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The Team Room Archive
The Team Room is now closed—no new posts can be made at this point. This forum will no longer be visible from the end of the month, but remains accessible by the URL.
Original description: Team up, start a formation of dedicated hackers and helpers. Here, you can discuss production of hacks with other groups, or make your own hacking group (through approval processes).

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Old July 27th, 2013 (1:05 PM).
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Moémon Master
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I'm looking for some help with mapping and coming up with a story/script for my revived project.

Hack Name: Moemon!
Hack Of: Pokemon Emerald
Additional Info:
Finished Percentage: Sprites are in place. Some mapping is done. Overall concept is in place. Maybe 30-50%ish? percent done in total?
Hacking Skills: I can use most of the hack tools, place tiles, insert sprites, etc.

Need Help With! Finishing this thing! I need help making some maps and creating a story to tie it all together.

Additional Contact Info: email [email protected]
Best way to reach me --> irc: mucus (I'm on the Pokecommunity channel)

Relevant Advertising!

Old July 28th, 2013 (10:28 AM). Edited July 29th, 2013 by TrainerJacob.
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Send a message via Skype™ to TrainerJacob
Hi all, I'm new to ROM hacking, so I need help with my first project. (No thread about it yet)
Hack name: Pokemon FoggyGreen (Working title)

Hack of: Pokemon LeafGreen

Additional information about the hack: In this hack, the pokemon and humans have switched places. (Pokemon train humans. I've seen a video of a hack like this somewhere but it's not playable nor a full game.) and if you're a boy, you play as Pikachu and recieve Ash as your starter, if you're a girl you play as Togepi and recieve Misty as your starter. Depending on who you choose, you can later catch Misty or Ash in an event. I also want to have various characters (Human and pokemon) from the Anime, Manga and games (Gens 1-4)

Finished percentage: 0.1% (I've only renamed Pallet town "Shiloh Town")

Your hacking skills: I'm good with Story/plotting as well as renaming the towns.

What help or skill you're looking for: Scripter, mapper, sprite editor (Overworld sprites edited to have the pokemon as the humans and to have Ash or Misty appear in the overworld for their event), inserting sprites, tile inserting, beta tester, ETC

Additional contact information: email me (My email is [email protected]) or PM me.

Additional information:
As I've said before, I am new to this whole rom hacking thing so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Old July 29th, 2013 (9:02 AM).
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hejj i really want to help u out but im not a proffesional i thought maybe u can teach me how to insert en edit soo i can be of use to u,
if she doesn't know pokemon red/blue, she's to young for u bro!
Old July 29th, 2013 (6:48 PM).
evad3r00 evad3r00 is offline
Join Date: May 2013
Gender: Male
Posts: 2
Hack name: Pokemon Unova Mix

Hack of: Pokemon Fire red

Additional information about the hack: I started and then got caught up in something so it isn't started yet

Finished percentage: 1%

Your hacking skills: I can insert sprites and change Over world spritea

What help or skill you're looking for: I need a Mapper for custom black and white tiles for GBA and a scripter. Maybe a music editor if anyone wants to help with that.

Additional contact information: Email; [email protected]

Additional information: I would love for you to help me with this. If it isn't too much I would like for the tiles to look like they came from black and white please. The region is still Kanto but a massive earthquake fused Unova and Kanto together. I shall call it New Unova/Kanto
Old July 30th, 2013 (12:07 PM).
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Leaf Dragon
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Posts: 4
Hack name: Pokemon Ice Kingdom

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: New Region, New storyline, and the boy(hero) is half ditto, while the girl(hero) is an ice princess with magical powers.

Finished percentage: 5-20% (it varies because I have been restarting to insert the intro sprite, and tile graphics)

Your hacking skills: intermediate-advance scripter, fair spriter, great mapper, very imaginative person

What help or skill you're looking for: I need help inserting new graphic tiles and tying items to sprites (such as the bike; they select the bike and switch to a different sprite).
Also if anyone knows how to use the Day Night and Seasons Editor I would gladly accept their assistance.

