looking for active dedicated people. I made the starting town in about 3 days time. I expect completion of the hack very quickly. I don't need to go hunting for what I am looking to do. I have a simple vision. A HARDCORE pokemon game. No more of this lvl 9-10 gym leaders with weak abilities. They are LEADERS for a reason.

XSE - Adept Scripter
Advance Map- Intermediate Mapper
Current status - Freelance: No current project. Accepting script requests / team invites. Please contact me via skype for the fastest and most direct communication.
Status updated 10/30/2012
Soul Silver Friend Code: 5157 6168 0676

Breeding Notes: All my breeders have OT / Divider and TID: 02322. I hatch in the daycare. If it does not say hatched at "Pokemon Day Care" it's a clone or fake.
Old June 12th, 2012 (1:40 PM).
zova zova is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Gender: Male
Posts: 9
Hack name: Pokemon Shadow Paradox

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: I have a few different unique ideas, and I'm willing to share them with anyone willing to help.

Finished percentage:0.5% yeah, I don't know where to start, I could really use some help.

Your hacking skills: Noob.

What help or skill you're looking for: Mapping and Scripting Especially.

Additional contact information: skype: xzavogaming

Additional informationlease, I could really use some assistance, It would be greatly appreciated
Old June 13th, 2012 (5:01 PM). Edited June 13th, 2012 by ShockHERO.
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ShockHERO ShockHERO is offline
#TeamSonia Member
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Spinel City
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Posts: 267
Hack name: Pokemon The Five Kingdoms
Team Name: Team....Destiny
Hack of: Ruby
Additional information about the hack: Look on my team's Thread Page

Finished percentage: 0%

Your hacking skills: Mapping, Some Scripting.

What help or skill you're looking for:Ok i am in need of some scripters the most including some mappers. Also some people that will insert stuff into the rom for the beta. And What i need that isnt important is a banner maker, and thats about it.

List of Who i need for This Hack so it can be done by Thanksgiving:
Looking for:
Desperately Needed-Red
Somewhat Needed-Royal Blue
Not Needed at the Moment-Blue

-Scripter(XSE Style or Pokescript Style)
-Fakemon Artist
-Music Maker/Inserter
-Trainer Spriter
-Spriter Inserter
-ASM Wiz(For Day & Night System)

Additional contact information: e-mail me at [email protected] Better yet PM me


Pokecommunity 2016-|- -|-Zerkrom the Hedgehog
Old June 20th, 2012 (10:30 AM).
megatyler3 megatyler3 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: USA
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Posts: 24
Hack name: Pokemon A New Hero (Tenative name)

Hack of: Firered

Additional information about the hack: This is more based on an evil team than anything else, instead of elite four battle admin/leader in team, etc. All or almost all fakemon in game.

Finished percentage: 0% (Have not started yet, need someone to collaborate with)

Your hacking skills: Not much but I learn quickly on computer-related stuff

What help or skill you're looking for: Ideas for starting out (hopefully someone creative), someone to help me get started (a co-creator), spriting and script will be needed but not yet

PM me if interested and don't worry if you are new at this like me


Active Challenges:

(LeafGreen)(6/8) (SoulSilver) (Emerald) (Diamond) (Black)
Belle Lv.45 Driller Lv.43 Para Lv.30
Pinch Lv.29 Veny Lv.22

Completed Challenges:

Old June 22nd, 2012 (2:39 PM). Edited June 22nd, 2012 by pokemon:triaura.
pokemon:triaura pokemon:triaura is offline
champion of the Tri region
Join Date: Jun 2012
Gender: Male
Posts: 3
Hack nameokemon: Tri Aura

Hack of:eather pokemon fire red or pokemon ruby

Additional information about the hack:at the moment i want to keep plot and everything secret and descuss the whole plot with those who wish to help me

Finished percentage:0

Your hacking skills:im good with makeing the maps and scripting, and i also have alot of the story complete

What help or skill you're looking for: pretty much the whole nine yards as i am a noob at this hacking stuff

Additional contact information: if you want to get ahold of me you can pm me or email me at [email protected]

Additional information: later

p.s. by scripting i mean like words
Old June 25th, 2012 (10:29 PM).
Vee217's Avatar
Vee217 Vee217 is offline
Prehistoric Specialist
Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 129
Hey guys, I've been a member here since 2005 and I am back to hacking after a four year hiatus. Here are some details about my hack:

Pokemon: The Fallout
Hack of Pokemon Ruby
.5% Complete
Completely new and original idea from anything you have ever seen in a Pokemon game

The hack is on the Progressing Hacks page and all the information on the hack is there.

I have been out of the hacking loop for four years and it looks like there has been a lot of development since. The things I will need help with are:

Some Mapping (I am doing most)
Some Spriting (I am doing most)
Palette/Block Editing
Overworld Editing
Anything you think you could bring to make this hack better is a welcome addition. I also could just use somebody to catch me up on the hacking progressions I have missed over the last 4 years. Thanks for taking the time to look. I am not ruling out starting up a team so let's see where this goes!
"Let's be clear. The planet is not in jeopardy. We are in jeopardy. We haven't got the power to destroy the planet - or to save it. But we might have the power to save ourselves."

-Dr. Ian Malcom-
Old June 30th, 2012 (9:59 AM).
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AGL AGL is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 4
Hack name: Pokemon Vast White/ Deep Black

Hack of: B/W

Finished percentage: About 40%

Your hacking skills: Average

What help or skill you're looking for: Someone who can edit wild pokemon and More. (Will PM)

Additional contact information: PM Please.

Additional information: Help Required Badly, Can Reward.
Old July 1st, 2012 (1:12 AM). Edited August 3rd, 2012 by JackR50.
JackR50 JackR50 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Gender: Male
Posts: 3
Hack name: Pokemon Colossal Mix Version(Name to be discussed later)

Hack of: Pokemon Ruby

Additional info:
Old July 2nd, 2012 (8:09 AM).
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pokemonpal7 pokemonpal7 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2012
Gender: Male
Posts: 35
Hack name: Pokemon Region Rage *DEBATABLE*

Hack of: Ruby

Additional information about the hack: You wake up to a cutscene in bed to find the house shaking, and rubble beginning to fall down. You rush out of the house to avoid your death, but while running you are hit by a piece of rubble. You fight off unconsciousness and continue and as you exit, the house falls into a large crater. You collapse, but just before you black out, you see your mother a few steps in front of you who worriedly asks if you're okay, and what region you are from. Then, your vision fades. Once again, you wake up, but in a labarotory. A wo/man walks up to you, and asks you what your name is, what region you are from and what gender you are. S/He will be somewhat relieved that you remember these facts, and asks that you give her the time to explain. Oh, and by the way, this is the regional professor. I'm just going to write as Birch from now. He tells you his name, and asks if you remember anything about your past. You (automatically) reply no, and he continues to tell you that the regions are at war with each, this region's counsel want you to help their efforts as you were recognised as one of the best trainers in the region, and you can't retrieve any pokemon from the storage system, because it was shut down by Bill. Each regional Box Creator has designed a smaller version, so you may still use it for some amount of convenience.Also, your house was hit by a bomb, so you're homeless. Then you recieve one of your region's starter pokemon and set off on your journey. First, you will go through a small amount of training at an academy, where you will recieve 4 more pokemon, then be shipped off to the first region you will infiltrate - Kanto. Unless you live in Kanto, in which case you will go to Johto. The process is Kanto -> Johto -> Hoenn -> Sinnoh -> Unova. Just cross out the one you're from. You will fight the Captains, Lieutenants and General from each country (who you'll probably recognise) to take Medals from them. Medals are the gym badges of this gameAnd the gym leaders are the Captins, E4 are Lieutenants and the General is the Champion of the Region
Finished percentage: 0%

Your hacking skills: I'm new at hacking, so I don't know very much. But I can do spriting, and I'm currently learning to map. I cannot script. I'm also pretty good with stories.

What help or skill you're looking for: I need a scripter badly, and I wouldn't mind an all rounder.

Additional contact information: If you decide you would like to help me, I will PM you my Skype.