Additional contact information: [email protected] and [email protected]

Additional information: My hack is going to be awesome.

There will be no Hm's. If the player selects boy, then they will be able to tranform many different pokemon as they collect POKEDNA; if they choose to be a girl they have magical powers and will learn and use spells instead of Hm's.

If I can, I will make the graphics similar to WesleyFG's. I already have the titlescreen parts: the version title, the background and the pokemon sprites picked out (but I need help inserting the titlescreen correctly).
Leaf Dragon

-Be what you love; love who you are-

In a thousand-mile journey the 389th step matters as much as the first.
Old August 4th, 2013 (5:46 PM). Edited August 4th, 2013 by BourbonWhiskey.
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Pokemon Trainer Since 1998
Join Date: Aug 2013
Gender: Male
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Posts: 42
Hack name: Pokemon Stained Memories

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red Version

Additional information about the hack:

The Actual Introduction Synopsis:

The renowned member of Team Rocket, Alexander Black, (Also known as Black Flame) is the Boss' best bet in all the missions other Team Rocket members cannot handle. He is the Adam's favorite. (Giovanni's son, Adam, now rules Team Rocket, years after his death) He is considered to be stronger than any other members and possibly evenly matched with the Executives Giovanni has handpicked in his time. He is famous among everyone in the Team and considered to be a great threat among them. Alexander is serious in his work and does every mission bestowed upon him without hesitation for he has great confidence with his Pokemon. He is famous for his powerful main Pokemon, Arcanine. His teammate, Felix, is the only person Alexander truly trusts. He controls a Feraligatr as his main. The two have been close friends ever since they started training as a grunt. They built a friendship solid as rock that their Pokemon fights as one on the battlefield.

The evil inside Alexander starts to grow weak when he witnessed Adam dismissing one of his grunts because of a failed mission. Adam confiscated the grunt's Pokemon and cast him into the cold and unforgiving sea. The grunt adores Alexander very much but Alexander was helpless when Adam punished the grunt. He did not rebuked his Boss because he could not. He simply could not.

*The 2nd part of the introduction will be sent to those who are interested.

Finished percentage: Not starting yet. I only have the introduction plot in my head and some parts of the game. 1%

Your hacking skills:

If I were to study the scripting, I may be able to do the whole scripting.
I am not good with the mapping basics but I can try remodeling the existing maps.

What help or skill you're looking for:

Sprites and mapping. (Sprites including the Team Rocket's Alexander Black, Felix, and Adam. They must be Sprites that are unique for they are important. Of course, the main character's sprite must be unique as well)

I need almost everything because I only know how the story will go but have no training at all about the basics of doing maps, events, sprites, and the like. I need help in all aspects for I only have the story with me.

If I may be allowed to repeat.. I only have the story in me and nothing else. I need help.

Additional contact information:

Please do send me a message here. Private or visitor, it would not matter as long as you found the synopsis of my introduction interesting and would want to help me make it come true.

also, you can send me an email at [email protected]

Additional information:

Please do not hesitate to volunteer, for I will do my best to make a great story out of this game. I can only offer that and I need help with almost everything. I am very much thankful for those who will reply.
If you have traded with me, please do post here for the outcome report of the trade:

3DS Friend Code: 2380 4375 5632
3DS Friend Code: 5215-0717-7839[/sig-reason]
Old August 6th, 2013 (11:29 AM). Edited August 6th, 2013 by Electrobuzz334.
Electrobuzz334 Electrobuzz334 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
Gender: Male
Posts: 5
Hack name: WaterBlue(tentative

Hack of: FireRed

Additional information about the hack: Start in Lavender Town

Finished percentage: maybe 1%

Your hacking skills: mapping, warp tiles

What help or skill you're looking for: scripting in general (especially gym battles)and spriting

Additional contact information: email: [email protected]

Additional information: Any help will be appreciated
Old August 8th, 2013 (1:53 PM).
PokeHacks11 PokeHacks11 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: United States
Gender: Male
Posts: 22
Hack name: Pokemon Stream

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Finished percentage: 0%

Your hacking skills: I have no hacking skills.

What help or skill you're looking for: I need help with pretty much everything.

Additional contact information: Email me at [email protected] if you want to help.
Old August 10th, 2013 (7:41 AM).
clefable919 clefable919 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
Gender: Male
Posts: 16
Hack: Pokemon Johto Adventures (Or something - it takes place in Johto so that's the tentative name I've been using).

Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

Screenshots of what I've done so far:

Additional information: The hack fully takes place in Johto, with a few new areas and an expanded plot. 15 years after the events of GSC/HGSS. It incorporates some elements of the Pokemon Adventures manga in it (which I haven't actually read, but I've read synopses and it seems pretty cool), and Pryce leads Neo Team Rocket on a search for Celebi throughout the region in an attempt to turn back time ostensibly to reinvigorate the old Team Rocket, but actually to save his Lapras (like in the manga). The player starts with a Tyrogue, since Team Rocket just stole the other starters from Prof. Elm's lab. Rival is Kris, from Crystal, who is now Elm's assistant.

Important new feature: Introducing alternate-typed Pokemon into the game. This means that a certain portion of certain Pokemon in certain areas will have a different typing, with a few different moves, than normal. For instance, some of the Rattata and Raticates in the Burned Tower will be Normal/Dark type instead of just Normal type. I'm using the Hoenn Pokemons' slots to make room for these (as well as the 4th gen evolutions of Johto Pokemon) since no Hoenn Pokemon will be in the game except Azurill and Wynaut.

Finished percentage: 3-5; I've completed everything through Route 30, so four areas.

My hacking skills: I'm a passable scripter and mapper. I can do most things alright, but my weaknesses are music and graphic changes (like sprite editing and tileset changing)

What I'm looking for: Mostly someone to help edit tilesets (I have the basic FR tileset still in place and I'd really like to switch it out for something cooler), possibly sprite edits, and help with maps is always nice, since they take a while, especially when I'm trying to somewhat replicate Johto maps. Music editing and insertion would also be really nice, since it is a Johto game and Johto music would make sense.

Additional contact information: Contact me here, on Skype at Clefable919, on email at [email protected], on YouTube at Clefable919.

Old August 11th, 2013 (9:38 AM).
stingrea7 stingrea7 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
Gender: Male
Posts: 1
Hack name: Rocket's Ambition

Hack of: Fire red

Additional information about the hack: basically, a pokemon game that is viewed from team rockets point of view.

Finished percentage:0

Your hacking skills: Well, I'm good at making stories but i have a mac so i cant really use advance map or anything.

What help or skill you're looking for: any and all

Additional contact information: my skype is stingrea1 just add me

Additional information: please help! I have a detailed storyline and everything is all planned out. I just dont know how to do anything.
Old August 15th, 2013 (10:29 AM).
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Join Date: May 2013
Location: USA
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Posts: 2
Hack name: Pokemon Spirit Silver

Hack of: Soul Silver

Additional information about the hack: Only wrote the storyline.

Finished percentage: (The whole story so i guess 10%)

Your hacking skillslot Writing

What help or skill you're looking for: Everything Else

Additional contact information:Contact me at [email protected]

Additional information:
Old August 17th, 2013 (7:10 PM).
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Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Virginia
Gender: Female
Nature: Gentle
Posts: 12
Hack name: Pokemon Alluring Pink

Hack of: Ruby

Additional information about the hack: Features Mew as the main legendary.

Finished percentage: 0.0 % (Just starting out)

Your hacking skills: Mapper

What help or skill you're looking for: Scripter

Additional contact information: PM or e-mail: [email protected] (But please just reply to this.)