Additional information: Not much, really. I just want someone to have as much fun helping as they would if they were playing the game!
[Kanto] - Johto - Hoenn - Sinnoh - Unova
Current Team
Fleur the Venusaur, Lv34
Toad the Parasect, Lv30
Vickee the Victreebel, Lv 30
Old July 3rd, 2012 (8:11 AM).
Charizard_2 Charizard_2 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Posts: 1
Hack name: Pokemon BlueSkies

Hack of: Ruby

Additional information about the hack:
I'm making a new region of Fakemon called the Iconu region.
And I have alot to edit.

Finished percentage: 15%
The 15% comes from the Fakemon.
Not counting Fakemon It's 5% done.

Your hacking skills: Spriting,Talk Scripts,
Pokemon Editing,Icons, and Overworlds.

What help or skill you're looking for: I need alot of help.
Mappers and Scripters. With an optional Music Editor.

Additional contact information:
Roblox-Charizard29, email [email protected],
Youtube Username is 2Charizard and Group youtube name is LolostVideos. But you could also PM me.

Additional information:
I can't post it in progressing hacks,yet. The only screenshots I have are of Battle Scenes, stat screens, and the Pokedex.
Also because of carelessness to make a backup of the ROM, I do not need help with Title Screens, the Title Screen is bugged up but has no effect on gameplay.

If anyone can help I'd be greatly appreciative.
Old July 7th, 2012 (2:51 PM). Edited July 7th, 2012 by Nara567.
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Nara567 Nara567 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2010
Gender: Male
Nature: Careful
Posts: 34
Hack name: Rise of the Rockets: Team Liberty

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: PM me for the details, but this won't be a traditional game. No Gyms/E4. May be using JPAN's engine.

Finished percentage: Storyline: 100%, Trainer Sprites: 50%, Maps: 10%, Updated Pokemon sprites: 0-5%, Scripting: 0%, New music: 0%

Your hacking skills: Intermediate scripting, mapping, and spriting.

What help or skill you're looking for: ASAP - Needed - Looking for
Scripter: Needs to be able to work with possibly complex scripts. Preferred to have experience with JPAN's hacked engine and XSE, though not required.
Tile Maker/Inserter
Music Maker/Inserter
Overworld Inserter
Someone who knows how to insert moves

Additional information: Currently no topic, may or may not make one. PM me if interested.
Old July 7th, 2012 (10:00 PM). Edited July 8th, 2012 by TheUltimateG.J.
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TheUltimateG.J TheUltimateG.J is offline
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Bihar,Darbhanga
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Posts: 105
Hack name: Pokemon Adventures Red

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Additional information about the hack:Its a story like the manga with some anime mix.

Finished percentage:2%

Your hacking skills:I know basic scripting and just basic mapping beta testing and story.

What help or skill you're looking for:I am looking for a person who is good at tileset inserting and scripting

Additional contact information:You can contact me at [email protected]

Additional information:If successfull then it will be a great hack.

A lover of Pokemon and their Hacks this is no other than?

Only he can be----->G.J
Old July 8th, 2012 (5:59 AM). Edited July 8th, 2012 by +N30N_J3ST3R+.
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+N30N_J3ST3R+ +N30N_J3ST3R+ is offline
Pokemon Black Chasm Director
Join Date: Jul 2012
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Nature: Quiet
Posts: 11
Hack Name: Pokemon Dark Chasm

Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

Additional information about the hack:

Finished Percent:

My Hacking Skills: Im a pretty god advance mapper

That help or hacking skill I'm looking for:
Good Tilemaker/inserter
Good Advance-Mapper
Good Scripter
Good Fakemon Maker
A person to make a day/night/seasonal time system
A person to add new pokemon moves and script/make them

Additional contact information:
Please just PM me.....
Additional information:

You start out seeing a pokemon being captured by a group of mysterious people.
ne of them attacks you with a hyperbeam attack and you go flying backwards uncounsious.
While your uncounsious you have a dream/vision ( these happen frequently throughout the story) and you navigate through a map to find the pokemon the mysterious people capyured it says please rescue me and protect the others like me.
then you wake up in a hospitial (NOT A POKECENTER!!!) and a nurse asks if you remember your name and you then type your name in.
Then the nurse says good and you are discharged from the hospitial later. Outside the screen flashes black and your at your house.
There you ask your mom if you can enroll in the pokemon academy and she says yes (but you have a secret reason- to learn about the pokemon the mysterious people captured) Then she says you should go to the professors to get a pokemon.
You go to the professors and he says yes you you get a pokemon,then you go back home and yor mom says the ship leaving for the academy is in
a city far away so you better leave soon. You go upstairs, the screen is black for a few seconds and then you come down the stairs and you say There all packed
Then you leave for the city.
Once you get there you learn of an interesting twist you have to battle to go to the academy so every trainer fights if you win you go if you lose your pokrmon get restore and you try again.
Then once you get on the ship you can battle the other trainers and you meet your rival Jay
Once you go to the academy you have 6 classes a day for 8 days.On the first day you get your pokedex from a class. On the second day you learn about the pokemon you say being captured and the others like it. Then that night the building starts shaking and you escape the building on a raft from the ship with your rival and a couple other trainers.
The proffesors are missing, and some students are dead
Once you get back home you learn that Team DarkKnight claimed responsible for the attack and you set off on your quest to find the captured pokemon and the ones like it.
Making the world a better place-one pokemon at a time!
This is a group-Not a team!
Need a:
Exeperienced DNS
Tile editor/maker/insertor
Please PM me if interested!
Old July 14th, 2012 (12:36 PM).
avolonsaber avolonsaber is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 182
Hack name: Pokémon Torsion

Hack of: FireRed

Additional info: This won't be your typical ROM hack. There's no collecting a badge or two then beating some villains, getting more badges then beating the villains for good, and finally beating the Elite 4/Champ. It's different, I'll leave it at that.

Finished percentage: 1%(I just got the idea for this, gimme a break)

Your hacking skills: Mapping(it's a skill, damn it), various other graphical-type things, and scripting(basic and intermediate scripts).

What help or skill you're looking for: Scripting, specifically the stuff I find too hard, which there won't be a lot of.

Additional contact information: VMs or PMs(for now).

Additional information: Mapping more then anything is where my ROM hacking prowess is at. If I'm not worrying about why a script isn't working I'll be able to focus on mapping 100%, which is definitely important for this hack. If you're interested in helping out VM or PM me, if you're interested in helping out and curious about the story PM me. I know it might sound a little silly, but I don't want to publicly say what this game will be about. Not yet.
Old July 19th, 2012 (1:24 PM). Edited July 20th, 2012 by personz5.
personz5's Avatar
personz5 personz5 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
Gender: Male
Posts: 173
Hack name:Legend of Team Rocket or Team Rockets Ways

Hack of:Fire Red

Additional information about the hack:Takes place 10 years after Red and Blue.You're finally get to become a Team Rocket member.(need more help for this all i got )

Finished percentage:0%(havent started yet)

Your hacking skills:Mostly Mapping(still a little new to it) Little bit of Spiriting.

What help or skill you're looking for:I need Scripters 1 Mapper Storyline creators(If you can do scripts/Map also that will be great) Tile Inserters(if you can do Maps or Scripts that would be great as well)

Additional contact information:Facebook([email protected]) or hotmail([email protected])<----my adding and talking to people hotmail

Additional information:Any Help will be most Appreciated
Old July 19th, 2012 (2:51 PM).
Digidestined123's Avatar
Digidestined123 Digidestined123 is offline
Hacker in training
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: In a house. In a town. In a state. In a country. On a planet.
Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed
Posts: 39
Send a message via Skype™ to Digidestined123
I need help with a hack.
I need help on a hack.

Hack name: Pokemon Sacred Wish

Hack of: Ruby

Additional information about the hack: Basically a hack about the legendary Jirachi, and a team who wants to capture it and cause chaos. Still making the details. HOWEVER, I already know the final teams of the Evil team's admins and leader.

Finished percentage: 0%

Your hacking skills: I'm okay at mapping, hacking Pokemon, plot-writing, I'm kinda good at spriting,

What help or skill you're looking for: Overworld Spriting, Scripting,

Additional contact information: I can be contacted over email or skype, skype would be more convenient.

Additional information: I can do the overworlds if nessessary, I mainly need a scripter and possibly a mapper. Also, I may need someone to edit tiles.
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