Additional information: I just want ANY kind of help. Please be friendly, I'm a tiny bit new to hacking.

Full Metal Alchemist
Harvest Moon
Animal Crossing
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
Old August 19th, 2013 (8:15 AM). Edited August 19th, 2013 by Pokemon guys.
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Send a message via Skype™ to Pokemon guys
Hack name: Pokemon Legends Of The Sky

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: we are looking to make this a whole new game to pokemon

Finished percentage: 0%

Your hacking skills: not too good just started but wanting to learn.

What help or skill you're looking for: everything from sprite making to adding new attacks and really just everything

Additional contact information: (SKYPE) nr2003season, email me @ [email protected] or just pm me here

Additional Info: I will be making a facebook page and a website.
Old August 21st, 2013 (6:41 PM).
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Hi, fellas! I"m finnthehacker but you can call me simply Blue.
I am here to recruit some team members for my hack!

The hack is called Pokemon FireGold. The story is all about Gold's new journey in Kanto Region.

Expected Features:
- New tilesets
- " " sprites
- " " graphics
- " " music
- 2 vs 1 Trainer Battle System
- and others

vanillagfx - Titlescreen editor
xboxmandude - Scripter

- spriter
- mapper
- ASMer
- graphics editor
- titlescreen editor
- tileset editor/maker

 Skill you want to apply:
 Time you are available:
 Contact infos (FB Needed):
 Proof of work( Needed ):

[CENTER]Thanks !
- Story maybe changed[/CENTER
Old August 22nd, 2013 (3:31 PM).
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I REALLY need help. I am making a hack of Pokemon Ruby, and I want to know if anyone would be willing to make me a titlescreen. I have a lot of what you already need with me, just reply and we can talk. I'll feature you in the credits of my hack if you assist!

Full Metal Alchemist
Harvest Moon
Animal Crossing
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
Old August 25th, 2013 (12:54 AM).
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Posts: 1
Hack name:
As of right now it is Pokemon Growth

Hack of:
Pokemon Emerald

Additional information about the hack:

Finished percentage:
Probably about 0%-0.5%

Your hacking skills:
Umm. I can make maps, and come up with the story...

What help or skill you're looking for:
Scripting(Mainly), Also looking for minor Misc help (PM me!)

Additional contact information:
PM me for contact stuff

Additional information:
Umm. PM me?
(Call me paranoid but I don't like to give out too much info of my projects)
Old August 26th, 2013 (6:05 PM).
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Send a message via Skype™ to Zinc-
Hack name: Pokémon Thorium

Hack of: Pokémon Fire Red (U)

Additional information about the hack: Based on the legendary dogs.

Your hacking skills: Mapper (, scripter (advanced) and storyliner (with this you can help me too).

What help or skill you're looking for: Spriter, general help and co-creator.

Additional contact information: PM or Skype (they are under my statistics on the message).

Additional information: I wan't no more 2 people, I don't like a hack with many people working... :/
My DeviantArt: LeZinc
Old September 1st, 2013 (1:01 AM).
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Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Posts: 12
Hack name: Pokemon: Crescent Moon

Hack of: FireRed

Additional information about the hack: Based on Cresselia and Darkrai

Finished percentage: 1

Your hacking skills: a bit of spriting (Still a noob), can change information in the pokedex and edit moves and starters.

What help or skill you're looking for: scripters, mapping, additional help on spriting, overworld sprites, inserting pokemon into the game.

Additional contact information: PM or email at [email protected]

Additional information: ANY help is highly appreciated, to the highest degree of appreciation.

In each of us, two natures are at war – the good and the evil.

Old September 2nd, 2013 (8:33 AM).
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Rookie Hacker
Join Date: Apr 2013
Gender: Male
Nature: Quiet
Posts: 4
Hack name: Pokemon Indus version
Hack of Pokemon Emerald
Additional Information about the hack : Truly dedicated to water type pokemon
Finished progress approx 4%
My hacking skills Mapping and storyline
Required skills. Scripting and graphics hacker
Contact: Email [email protected]
Any other info : Any other suggestion or help in greatly accepted.
Old September 4th, 2013 (2:39 PM). Edited September 5th, 2013 by Colfer.
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Up, Up and Away
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Dayton
Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed
Posts: 20
Hack name:
Pokemon Blazing Blue
Hack of: FireRed

Additional information about the hack:I should start by saying this will be my first attempt at hacking anything so I'm very new to these tools. Also the story is pretty much thought out.

Finished percentage:0.5 Mostly changed the titlescreen still it could use some work and got this amazing story idea that is pretty original, I'll post it in the fan-fiction section and if you guys like it I will continue it in the hack.

Your hacking skills:None I was kinda hoping to learn as the hack progressed.

What help or skill you're looking for: Everything not picky the more the merrier.

Additional contact information: you can reach me by [email protected] I use that for mostly games and family so I check it alot.

Additional information:This hack will be amazing story wise and hopefully gameplay wise, also if anyone could provide snow tilesets and maybe how to insert them would be amazing thanks for reading

Let the Blaze burn!
Coming Soon:
Pokemon Blazing Blue
Still need members to help with alot of the game.
Old September 5th, 2013 (9:30 AM). Edited September 21st, 2013 by Negix.
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Age: 21
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Send a message via Skype™ to Negix
Hack name: Pokemon Genetic Origins (Official)

Hack of: Pokemon Emerald

Additional information about the hack: The hack will bring the player to a whole new region for Pokemon from generation 1-4 and a few fakemon. There will be new trainers, hero/heroine, sprites, maps and storyline. The story is already planned out to some extent( I like to keep the details to a minimum, until we are working on it). And there will be no team in this game. I felt like not including an evil team, mostly because its mainstream and I want to bring the player something new and fresh; all tho different but sorta around the lines of an organization. Not to mention your character plays a vital role. Making the story fifty percent for the character and fifty for the Pokemon. In other words how would you live in a world full of Pokemon living a not so ordinary life. The main legendary Pokemon of the game will be Mewtwo.

Finished percentage: 2%

Your hacking skills: Mapper, Writer and Eventing. I'm new to Advance Map but I've worked for sometime with RPG maker so I get the gist of how it goes.

What help or skill you're looking for:Tileset inserting/editor (Strictly top priority), and a good Spriter for Trainer sprites, OW sprites and fakemon.

Additional contact information: You can contact me by PM, by my email: [email protected] or by my facebook:

Additional information: If someone offers to help me, I want to count on them and they not let me down saying they're going to to do it and end up not doing anything.

*Note: Messages aren't reaching nor they are reaching back to the senders. So if you see me online and you sent a message and I don't respond within 10 minutes, make sure to send me it through email.
Old September 5th, 2013 (3:20 PM).
Glitch Kitty Glitch Kitty is offline
Join Date: Apr 2011
Gender: Female
Posts: 130
Hack name: Moemon Fire Red

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Additional information about the hack:Well it's not really a hack, it's more an enhancement. I changed the pokemon to Moe versions, added the physical/special split (but not the icons since I don't know how to do that), changed the wild pokemon, edited pokemon genders, types and evolutions, updated the graphics thanks to a patch the problem is that now some pokemon got there data corrupted and I don't know how to fix it...(if it's fixable)...

Finished percentage: almost but there are bugs (I think) due to the amount of patches I applied and I don't know how to correct them

Your hacking skills: Well I can use some tools to make simple edits and apply ips patches with changes but apart from that well...
I use PGE, the Universal Pokemon Randomiser, the 3rd generation reasonnable randomiser, DNS, and Advance Map 1.92 to edit the wild pokemon, YAPE version 0.9
I also have tons of patches : - Moemon patch, DP font, partial translation to French, Physical/special split, Graphic update I used all of them (except DNS) on this Fire Red Rom.

What help or skill you're looking for:Bug testing and correcting and teaching to newbies skills (lol)

Additional contact information: You can contact me by PM or by e-mail : [email protected]
Old September 5th, 2013 (7:56 PM).
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Creator of Pokémon: Discovery / Fat Kid
Crystal Tier
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Le bed
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
Posts: 770

This is a RUBY hack.

You're an enlisted sailor in the SS Navy. Aboard the SS Eclipse, over six thousand sailors are heading to an uncharted landmass where several SS Navy vessels have gone missing. The night before, you spent a night out with the pals before
going on your first deployment on the SS Eclipse. Still sobering up, you head out of your barracks to start working.
After an encounter with the Chief of the Boat, Chief Hesarg, he explains to you the legends of "POKéMON".
After gathering an artifact that Chief Hesarg personally gifted to you, the ship experiences an unfortunate series of events:
the SS Eclipse is attacked and sank by an unknown phenomenon.
You wake up on the beaches of the uncharted land with just a few other survivors.
With hundreds lost at sea and thousands more missing in action, you start your search for other survivors who might've
ended up elsewhere on the land. It's not until you hear screams from the forests and stumble across an
unknown species willing to kill for food that you truly understand the dangers of being on an uncharted faraway land.

All images are not final.

Additional info:
  • New hero / heroine sprites
  • New POKéMON trainer sprites
  • New opposing team known as Renegade Company with custom sprites
  • New custom updated POKéMON sprites
  • Many new or updated tiles
  • Safari-styled battle for starter POKéMON
  • Many new items, including food rations which you will need to survive
  • Storyline alters to the choices you make
  • Difficulty increased
  • Money is scarce on an uncharted land therefore money is harder to obtain
  • Usage of few Gen IV-V POKéMON
  • Usage of all Gen I-III legendary POKéMON, including some secret legendary FAKéMON
  • More features that you'll have to discover on your own!

This is the list of those who are currently working on Pokemon: Discovery
If you're interested in helping, PM me.
What we currently need: Spriter, ASM coder, story writer, advanced hacker (who can work the programs well)

Team Leader / Writer / Spriter / Tiles / Scriptwriter: Le pug
Beta Tester / Ideas / Resources: Tcoppy

Hack completion: 1%
Additional contact: just PM me but my email is [email protected]

/// Pokémon: Discovery
/// Pokémon: Fat Kid
/// Tile Insertion Tutorial For AdvanceMap
/// Pokémon Emerald Specials Resource Thread
/// Pokémon Emerald Decapitalization Patch
/// Emerald Titlescreen Cloud Removal Tutorial
/// Tutorial For Fixing Any ROM-related Bug
Old September 15th, 2013 (12:04 AM).
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Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 2
Hack name: Pokemon Zeean

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: Every 1,2,3 gen pokemon will be in it! Gonna be big.

Finished percentage: 1-3%

Your hacking skills: Medium Scripting and Ideas

What help or skill you're looking for: Hack name. Mapping,Advance Scripting,Sprite making,Tileset maker.

Additional contact information: PM me here or email me at [email protected] if you are intrested

Additional information:
Old September 21st, 2013 (4:07 AM).
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phoenix3023 phoenix3023 is offline
I LovE GaminG [CS 1.6] :D
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: India
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nature: Calm
Posts: 6
Hack name: Pokemon Reborn PhoeniX

Hack of: Ruby

Additional information about the hack: Region Name :- Alpha
Legendary :- 3 legendary birds and a fakemon,
The Phoenix

Finished percentage: 5%

Your hacking skills: Region Mapping

What help or skill you're looking for: Scripter, sprite editor and Any kind of help would be good :D

Additional contact information: PM or e-mail: [email protected]

Additional information: Any and EVERY kind of help is greatly appreciated. Plzz Help :D
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